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Why Do I Keep Seeing 818 Angel Number? (Spiritual Meanings & Symbolism)

Angels seem to be huge fans of math. Or maybe they just like numbers. Logically speaking, numerals are a great way to communicate with humans because numbers are the same in every language. Four, quartre, nne, neljä, and cztery all mean the same thing, so it’s clear.

And while the literal meaning is universal, the spiritual meaning translates just as easily across the globe. So it makes sense that our angels, ancestors, and spirit guides use this numerical system to stay in touch with us. Today, we’re focusing on Angel Number 818.

Angels often deliver their figure-based messages in person. So when you see an angel number, you can be sure there’s an actual angel nearby, and you’re welcome to ask the angel to explain their secret signal in clearer terms. Let’s see what some of those messages mean.

Spiritual Symbolism & Meanings of “Angel Number 818” 1

818 Angel Number Meanings

The End is Nigh

No, it doesn’t mean your angels are blowing the final trumpet. But it does mean a period of your life is coming to an end. This will usually be a tough era, one that has been weighing you down and burdening you for a while. Maybe it was a heavy obligation you felt forced to fulfill.

This could be anything from babysitting tantrumming toddlers to working at a relative’s shop. They’re situations you can’t get out of, but they’re applying a lot of pressure to your psyche. Seeing Angel Number 818 means it will soon be over, so hold on just a little longer.

Things Will Work Out

On the other hand, you may already know you’re approaching the end of something important. Maybe your contract is close to termination. Or you’ve done finals and are waiting to graduate. Maybe your kids have just gone to college and your spouse feels like a stranger.

Or maybe you’re close to retirement and you don’t know what’ll happen next. Angel Number 818 is your guardian angel reminding you that even though you can’t see them, they’re with you in this transition. They can see ahead, and they’re telling you it’ll all work out fine, relax.

Time for Release

Plants follow a natural timetable. If it doesn’t rain, they won’t grow. And animals follow instincts to know when they should meet, mate, or migrate. But humans have a different schedule. And ours is influenced by our thoughts, feelings, friends, and circumstances.

This can sometimes lead to the wrong decision. Say it’s time to let go of a failing relationship, a dead-end job, or a flawed investment. But you can’t bring yourself to do it. You feel guilty or uncertain. Angel Number 818 urges you to let go of that weight and receive new blessings.

Plan and Prioritise

There are times when you feel stuck. Nothing seems to be working out and you’re stagnating under the stress. This is sometimes called paralysis analysis. You have so much to do but you’re so bogged down trying to figure things out that you end up not doing anything.

In this scenario, Angel Number 818 is a dual message. Your angels are saying everything will work out in the end. They’re watching over you and putting everything in place for you. Two, get unstuck by prioritizing your tasks and tackling them one by one. Your angels will help.

Shift your Focus

When you’re nervous, you might find yourself nitpicking. Say your in-law or boss is visiting your house for the first time. You might find yourself endlessly adjusting the pictures on the wall. Or wiping and re-wiping the coffee table … even though you haven’t made the meal yet.

Nerves can shift your focus to the wrong place, and that can end up damaging the big picture for your family, love life, or career. So if your angels notice you’re puttering around minor things, they may send you an 818 to redirect you to your most important responsibilities.

Don’t Panic!

Sometimes in life, you feel blindsided. It could be a car accident or an unexpected breakup. Maybe you were furloughed, or fired. Angel Number 818 is a treasure at such times for two reasons. Before that drastic change in your life, 818 may prime you something is coming.

As you see it more and more, you’ll know a dramatic surprise is on the way, so you won’t be as shocked when it arrives. At the same time, 818 says, “Take it easy, breathe, don’t panic. We can see something around the corner, and we’ll be right beside you while it happens.”

Psyche Up!

What’s your favorite holiday? Is it your birthday? Or Halloween? You probably get excited long before the day. Maybe you wake up with a grin just thinking about it. Angel Number 818 sends the same message. It tells you something exciting is about to happen, so be ready!

This could be a new job, a fresh project, or even a remake of your favorite childhood movie. The number tells you to store your energy and gather your resources in preparation for this novelty. This can be a timely blessing if you have nothing to consciously look forward to.

Booming Business

In many parts of Asia, 8 is seen as a lucky number. 88 is especially promising for business deals and financial success. And as you may know, 1 represents individual characteristics, particularly leadership ability and personal responsibility. So where does it fit between 8s?

Angel Number 818 says money matters are looking up for you. You might receive a new opportunity to make some good cash, and you will benefit on a personal level. If the place where you work is getting a new client, you may be singled out for a raise or a promotion.

Take Charge

How often do we say, “You made me so mad!” Or, “He keeps me happy.” These are casual statements and they seem true. Many of us live by them. But any psychologist or relationship coach will tell you it’s unfair to make anyone responsible for our emotions and wellbeing.

So if you’re seeing Angel Number 818, it’s reminding you that your happiness, sadness, boredom, or fulfillment are up to you and you need to take control of your life, work, and mental state. Stop being passive, going with the flow, or blaming others. Take initiative.


Our scarcity mentality is the reason many of us are so miserable. We think there isn’t enough love, money, or respect to go around, so we must ‘steal’ it from someone else. This is why there’s so much corporate backstabbing, classism, division, and infidelity in today’s world.

So if you’re seeing Angel Number 818, it’s a call to let go of this destructive misconception. It means prosperity and abundance are headed your way. This calls you to be strategic in your financial decisions, but it also calls you to be kind, generous, and positive in your attitude.

Listen to your Instinct

If you’ve been watching TikTok shrinks lately, you’ve seen a lot of videos about anxiety, empathy, and vigilance as trauma responses. Whether or not you agree, you may notice that you get a ‘funny feeling’ about certain situations. But you may think you’re just anxious.

To counter potential panic, you probably get endless outside opinions on what you should do. If you see Angel Number 818 amid your fact-finding, and if you keep seeing it as you search, your angels may be telling you that feeling in your gut is correct. It’s time to trust it.

Shed the Toxins

Another concept that’s getting louder in popular culture is narcissism. Unfortunately, this aggressive I-don’t-care attitude can get you far in corporate spaces, so more and more people are adopting this pattern in their work lives. But it does a lot of damage at the personal level.

Seeing Angel Number 818 when you’re dealing with someone difficult could be a sign you need to exit. These toxic people may seem to be helping your career, but they’re leaving destruction in their wake, so back off if you can or go gray rock if you can’t stay away.

It’s on You

Similarly, while you may not be a full-blown narcissist, you may be using certain traits to get ahead in life. Maybe you’re acting cut-throat and refusing to employ empathy in your business or your relationships. Instead, you might be playing the victim and blaming others.

In this context, Angel Number 818 is a call to pull the focus back to yourself. It isn’t always someone else’s fault (or someone else’s job). Take a moment to reflect and see your role in this situation. Take responsibility for the mess so you can figure out the right way to fix it.

By the Pairs

Let’s break Angel Number 818 into pairs so we can see how this affects its meaning. 81 points to karma. In science, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. But in spiritual spaces, like attracts like, so you’ll be followed by things that share your wavelength and vibrations.

So 81 says karma is real and you need to be mindful of your actions – they have matching consequences. On the other hand, 18 signifies good fortune and fresh beginnings. So 818 says if you focus on positive thoughts and actions, you’re open to a prosperous new project.

Relationship Shifts

The divorce rate is pretty high these days, and people under 50 are less enthusiastic about marriage altogether. But even in non-nuptial relationships, we often take each other for granted. So you might see Angel Number 818 when you’re looking for clarity in your love life.

Maybe your attention is straying or you’re neglecting your partner. If you see 818 while you were checking someone out, it’s a gentle nudge to focus on your partner. Or maybe there’s unseen discomfort at home, so check on your partner and validate your loyalty and love.

Leave your Love

Relationships are interesting because you may think you’re on the same page when you’re really not. Your beloved might feel miserable and neglected while you think everything is fine. After all, you missed their birthday so you could earn a bonus and buy them a present!

Spotting 818 in unexpected places might mean your partner is fed up and wants to leave. Or it could mean you’ve unconsciously outgrown them but are too distracted to notice. Ask your angels whether they want you to stay or go. They’ll offer the comfort and courage you need.

Open your Eyes

There are close to 8 billion people on the planet today. And as you go through life, you bump into thousands of them every day. You buy stuff from them at the corner store, pass them unseeing in the street, or dismiss them based on their hair, shoes, accent, car, or job title.

Yet so many of us are lonely and frustrated because we haven’t met our person. Angels may send you some 818s to show you someone that could be your soul mate. Maybe they’re right under your nose but you can’t recognize them, so the angels are saying, “Psst, it’s this one!”

Your Heart Knows

On a large scale, Angel Number 818 verifies the messages from your intuition. But it can also be quite specific. Remember, this spiritual number can hint at success in your love life or your finances. And sometimes, these two categories can clash. So is it about love or money?

Context is a useful pointer here. Suppose you need to choose between the love of your life and a big career move. It may be something minor like working late on your birthday or anniversary. Or something bigger like a promotion far from your spouse. Follow your heart.

New Love

818 doesn’t always mean you’re bumping into a potential lover. It may be a nudge to let go of grief. You probably know – on a conscious level – that you’re attracted to someone new. But maybe you’re struggling with guilt. Maybe you think it’s too soon after your previous partner.

They may have died, so you feel disloyal. Or they left you, so you’re scarred and scared to be hurt again. Maybe it was a divorce and you’re unsure how your kids or friends will respond to someone new. Angel Number 818 could be a sign that it’s okay to be with this new lover.

Fresh Point of View

Sometimes, you start a conversation with someone and it ends up being an argument. You notice that you have opposing perspectives on a given issue and there’s no middle ground. And while you may be open to compromise, you can’t see any way to meet them halfway.

Seeing Angel Number 818 at such a time is a form of comfort. It’s saying your worldview is about to shift in a gradual but dramatic way. Your higher helpers are letting you know they’ve set off a chain of events that while change the way you view everything, so get ready!

Trust the Process

Angel Number 818 is a harbinger of change. And on the surface, these changes may not necessarily be good. They say when it rains, it pours, and that bad luck comes in threes. So if you’re facing a cascade of misfortunes, it may seem like God is out to get you, Job-style.

But just like Job, all those disasters were a way for God to show his favor. When you find yourself in scenarios where everything is going from bad to worse, that 818 is a sign to hold on and don’t crash out because all these events will cause a good outcome for you in the end.

Break that Habit

Our lives are the cumulation of a thousand little decisions and steps, both conscious and unconscious. So you may think there’s a blockage in your life when in reality, you’re unknowingly doing something that keeps you down. Angel Number 818 might shine a light.

Ask them to show you what specific habit or tendency is holding you back. Maybe you stop for cigarettes every morning, and that detour means you keep missing the bus that your twin flame or prospective boss rides every morning, so you never get to meet them. Step up!

No Peer Pressure

It’s natural to ask people you trust for advice. But your peers are human, just like you. They can only make recommendations based on their own experience. They may not have access to other planes and realms, so they can’t always tell if things are synchronizing and aligning.

So your angels may send you a bunch of 818s to confirm that things falling into place. Your spirit guides want you to stop relying on your limited peers or worrying what people will say. After all, your internal processes reflexively follow your soul mission, so listen to your heart.

Choose Joy

You may feel like things are going badly and you have no idea why. But your spiritual helpers know. They have a helicopter view of all the forces, actions, and circumstances of your life. Remember, your soul – just like your angels – exist outside of the mortal human dimension.

This means they can spot exactly what you’re doing to inadvertently sabotage yourself. Angel Number 818 calls you to pay attention, take a closer look, and ask for direct guidance from the heavens. They’ll show you what steps to start (or things to stop) so you can be happy.

Forge Forward

The human body is a strange thing. Think about our facial expressions. Without context, it can be tough to tell whether someone is grimacing from pain or passion. And chances are you once looked at someone and wondered whether they were laughing or crying just then.

Similarly, you can’t be sure if that knot in your tummy is excited anticipation or a warning to turn and run! When you see Angel Number 818, you might find yourself in an awkward spot battling with turbulent emotions. The angels are saying yes, it’s scary, but it’s the right path.

Forever Love

In certain spiritual traditions, the number 8 is a sign of eternal cycles, because it’s made of two circles and if you slice the figure in any direction, you get identical halves. Angel Number 818 is also mirrored if you slice it vertically or horizontally. So it’s all about an exact fit.

When you apply this to your love life, you can see the link to your soul mate. 818 is also sometimes expressed as two infinity signs framing 1. The 1 represents you, and since there’s an 8 on both sides of you, it means you’re surrounded by endless love and eternal goodwill.

Nothing Lasts Forever

This Angel Number 818 meaning seems to contradict the previous one. But it’s more about transition and change. It says good times may fade, but bad times will too. You won’t be struggling or suffering forever, even though you can’t see any way for your pain to end.

818 in this context is a sign of hope. It’s calling you to be patient and brave, these troubles will soon be resolved. You could say a little prayer and ask your angels to guide you towards the right direction or decisions that may help this dark period of your life pass faster.

Think Positive

We’ve mentioned the importance of vibrations in the spirit world. Once you get on a certain wavelength, you not only pull similar energy to yourself, you also mingle with elements and powers that are on the same path. So if you dwell on negative experiences, you may get more.

When that Angel Number 818 flashes past you, pause and ‘catch’ your thought to see where your attention was. You might see the number several times over a short period, and each time, it may be a tap on the shoulder to distract you from dark thoughts. It says, “Smile!”

Lean into your Values

Are you aware of the things that are most important to you? Yes, money is nice, and lovers are fun, but what are your inner ideals? Think about the hobbies and habits you had in childhood and early teenage before you allowed parents and peers to sway your worldview.

Your angels could be calling you to go back to those beliefs. Or maybe you’ve been so busy hustling that you haven’t taken a moment to sit with yourself and define your character. Talk to your angels. They see both your higher and lower planes, so they’ll help you find yourself.

When was the last time you saw Angel Number 818? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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