Miller’s Guild Celebrating 5 Years

When we opened our doors five years ago, Miller’s Guild brought a new level of wood-fired craft cooking to Seattle and earned a spot on Fodor’s “Top 10 Steak Houses in the Nation.” Celebrate with us all month long with featured $7 cocktails and $5 bar bites for Happy Hour, and special entrée option for $55. Join us on January 25 for a special 5-course dinner with paired wines for only $125/person (coming soon).


Celebratory Cocktails – $7

Bar only


Millworker Manhattan

Whiskey, Dolin Rouge, Laphroaig Triple Wood, chocolate bitters


Barrel Aged Tanqueray 10 Negroni

Tanqueray 10 gin, Campari, sweet vermouth


Barrel Aged Buffalo Trace Manhattan

Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Angostura, orange bitters


Bar Bites – $5

2pm – close; bar only


Fried Brussels Sprouts

harissa aioli, charred lemon


Hand Cut Beef Fat French Fries



Steak Tartare Toast

rustic multigrain, horseradish aioli, vinegar, capers, onion, garlic, egg yolk, anchovy


Fried Chicken Slider

gochujang pepper aioli, honey slaw


Hummus & Focaccia

roasted garlic, charred peppers, kalamata olives


Entrée – $55

Smoked Bone-in Short Rib

yuzu-koshu & truffle gremolata