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21 Spiritual Meanings of Birds

Humans have always been fascinated with flight. And we’re attracted to the pretty songs and colorful wings of the birds we see around us. But beyond the sense of freedom we paint on them, what is the spiritual significance of birds? Let’s look through some top possibilities.

Just to note, the spiritual meaning of birds depends a lot on the species of the bird itself. Is it a phoenix, an owl, a thunderbird, or a cockatoo? In this article, we’ll discuss the symbolism behind birds in general. Check our other articles if you want to know about specific species.

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spiritual meaning of birds

1. You’re Headed For Enlightenment

Generally, gravity keeps humans glued to the ground. But birds have hollow bones and powerful wings that let them float above it all. Sometimes, they flap energetically to keep themselves up. Other times, they glide effortlessly on warm air currents called thermals.

Your angels might therefore use birds as a symbol that your spirit is beyond the worries and concerns of the world. Your soul has overcome its physical trappings and barriers, so it’s time to focus on the development of your spirit. Birds represent elevation and illumination.

2. Trust in God’s Provision

This message might come when you’re worried about earthly problems. Maybe you just got fired or divorced and you don’t know how you’ll pay the bills. Or you might be concerned if the breadwinner (your parent, elder sibling, or spouse) falls ill, gets disabled, or passes away.

Your spirit guides could send bird symbols – or even an actual flock of birds – to let you know they’ll provide for you. This spiritual interpretation is explained in Matthew 6:26-34. It reminds believers that God feeds the birds and dresses the flowers, so he can do it for us too.

3. Check Out the Bigger Picture

Have you noticed that when people are asked about bad things like cruelty and war, they say it’s just human nature? But when they’re asked about positives like empathy and kindness – the things we call humane – they assume it’s exceptional. Our concepts are clearly skewed.

So what does it mean for our spiritual values when we see birds flying? We assume it’s about getting a bird’s eye view and taking a holistic approach to the situation. And it is. Birds see the world more accurately than we do. And their context is reliable, so broaden your outlook.

4. Good Things Are Flying Towards You

It’s easy to see why we associate birds with the heavens. Many faiths believe their chosen deity lives up there somewhere, in the sky. And angels are often depicted with feathery wings. So we associate birds (and angels) with deities. They take our prayers to the gods.

So what does it mean when you see a large flock of birds heading towards you? It could imply a rush of blessings and good fortune, particularly if the birds are silent. You can only hear the flapping of their wings, so that’s a positive sign. Noisy flocks of birds indicate something else.

5. Your Loved Ones Are Near

As we pointed out at the start of this article, we’re not going to touch on the meanings behind particular bird species – we have lots of other articles that cover that in detail. But the type of bird can still send a significant message. What does it mean to see a bird inside the house?

Assuming this isn’t a pet bird that’s sitting in a cage, see if you can figure out the species. It’s likely to be a bird you associate with someone who passed away. Maybe they had a parakeet. Or maybe they had a raven tattoo. The bird suggests your deceased loved one is visiting you.

6. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Here’s another scenario – you see a nervous bird inside your house and it’s struggling to escape. It may be flying around frantically and squawking. And this could be any bird – a goose or chicken from the farm or a finch that accidentally flew through an open window.

These trapped birds express discomfort, unease, and restriction. Your higher helpers are saying you’re too comfortable in that ‘home space’ and you need to spread your wings. You may like your current lifestyle, but your angels want you to achieve your full potential.

7. This Cycle is Ending

You’d probably be pretty upset if you hit a bird with your car or bike and killed it. But what does it mean if you suddenly start seeing dead and dying birds? No, it doesn’t mean you have a future as a serial murderer (though it would be nice to give the dead birds a decent burial).

In this context, the bird represents the end of a negative cycle or phase. Things are looking up. Something you’ve been dreading has now come to a close and you’re starting something new, exciting, and positive. Send the bird off with a blessing and look out for that fresh start.

8. You’re Going the Wrong Way

Here’s a similar message from the bird world. We’ve talked about running over a bird – but can you be sure it’s dead? Well, most birds have extremely rapid heart rates, so as you watch the bird lying there with its eyes closed, you can tell if it’s breathing and its heart is beating.

In this case, when you hit the bird with your windscreen or it rams your glass window and collapses, your angels are advising you to take a detour. It’s a spiritual sign that you’re on the wrong path, either figuratively or by GPS. Listen to your guides as they gently redirect you.

9. Someone is Praying for You

Prayer is an interesting term. We mostly think of it in Christian or Islamic contexts, because Buddhists and Hindus opt for chants and mudras instead. (These four make up the world’s most popular religions.) But prayer simply means communicating with your supreme being.

And the reason birds represent someone interceding for you is their wings. They can fly into the heavens – which we can’t. So they symbolize sending our desires and requests to our chosen deity. Seeing bird imagery, therefore, means someone is thinking of you and praying.

10. Money is Headed Your Way

Regardless of the bird species, seeing bird eggs means money is coming. And the setting of the eggs could show you where the cash will come from. If you see a mommy bird sitting on her eggs or rearranging and turning her eggs, wealth will come from your long-term effort.

If it’s a daddy bird helping to tend the eggs, your fortune might come from an unexpected relative. You can recognize the dad because male birds are often smaller and more colorful to attract mates. If the eggs are hatching, you’ll have to wait a while before that windfall.

11. You’re Closer Than You Think

You’re Closer Than You Think

We love to say it’s darkest before dawn, even though the science disagrees. It’s a comforting thought, just like the alleged sugar rush and synchronized periods (although both these myths have been disproved by science. Either way, that concept echoes when you see birds.

How so? Well, we’ve talked about hitting birds with your car’s windscreen, but what does it mean when you see the bird zooming ahead of your car and out of reach? It means your spiritual target is close and the desires of your higher self are just about to come true.

12. You Will Soon Be Healed

Your spirit guides don’t always use living birds in their messages. You might find yourself attracted to a book in the library (or a video on the internet) that described mythical birds. Or you might suddenly notice bird tattoos on the bodies of random people as they walk past.

Three birds, in particular, might grab your attention – a phoenix, thunderbird, or caladrius. These birds all represent rebirth and have immense healing powers. Spotting them means you have a sickness or wound you don’t know about, but your angels are already healing you.

13. It’s Going to Be a Good Day

This message may seem pretty straightforward but consider this. Every day, birds greet the sun by chirping. But you don’t always notice them. And even when you do, you might be irritated that they got you up so early. Don’t be – it’s a heavenly message of good cheer.

If you catch birds chirping, whether it’s first thing in the morning or some random part of the day, that’s a positive signal. It means things will go well for the rest of the day. Your angels might send a few birds your way on a dreary Monday, or by the road in heavy traffic.

14. You’re Losing Control

Wild birds rarely come close to humans, even when they’re sent by the angels. So what does it mean when birds attack you? This could be a murmuration (of starlings) in a dream or even a swarm of seemingly angry ravens dive-bombing your yard (yes, it does happen).

The spiritual significance here is that you’re spiraling out of control. Maybe your moods and hormones are haywire for some reason. Or maybe you’ve taken on too much responsibility and your potential burnout has you lashing out at everyone. You need to step back and chill.

15. It’s Time to Get Closer to God

Many spiritual people prioritize their practice over their earthly tasks, and that can sometimes be a problem. But the opposite challenge can happen too. Most of us go to church or temple once a week. But if your soul journey is important, you commune more often.

This interaction refers to any higher being, whether that’s Buddha or Mother Goddess. If this path matters to you, getting distracted by work and the material world can take a toll. Being attacked by birds, they’re telling you to pause and pray – you’re neglecting your spirituality.

16. Turns Out Domesticity Suits You!

Turns Out Domesticity Suits You!

We’ve talked about wild birds indoors and what it means if they’re fighting their way out. But what does it tell you when the birds seem happy in your home? If you spot a bird’s nest inside your house, it means you live in a space filled with love, warmth, kindness, and commitment.

The birds can sense your positive energy, that’s why they choose your house as their safe space. And in the same way, they’re letting their guard down and raising their family in your presence, your own family will thrive and succeed. You’re ready to settle down and have kids.

17. Set More Reminders on Your Phone

Woodpeckers tap trees to send coded signals to the other birds around. It’s a kind of birdie morse code for them. But what does it mean for you if this bird knocks on your door or if any other species taps your window? They may have been diverted by the angels and sent to you.

A tapping bird – especially if you can see it through the clear glass – is a reminder that you forgot something important. In practical terms, they might be reminding you to refill their feeder. But on a deeper level, your spirit guides are nudging you about something you forgot.

18. You Need to Protect Your Privacy

In the example above, that tapping bird won’t help you much if you can’t figure out what you’ve forgotten. It merely draws your attention. Then you’ll have to ask your higher helpers which loose ends they want you to tie. But if the knocking doesn’t jar you, they’ll send more!

You might suddenly spot a bird flying into your window! Now you’ll really need to ask the spirits what they’re trying to say. But their main hint is that you should close your metaphorical windows. You’re over-exposing yourself to malevolent forces – watch out!

19. Feel Free to Raise Your Vibrations

One of the things we love most about birds is their sense of freedom. They can just get up and go anytime they want! So when you’re seeing birds around a lot – especially if you’re routinely watching them take flight, it’s a message from your ancestors to join the birds.

No, it doesn’t mean you should flap your arms on a tall building – you’ll end up committed via the ER!! But it means you should raise your focus higher. You’re getting onto a higher frequency and leveling up your spirituality. Allow yourself to be used as a loving messenger.

20. The Heavens Are On Your Side

You’ve probably heard that bird poop is considered lucky in many cultures and that you shouldn’t rush to clean it off. But where does this idea come from? Well, birds routinely poop mid-flight because they have no sphincters. Spiritually, this means they don’t get distracted.

They’re busy with their … business, pun intended, and they don’t let the s**t in life stop them. And the gods bless their consistency and concentration. Your angels are using guano to praise you for staying on your path even as the world deters you. And angels will bless you.

21. Learn How to Pick Your Battles

Our final interpretation of bird symbols is a tricky one. Have you heard of the Five Fs? You probably know about fight and flight, but there’s also fawn (sucking up and/or blaming yourself), freeze, and flock (seeking allies and huddling with like-minded folk for protection). In some spaces, you’ll see the term friend used instead of flock, or flop used in place of fawn.

But what does this have to do with birds? Well, most of us default to one of the Fs depending on how we were raised. But our reflexes might push us to another F if it’s a safer option in those circumstances. You might want to flop or friend, but if you’re repeatedly seeing birds, your higher helpers want you to flee. They want you to survive so you can fight another day.

When was the last time you saw a bird symbol? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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21 Spiritual Meanings of Birds 2

15 thoughts on “21 Spiritual Meanings of Birds”

  1. I saw a healthy red bellied bird two days in a row. Once on my porch and my driveway. It wasnt scared and I was so estatic too see it. I also have a birds nest on my house but I never see them but I always hear them. Its been there fir 4 yrs so far

  2. I just recently caught a bird in my new job at a restaurant in South padre island…. It flew in the restaurant and everybody tried catching it.. so I was the fortunate one to catch the birdie!!. It had yellow in its chest! When I caught it in my hands it remained still and let me pet it! Then I let it fly off my hands!. I felt a special calm bond when I held it in my hands!!

    • That’s so beautiful!! The bird definitely sensed your high vibrational spiritual energy as a safe calm space and your higherself/spirit guides/angels /ancestors were sending you love, light and confirmation – a message that only you can interpret with your intuition and the similar synchronicities and or messages you recieve from your spiritual team as communication on a regular basis. 🙂
      There is no such thing as a coincidence, they are all synchronicities sent by the universe, our higherself and or spiritual support team <3
      A beautiful blessing
      I work within the akashic records multidimensionally to access and identify ppls divine gifts and help clear blocks and restrictions as well as realign to their divine soul blueprint, if you'd ever like to chat or explore your records, I'd be happy to hear from you and help to confirm any questions you may have, inspiredhealthnwellness @

    • I’m a mail carrier in Chicago. So one day as I was walking approaching my next delivery, I noticed a bird just sitting on top of the gate, the bird startled me. I then stepped back to look around the bird to see maybe if it was injured or something because it just sat there. So after that,then I kind of bent down to eye level of the bird ,so both of us were looking at each other eye to eye .So then I began to move my head side to side so did the bird. This bird mimicked everything that I did .This went on for about 10 minutes or more. Meanwhile the bird never flew away so I just continued my delivery. So while I was walking I called a friend to tell them what I just experienced, they then suggested I take a picture. So when I went back to the same gate the bird was still sitting there. I then began to reach for my phone, the bird then flew away. What a Awsome Experience!!!!

  3. The reason I looked this up is because a bird fly right at my window while driving (again). They manage to get out of the way in time, but although I know it’s a sign, I just want to know what I should be looking for.

  4. I had birds dance in front of me. I was shocked. It was so beautiful. There were about twelve to sixteen. They were in four lines. They would drop then get back in line. I have been looking to see if anyone has ever seen this. It was like a symphony.

  5. I was walking on my way home from the cemetery to visit my husband who passed away a year ago. But out of no where I felt something tap my back and when I looked back I saw a bird looking at me straight in my eyes. I tried to ignored it but a few steps away he flew and tap my back again. I looked for him where did he landed after tapping my back he went to other side of the street still looking at me. Seems very unusual cuz I walk in the same bike path everyday. So I ignored him again to my surprised after a few steps away from him he tap my back again. What does this means? Is he telling me of something? My Angel?

  6. I have had so many bird encounters. At first I was not noticing or getting it but then when they started flying I front of my car but not getting hit repeatedly on a daily bases something told me to look it up. Then I have a nest in my attic never saw it but I hear the babies. The birds are always out in my back yard chirping and flying. But today once came to my deck where my kids and I where sitting. It sat on the banister and started chirping at me. I talked back and it chirped back. It looked directly at me. I can not find any meaning anywhere on line for this encounter. Would really like some in sight.

  7. I am living in the hart of a big city. There are little trees and hardly birds. I do see seaglls,pieons and crows on a daily basis, but never the tiny itty bitty birds of any kind. This morning i was standing in de door opening of my french balcony ( i live on the 3rd floor) and a itty bitty tiny bird appeared. It sat itself down in front of me on the roof of the appartment building right opposite to me. It was sitting there tapping his little beak on the edge of the roof. I said hello little bird and it stayed there for at least a min. and then it flew off. I was in awe because i never see little birds let alone this close by. I truly felt it came to see me. Im not sure what the meaning is but i would like to explore it. I just know it came there to tell me something.

  8. In the morning after sweeping outside at about 6h30 ,I heard unusual birds sounds, it was two big birds on the roof chirping for a long time. Usually it’s doves and small birds. They also chirped in the afternoon. What does this mean.

  9. January 31, 2023, I saw two big blackbirds sitting on the roof of my niece’s house when I left to go pickup her son at school. When I came back to her house they were still sitting on the roof. They flew off to a tree beside her house when I approached the back porch.
    On January 26, 2023, I looked out my bedroom window and I saw a flock of blackbirds land in my front yard and one blackbird landed in the tree beside my bedroom window. They were there for about a minute and they all flew off. It was at 11:50 A.M. because I received a call at that time.

  10. This was really insightful. We started out with a bird tapping on our window, followed by the beginning stages of building its nest in our wreath hanging on our front door. The cool thing about our front dirt is it’s a clear class door. We had front row seats to this beautiful birds life and eventually her eggs. Our family was invested. No one went out the front door we didn’t want to disturb mama bird and her eggs. Not but a few short weeks ago we had a terrible storm and it blew our entire wreath off the door and the eggs were splattered off of the fron porch. The kids were heart Broken. I have been seeking God for answers. My hearts has been sad. And I love how you point everything at this being a spiritual sighn. If you have any reference to my story. Please I open to hear it because I have been spinning my mind about this for quite some time and I know this event was either teaching me something or giving me a sign.
    Thank you.

  11. I’ve been experiencing a multitude of fascinating encounters with sparrows lately. Initially, I didn’t pay much attention to them, but then I noticed that they began flying in front of my car without ever getting struck, repeatedly occurring daily. It was as if something was trying to capture my attention. Curiosity led me to explore further. To my surprise, I discovered a sparrow’s nest in my attic. Although I never saw it, I could hear the faint chirping of the baby sparrows nestled within. These delightful birds always grace my backyard, chirping and soaring through the air effortlessly. However, today, something extraordinary happened. A sparrow landed on the banister of my deck while my children and I were seated there. It began chirping at me, and I found myself engaging in a brief conversation with the bird. I spoke back, and it chirped in response as if understanding my words. Strikingly, it looked directly into my eyes as if conveying a hidden message. Despite my diligent online searches, I couldn’t find any specific interpretations for this encounter. I’m sincerely eager to gain some insight into this extraordinary experience.


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