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26 Meaning & Interpretations When You Dream Of “Deer”

You may or may not remember every detail of your dreams about deer and even more puzzling, what they mean? That’s all right; we will try and help you understand the meaning of it to help give you some clarity.

Deer are a noble symbol, signifying the spiritual aspect of life. They are considered good omen and bearers of inspiration, good fortune, and new beginnings.

Deer in dreams for the most part represent beauty, grace, innocence, positivity, and gentleness. These dreams can take various forms as explained below.

26 Meaning & Interpretations When You Dream Of “Deer” 1

Most Common Scenarios of Deer in Dreams

Deer in dreams may occur under different circumstances and each dream may have a different meaning. We have highlighted the most common scenarios in which deer may appear in dreams.

1. Dream About Herd of Deer

Having this dream shows that you feel protected, safe, and in sync with the people around you. They trust you and will do anything for you. It is a good sign that everything will go as you wish.

2. Dream About a Male Deer

Dream About a Male Deer

Stags (male deer) are often considered strong. A dream like this would mean you are brave. It symbolizes power and masculinity. It means you are going to overcome the challenges ahead of you.

3. Dream About Hunting Deer

If you dream about hunting deer, it could mean that you are a person who usually sets out a goal and follows it through. Sometimes you might catch the deer; which would mean that no matter the impediments, you always reach your goal. Perhaps it escaped; this would mean you had something in your life but then let it slip away.

4. Dream About Deer Fighting

Could it be that the deer in your dreams are fighting? This implies superiority, insurmountable strength, and power.  It means that you want people to know how strong you are. Even still, you need to be careful not to overshadow others.

5. Dream About Deer Talking to You

This could mean that someone has good counsel for you. They want to tell you something helpful. Be keen on this dream. Try to remember what the deer is saying because it could be something you need to implement in your life.

6. Dream About Deer With a Fawn

Dream About Deer With a Fawn

A fawn is a baby deer. If you have a dream about a deer with its young one, it means that you crave having a child that you can connect with. And if you are with children, the dream means that you need to have motherly love and care for them and connect with them as best you can.

7. Dream About Being Chased by a Deer

If you find yourself running away from a deer and are scared in your dream, it signifies your depth in faith. That you are strong religiously and you don’t want to do anything wrong in your life.

Other Meanings of Deer in Dreams

  • Seeing yourself as a deer: Having a dream like this would indicate innocence. It signifies the desire to be like someone close to you, who embodies authority.
  • Dreaming of deer grazing foretells happiness and good fortune. It is a sign that you’re good-natured, well-behaved, and those around you have noticed this and will stick by you no matter what.
  • Dreaming about an injured deer would suggest that your business or establishment might be going under. It could even be something failing at home. You need to reflect and work out a solution to fix the problem and avoid any negative eventualities.
  • Dreaming about a dead deer represents your long-forgotten femininity. Maybe you brushed it aside thinking it wasn’t important to get to where you need to be. Think back on it, find out what you have missed, and re-establish yourself to achieve your target. It could also mean that there will be difficult times ahead and also that you are worried about the future and so many things are confusing you. This dream could symbolize a delay in your life too.
  • Dreaming about having a deer as a pet symbolizes your ability to control your compassion whenever needed. It means you lack a visible sense of compassion towards others in your waking life.
  • Dreaming about feeding a deer signifies your connection with spirituality. You are in search of inner peace and the dream is telling you to aim for it. It means you are going to reach spiritual enlightenment and that your existence stretches beyond just worldly things.
  • Dreaming about Santa’s reindeer: This dream so often manifests in children and those young at heart. If you are an adult having this dream, it could mean that you are missing a part of your youth. Relate it with your work or something you have your hands on. Don’t just sit back and wish. Put yourself out there and make it happen.

Seeing Parts of a Deer in a Dream

deer in dream meaning

Most of the time, you will see a whole deer in the dream and this will make it easier for you to understand the meaning of the dream. But sometimes the dream can be about parts of deer as discussed below.

Deer Skull

Seeing a deer skull or skeleton indicates guilt about a character you no longer exhibit. If you were once compassionate towards others, maybe you let go of that compassion and a dream like this is a reminder that you are lacking something. Maybe you didn’t help someone who needed your help in your waking life.

Head of a Deer

Some people have reported seeing the head of the deer displayed in their dreams as a trophy. Dreams like this foretell naivety and vulnerability. You may have used or taken advantage of someone or made them feel less of a person.

Deer Antlers

This dream represents authority and power. Nonetheless, deer antlers may also be sexual in nature and can be applicable to a couple’s relationship status.

Deer Drinking Water by the River

Water is life, as we know it. Dreaming of deer drinking water symbolizes vitality. It means you need to take more care of yourself. Listen to your body and be patient with it if you must.

Deer Being Killed

This is gruesome, so in most cases, you will wake up scared. Rightfully so, this dream signifies personal loss, mostly financial. Perhaps someone will take advantage of who you are and your kindness.

Dream of You Killing a Deer

A dream like this may indicate your desire for power and control over the people around you. It may also foretell that someone close to you is planning on hurting you or doing something despicable to you. Take the context of the dream in your waking life and determine its true meaning to avert any misfortune that may befall you.

Dream About Deer in the Woods

A dream about deer in the forest indicates that it is time to do whatever it is you need to in order to grow as a person. It signifies an opportunity to make some changes in your life.

Deer Crossing Your Path

In your dream, you are driving, maybe walking, and a deer crosses your path. This could be the universe telling you to be graceful and swift in your endeavors.

Deer Colors and Their Meaning In Dreams

Deer Colors and Their Meaning In Dreams

White Deer

White is always associated with divine light. It’s rare to see a white deer and to dream of it is considered special. This means you have a blessing coming your way.

Some cultures believe that dreaming of one means a divine spirit is reaching out to you. It may be that an opportunity is headed your way, perhaps a promotion at work or a business venture that is going to turn a profit. Consider yourself lucky.

Black Deer

This could mean that you are not in tune with your feminine side. You may have shut out a part of you that you need to accomplish your goals.

Brown Deer

Dreaming of a brown deer indicates abundance, fertility, and emotional activity. It means that you are opening yourself to new beginnings and awareness about the things around you. It points to your desire to be happy and a significant climb to great heights.

Golden Deer

This dream is an indication of knowledge. It’s a sign of the rewards you get when you put your energy into something you believe in. Depending on where you are in your life, it could also symbolize a hidden danger hovering over you.

When you see a deer with any of these colors in your dream, it’s possible that you will experience a wide range of emotions such as joy, kindness, love, fear, anxiety, hope, freedom, and excitement among others.

The Takeaway

Seeing deer in dreams is generally a sign of good luck. They represent beauty, grace, innocence, good fortune, big success, good news, and the spiritual aspects of your life. We encourage you to always try to remember the little details in your dreams so you can best interpret what these dreams mean.

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26 Meaning & Interpretations When You Dream Of “Deer” 2

12 thoughts on “26 Meaning & Interpretations When You Dream Of “Deer””

  1. I actually had a dream this morning that a big burley guy who was a transportation working was beating something outside of the window. I was looking out but couldn’t see what he was doing. I went to go take the dog outside to go to the bathroom and my dog (deceased) was in the bed. I then told my mom (deceased as well) that Zack has outlived all of our other dogs. When I went outside it was a deer that the guy had left for dead. It was injured but was moving around and suckling on a bottle. The deer wasn’t dead after all.

  2. When I was a child, I dreamt that I wanted to run away and turn myself into a deer. Most people were trying to stop me from running away to do this, but as they caught me, the top part of my body had already changed into a deer. Mainly I remember seeing myself with a deer’s head. I’m 47 now but that dream still is in my memories. I call it Artemis in Reverse.

  3. So I had this dream where I open up the door and I see this animal it looked like a deer because it had its horn on his head and I thought it was just some random animal or something I look closely and it looked like a deer it was brown but like it was like a very very light brown of a deer but the thing is once I open the door I got scared so I quickly jumped out of my sleep and I was like why was there a deer in my dream when I fell asleep for those like three to minutes but it was nice reading more things on this site and yeah I think it’s pretty good of what I’ve seen on the site and it really helped me a lot and try to understand like why was there
    a deer during my dream and stuff like that.

  4. I had a dream where a white deer ran toward me 3 times and each time I laid or squated next to a car in different places while the deer jumped over me .

  5. i had a dream where i opened the door to my house and right outside the door was woods and no houses and there was 3 deer outside as well as 2 rabbits and a single bear but this bear was the shape of a black bear but it was black and white like the coloration of a killer whale and when i opened my door and looked at them all the bear quickly ran and hoped the backyard fence and ran off into the darkness and i remembered the deer and rabbits just surprised to see me, this was the most vivid dream i’ve ever had it seemed so real, if anyone knows any meaning to this please email me

  6. I dreamt that I was looking out of my bedroom window and a large brown stag was in my next door neighbours garden eating her grass. I opened my window and the stag stopped grazing and looked up at me. I was so overwhelmed and happy. I started talking to him telling him if he gets caught eating her grass she would be angry and he could come into my garden he would be ok there. I knew the deer understood what I was saying he was gentle moving his head from one side to another like a dog does when listening to its owner. I told him I’d come right down and help him but my neighbour came out and started shooing him away telling him to get out. He looked away from me and looked at her,she kept shooing him and as I watched and shouted to her to be quiet and stay calm and I will come and get him the stag shook his head violently and one of his huge antlers fell off. I went next door and saw the antler had broken into two pieces a large one and the other was a little smaller. I patted the deer and said come with me and we will sort you out and he followed me to my garden where my partner was. My neighbour called over the hedge and asked if I would get rid of the antler so I went back to pick them up, I took the large one first and as I was walking my neighbour asked what I was going to do with it. I told her that I would be making a feature of them in my garden. Then my neighbour just said well I am having the big one in my garden, I said ok and asked where she want it and put it where she said then I took the other into our garden and placed it where we had chosen to put it I was looking at the antler saying to the stag who I thought was behind me tbat I would always treasure it but when I turned to look at him he had disappeared. I say dissappeared because he had not come past me nor had he been able to get to our back gardenhe was there when I came in with the antler then he was gone and I woke up

  7. I dreamt that I was walking in an autumn forest and the sun made everything so beautiful golden. I looked up the hill in the woods and there stood before me a brown Deer. Suddenly I was the deer and I could see my family and I had to leave them because I was a deer. I remember feeling very sad about leaving them to live a peaceful life as a deer.

  8. I dreamt I was walking along a path in a forest and a deer ran towards me and started sucking my fingers while I carried on walking to the end of the walk then the deer just let go and walked away.

  9. When i was 4 yrs old I lived in a trailer park outside of a small town. Not sure how it all unfolded but what i remember 42 years later is laying on my back outside and a female deer ( Im told by my sister) put its huff over my chest about 12 inches or so and looked down at me. What i remember most is feeling calm and looking back into the eyes of the deer. At that point i heard a screen door fly open and my mother fan out frantically waving a broom scaring the deer off and then i noticed a crowd of neighbors standing around watching and my mother turning to them yelling about why they were just standing there and didnt help. I feel like what she saw was not what i was experiencing but now after having a 11 yr old and 10 yr old I would have thought the worst and keep my children safe. This was no dream and i remembered it again in 2015 and didnt know if it was a real experience or something I thought but talking to my mother and sister who is 2 yrs older then me both confirmed the event. Again.. not a dream but i feel like the experience is as strange as one

  10. in dream I saw that I am sitting on a stone in a big lake and a deer swim and come to me and put it’s both front feet on my palm
    I kiss his side body twice
    It looked at me and stood firmly
    I woke up and then again I sleep
    I again see the same dream

  11. in dream I saw that I am sitting on a stone in a big lake and a stag swim and come to me and put it’s both front feet on my palm
    I kiss his side body twice
    It looked at me and stood firmly
    I woke up and then again I sleep
    I again see the same dream

  12. After my terrible motorcycle accident on 4/28/2019 that I was falsely at fault. I broke my right arm & leg, ended up in a month coma. After awakening from the coma. Couple weeks later I had a dream well nightmare. I was in white clothes and walking into my old condo with the creepy fog. But I knew consciously I wasn’t able to walk with a broken leg, but I was. Fast forward to the reindeers. When I was trying to catch up with a couple of souls I’ve known, automatically 2 Black dogs, a little one on top of the huge one, I came across we locked eyes and they bowed their head and let me pass by. As I pass, 2 full body reindeers skeleton I came across we locked eyes and they bowed their heads and let me pass by. As I pass, I came across another 2 reindeers full living just laying, eating comfortable we also locked eyes they smiled, winked, and bowed their heads to pass by. Passing the last 2 reindeers I stepped on a big picture frame that reflected last marriage, all my sins, flaws and drugs I’ve done in my lifetime, but when both feet stepped on it and the whole picture frame shattered, I woke up crying telling my mother I was forgiven. That’s God’s glory. I am thankful, grateful, blessed, breathing, and still have my leg,arm and riding motorcycle.


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