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Why Do I Keep Seeing 44 Angel Number? (Spiritual Meanings & Symbolism)

Everybody knows that peculiar sensation we feel when we experience a coincidence – and the conviction that comes with it that what happened wasn’t a coincidence at all but that it must have some kind of deeper meaning. And this is often the case.

When you see numbers like 44, it’s rarely a coincidence – these numbers are powerful angel numbers that appear for a reason. However, to understand the message, you need to be able to decipher the code, so to help, here we answer the question, what is the meaning of 44?

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What is an angel number?

Before we talk about the number 44 specifically, we need to say a few words about angel numbers in general – what are they?

Many people don’t realize this, but we are surrounded by angels all the time. Nobody can be sure what angels are, but we can be certain that they are there to watch over us, to guide us and give us encouragement when we need it.

However, angels can’t simply appear before us – for a start, many people would find such an experience terrifying.

So instead, angels need to communicate with us in gentler, more subtle ways – and one of these ways is through angel numbers.

Angel numbers are usually patterns of numbers, often repeating numbers like 444 or 888, that stand out and make us notice them.

If you notice an unusual pattern of numbers appearing repeatedly, there’s a good chance it’s no coincidence – it’s much more likely that an angel is trying to communicate with you. And the more often you see the number, the surer you can be that this is the case.

Furthermore, with repeating numbers like 44, the longer the sequence, the more powerful the message – so seeing 4444 represents the same message as seeing 44 but just with much more force and urgency.

So now let’s look at what these messages might mean.

How to interpret angel numbers

The problem with receiving messages in such subtle and ambiguous ways is that often, the meaning may not be entirely clear. Angel numbers can be a powerful tool that can help guide you in your life, but knowing how to interpret them is the key to unlocking their power.

All angel numbers have inherent meanings – so for example it is relevant whether the number you see is 444, 555 or 666 – but the meaning the number has also depends very much on the specific person receiving the message.

As a result, to interpret the meaning of any angel number, first you need to find out the general meaning this number has – and then you need to work out how it applies to you.

When you notice an angel number, the most useful thing to do is find out what that number usually means – the angel sending the message to you won’t have chosen that number by chance.

However, you then need to take the time to be calm and still, both in body and mind, to reflect on what that number means to you personally and at this moment in your life. Meditation can be extremely useful in this process.

Allow the answer to come to you naturally, and when it does, trust your intuition. If you allow it, the insight you need will arrive – and then you just need to be able to accept and act on the message you are receiving.

Is the number 44 lucky or unlucky, good or bad?

If the number 44 starts appearing in your daily life, it’s natural to wonder if it’s a lucky or unlucky omen. However, this also depends on you.

For some people, 4 is a lucky number, yet for others, it’s extremely unlucky, especially in many East Asian countries.

In Chinese, the number 4, 四, is pronounced sì, which is quite close to the word 死 sĭ, meaning “death”.

This is why in China and other countries influenced by Chinese culture, many hotels don’t have a fourth floor, in much the same way that many Western hotels don’t have a 13th.

In any case, what this demonstrates is that the number 4 has different connotations in different cultures, and the meaning of 4 as an angel number will be affected by this.

So if you, personally, see the number 4 as being lucky, that means it should be taken as a good sign – whereas if 4 is unlucky for you, it could mean something more negative. Angels will always communicate with you using symbols you understand.

The meaning of 44

So now we understand what angel numbers are and how their meaning can vary from person to person and according to the context, now we can start talking about how to interpret the number 4 recurring in your daily life.

What is the general meaning of the number 4?

If you see the number 4, or sequences like 44, 444 and so on, the first thing you should understand from it is that the angel watching over you is letting you know you are not alone. It’s like the angel is saying “I’m here, I’m taking care of you”.

This is important because at many times during our lives, especially during difficult moments, we can feel like we’re alone, and this is when an angel will seek to reassure us by sending messages in numbers.

This kind of contact should also be taken as a kind of encouragement. If you’re feeling unsure of yourself and are hesitating over something in your life, seeing a number like 44 can be taken as a sign that you’re on the right track.

The angel is telling you to keep going and not to give up.

Now let’s have a look at what this number can mean in more specific situations.

You are not alone, you have friends who care

The number 44 is often used by angels to tell you that you are not alone, and this could mean the angel is watching over you, but it can also act as a reminder that you are not alone in life either.

It tells you that there are people who care about you and that you should try not to feel lonely or despair. Perhaps it can be a sign that you should seek out old friends and rekindle those old friendships.

Take time to think about whether this could apply to you and then follow your intuition when you take the next steps.

Something important is happening in your life

Perhaps something important is happening in your life and either consciously or subconsciously you feel nervous, apprehensive or afraid.

Maybe you have a big decision to take that you’re not sure about. In this case, seeing the number 44 should be seen as a form of encouragement.

First, it is a reminder that your angel is with you and is always guarding over you, but second, it is also an indication that you are doing the right thing. The decision you are going to make is the right one, so you should move on with confidence instead of worrying too much.

Consider whether this is the meaning the angel is trying to convey to you. If this is the case, it should be quite obvious to you, and you can take heart from it.

Telling you to be brave enough to make a change

Similarly, the number 44 could be an attempt to give you the courage to do something you are scared or worried about and are hesitant to do.

It could be that you know you need to make a big change in your life but that you don’t have the courage to do it. You are scared of what the future may bring, so instead, you put off taking action because you’re worried about the outcome.

If this resonates with you, it could be a clear sign that you need to stop postponing the inevitable and get on and do it. You might be facing a big change in your life, but seeing this angel number should reassure you that everything will turn out for the best.

Messages about love

One of the areas where we often feel the most unsure or insecure is in our love lives, and if you are going through any difficulties, the number 44 could keep appearing to you because an angel is trying to help you understand what is going on and give you the confidence you need.

A common message that angels may try to pass on to you is that now is the time to move on. Perhaps you are clinging to the past, and this is preventing you from forming new relationships.

You should think deeply on this and consider whether events from the past are holding you back. For example, perhaps there is someone new in your life, but the relationship isn’t developing as it should because you are still clinging to the past.

In this case, 44 could be a message that you need to let go of the past and embrace the future – and again, that if you move forward with confidence, everything will turn out well and that you have nothing to fear.

Take time to consider your deepest feelings knowing that an angel is trying to communicate with you, and you may feel the weight being lifted from your shoulders, allowing you to face the future in a more positive way.

Alternatively, the number 44 can also represent togetherness and unity, so this could be a message that you should focus on being more together with your partner rather than letting petty differences drive you apart.

A message to encourage patience, faith or peace

As we’ve seen, the meaning of the number 44 is often to do with encouragement, and if you are feeling frustrated or impatient about something in your life, it could be a sign that you need to relax and have more patience. It should reassure you that yours is the right approach.

Perhaps you can’t wait for something to happen, or maybe you are worried something is taking longer than you expected and you are concerned that it’s not going to work out after all.

In this case, seeing the number 44 means you just need to trust the process and wait for things to resolve themselves. Have faith that everything will turn out well in the end, try to be at peace with yourself and wait for the positive outcome.

It’s a well-known saying that “good things come to those who wait”, but by being impatient you may end up spoiling it. This is why seeing the number 44 could represent a message from an angel telling you to just relax and let things work themselves out naturally.

How to receive messages from angels

If you’re looking for guidance from an angel, you don’t need to wait for them to contact you – you can actively seek out help and advice.

You just need to take time to think deeply about any issues you’re going through, trust in your intuition and then ask for a sign of confirmation from the angel, which will appear in the form of a number.

Once you have come to a resolution, wait for the sign to appear. And then if you see the number 44, you’ll know right away that your angel has heard you, is supporting you, is reassuring you that you are on the right track and is telling you that your decision is right.

When you receive the sign, don’t wait or look for further confirmation. The messages we receive are subtle, but by being closely in tune with your inner self and learning to hear the messages angels send us, you will be able to receive those messages loud and clear.

A message of support and love from an angel

So as we have seen, angels are constantly with us, watching over us, and when we require their intervention or support, they can communicate with us through messages hidden in sequences of numbers.

The number 44 is a powerful angel number that usually carries a message of encouragement. To understand how it applies to you and your situation, you need to trust your intuition, but it is usually a message telling you not to worry because what you are doing is right.

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