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9 Spiritual Meanings Of Cawing Crows

Crows are fascinating birds due to their ability to communicate with humans and even make a connection with us.

That aside, many cultures and traditions associate these black birds with bad omen.

This explains why many of us are afraid of sighting crows or are worried when crows come into our surroundings.

But, despite what common folklore says, there is no reason to be afraid of these loud, dark birds.

On the contrary, cawing crows could help you avoid danger and bring your attention to something you overlook.

If you are curious about the meaning of crows cawing, you have come to the right place.

In this article, I explain the symbolism and spiritual meaning of cawing crows.

Read on to find out more!

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Crow Meaning and Symbolism

Crows play a central role in the narratives, mythology, and folklore of many tribes and cultures.

From Native Americans to Celtics, Christians to Muslims, Asian to Latin American culture, the crow is seen as either a bad or good omen depending on the context.

Native American tribes viewed crows favorably, as did the Celtics. These dark birds were seen as a symbol of good fortune and messengers of divine power.

Crows were believed to transport the prayers of mere mortals to the gods seated in the spiritual world.

Seeing this bird was an opportunity to send your prayers and wishes to the gods. It also meant that the gods have heard you and will be answering your prayers very soon.

Aside from being messengers plying between the physical and spiritual world, many cultures associate crows with a foreshadowing of bad fortune.

A cawing crow, in particular, is generally seen as a bad sign. But this isn’t always the case.

Crows caw as a way to connect with us humans, warn us of danger, or wade off anything or anyone that might be a threat to their livelihood.

When you see or hear a crow cawing, don’t chase it away or worry that something bad will happen to you. There are different cawing crows meanings, which we will look at next.

What Is the Symbolism and Meaning of Cawing Crows?

Cawing crows are trying to send you a message.

Meditate on the bird’s song to understand the spiritual message and symbolism behind the cawing.

Here are common symbolism and meanings of cawing crows.

1.  There is a change in energy in your surrounding

Crows are believed to possess the gift of clairvoyance and can help guide the souls of the dead into the afterlife.

A group of cawing crows can appear on your window, door, or yard if they detect a change in spiritual energy, such as when someone in your house is terminally ill, is about to die or has just died.

Their presence helps the dead to transition to the unknown underworld or afterlife.

If you have just lost a loved one whose power animal was the crow, the cawing crows might be communicating that your loved one has transitioned peacefully and is in a better place.

Take this as comforting news, especially if your dear one was in pain and suffering down to their last minutes. They are now in a more peaceful place.

Crows cawing could also be sending the message that witchcraft energies are in your environment.

The birds may begin to sing when they detect this change in energy.

Depending on your beliefs about witchcraft, you may tap into these nearby energies to manifest your desires.

Alternatively, you may perform an energetic cleanse to eliminate these unwanted frequencies.

2.  Watch out for potential threats

The cawing of crows is often associated with warnings of impending danger.

The loud song of these dark birds is warning you of possible threats.

Cawing crows may also symbolize an impending death, misery, or bad fortune coming your way.

Some bad things are bound to happen to anyone, and there isn’t much you can do about this.

But, sometimes, you can avert threats and avoid dangerous circumstances that threaten your survival.

The sighting of cawing crows is a message that you should be more vigilant and cautious in everything you do.

Bring your full awareness into your day-to-day activities to avoid being ambushed by misfortunes and preventable threats.

This is also a good time to call on your spirit guides for protection against bad luck.

You can also perform rituals to wade off dark spirits associated with death and misery.

Cast a spell and invoke your spirit guides to dissolve these evil spirits that only bring darkness and sadness.

3.  Connect with your spiritual self

Crows are messengers between the spirit world and the physical one.

When you encounter cawing crows, they are a reminder to reconnect with your spiritual self.

It could be that you have been out of touch with your true self, and you have neglected your spirit.

Having a spiritual connection to a higher being can bring more perspective into your life and strengthen your sense of purpose.

When that connection is weak, you will likely feel literally lost, just wandering through life with no sense of direction.

If this is your current experience, the cawing crows are a message from a higher being trying to reach out to you for an authentic connection.

Of course, in the end, it is your choice whether or not you want to forge such a connection. No one, here on earth or in the spiritual realm, will force or punish you if you choose not to.

That’s how powerful of a being you are!

4.  Your day may begin favorably

Encountering cawing craws in the morning can actually be a good omen.

Whether it is one crow or more singing their loud song, this could be a sign that your day will start and progress very well.

If you are getting ready for a big meeting, heading into an interview, or sitting for a test, hearing the cawing crows in the morning could symbolize good luck.

As you start your day, meditate on the sounds of the crows. Call upon divine guidance to help unveil the deeper wisdom behind the birds’ song.

Listen carefully to your intuition; the answers you ask for will come to you.

Also, remember that crows are highly intelligent and intuitive.

If you feel drawn to this bird as your power animal, you can evoke its powers, especially when you have a big day ahead that will need you to demonstrate your intellectual abilities.

5.  Balance, stability, and connection to the ground

Crows spend much of their time on the ground than in the air.

Despite their flying ability, they prefer to be connected to the ground.

In many cultures, the bird’s peculiar preference to spend more time on the ground symbolizes balance, stability, and rootedness.

The sound of crows cawing could bring attention to the fact that you need to create more balance and stability in your life.

Examine your own life and see if some areas are out of balance. It could be your relationships, health, work-life, emotional wellbeing, or finances.

In the spiritual realm, misbalance is neither a natural nor desirable state. Balance is what you should be seeking if you thrive in the spiritual and physical world.

Balance goes hand in hand with stability, and the benefits are the same.

Stable relationships lead to peace of mind.

Stability in your finances leads to better relationships, health, and a better quality of life in general.

6.  Calling your intellect, skills, and capabilities into existence

The crow is one of the most intelligent and skilled birds. It isn’t any wonder that scientists have been studying it for centuries and still cannot get enough of the bird.

Crows have been known to have their own language among themselves.

But, aside from that, they actually attempt to speak to humans, hoping we will understand them.

Crows actually try to communicate and form a connection with humans, especially when they need food, water, or protection against a real or perceived threat.

When you hear the crows’ caw-caw sound, it is a sign you should reveal your intellect and capabilities to the world.

For a long time now, you have hidden your talents and skills or tried to pretend you are average so you can mix in with the crowd.

In reality, you have amazing gifts and talents to share with the world, and now the crow is calling out to you to stop hiding behind the veils of average.

There is no shame in being intelligent. The world needs more people like you.

The cawing crows come to you as a wake-up call to do something with the talents and capabilities you have been gifted.

7.   A message of clairvoyance from the spiritual world

Crows may caw at you to send a message of love from the spiritual world.

Do you deeply miss a deceased loved one?

A single cawing crow acts as a messenger from your loved one from the other world. They are sending you love and good fortune.

This communication back from your dear one can be comforting, assuring you that you are still connected even though you are not physically together.

Cawing crows could also bring you a message from God if you believe in one.

Have you been longing for a connection with divine presence?

The singing crow is a sign from the universe that the Divine is constantly with you. You can tap into its presence anytime.

8.  You need to speak and stand up for yourself

There is no denying that crows can get pretty vocal.

Before you get annoyed by the loud caw-caw-caw sounds, seek to understand the message being sent to you.

Think over your life. Have you given up your own voice and stopped talking about things that matter to you.

Have you actively stopped asking for what you know you deserve, whether in your personal or professional life?

Are you suffering from the signs and symptoms of a weak throat chakra?

The loud sounds of the cawing crows mean that you have suppressed your voice for too long.

You neglect your own needs by not speaking up and demanding what you rightfully deserve.

You are making yourself a soft target for others to walk over you or overlook you.

The loud crow asks you to raise your voice; speak up—it is the only way to get what you want.

9.  Grab the opportunities presented to you-

Crows have a sharp vision and an eye for opportunities. They will swoop in to make the most of any little opportunity to feed, drink, and sustain themselves.

These birds have an excellent perspective as they build their nests on tall trees. Talk about bird’s-eye viewpoint!

When these birds come calling with their loud cawing song, they alert you to the opportunities around you.

It could be that you are being too lazy and getting distracted by things that don’t add value to your life. This bird is calling out to you to wake up now.

Is there an opportunity you have been reluctant to pursue? The sound of cawing crows is trying to draw your attention to this opportunity.

Maybe you should look at it again, reconsider it, and see how you can benefit.

If you aren’t too sure, evoke the power of the crow totem and spirit animal. Ask for intelligence, wisdom, and intuition as you go-ahead to pursue the opportunities ahead of you.

Summary: Cawing Crows Meaning

Cawing craws can be ominous or promising, depending on the context.

Contrary to popular belief, the caw-caw-caw sound does not always symbolize death and bad luck.

Sometimes, this dark, intelligent bird could be trying to send us a powerful message about our spiritual and personal growth.

You do not need to be scared about sighting or hearing a crow.

To better understand the symbolism and meaning of cawing crows, look at what is going on in your life right now.

Are you suppressing your voice, intellect, or talents? Are you overlooking lucrative opportunities? Are you looking for a deeper connection with the Divine? Maybe you are mourning a loved one?

Whatever the situation, the cawing crow has an important message for you. Listen. Open up your mind and spirit. Meditate. The true meaning will be revealed to you.

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9 Spiritual Meanings Of Cawing Crows 2

11 thoughts on “9 Spiritual Meanings Of Cawing Crows”

  1. I found this information interesting and helpful. My crows come to me every day, all day long. I feed them all sorts of food that is good for them. One of them ‘meows’ at me to let me know they are here. Dutifully, I bring them food. I have much to consider given this information, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you, very interesting. Yesterday my neighbor took a video of 100s of blackbirds covering my entire back yard, deck, swimming pool and even more circling above and sitting in trees. They all looked as if the elders were on the ground talking and debating, while the others were taking a seat and listening in! Amazing!

  3. For the past couple of weeks i have had two crows show up across from my living room window where i normally meditate. Then talk for several minutes and then leave. I found this article very informative. Thank you

  4. This is incredible, I’m out working, knocking on doors and talking to people I don’t know every few minutes and just began to feel very disconnected and felt called to leave the neighborhood, found a park bench and began to call out to God for guidance, wisdom, and protection against the energies I was feeling. I’ve never had it happen before but a line crow landed in the tree next to me and began cawing. I’ve just recently started working on my spiritual life and wanted to know the meaning behind this. I broke down crying as soon as I started reading this. I don’t know what I’m supposed to say or do next but I’m confident this was a direct sign that my prayer was heard. Never give up no matter what’s happening in your life, you have a purpose here, you see the here and now but God sees your life through the eye of an eagle, he knows what you’ve been through, and what you need in this present moment and your future path all in a glance, never doubt him.

    • Awesome insight.

      My crow experience.
      I was visiting a friend
      While standing under the walnut tree in his house, a lone crow came and actually talked to me for at one minute and it was like a language but one that we didn’t understand.
      Then e dropped a cleaned walnut directly ahead of me missing my head by a few inches.

      I’ve been trying to I understand the meaning of that.

  5. I had a good friend that had died in a hotel on a Friday morning. According to the autopsy it was around 10am. I didnt find out until the following Tuesday on social media that he had died. When I looked at my phone I missed numerous calls and texts from him the night before all the way until before he died. When I tried to check my voice mails or open the text messages I wasn’t able to. Then ass chills grew on my arm I remembered at about 9:45am Friday morning I was putting gas and when I turned to hang the pump back up the was a Big Crow standing on the gas pump. According to the Autopsy the Crow was there simultaneously or real close to the time my friend was dying or died. I believe the Crow was there for a reason, not because my friend had died I believe the Crow was trying to send me a message that my friend could not get to me. Does anyone else have any thoughts about this?

  6. As I am sending this text, two (2) of this crow are cawing at my window or door trying to act like opening. They caw in normal sound before they fly to my either two (2) entrance or windows to caw in another tone . I am confused and afraid as to why sudden strange visit only in my house and not anybody. We visited my mother’s grave about a month ago. I am afraid there’s something bad imminent or if good I don’t know. Please can you help me decode this crow cawing and their presence especially around 10:00 am to 12:00 these are their time of visit. +233244090791 if you can WhatsApp me for answers I will be happy.

  7. I had talked about crows yesterday to my fiance. I am an intuive spiritual being but haven’t been practicing lately. I mentioned the crows yesterday and watched a podcast that interviewed a Near-Death Experience Expert named Dr. Jeffrey Long. I have been in a slump.
    There were two crows. One on a palm tream looking down onto my back patio and one circling nonstop in my backyard. I interpreted this as one providing a message and one circling the backyard for protection. I went inside to leave something shiny on the wall and regret not staying longer. I’ve been seeing 10:10 everyday. I have prayed and taken this is as a good message. I will pray for their return and will spend more time with them next time. Thank you for writing.

  8. The other morning around 7am there was at least a dozen crows sitting on a telegraph pole outside my back window. They were all cawing and then flew over my home in a northerly direction.
    Over a period of 15 minutes they did this several times. Initially I thought they were telling of imminent danger.
    After pondering I realised that I am in the midst of culling my possessions and moving north in the next few days.
    I took this as a sign of a life phase ending and a transformational new beginning in the north.


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