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7 Meanings when You Dream About “Hurricanes”

Hurricanes are powerful storms that wreak havoc wherever they go. They are unpredictable, dangerous, and robust. Yet, we like to think of peaceful dreams that allow us to rest well and enjoy our sleep when we think of dreams. So what does it mean if your dreams feature hurricanes?

hurricane dream meaning

7 Meanings when You Dream About Hurricanes

Hurricanes are feared in life, with most people running for cover at the mere mention of the possibility of one. This, of course, is for good reason since these storms cause great destruction and death every year.

If you continue to dream about a hurricane, it might be your subconscious trying to tell you something. By focusing on the details surrounding the hurricane in your dream, you might find several clues that could shed some light on what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

1. You dream about surviving a hurricane

Although dreaming about a hurricane can be a terrifying experience, it isn’t necessarily a bad sign. In fact, if you dream that you are surviving a hurricane, it is a clear indication that you are doing well in life. You are succeeding at challenges and thriving in your responsibilities.

If you continuously dream about surviving a hurricane, consider the dream a thumbs up from your subconscious telling you that you are winning at life. In many ways, hurricanes resemble our daily lives as we are faced with obstacles daily. However, managing to outrun or escape from a hurricane is a victory in your dreams.

2. You dream about an approaching hurricane

If your dreams feature a hurricane that is coming your way, it could indicate that you are feeling nervous about an event or possible outcome that will take place soon. Although hurricanes are normally seen as being life-threatening and dangerous, they don’t necessarily mean that you’ll be in danger, but rather that something will take place that you are feeling unsettled about.

If you know the cause of your discomfort, you can discuss it with those close to you to process your feelings and give yourself peace of mind. Additionally, you can reassess the situation to determine whether it truly is the best course of action.

3. You dream about a hurricane that is expanding in size and severity

A hurricane that is becoming darker, more significant, and more severe in dreams indicates a battle with inner fear. Therefore, if you dream about a hurricane that seems to be timid and then starts to grow in gray thunderclouds with more robust winds, you might be experiencing a situation that is causing you distress and fear.

In fact, seeing huge thunderclouds in your dreams often indicates a desire to remove all issues causing discomfort or concern. If a hurricane in your dreams seems to be spiraling uncontrollably, it is usually a sign that you feel powerless in life. In this case, you should be asking yourself why you would feel like someone or something has taken your sense of power away from you.

If your dreams feature a hurricane with an earthquake, it shows that you are nervous about a future event with an uncertain outcome. It could be an exam, a job interview, or an important meeting. The earthquake, along with the hurricane is your subconscious mind’s effort to tell you that you should try to relieve some of your stress.

In addition to seeing a hurricane and an earthquake in your dreams, seeing the electricity go out adds meaning. In this case, the lack of electricity would symbolize your quest to find purpose and importance in life. Therefore, if it is a reoccurring dream, you should think about ways to find a new purpose in your daily life.

4. You dream about standing in the eye of a hurricane

The eye of a hurricane is an exciting place because although you are not in danger right now, you are surrounded by danger. Therefore, if you are dreaming about standing in the eye of a hurricane, you might be feeling at peace with the way your life is currently but feel nervous about changes that will be coming.

An expecting mother, for example, might have dreams where she is in the eye of the hurricane. The fear of having a newborn baby in the house and being responsible for a new life can be daunting. However, the excitement of being pregnant overshadows the concerns for now. Therefore, these dreams are efforts of the subconscious mind trying to communicate hidden fears.

If you keep dreaming about standing in the eye of a hurricane, it might be a good idea to assess what future events or changes could be making you feel nervous or scared. If there is a way to ease into it or to avoid it altogether, you might want to consider it since your dreams show that you are stressed and overwhelmed by the idea of these future changes.

5. You dream about a hurricane that causes flooding

Usually, water in dreams will indicate emotions. Therefore, if you are negatively dreaming about water, it is a sign that your feelings aren’t entirely under control. For example, if you are dreaming about a hurricane that brings such severe weather that it results in flooding, it could be that you are feeling unsettled.

It is possible that your current situation at work or home could have you feeling emotionally overwhelmed or exhausted. If you keep having dreams where hurricanes result in flooding, you might want to take a step back and assess elements in your life that might be making you feel frustrated, nervous, or even frightened. Without even realizing it, these factors are unsettling your emotions on a subconscious level.

If you can change these elements, it is best to do so. However, if it isn’t possible to make any changes, it is a good idea to get someone to talk to about these issues. If they are too personal and you prefer not sharing the information with someone you know, consider seeing a professional just so that you can discuss these things. More often than not, talking about our problems or situations offer significant relief.

6. You dream about a hurricane lifting your home’s roof

Our homes offer shelter, safety, and a sense of belonging. Therefore, the destruction of the house in dreams often signifies fears about losing security in the financial sense. If you have a recurring dream where a hurricane is lifting the roof of your home, you might be dreading or fearing your financial predicament of the future. Your subconscious might be trying to warn you about a possible problem in the future.

Of course, our financial situations change from time to time, so this dream would pass once the financial burdens have been lifted. However, if you have made significant financial commitments recently, like buying a house, for example, it won’t be uncommon for you to have dreams like these.

However, if the dreams continue, it would be worth your while to consider planning your budget more carefully and regularly so that you can avoid being stressed or feeling helpless when it comes to your financial situation.

7. You dream about a hurricane killing you, others, or animals

Hurricanes that cause death are even more frightening than those that cause destruction. Dreaming about being killed or those close to you being killed could signify that you are going through a stormy time in your life and that you are struggling to remain in control.

It represents current unhappiness if you dream about you or another human being dying because of a hurricane. However, if your dreams feature animals being killed, it is the future that you worry about. This applies regardless of what animal it is.

If you have recurring dreams about people dying in hurricanes, it is advised that you consider your current position in life. Then, if you need to, speak to a professional about the worries that cause these subconscious fears.

If you dream about hurricanes killing animals, you should think about future challenges that might be causing significant stress. Of course, not all future stress can be avoided, but it always helps to talk about it. In addition, sharing your dreams with those you trust can be helpful since it allows you to acknowledge those feelings and fears.


Our dreams offer a gateway into our subconscious mind. If we take notice of our dreams, we can learn an impressive amount about our subconscious feelings and emotions. Having a dream once might not seem like something requiring a lifestyle change, but if you have the same dream regularly, your subconscious doesn’t want to be ignored.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always allow us to make changes to our situations, so we are often left to deal with the stress and worries that we have. However, we shouldn’t underestimate the worth of having someone who listens to our fears and concerns. Learn to talk about your dreams so that you can listen to your subconscious and live a happy and balanced life.

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