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Why Do I Keep Seeing 111 Angel Number? (Spiritual Meanings & Symbolism)

The concept of guardian angels is a comforting one. Even for people who aren’t necessarily religious. That’s why you’ll often meet people who don’t believe in heaven or hell, but they do believe in angels. These angels (and their specific names) cut across multiple faith systems.

As an example, Angel Gabriel (the messenger angel) has appeared in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, plus all the sub-sects of these religious communities. Gabriel (or Jibril) is one of the archangels, along with Michael, Raphael, and several others. Angel numbers matter too.

One common Angel Number is 1111. And the most common place to spot it is on a digital clock. It might be an alarm, a reading at the bank, or even when you randomly glance at your phone and realize it’s exactly 11:11 (either a.m. or p.m.). But what does the number mean?

Spiritual Symbolism & Meanings of Angel Number 1111 (1)

1111 Angel Number Meanings

Angels Calling

For some believers, 1111 is a number that literally represents angels. So if you see 1111 anywhere around you, it might mean there’s an angel nearby. The angel can’t speak to you directly, so they pop 1111 into your eye line. It’s a way of tapping your shoulder to get your attention. But unlike some heavenly messengers, Angel Number 1111 is always positive.

In this context, the angel has come to help and protect you. You may be uneasy or unsure about a new event or recent change in your life. Your angel heard about your dilemma and is here to give you clarity and guide you on the path you should take. Angels are not deities, so they never enforce their will or give you do’s and don’ts. They just nudge you the right way.

Change is Coming

This interpretation of Angel Number 1111 is both literal and figurative. In the literal sense, when you see 1111 or 11:11, you’ll soon start to see coins everywhere. It could be a lucky penny on the street or a nickel wedged into a spot it has no business being (e.g. an elevator ceiling or the bottom of a fast-food take-out box). Expect to bump into a whole lot of loose change.

As for the metaphoric meaning, 1111 means something big is about to shift in your life. You may have heard someone say change is inevitable. But it can also be unsettling, especially without forewarning. In this sense, Angel Number 1111 acts as a primer. It won’t tell you what will happen, but it keeps you alert. Collect those coins – you may need a payphone soon!


Many religions have a spiritual entity that has achieved complete enlightenment. This means they’re one with God and are at peace with the powers of the universe. These figures include Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna, and they’re often represented by Angel Number 1111. These ascended beings all shared teachings about the gift of divinity in humanity.

They’re all thought to be God in mortal form, so seeing 1111 reminds us of their presence and gives us hope. In their respective traditions, these deities took on human bodies to guide us in harnessing our spiritual gifts. If we purify ourselves and take on the attributes of these ascendant entities, we can achieve godliness and gain enlightenment, just like they did.

Timely Trinity

The last quarter of the year is tough for most people. If you’re on the northern half of the planet, you’re shivering in snow and drowning in SAD (seasonal affective disorder). This often extends into January, when may experience a broke Janworry after all that spending over the holidays. Also, for many of us, we’re stuck with contentious family members.

This period is sometimes called the Divine Trinity and runs from November 11th to January 11th. We tend to get introspective as we review the past year and prepare for the oncoming one, so we may see 1111 a lot during this time. It’s a friendly reminder that this transition is a good time to assess your opportunities and open yourself up to good things coming your way.


In the spiritual realm, Angel Number 1111 serves as a portal. It transports entities from the ethereal plane to the physical one, and it does this instantly. So if you see 1111 anywhere, pause and reflect. Try to remember what you were thinking about when you saw the Angel Number because that thought will soon come true. In this sense, 1111 is a mental trigger.

1111 has immense creative energy. So if you were brooding on dark thoughts when you saw the number, it may help to shift your focus and think of something pleasant instead. You could see the number as a prompt to ‘cheer up’ and ‘think happy thoughts’ so that you don’t invite disaster into your day. You could interpret it as an angel saying, ‘Smile and say cheese!’


Regardless of your religious beliefs, you may have seen a protestant preacher working the crowds at a revival convention. You know the ones – they send the Holy Spirit into the congregation, amid dramatic bells and whistles. They might speak in tongues, dance around, and yell ‘RECEIVE!’ Angel Number 1111 is a milder, less eccentric version of this ritual.

Its elbow bumps your ribs to let you know something good is coming. So it’s a message that you should declutter your mental traffic and leave yourself open to blessings. Something good is heading your way, but you have to be at the right place and in the correct frame of mind to receive and accept this treasure. Set those spiritual ducks in a row and get ready!

Call to Prayer

Muslims are called to pray five times a day – it’s one of the five pillars of their faith. How do you know it’s time to pray? A mosque worker called a muezzin announces the designated time. He faces all the four compass directions and loudly chants to believers, inviting them to come to the mosque. This call to prayer is in Arabic and has prescribed text.

Angel Number 1111 is a symbolic version of the call to prayer. When you see it, you have no idea what it means. And the angels are always on hand to explain. Seeing this holy number prompts you to make a quick prayer asking your angels and spiritual guides for help, clarity, or a translation of the message they’re trying to show you. Seek and ye shall find!

Think Right

Some people are naturally over-thinkers. Their introspection is on overdrive and can feel almost self-flagellating. At the other extreme, you’ll meet people who breeze through life without much of a care. But the ideal middle ground is to be aware of your thoughts and gently respond or dismiss them accordingly. It’s a tough trick but it’s one you can learn.

Angel Number 1111 is a meditative cue. It asks, ‘What are you thinking right now?’ Of course, the significance behind this question is important too, but the most crucial factor is the follow-up. Now that you’re conscious of the thought, is it a helpful one? Should you dwell on it or release it? In this way, the holy number gently and gradually shapes your mindset.

Shift your Focus

Humans are an interesting breed. We can form conscious thoughts. And those thoughts can transpose themselves from our minds and onto the physical plane. But for some reason, we tend to focus on our fears rather than our desires. Stop reading for a moment and write down the next ten things that pop into your head. Now quickly read through them.

Our thoughts often default to the things we don’t want to happen. And because we think about these misfortunes so often, they soon become self-fulfilling prophecies. So when you spot Angel Number 1111, do the exercise you’ve just done. List your top ten thoughts then gently shift your focus to the good ones. If you don’t know how, ask your angels. They’ll help.

Help is Nigh

How many times have you asked someone a simple question and they responded with ‘Just Google it!’ or ‘#GIYF – Google is your friend.’ In today’s world, self-sufficiency is everything. We’re taught to figure things out ourselves. So we often feel like failures when we get stuck and need assistance. And because we’re so sure this inadequacy is our fault, we never ask.

You might be in a fix when you suddenly see Angel Number 1111. It’s a reassurance from the heavens, your ancestors, and all your guiding spirits. They’re saying, ‘Hey, you don’t have to do this alone. We’re here to help … but we can’t step in until you ask.’ Remember, prayer doesn’t have to be complex or formulaic. When you see that 1111, just whisper, ‘Yes, please.’

Invitation to Create

If you’ve spent some time in esoteric spaces, you know the link between thoughts and actions. We believe all your circumstances and events come from the ideas in your mind and the feelings in your heart. That’s why meditation is such a powerful tool. It teaches you to control mental vibrations and detach the ones you don’t want. You can do the opposite too.

Angel Number 1111 is a message, so it comes unexpectedly. But you can ‘catch’ 1111 on your watch (or smartphone, or microwave clock) at least twice a day. Take it as an invitation to creation. You could even set an alarm or a countdown ticker. This way, as it approaches 11.11 a.m. /p.m., you can consciously align the vibrations and manifest something you want.

Hello from the Other Side

Cops ask for your 1020. Journalists give you the 411. And when you need help, you call 911. Angel Number 1111 is another version of these emergency codes. Except it’s sent from the heavenly plane to the earthly one. But it isn’t just the angels that use it. Your deceased loved ones can use it too. They can’t come back and hang out, but they send a cosmic text.

When you see the number, it could be someone who couldn’t find an ouija board and is trying to connect from the afterlife. They may not be sending a specific message like ‘Take the meat out of the freezer!’. It’s more likely they’re letting you know they’re watching, and that they’re okay. Or they can see you’re struggling so they’re saying, ‘I see you. I’m here.’

Peace and Rest

There are certain things you can’t help associating with danger. Like the skull-and-cross-bones. Or a lightning bolt. Or a casket. The Angel Number 1111 is the opposite of that. When you see this number, it’s the heavens saying, ‘Peace be With You.’ They’re sending you calming vibes and soothing spirits. So your task is to find out why you need this peace.

Sometimes, it’s obvious. You may be panicking at the start of an exam and see 1111 somewhere near the top of the page. Or you may be rushing to the emergency room and see 1111 on the way in. These both say, ‘Breathe. Relax. We’re here with you. It’ll be okay.’ Other times the source of conflict may not be as obvious, so ask your angels to send clearer hints.

Also, Rest in Peace

We’ve mentioned your lost loved ones could be sending you messages from the afterlife. But these are often quiet words of comfort and may not need you to do anything about them. At other times, action is needed. After all, grief is complex. You may re-grieve at every birthday, graduation, or celebration. Their death feels fresh at such times, it’s like it just happened.

Your dead loved one knows you’re hurting. They can see you. That’s why they sent the 1111. But what do they want you to do? What are they trying to tell you? Well, you can’t manifest them back to life. But you can think about their hobbies, their character, their strengths, their projects, even their flaws. And you can channel their positive aspects into your life.

Wake Up!

How do you feel when you unexpectedly see Angel Number 1111? For most of us, we get a jolt of electric emotional energy. We suddenly feel awake, alert, alive, and enthusiastic. We’ll probably take a screenshot or a smartphone photo of the 11:11 and post it on all our socials. And that’s the reaction your spirit guides want to get out of you. They’re yelling ‘Wake up!’

It may happen if your mind was drifting in traffic. Maybe you’re walking, riding (your bike), or driving absent-mindedly. They’re pulling you back into the present so you don’t cause an accident or get hurt. Metaphorically, they may be calling you to stop slacking off and drifting through life. Or they may be pointing your attention at something you’re taking for granted.

Open Up

Visually, the number 1111 looks like a set of columns or pillars. This could symbolize a gate or portal between planes. Especially is you see it as 11:11, meaning it’s the border between your lower mortal self (body) and your higher, spiritual self (soul). 11:11 means the gates are wide open, so this is the perfect time to send something through. It’s why you can hear the angels.

Sure, your spirit guides and ancestors are around you all the time and communicating constantly. But they can get to you most easily when the gate is open. So when you see that holy number, open yourself up and say a little prayer. Ask your people up there to send you a translator. That way, you can understand their message and see what they want you to.

Molecular Mnemonic

Memory works in an interesting way. Think about it – you see a million things every day, but you only pay attention to a few. The rest of that data is still in there though, floating around in the mush of your brain. And every time you recall a memory or tell someone that story, you change the memory just a smidge. Human memory retention is more like RAM than ROM.

So when you see 1111, it means the upper and lower channels are open. This allows you to re-member your divine self because, at that moment, your body and soul are connected. Think of it like a solstice – the point where the earth is closest to the sun. 1111 is a sort of spiritual solstice, a point in space and time when your physical self is closest to your ethereal one.

Momentary Genie

Based on everything we’ve said about the proximity of the spiritual and physical planes during 1111, you now know its creative potential. With that portal open and the heavenly energies focused on you, this is the perfect time to make a wish. Your ability to manifest anything is strongest when you see that 1111. So make the most of your fully-loaded power.

Be careful what you wish for, and – ideally – ask your spirit helpers to guide you on the right wish. After all, said wish will come true almost immediately. So sending the wrong request out into the universe could be disastrous! Your spirit guides want what’s best for you, so ask them to clue you into the best wish so you can maximize the benefits of your 1111 moment.

Call to Action

While it’s true that you’ll readily ‘catch’ the 11:11 on your watch, clock, or phone, the Angel Number 1111 is a tad more elusive in the wild. So here’s something to consider – you think thousands of thoughts every day. Some say we have as many as 10,000 thoughts a day. But which of those thoughts should you pay special attention to and which ones are random?

Seeing this famous angel number could be a clue. It may mean that specific thought is the one you should act on. So – as we said earlier – stop and jot down your top ten thoughts at the time you saw 1111. Then ask your angels for clarity and note what comes up. You may find that one of those ten ideas is promising, and you’ll soon see the steps to implement it.

Conscious Creation

Once you believe that your life comes from the things you think and feel, you need to take responsibility. Your job, your neighborhood, your partner, or your kids are all things that seem to have ‘happened’ to you. After all, you can’t control who comes into your life … can you? Well, turns out you’ve been in charge all along, manifesting thoughts subconsciously.

Angel Number 1111 appears to show you the reigns. It’s 1 repeated 4 times, and 4 is the number of creation. Your higher helpers want you to control the vibrations and energies around you, harnessing them to deliberately build the life you want. Ask the angels. They’ll show you what immediate actions you can take to set off the dominoes of conscious creation.

Perfect Timing

Most of us have a long list of chores, tasks, and projects we haven’t gotten around to doing. Maybe we don’t have the space or resources to get it done. Or it doesn’t quite feel like the right time. Maybe we’re timid from the fear of failure … or worse, terrified by the possibility of success. You’d be surprised how many of us unknowingly self-sabotage. In comes 1111.

If you’ve been twiddling your thumbs and dragging your feet on a particular project, Angel Number 1111 gives you the green light to get off your rump and do the thing. In the romantic sphere, 11:11 (with the colon in-between) designates your twin flame. So if someone you like is nearby (and if they see that 11:11 at the same time you see it) they could be your soul mate.

Double Trouble

When you see the number as 11:11, it’s a double blessing because Number 11 is the number of your spirits and ancestors, so it’s twice the power. Whatever message they’re sending you, it will have a doubled effect, so use it carefully. The law of attraction says we pull things that have the same vibration we have. And your soul mate is likely to share your wavelength.

Of course, Angel Number 1111 is all about starting out because 1 is all about fresh, exciting beginnings. So this soul mate may not be someone you’ve met before. You’ll need to talk to your higher help and get them to point out the person you should be pursuing. Ask nicely and your guardian angel (or fussy grandma) will gladly make the introduction.

You’re Getting Lucky!

This lower plane houses humans, plants, and animals. The higher plane has spiritual forces, deceased loved ones, angels, and deities. So if any of those higher helpers show you 1111, they’re sharpening your intuition. They’re also saying it’s your lucky moment. So this would be a good time to ask that person on a date, buy that lottery ticket, or apply for that job.

It can also be a good time to shop for cars or houses – your lucky streak could get you a better deal. But remember, Angel Number 1111 is a positive force, so you shouldn’t abuse it – that’s bad karma. So while any wish or risk you take is likely to turn out well, keep yourself safe and calculate the risk before you dive into this Ocean 1111. Good luck with that!

Has Angel Number 1111 recently appeared in your life? Tell us about it in the comments!

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