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6 Meaning & Interpretations of “Being Kidnapped” In Dream

Have you dreamt of being kidnapped recently? It is really scary and stressful, isn’t it? However, it doesn’t always mean that it signifies something negative happening in your life.

Sometimes, it can be interpreted as a warning sign for you to do better or build your confidence. Or sometimes, you see such dreams just because you watched a movie with kidnapping scenes before you sleep.

Dreaming about being kidnapped can mean a lot of things, depending upon the scenarios. Well, don’t feel overwhelmed. We’ve done all the hard work for you.

Read on to find out what it means if you dream of being kidnapped, in general. Moreover, you’ll also find a few common kidnap-related dreams and their specific interpretations in this post.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Being Kidnapped?

Let’s start with the primary question – what does it mean when you dream about being kidnapped? It indicates that you’re feeling scared, anxious, insecure, or trapped in real life. It’s too much information in one sentence, isn’t it? Let’s discuss these interpretations in detail.

1. Feeling manipulated and trapped

Sometimes, dreaming of being kidnapped might mean that someone is manipulating you in real life. You feel trapped and worried that you don’t have control over certain aspects of your life.

Especially if the dream is recurring, it signals that you’re feeling trapped and are hiding your emotions inside of you. You might find yourself repeating the same negative thinking patterns and having a hard time getting rid of them.

2. Feeling insecure in real life

If you’re frequently being kidnapped in your dream, it is an indication that your self-confidence is low in life.

The insecurities might be in your romantic relationship, where you believe that you and your partner are not a good match. Or, you might be having a hard time standing up to your bullies.

3. Unwilling to take responsibility

This dream might indicate that you’re going through a hard and stressful time in your life, and you’re not at all ready to take the responsibilities and have a growth mindset.

You’re scared to look in the eye of your responsibilities, as doing so will make it difficult for you to live a carefree life.

So, if you feel this is the reason behind you dreaming such horrors, you might need to introspect and embrace all the new chapters in your life, even if it requires you to take responsibility.

4. Feeling unsafe

If you’re lost a sense of security and safety in real life, you might dream about being kidnapped. The unsafe feeling might be overall in life or just financially.

Someone might have recently stolen your wallet, or you might be going through a financially weak phase of your life. However, it is imperative to have a fighter’s spirit than a victim mindset to overcome situations instead of being anxious and panicking.

5. Call for help

Those who dream of being kidnapped are often seeking help. They feel helpless and want someone to rescue them. Such dreams can signify your real-life feelings.

You might be feeling helpless in real life regarding a major change that is about to happen in your life unwillingly or just something trivial from which you want a break.

6. A good omen

It’s not always that kidnapping-related dreams signify something bad. Sometimes, it can be a good omen of bringing good fortune in your life or mean that something big, which you’ll welcome whole-heartedly, is going to happen soon in your life.

Does Dreaming of Being Kidnapped Mean You’ll Be Kidnapped In Real Life?

There’s a common misconception that whatever situation you dream of will be repeated in real life. While it might be true in some cases, being kidnapped in your dream doesn’t certainly mean that somebody will kidnap you in real life.

That being said, we cannot rule out that coincidences occur. So, you must always be wary of negative energy and intentions coming your way and keep yourself safe and secure. Nevertheless, you don’t have to be anxious 24/7 just because you dreamt of being kidnapped.

Common Kidnapping Dreams and Their Interpretations

dream of being kidnapped

As we’ve discussed above, kidnapping dreams can be interpreted in many ways. To be precise, it depends upon the fine details you remember from the dream, which pinpoints what the dream actually meant. Here we’ve listed a few common kidnapping-related dreams and their interpretations.

1. Did you not experience any fear while being kidnapped in the dream?

It is almost obvious that dreaming of being kidnapped stirs fear and anxiety within us. But if you were calm and relaxed in the dream and did not experience any such fear, it means that you’ll soon find yourself feeling lucky and fortunate.

Also, such a dream might also mean that you’re not very good at expressing your emotions, and you might need to work on socializing and communicating your feelings to others.

2. Were you tortured after being kidnapped in the dream?

If you’re going through pain in your life that you’re finding difficult to handle, such trauma might be reflected in your dream.

So, if you’re dreaming of yourself being tortured, it means that you’re experiencing overwhelming difficulties in your life, and you feel like you’re losing control. Such a type of dream is common when one loses loved ones or goes through an unbearable trauma.

3. Were you trapped in a room after being kidnapped in the dream?

If the kidnapper in your dream locks you in a room, it indicates that you’re feeling trapped in your real life. It might be in your work life or in a relationship.

Especially if you cannot get out of the room even after trying multiple times, the dream is related to your work life. You might be working too hard in your job and not seeing any progress, or you’re just overall feeling trapped.

However, those who still don’t have a job might still see this ream, in which case it means that they are feeling trapped in some other aspects of their lives.

4. Were you blindfolded in the dream?

Being blindfolded by the kidnapper in your dream often means that someone is going to deceive you, or whatever information you’re being fed might not be entirely true.

Finding yourself being blindfolded in the dream also might be a warning sign that you might be making decisions carelessly in your life, and it’s time to introspect and realize what you’re doing wrong in your life.

Even if you might be taking steps in your waking life that feel right, the outcome might not necessarily be so. So, address the aspects of your life that needs rectifying and do so before it’s too late.

5. Was it your partner who kidnapped you in the dream?

Relationships, especially if it has been a long-term one, is never easy. The couples invested in the relationship will certainly have to hit a lot of bumps in the way. Sometimes, relationships take toxic and unhappy relationships turns. It is usual for couples to feel trapped in such relationships.

So, if you dream of your partner kidnapping you, it might indicate that the relationship is going through changes you’re not happy with, and you’re feeling trapped in it.

However, such feelings are often temporary. If not, you must make sure to address communication gaps, bitter feelings, or unresolved conflicts in the relationship, if you have any, to maintain a peaceful romantic relationship.

6. Were you forced into the car while being kidnapped in the dream?

Suppose you dream of someone forcing you into some vehicle while being kidnapped. It implies that it’s time for you to break free from all the limitations in your life that are holding you back.

Let toxic and manipulative people go and escape from anything that controls you in a negative way.

Also, being forced into a car in a dream means that someone will take you on a journey in your waking life. However, do not expect them to reveal the entire truth. Such a dream might further mean you’re likely to redirect your spirituality in another direction and succeed in your upcoming ventures.

7. Did the kidnapper in the dream look familiar?

In many of the kidnap cases in the world, the perpetrator is often an acquaintance of the victim. Just as in real life, dreaming of being kidnapped by someone you know isn’t an uncommon happening either.

This dream signifies that the person who kidnapped you in the dream; you don’t trust them in real life. You look for hidden agendas in their talks and activities and feel that you cannot keep up with their orders and restrictions.

8. Was the kidnapper in the dream your ex?

It is common for many recently broken-up couples to dream of each other. The dreams are often romantic, especially if they still have feelings for their ex-partner. However, it doesn’t always have to be such loving dreams in order to signify that you still feel for them.

Even if your ex-partner kidnaps you in the dream, it is an indication that you’re still emotionally attached to them. It is often difficult to stay in such a phase. So, give them a chance if you want. Or else, save yourself from such emotional distress and cut them off entirely.

9. Was there even a kidnapper in the dream?

Many dreams of being kidnapped by someone close to them, a stranger, or they might end up not remembering their kidnapper’s face at all after waking up. However, it is possible to dream of being kidnapped where there’s no other captor in action.

Such dreams signify that the escape is within reach, but the only thing holding you back is your lack of self-confidence. Just as in the dream, you might be lacking the courage and confidence to stand up to something in your waking life.

So, if you see such dreams often, it’s time for you to muster up the courage and build up to confidence to tackle anything life throws your way.

10. Did the kidnapper in the dream ask for a ransom?

Giving away ransom to your kidnapper in your dream indicates that you’re likely to suffer from financial loss in your real life as well. You might make some poor financial decisions, which might end up deeply disturbing your peace.

So, it is best if you consider this dream a warning sign and work best to improve your financial stability. Think twice before making any financial decisions, and make sure to leave no room for errors in your every financial move.

11. Did your kidnapping take place in the woods?

Woods are one of the famous locations in a movie for a romantic affair to start on. If you dream of being kidnapped in the woods, it means that you’re possibly feeling lonely and seeking comfort and emotional attachment to someone else.

You might feel tempted to start a romantic affair soon. However, as the emotion is borne out of loneliness, you might want to avoid such affairs, as they are likely to be unhealthy ones.

12. Did the kidnapper in the dream kidnap you again even after you escaped?

Being kidnapped again after escaping the kidnapper with much trouble indicates that you’re probably landing on repeated situations again and again in your waking life.

If you meticulously observe the dreams’ details, you might find some hints on what you can do better to avoid such situations.

13. Did the kidnapper kidnap you in the dream for no absolute reason?

If the kidnapper had no motive to kidnap you in the dream, it might be a wake-up call for you to work hard to fulfill your wishes and desires in real life. It means that you shouldn’t settle for less and need to put more effort and dedication into whatever you’re striving to achieve in your life.


Now, did you find out what the dream you recently had about being kidnapped mean? Most of the time, dreams are a wake-up call, a warning from yourself to rectify things before it’s too late.

So, instead of worrying about being kidnapped or something bad happening when you dream of being kidnapped, understand the hidden meaning and strive to bring the necessary change. Also, remember to stress lesser, and get a good night’s sleep for happier dreams.

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26 thoughts on “6 Meaning & Interpretations of “Being Kidnapped” In Dream”

  1. I saw a big man going around houses one by one going on the driveway and trying to pull me when I was holding onto the wall while my dad is inspecting a car that isnt ours on our drive way and I also experience that always when I shout no one can hear me and I feel like I cant speak while getting pulled or while I see the kidnapper and I was scared but my dad comes when the kidnapper goes and stops pulling me and I also keep getting the fear of the house door not being locked and opening it to check and than someone accidently falling onto the driveway then to the sidewalk seeing some people escape their houses

    what does that mean please tell me?

  2. I did not now the person in my dream but I did now there sidekick was he was my nabor, Also throughout my dream a message keep popping out of nowhere and it said ” It is not safe out here go home go to your room”.

    What dose that mean?

  3. I dreamed that I got kidnapped by my friend Abby. I had tape on my mouth. She said she loved me, and told me to stay with her forever. She took me to a different house. My parents were at the kitchen table eating. While I was eating Abby hugged me from behind. Abby started to feed me. I told her I can feed myself. She kept feeding me. After eating me and Abby kissed. My mom didn’t like that, and she kicked me out of the house. Abby told me to come live with her. Then I went with Abby and lived with her.
    What does this dream mean please tell me?

  4. I had a dream that I was just sitting in my living room, and then my mom told me that my dad had died. Then my grandpa came over, and had my mom sign papers. Then he gave me to the police, and I was screaming and crying but it seemed like no one could hear me. Then my mom told me that when she signed the papers it has said that I had to stay at the prison while all of this was happening. And I didn’t even know what she was talking about “while all of this was happening” then I was taken to prison.

    What does that mean???

    • You are very lonely
      You have problems in life that you are unable to solve
      And others do not help either
      You have to overcome problems
      Add exercise to your schedule
      Get away from stress
      Naseri from Iran

  5. i had a dream where i was getting kidnapped by the guy who plays in the show You (the hot guy) and he had a twin brother. so the dream start off when me my friends my sister and her friends where at the park smoking and then we where walking back to the house but we had to go threw a airport thing and all of a sudden they where gone and standing by side me was the guy and his twin brother ik everyone wants to get kidnapped by him bc he’s hot but i was genuinely scared anyways they were arguing and i already kinda knew i was gunna get kidnapped but i went to the other twin (the one that doesn’t play in the show)bc i had a feeling he wasn’t gunna do anything and he said he knows the way to my house and he was gunna take me there and i believed him but then i woke up on the floor and the other guy was there the first twin (the one that plays in the show)and i ask the airport lady where the other guy was she said that guy killed him and i was very scared and sad and i woke up again and i was quite literally at sams club i asked him if i was near home he said no ur in canida (idk how to spell) and i don’t live in canida so i started running and screaming people looked at me and then continued shopping and then i got so scared i couldn’t move and i had my phone with me and i started texting my sister and friends my sister sent me a literally imsg game and my friend didn’t answer so i started walking around trying to tell people as he was still shopping and this little girl came up to me and gave a 2 flight tickets to get back home and then she told the guy i was trying to leave and i started running again but he got me and grabbed me i was to scared to do anything back so i just stayed there with him

    my dreams are very confusing anyways what does that mean

  6. I had a dream I was abducted and taken to a construction site and this lady had a phone but I couldn’t work it so I left a family members number with her and I went outside I asked if the kidnapper could get me a cigarette and they said no so I went to get them myself and I got away called someone to come get me I showed them where I was incase I was taken again I walked into the house and I started to see people walking around the house so I called 911 and when I told them what was happening they said I’m gonna be fine and then they got shot wnd killed then I was running through bushes and a river calling my family again

    And I woke up ..

  7. I just remember.. being in the woods in front of an old cabin that had a yard sale set up I went there with my mom then the lady started dragging me off, I was crying for my mom then I started trying to scream.. but I could feel my lips sealed shut, then I eventually woke up when I finally managed to open my mouth and scream..

  8. I driving home then saw my friend at a restaurant and then she jumped in the car then we went to the park and she got out and I stayed in but then there was a man and he kept asking us things that I don’t remember but then we left so I hame back the next day and he was they’r again and was asking us if we wanted to go to his house for a glass of water and he tried to grab my friend so I grabbed him by the arm and started trying to hurt his face and I was slapping him but I felt weaker than I was in real life like by a lot then he tried to grab me with his other hand but I grabbed his hand and continued to slap him them I woke up and feel back asleep and it came back but he was getting closer and closer to my house bc mines at the end of the street and the park is on the opposite like half a mile so me and my fam couldn’t go to the park so we went to a field but he was they’r then I went to school and I was telling my friend my teacher was coming back next week wich I was going to tell her today in irl and she said but she’s right there and I was like but she said Tuesday and then we went to class but our teacher was just visiting and guess who our sub was the guy who tried to kidnap us then I woke up for good

  9. the past two days, my dreams were pretty much the same.
    it was these scavenger hunt things, and i would meet an ‘old friend’ while in the woods. a treehouse to be specific. she’s a lamia. that’s all i can remember after waking up. no one I know in real life. and I have a close friend from the waking world with me. When I suggest going home or something like that, she tries to trap me. she’ll hold me down and trap me in what seems like a bathtub. she’ll hook me up to like those medical things. and i can’t leave. and when i start screaming, she stabs me with a shoulder. i seem to fall asleep there as I wake up there.

  10. i had a dream i was kidnapped with some friends and i was so scared and i was trying to run alway but the guy stopped me the dream started bc me and my 3 other friends missed the bus then we were like? “where do we go” and then i’m like “ let’s go to my other friends house she might let us in” and they are like ok then when we are walking we go thru a bad neighborhood and the guy is like “ how you guys doing “ and we are like “ good 3x” and we walked alway but then we realized there was no exit then we look to the left and there is a big lake so we got surprised and we walked back but then we see the guy again “ and we start running and he stops my 3 friends and i just kept running and then he got mad and started to chase me and then i got tired and stopped running and he’s like “ your staying here” i’m like *sigh* then i remembered i still had my phone hidden in my right pocket so i texted my sister and checked the location and i realized i was all the way in Labelle?!?! so then i got surprised and texted my mom dad sister and after i called the police 👮‍♀️ but then he saw me so i hid my phone then all fell asleep and woke up the next day tied up with chains in a pole but then when he was gone i tried escaping and i did and my dad was outside so i went with him and we left

  11. the dream started out at sum random farm and some old dude coming around the gate with a ak47 saying “what are you doing here boy” and him basically kidnapping me and telling me if i tried to leave he would kill me(and this farm was on a felid were you you couldn’t see another building for miles) but after me being there for days i told myself i was gonna jump over these two gates and run and after being outside working when no one was looking i went for it an ran and jumped over the gates and when i jumped over them on the left there was a hill that i went up but when I was looking straight I could see buildings but once i was turning to run up this steep hill they where shooting at me but i got up it and when i did i jus keep running until i got to the end which was a river and then across from the river was Louisville so once i got up there i realized that i was in my hometown near my house and once i got to the end that is when the dream stopped. but there is still more parts to my dream that i left out but i can come back and fill in those parts if i remember

  12. In my dream I woke up in a car where a old guy was talking about how he was going to sell me to.nazis and he was talking to me in my home language and he said something in German and then my home language and he said he was going to sell me to a nazi teacher for $2000 and I told him why and I said I would give him money and he didn’t respond the werid est thing was I wasn’t even tied up or anything and I had my phone so what ended up happening is he tried to come into the back of the car whilst the car was still driving and I recently started to go to this place where they teach you how to box and as soon as he tried to come back there I right hooked and his head turned into Lego which I’m going to think as because ive started to get into Lego but the I just started pounding that man until he didn’t move then I intentionally crashed the car then robbed the man for his wallet and phone and then got out of the car then cops started coming then I got ran over by two cars then I woke up.

  13. in my dream i was in a deserted mall w two cops n my boyfriend and a few of his family members. i went to the second floor and came across theses cops. we held conversation for a second and the closets cop to me grabbed a white rag and shoved it in my face. i kept struggling to get away and when i did i didn’t pass out. i tried calling for my boyfriend but no words came out. and i tried again. only it was faint. my boyfriend finally realized i was gone n came to find me. i’m curious what this dream means.

  14. I didn’t see any faces in the dream but I was kidnapped and then I tried to escape with a friend that led to a car race at night but I couldn’t see the kidnappers vehicle but it sent a video of them being right behind us in the car

    • In my dream (actually 2 dreams) I was at a mall with my family when we get separated. I find my Mom and then tell her to meet up somewhere and then I go to find my older brother. Then some guy comes out of nowhere and picks me up and waits for an elevator to come up to the floor we’re on.
      That’s just one dream, the other dream I just had before typing this. I on my way to my house when a guy in a old red car starts following me when I get home, then I walk backwards for a sec to see if he will try to kidnap me,Then I’m about to run as I can when the guy comes out and literally takes me right off the ground.
      Please tell me what this means.

  15. In my dream, I was in a hotel –specifically in a weird hallway with a check-in desk at the end. I was walking with my sister and turned around to see she wasn’t there anymore. Then a tall man grabbed me and put a hand over my mouth so I couldn’t breathe. He then took me to a room with nothing inside it, just with the same wallpaper as the entire hotel (cream coloured with a red strip in the middle of the wall (sideways) and a long gold bump/pole kinda thing in-between the red line)
    Anyways, I was stuck there (and I have claustrophobia) in this small room, and I couldn’t breathe. Then I blinked (dream blinked) and I was with my sister at the lobby of the hotel. But the man came back and my dream kept repeating until I woke up crying. And whenever I tried to fall back asleep my dream would keep going back to me getting kidnapped.
    The thing was, the man was in a dream I had about a month ago. He kidnapped me in that dream too. Can someone tell me what this means? Thanks.

  16. I had a dream that I got kidnapped by this lady who lived in my neighbors house but it wasn’t my neighbor. She kidnapped a lot of other kids too and made a school inside her house for us. I was ultimately her favorite. Every time in my dream, I am 8 years old and I am playing outside and the lady was watching me, and I hear someone call out for me and then I wake up. I had that dream multiple times until it actually finished. The person calling me was my dad and he had been looking for me for 4 years straight, never stopping even for a moment. Then I realize the lady had “brainwashed” me into thinking my parents were never coming back, and I want to go with my dad. The lady lets me, weirdly, and I go with my dad. What does that mean?

    Also, I had a dream where I was half-awake and my stepbrother was calling for my stepmom, like screaming bloody murder screaming. It was so loud too, I thought it was reality. I wake up, and then a few days later we go camping and during the night, my stepbrother starts screaming for my stepmom. What does that mean? It’s happened multiple times.

    The last dream I had was also a kidnapping dream. It was a man with purple hair, and he threatened my family if I did not go with him, so I did. My stepmom came out and just started talking to me, and I kept mouthing help and she did nothing. She didn’t know anything was wrong, so she left. I ended up being kidnapped, and after I was kidnapped, the man kept confessing his undying love to me, and I kept telling him that I did not love him back. He kept saying, “Oh stop lying to me, I know you love me!” And angrily too. What do these dreams mean? I need help with it.

  17. Ok so story time about my dream from last night!! So I was hanging out with my friend at the theater movies for like 2 hours then I left him and went to hangout with the girls out of town and we got to the hill road and next to it … It was random white houses out of nowhere one of the girls went outside for I don’t know what reason and she got kidnapped out of nowhere with a random guy I didn’t knew so me and the girls was like all shocked one of the girls that was driving hit the gas pedal cause she got scare so we left for like couple minutes then I told the girls let go back we need to get her back so we did that and we started looking for but couldn’t find her instead we saw the kidnapper and he kidnapped me and try to remove one of my eyes but I escaped and went back to the van with the girls and one of the girls had 2 guns on her so she gave me one and the other For her to use so the kidnapper was on the way to us cause is escape he had a gun as well me and the other girl wasn’t in fear or afraid to use the guns as soon as he approached we yelled and ask him what did you do with my friend so he kinda ignored the question and said I don’t give a fuck about her after that I don’t remember I think I woke up … But I remember he face very well can you please tell me what does it mean I can’t get the dream out of my head cause it felt so real I’m scared that I will get kidnapped in real life

  18. I dreamt of two young boys I’m young myself 21 mbira these lads were about 18 they took an old friend of mine at first and then they did everything they could to try get me even suggested drugging me but didn’t succeed thankfully I don’t think I woke up before it but I’m hoping ppl would help me as it really scared me as I suffer from mental health

  19. i had dream i was trying to drive on the highway wit like a bike idk why i would try to do that but i was really scared and got lost so i stopped and try to text and call my ex and tell him cause i knew he would come get me i just happened to be infront of this house where it was a lot of men drinking and smoking somehow i ended up on they porch but i got off and the owner of the house told me to be careful don’t trust everybody , idk how i ended up in their house but he tried to give me some weed to sell for him and told me to have his money in 10 days i said no i’m good after that this lady kinda like a nurse was asking me questions she gave me a paper full of questionnaires like i was at an clinic or some idk it was weird idk why i even answered it so after one of the boys was starring at me the owner was like awwww look like chico wants to get him some tonight i didn’t even notice he was starring at me but i finish the paper she said we had to go down stairs to do something and it was 2 other girls going down with me and soon as i step foot on the stairs the owner of the house slammed the door and the girls was like laughing and stuff they said they got you just like they got us i’m like y’all deadass y’all fr y’all playing why y’all laughing they like no we so fr so i’m tryna text and send my location before they realize i have my phone but my phone was not working man it was so weird the girls was telling me how they rape them and what not it had me so scared before i could send my location someone started coming downstairs that’s when the girl was like okay it’s yo turn for them to break you in so i tried to hid my phone so i can send my location soon as they leave before anyone could come downstairs i woke up i was so relieved 😭😭😭


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