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Why Do I Keep Seeing 1313 Angel Number? (Spiritual Meanings & Symbolism)

A lot of people think 13 is an unlucky number. Some real estate developers even refuse to build a 13th floor! But in the spiritual realm, 13 has a powerful aura. Especially when it’s doubled! So what does it mean when you keep seeing Angel Number 1313? Let’s find out!

1313 Angel Number Spiritual Meanings & Symbolism 1

1313 Angel Number Meanings


This angel number has two 1s – which represent individuality and the self, and two 3s – which signify the wider world and external pursuits. (In this context, 2 represents family, hearth, and home). 1 is also a symbol of beginnings and new phases. So if you keep seeing Angel Number 1313, your spirit guides are letting you know about an exciting new adventure.

This could be anything from a job transfer to a different state. Or a love affair with a bohemian type that will take you on a road trip around the world. It might even be a mustang foal that strayed onto your land and now you have to break and rear them. Either way, this part of your life will be exhilarating and provide tons of opportunities for spiritual growth.


Spiritually speaking, 3 is the number of abundance, success, and manifestation. It’s a creation number with the power to pull things out of unseen realms and into the physical one. So when you see Angel Number 1313, it suggests unexpected financial success. A new income source is afoot, whether it’s a surprise job offer, a lottery winning, or an inheritance.

Because this angel number has a 1 in it, the source will be fresh and unexpected. This isn’t the promotion you applied for or the estate of your ill grandma. It’s something completely out of the blue. You might – for instance – receive a windfall from that godparent you haven’t seen since you were 3! Or you could win a contest that you don’t remember entering.


As we’ve pointed out, 1 is related to the self while 3 addresses the wider world around you. And that 1313 is a hint that you’re coming into unplanned cash. So as your angels promise you those crisp new banknotes, they’re telling you not to keep them to yourself. Being a spiritual person, you may already intend to tithe some of the money to church or charity.

But your spiritual guardians are saying they want you to do something specific. Maybe they plan to use your goodwill as a tool for one of the other souls they watch over. So ask your angels to show you who and how they want you to help. You never know, maybe your neighbor saw a new car in their visions and your 1313 role is to help them pay the deposit!


The different spiritual numbers address various areas of your soul journey. So if you see a 1, it’s often connected to yourself and the physical plane. And when you see a 3, it means a portal is opening, bringing something from those hidden dimensions into our visible one. This means anytime you see these two numbers, you’re about to do a ‘beam me up, Scottie’.

As a result, the moment you see 1313 (or any other combination of 1 and 3), you need to guard your thoughts and be mindful of your feelings. The doubles imply urgency so whatever you’re focused on, it will come true almost instantly. Your angels might be urging you away from negative thoughts or pinging towards an instantaneous positive creation. Pay attention!


As Cherelle (sp?) likes to say, energy flows where attention goes. So when you see Angel Number 1313, it’s a reminder to be deliberate about how and where you place your efforts. Remember, this magic number can materialize things instantly, pun intended. And the 1 indicates your personal involvement in this manifestation. This includes time and effort.

To explain further, if you’re focusing your interest on the wrong people, places, or activities, you could inadvertently redirect your manifestation. Then all that good verve will be wasted! Your angels are tapping your shoulder to draw you away from leaks and leeches that might be siphoning off your creation vibration. You need to preserve and protect your reservoirs.


Even if you’re not a Christian, you’ve heard the words ‘Let there be light!’ Or maybe you’re more familiar with the sticks and stones analogy we use to get kids to ignore people hat tease them. But just like that powerful creation phrase, words have power. And while they can’t instantly break bones, they can certainly inspire people to take a cleaver to your kneecaps.

The words may not necessarily incite violence, but all words are spells and they have the strength to call things into existence. Things like love, light, money, or confidence. Words can zhuzh your spirit or destroy it. So when you see Angel Number 1313, watch your words and hold your tongue. You may be saying and thinking thoughts that could be risk-inducing.


Some people effortlessly see themselves as alphas. This could be the result of unquestioned privilege or it could be an innate leadership ability. Others prefer to float along the periphery of life, watching things happen and just going with it. This doesn’t mean they’re unfulfilled or unhappy. They just don’t feel the need to be proactive or in any sphere of their existence.

The issue is when you have talents and capabilities but are unwilling or unable to expose them. Maybe you were ignored by caregivers or dismissed by teachers so you don’t think your opinions or skills are worth sharing. You let yourself be a doormat. Angels yell 1313 because they want you to stand up for yourself, step up, show the world what you can do!


Another message hidden in Number 1 is inspiration and motivation. And when that 1 is linked to a 3, the cue is that you shouldn’t just look out for number one – you should use your skillset to benefit others, in this case, represented by the 3. More so because the sequence is repeated. So your angels might be tagging you to support and mentor a soul.

This is important because whatever your spiritual practice, we know our actions and decisions affect other members of the cosmos. This 1313 message prompts you to apply your talents towards someone else’s growth. Angels want to use you as a tool in another person’s journey. Ask them to show you who they want you to train, and how they want you to do it.


Under capitalism, school systems and education tend to push for specialization. So the nerdy kids might be encouraged to become doctors and scientists, the grease monkeys will be nudged towards engineering, and the artsy kids will venture into entertainment or even the silver screen. But reality isn’t so neatly spliced. Most of us like a bit of this and a bit of that.

And thanks to the internet and technology, there are more opportunities available than ever. So when your angels show you 1313, they’re asking you to tap into your creative reserves, even if you’re in a rational sector like finance or pharmacy. Your angels can see millions of pathways you could use to reach the spiritual masses. They want you to immerse and engage.


Take a moment to think about how you were raised and the values you learned growing up. Were you taught to martyr yourself and be a doormat ‘for the sake of the family?’ Or was it more about success at any cost? Did you see your caregivers taking advantage of ‘lesser’ or ‘dumber’ people, scheming and manipulating their way to the top because ‘It’s them or me!

You might have co-opted this world-view and now you think you don’t owe anyone anything. Your angels might flash you a 1313 to let you know you’re part of the whole. You need to bring others with you on your journey and you should all help each other. So your spirit guides could use the number to trigger you and jolt you into shifting that selfish perspective.


In the example above, you might have a dangerously self-centered approach to life. Oddly, when this kind of person succeeds, they take all the credit and call themselves self-made. But when they fail, they blame it on someone else. Your spirit guides might bop you on the head with a succession of 1313. They’d like to set you straight before you crash and burn it down.

Your heavenly helpers are saying, ‘Hey, we’re working for you, we’re on your side, we helped you out with this. You didn’t get here on your own so sit down and stay humble.’  You should take this message positively. The heavens aren’t trying to cut you down to size. They’re reining you in before your head gets too big and you end up messing things up for everyone.


Sometimes, you feel like a pointless cog in the wheel of life. You don’t think your existence makes any difference. You don’t see yourself as a distinct being and you feel utterly replaceable – probably because your boss, parents, or abusive peers keep saying so. At the other extreme, you may be like the examples we mentioned, believing you did it all yourself.

In both these instances, your spirit guides might send you this angel number. It reminds you there’s no such thing as a self-made man. We all contribute to each other’s successes (and failures) in big and small ways. Even the most seemingly insignificant action can ripple into massive repercussions. So your guides are letting you know it’s time to share and give (back).


Have you heard the proverb that if you lie down with dogs, you’ll wake up with fleas? I mean, dogs are man’s best friend and can be extremely protective and loyal. But if they share your bed, you’ll inherit their parasites and pathogens. Angel Number 1313 could be the ethereal equivalent of this message. Your higher helpers are worried you’re keeping bad company.

This isn’t like a parent warning you about the ‘bad kids’. It’s about soul alignment and spiritual goals. Your angels have noticed you’re hanging out with people that are dimming your light, lowering your vibration, and spending time with people that detract your soul mission. They’re pushing you towards a crowd that can assist you with your inner mission.


If you’ve been on Twitter for a while, you may have heard about KoT (#KenyansOnTwitter) and their shenanigans. But beyond Lupita, Obama, and Edi Gathegi, urban Kenyans are known for a comically poignant phrase – fungua roho. It’s transliterated as ‘open your heart’ but contextually means ‘express/unburden yourself’. Often, it’s a romance-related thing.

It can advise you to tell your crush how you feel. But someone can also encourage you to tell them what’s on your mind. They can see that you’re nervous and uneasy so they’re playfully reassuring you, letting you know they’re a safe space to open up. 1313 is a ‘fungua roho’ text from your angels. They want you to share your talents and truth with people around you.


Angel Number 1313 is an interesting mix of energies and powers. It doubles the individual physicality of 1 with the outward-facing providence of 3. It refers to your personal role in cosmic creation and manifestation. It alludes to the inspiration, drive, and motivation of 1 merged with the inventiveness and power of 3 (trinity, trimurti, body, mind, spirit, etc.).

So when you see Angel Number 1313, it means everything is coming together. The message is that you should mingle your abilities and drives with your spiritual connections and use them to synthesize something beautiful. This can seem pretty vague, so you’ll need to go back to your ancestors and ask for further details. It’s a sort of eureka moment, like Hiro’s yatta!


So far, we’ve looked at all the positive aspects of Number 13. But if it’s such a fortunate figure, why do so many people think it’s unlucky? Some think it comes from Judas or Loki, both figures that caused a lot of trouble. And if you come from a culture that dislikes this number, your angels might send it to you as a warning because they know your context.

In this scenario, Angel Number 1313 means tough times are coming. But your ascendant ancestors are affirming their presence. They’re saying they’ll get you through this crisis and transform it into something good. You’re safe and protected in the arms of your spiritual helpers, so no matter how dark and scary things get, you’re not facing this mess on your own.


For our final angelic interpretation, let’s break this number down a different way. Yes, it contains two 13s. But it also has 131 and 313. What do these numerical combinations imply? 131 lets you know you should go back to the basics (1). Yes, you have grand plans to make a difference in the world (3) but you have to frame your plans with a strong foundation.

As for 313, it calls you to stay positive, shed your doubts, and focus on personal progress. Once you’ve formed a solid base (131), don’t let the naysayers derail you. Yes, their concerns might be reasonable, but you’re not just operating on your own power (1). You’re surrounded and embraced by spiritual powerhouses, hence 313 with you in the middle. So keep the faith!

When was the last time you saw Angel Number 1313? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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1313 Angel Number Spiritual Meanings & Symbolism 2

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