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13 Meanings When You Dream About Bees

Bees relishing a flower is beautiful to look at, but only from far away. They are hardworking, disciplined, and overall amazing creatures. But the real question here is – is it equally amazing to dream of bees? Well, the answer is – it depends!

Bee dream meanings vary with the dream scenarios as well as the emotion you felt during the dream. But dissecting a dream in such a way is confusing, isn’t it? Well, not anymore! Read on to find out 13 dreams about bees and their meanings.

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Dreaming About Bees in Islam

According to Islam, dreaming of bees can indicate immense prosperity or something dangerous and stressful, depending upon the dream scenarios. If you dream of bees with honey, it signals wealth and abundance coming your way.

But if the bees are without honey or if somebody steals all the honey from the bees, it indicates a stressful and unjust situation imminent in your personal or professional life.

13 Common Dreams About Bees and Their Interpretations

1. Dreaming about bees chasing you

There probably are certain unresolved issues or situations in your life that you haven’t addressed, or you might have left some of your thoughts unfinished.

Dreams of being chased by bees might be a way of your subconscious hinting to you that something is bothering you. This dream is a reminder that instead of running away, you must tackle the situation as soon as possible to attain your mental peace.

2. Dreaming about bees attacking and stinging you

Dreams about being attacked or stung by bees is a bad sign. It signals that there are people in your life with bad intentions, and they’ll strike you down the first chance they get. It can also indicate a situation that can hurt your professional or personal life.

Somebody might be playing evil behind your back, and you should be cautious of with whom you build a professional or social connection.

Being stung in the dream means that you might have to deal with betrayal and negative rumors. However, being stung without experiencing any pain means that you’re unlikely to be easily influenced by others’ unwanted beliefs and opinions.

3. Dreaming about killing bees

If you’ve killed one or a few bees in your dream, this dream is telling you to be cautious in your academic, professional, and personal life.

If you don’t want to deal with any negative surprises along the way, being proactive and putting enough thought and effort from the beginning of any work is the way to go. This dream is telling you to take every action with caution in your relationships and career.

4. Dreaming about a beehive

Dreaming about a beehive

Dreaming of a beehive full of worker bees signals productivity and success. It can also signal a need for teamwork in a work problem.

If the beehive is full of honey, it indicates wealth, abundance, and happiness. Your familial and social relationships are likely to blossom. This sign also signals that you’ll take care of hurdles in the way of your professional life, and your income will increase.

On the other hand, dreaming of an empty beehive is definitely not a good sign. It indicates lost opportunities and misfortunes.

5. Dreaming about bees attacking someone else

If you dream of bees attacking someone else, it means that you strongly empathise with others’ sorrows and pain. Somebody might have become a victim of unjust treatment, or you might have witnessed something immoral and evil.

However, you find yourself feeling stuck and unable to speak up against the situation. The frustration built from this experience might have led to dreams of bees attacking somebody else.

6. Dreaming about bees in your house

Bees infesting your house in a dream is a bad omen. It is an indication of probable death or illness in the family. This dream is truly a nightmare. But that doesn’t mean you should panic and stress.

Instead, take your family members for a regular check-up and if somebody is feeling uneasy, pay special attention to their health. Eat and feed your family a balanced and healthy diet, encourage them to exercise, and quit their bad health habits.

Remember, it’s just a dream. Simply seeing a bee movie can also induce you to dream of a house full of bees. So, remember to take dreams lightly and not worry too much if the probable outcome is bad.

7. Dreaming about a swarm of bees

A swarm of bees in the dream represents fear, conflicts, and unexpected changes in life. When a swarm of bees flies, they’re probably moving to their new home. So, this dream can signal relocation, travel, new partnerships, or other big, unprecedented changes in professional life.

And, if you were fearful of the swarm in the dream, it means that you’ll experience inner conflicts soon in your life.

You’re confused about what you want to do and where you want to reach in your waking life. If you encounter such a situation, it would be best for you to take some time off for yourself and put enough thought into which direction you want to direct your life towards.

8. Dreaming about a bee tattoo

First of all, dreaming about a bee tattoo might simply represent your desire in waking life to get a bee tattoo or simply a tattoo. On the other hand, this dream can also indicate that you are hardworking and dedicate all your effort and time to achieving things that you desire and believe in.

You’re aware that you’re a hard worker, and you deserve all the praise and appreciation. So, this dream is a reminder that you’re doing good in life, and you should be proud of yourself.

9. Dreaming about a bee landing on you

If your response to the bee landing on you in the dream was fear, it means that you’re afraid of your own power. Your potential is endless, but you’re afraid to take charge and show it to the world.

Bee landing on you also signals happiness and success. If you have some idea in your mind that you were holding off for a bit, it’s time to put the plan into action. This dream conveys a message that your idea is worth a shot and has a high chance to be successful.

This dream also suggests a beautiful marriage, probably between you and the love of your life.

10. Dreaming about bees mating

Mating bees in the dream has nothing to do with your love life. Instead, it is a negative dream hinting towards failure. You’re probably working too hard towards something without any hint of success.

This dream is a signal that you’re doing whatever you’re doing the wrong way. Or your effort is not enough. Or, you’re meant to be doing something else, and you’re bound to fail on whatever you’re working on these days.

Giving up is not a wise decision, but everyone should introspect once in a while if or not the task is meant for them.

11. Dreaming about dying bees

Dreaming about dying bees

Dead bees in a dream represent loss and failure. It is an unfortunate dream and signals that you’re likely to experience a personal loss soon in your life. It could be in your business, work, or even familial.

This dream is a warning that the ways you’re taking to achieve something will lead to failure, and you must introspect your ambitions and methodologies. You must prepare a clear-cut plan and think twice before you take any step.

12. Dreaming about bees and honey

If you see bees with honey, that’s a sign of good luck, wealth, and fortune. If you’re struggling with financial instability lately, all your troubles are likely to be put to an end.

If the honey is abundant, it indicates that amazing opportunities are on your way, and the only thing you must do is to be smart enough to grasp them right away.

13. Dreaming about a bee on a flower

Suppose you dream of a single bee resting on a flower in your garden or backyard. In that case, it means that you’re unintentionally isolating yourself from friends and family, and you’re craving for a healthy social life.

But if you see bees flying from one flower to the other in the dream, it represents your hard work and persistence.

You’ve significantly contributed to your work or whatever it is that you’re associated with. You’ve put in the effort, and it shows. In fact, your boss or seniors are probably aware of your toil, and you’re likely to be appreciated or rewarded soon.

And, if the bees in your dream are simply perching and pollinating the flower, it signals success. You might have been working hard towards your goal, and it is finally the time to reap the harvest.


So, did you find what you were looking for in this list? If not, feel free to share with us your confusions and queries in the comment section. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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  1. I see somehow I clean bee hive latter i see some bees on my head I trying to take off from bees from my head during this one bee dunked me on my left hand

  2. My dream was about a giant bumblebee landing on my head very sweetly. The giant bumblebee was outfitted with some camera equipment and was flying around the yard and landing in different spots but did this big giant circle and landed on my head very gently and happily. What do you guys think this means

  3. Too many of bees descending from air around me and another person and noticing it and to be at a safer side i start running and many of it started chasing me and stinging me till i got to the house and i forcefully open the door and ran inside and close the door, also inside d room i was closing everywhere both windows so that there will be no space the bees can enter through it.

  4. I dreamt and saw a lot of bees flying around me and entering our house, some where landing on the walls and on me, my brother in-law, my mom and we were so afraid and I was trying to send them away but they just kept coming. They didn’t sting any of us but we where just afraid. Please i need the interpretation.

  5. In my dream, a Bee went in my nose down to my throat and was safocating me. Try drinking warm water but nothing helped. Until a woman gave me menthol to inhale. I woke up and my tummy was upset.

  6. Hi. My dream was about giant bees the size of my hand. SOME Children were playing with them and stroking them. They were soft and fluffy and extremely friendly. A child gave me a bee they’d been stroking and it flew off myself hand, landed on my neck and stung me. Fortunately it didn’t die and flew off. CAN anyone help with the meaning please?

  7. dream that a swarm of honey bees are attracted to me and they came and take me into the forest. I was not afraid or felt disconected at all. I felt at peace amd as if I belonged with them. after a while I returned home and again the bees came to get me from my home. agaon I went with the swatm without any fear. And O woke up.

  8. The bees I dreamt of were in a container, 3 different times I open a container and a bee flies out, it stops in front of me, then flies away. I don’t feel fear from it, just startled that a bee was in the container.

  9. I dreamt that I was summoned to take care of a special piece of land- that land had these very pretty green plants coverd in webs, underneath were dying bees. The lady who sent me there had told be this land was the beginning of life, and it means everything to her. These green plants were very rare and apparently have life to these bees.
    So I had to save the bees.

  10. My dream goes like this, i was on the street when suddenly, i was laying down and realized there where bees coming to me, i ran but they got to me and they had honey with them also, i ran inside to my mother’s house straight to the bath full of water, i jumped in and stayed there occasionally taking out my nose for breathing, and i also kept on splashing water to the beers in trying to kill them, what does this dream mean ?

  11. I dreamt and saw a lot of bees flying around me and entering our house, some where landing on the walls and on me, my brother in-law, my mom and we were so afraid and I was trying to send them away but they just kept coming. They didn’t sting any of us but we where just afraid. Please i need the interpretation.

    what is the implication thankyou

  12. My dream of I was on a tree with friends, and were I was the branch of a tree was off the tree and bees started coming out from there, myself I managed to ran away but two female friends were attacked to death from same family


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