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15 Meanings When You Dream about Car Accidents

Sometimes our dream world shows us events we wish it wouldn’t. And if you’ve had a dream about a car accident, it probably fits into that category.

Dreams like this can be frightening and upsetting. But what do they mean? And should you be taking any action as a result of such a dream?

We’re going to unravel the different interpretations of dreams about car accidents. We’ll talk about what symbolism could be at work here. And we’ll investigate 15 different dream scenarios and discover more about what they could mean.

So if you’re ready, keep reading to find out more.

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Omen or Symbol?

The first question on your mind after having a dream about a car accident could be whether it’s foretelling the future. Does it mean that you should avoid getting into a car in the days or weeks ahead? Or does the car crash in your dream symbolize something completely different?

People have very different views about the significance of dreams to waking life.

Some people see them as supernatural messengers, passing on information we have no other way of knowing. This could include messages about what will happen in the future.

For others, dreams are simply the brain’s attempts to work through information they have received in waking life. That means they could hold insights developed from things we haven’t consciously picked up on. But there’s no way they could predict chance events in the future.

There’s limited scientific evidence behind the phenomenon of dreaming. So it’s really up to you and your own value systems and beliefs which explanation you find most convincing.

But a dream of a car accident is certainly not necessarily a prediction of a future event. Before you abandon your travel plans, it’s worth thinking carefully through alternative dream interpretations.

Car accidents are sadly regular occurrences. Seeing one in your dream could simply reflect something you’ve witnessed in waking life. Or it could be standing in as a symbol for something you fear could injure you.

There are lots of different scenarios involving car accidents in dreams. So let’s take a look at some of them and see what they might be telling you.

what does it mean to dream about a car crash

1. A Car Accident Where You Were the Driver

Dreams of being the driver when your car crashes can have many and varied meanings. These can differ depending on the place you crashed, the circumstances, and your emotions around the crash. We’ll look at some specific scenarios in more detail later.

But as the driver, you may well be the person in your dream who was responsible for the accident. In many cases, then, this dream is closely connected with feelings of guilt.

Identifying the source of those feelings can be an important first step to healing. This might require you to apologise or to take action to put right a wrong.

An alternative interpretation is that you’re worried about not being in control. Perhaps your brain is playing on the common expression “car crash” to mean something that’s about to go very wrong. It could be a warning to listen to your intuition and take action before it’s too late.

2. A Car Accident Where You Were the Passenger

Dreaming of being a passenger in a car that crashes could be a sign you’re experiencing a lot of anxiety. Your location in the car could also be important to the interpretation of your dream.

If you’re in the passenger seat, you may feel someone else is in control of the direction of your life. You’re taking a passive role that feels uncomfortable to you.

That may be the case even more strongly where you’re sitting in the back of the car. Here, your dream is showing you as literally “taking a back seat” in what’s going on.

It could be a sign that it’s time to take charge of your situation and direct your own fate.

3. Witnessing a Car Crash

Witnessing a car crash could be another dream that’s linked to your worries about being too passive.

Perhaps you’re aware of a mistake that you, or someone else, has made. You fear that mistake could have disastrous consequences – you or they are heading for a metaphorical car crash. But as yet, you haven’t taken action to point this out.

Your dream could be encouraging you to step in and avert disaster.

4. Seeing Someone Else Cause a Car Crash

If your dream involves seeing someone else causing a car crash, it could be connected to feelings of anger or blame. The person responsible has caused great damage as a result of their actions.

Your dream may be reflecting your feelings towards someone in your life you feel has behaved badly. If your waking self has not acknowledged those feelings, your dream may be prompting you to do so, as part of the healing process.

But if you’re holding onto hurt and anger, this dream could be telling you it’s time to let it go. Only when you do so will you be able to remove this pain from your life.

5. Preventing a Car Crash

This dream may indicate you’re facing similar circumstances to one where you witness a car crash. But here, you’re playing a positive, proactive role and averting disaster.

This may not, of course, relate to a literal car accident. It could be about providing information or guidance that helps someone avoid hurt or damage.

Your dream may be reflecting action you have already taken, showing you its positive results. Or it may be a sign that you’ve decided to take this action, and that all will be well.

If your conscious mind is still on the fence about whether to intervene, this dream may be encouraging you to take the risk. Your approach could make all the difference to achieving a positive outcome.

6. A Near Miss

Dreams of seeing a car that nearly crashes but doesn’t could be a message of disaster averted. Your brain may be acknowledging that you’ve had a close call.

Alternatively, your dream could be anticipating obstacles ahead. These could be difficulties in a work situation, with family, or in a romantic relationship. But the good news is, you’ll overcome them.

Your dream is giving you a mental “You got this!” So trust in the message of a positive outcome, and approach the challenges ahead with confidence.

7.  A Car Crashing into a Train

If the car in your dream crashes into a train or a bus, it’s raising the stakes of the accident. Both types of vehicles usually carry large numbers of passengers, so the outcome will be even more serious.

Dreams of this kind could carry a similar mean to more general dreams of car accidents. But in this case, you fear the results of something going wrong will be even worse.

There is, however, another interpretation. Your dream could be reflecting your belief that you’re in conflict with a group of people. You’re about to clash with them, colliding with their ideas and views.

Your dream may be encouraging you to think about ways to avoid this and the injuries that could result. That could mean seeking to persuade the group to your way of thinking. Or it could mean acknowledging your disagreement and continuing on your way.

8. Fleeing from a Car Accident

A dream in which you flee from a car crash could be a sign that you’re seeking to avoid responsibility.

As someone physically able to leave the scene, you should be staying to help those who are hurt. But your mind is instead showing you seeking to remove yourself from the situation.

If you were the one responsible for the crash in your dream, it could be a direct message from your unconscious mind. It may be asking you to acknowledge your duty.

And it’s almost certainly a sign that you know in your heart where your responsibility lies. Accepting this and taking the action that’s needed will help you achieve peace of mind.

9. Seeing the Aftermath of a Car Crash

Dreams about the aftermath of terrible events, such as a car crash, are often seen as relating to personal reputation. The car wrecks you see in your dream could be representing your own public image. And the damage could result from your own actions.

Dreams like this could be a call to re-examine your behavior. You may be acting in a way that will cause you future harm.

10. Surviving a Car Crash

Dreams of surviving a car crash may be linked to conflict you anticipate in your future. Perhaps you’re concerned about things coming to a head with a colleague or partner. You may be worried about the impact of that argument on your future relationship.

This dream is a positive sign that you’ll be able to handle the disagreement constructively. The conflict you fear may take place, but you’ll be able to move on afterwards. And you’ll maintain your relationship with the person in question.

11. Someone Else Surviving a Car Crash

If your dream features someone else surviving a car crash, it could be a sign you’re worried about that individual. You may be concerned they’re on a path that will lead them into trouble. As this dream is engaging your protective instincts, it’s likely the person involved is someone close to you.

Your dream may be prompting you to offer a word of advice. But remember, you can’t force someone else to behave the way you would like them to. Your dream could simply be a message of reassurance that all will eventually be well.

12. Dying in a Car Accident

Dreams of dying are relatively rare. But as with the Tarot, where the card of Death represents transformation, so too in dreams. The death of your dreaming self represents the coming of great change. This may be difficult to handle, but it could also be a time of great opportunity.

This dream could be an indication that it’s time to take stock and identify where you want to make changes in your life. Or it could be a sign that change is coming your way, regardless of your plans. Embrace it, and you will learn and grow from the experience.

13. A Car Accident on a Straight or Twisted Road

The location of the car accident in your dream can also be an important clue to its overall meaning.

If the accident took place on a straight road, it could be a sign of an obstacle ahead. You thought you were moving directly towards your goal, but something is getting in your way.

If the road twisted and turned, it could be reflecting the way you see the passage of your life. Perhaps you feel that you’ve arrived at an obstacle by a circuitous route.

An alternative interpretation of the twisty road is that it represents your desire for adventure and excitement. The accident could represent your fear that you will lose control if you listen to your heart.

14. Driving a Car off a Bridge

If your dream involved you driving a car off a bridge, this is another case where different interpretations are possible.

A high bridge can be a symbol that change is coming. Driving into water could mean that the change is a spiritual one – water often represents the psychic world.

In both cases, the change will come despite your own resistance towards it. This dream could be telling you to try to relax and grow from the experience.

15. A Car Flipping Over

Dreams in which a car flips over can be related to emotional turmoil, particularly as a result of change. You see the situation in which you find yourself as “upside down”, and nothing makes sense.

This is another dream where the message may be to find a way to give yourself space to reflect. That will help you regain your feeling of control.

Car Accidents and Their Meanings in Dreams

We hope you’ve found our look at dreams about car accidents helpful in unraveling the meaning of your own dream.

As we’ve seen, these dreams frequently reflect feelings of anxiety or a loss of control. They could be a message that you need to focus on your own wellbeing to regain your equilibrium.

When you’re analysing your dream, try to think about the way you felt as well as what you saw. Your emotions can give you valuable clues about whether you’re on the right track.

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14 thoughts on “15 Meanings When You Dream about Car Accidents”

  1. I just had a dream seeing my 2 brothers dying in a ccident I was so scared but after reading this I now know where to start from. Thanks

  2. I been going through a lot in waking life and during this time I have been following my intuition as a guide to navigate me through the challengers I’m currently goin through also my wife has been advising me on our situation too

    May, Thursday, 5th, 2022 had a dream I was driving my car i currently have, going north leaving wellington city, night time, clear sky’s, no music playing on the stereo, i was driving, only person in the car.

    left corner before entering the tunnel the car started sliding and i had no control.
    during this part of the dream i can remember seeing cars behind me and in front of me but going south exiting the tunnel.

    while sliding and before entering the tunnel the car started “rolling violently” like a tumble dryer, very Intense, i panicked however quickly realized i wasn’t being hurt and i relaxed and enjoyed the ride which ended very quick

    the rolling started before the tunnel and ended at the end of the tunnel and i was fine sitting in the car but also could see the vehicle from thrid person

    the car was a write off….

    this blog help me understand what i must do to change my ways to produce a better outcome for me and my family

  3. I had 3 dreams of car accidents
    1. I was driving (which i really dont irl) and a police car just swerved into my lane making me run into it
    2. I was in a car with someone driving and all I remember is waking up from the impact.
    3. My mom was driving and I was the passenger, she was able to stop the collision before it happened

  4. I ha e had three dreams in cars lately where I die last night being the most current. I pulled out into the highway not a care in the world suddenly I knew I had to stop fast I hit the breaks I was squeeling them forever see weaving all-over the road (not possible) BTW the way it was happening. And the cars kept multipliplieing like a video game. Just I was about to hit them I woke up scared and shaking!

    • I dreamed I was a passenger behind the driver in a small van full of high school kids and the driver kept avoiding huge multiple car crash’s that were flipping and rolling over. Then she got angry and hit a car from behind. She also ran into a garbage truck head on and it kept driving into us. She jumped out so I grabbed the wheel and backed out before a huge piece of metal would drop down on us. It hit the ground instead of the van. Then the driver said you saved the day. How did you decide to do that. I said by my instincts to take control of the situation. . But you should of been wearing your seatbelt. So she put me back in my seat behind her and put my seatbelt and said you stay safe here. Then we stopped at a rest place in a small town cuz there were road blocks of cars on the road. The driver was asking people outside by a mechanic garage for help to get over the mountain. They made jokes that no one makes it alive. They were real creepers and began whispering to one another. Then a huge obese woman was pooping outside and shocked us. She was from town and had asked if she could sit on top of the van. No one told her she could but she did it anyways. . I was outside when a fight broke out inside the van with one of the high school kids screaming. Then I woke up.

      I woke up exhausted and scared.

  5. I dreamed my bf was injured in a car accident. My father was trying to get me to go see him. I chose to help my bf instead. He was driving his car when the accident happened. What does this mean

  6. I drive semi trucks for a living and sometimes I team drive with my boyfriend, who also drives trucks. I dreamt that I was driving and stopped to get gas but forgot to set the brake. While I was inside paying the truck began to roll away because apparently the gas station was in a hill. I stood frozen in disbelief while I watched it flip over and over. I ran to the bottom and I couldn’t find the truck so I called 911 but for some reason a gas station attendant kept answering. Then some people told me they found the truck and my boyfriend had passed away.

  7. I had a dream I was in China (I’m UK) and a driver turned the car 45 degrees on a motorway bridge. We went headfirst in slow-motion into the motorway below, on the way I was in disbelief and thinking “I’m going to die”. We smashed through the concrete and sunk into water below, everything disintegrated, I felt my body change and I was surprised. Then I could see from above, police looking for our bodies, but they were looking in the wrong place. The dream changed to something more pleasant but in it were my ex-mother and father in law (both deceased) and a three year old version of my daughter (she’s in her twenties and alive).

  8. I have had three dreams in the last month or so that have resulted in a serious car accident. All of my dreams are VERY SPECIFIC; I can tell you who is in the car, where we are, what street, and the color of the car involved. I can also feel the impact of the accident in my sleep and it wakes me up.

    1. My mom, my kids, and I were all hit by an 18-wheeler. This was the mildest dream, we were side swiped but everyone was ok, but scared.

    2. We were driving back home from a small town around our home, my mom, kids, and I were following our family friend in our car, and she was in hers. Our family friend went around a motorcycle driver. When we went to go around him, he turned infront of us and we hit him. I remember turning around and seeing I’m through the back windshield and see him laying in the curb ☠️. I was screaming “Oh GOD”. Then I woke up

    3. Last night.
    My husband and I were driving a purple car on the highway(we don’t own a prp car). The traffic stopped quickly in front of us, so we had stop fast. We didn’t hit the car infront of us, but the car behind us hit us, so then we hit the car infront of us. And the cars in back continue to get hit squishing us into the stopped cars infront. My husband and I both knew we were going to d¡e. He screamed and our sons name and I screamed out my daughter name. Then I woke up.

    ⚠️⚠️please help me?? Do this meaning something?? I am also so anxious to be ina a car the next day?

  9. For the last week i haven’t stopped thinking about this one dream I had about a really important person in my life getting in a horrible traumatising accident. And a thing to know about me is that I have only had one or two nightmares in my whole life that have truly scared me to the core and this dream was one of those dreams, another thing is that I do not usually struggle with nightmares because I don’t get them frequently only on very rare occasions I’ll have a nightmare. Anyway. I saw his car stopped at traffic lights it was smashed into a light pole and the car looked shattered all around like when you break a window and it shatters. The whole car looked that way. I ran to the car barefoot and I remember looking at the window and opening the door. His skin was not like skin it was cut in so many places and his skin looked almost broken out in hives but overly plump I had never felt so cared in my life I saw another one of my old friends in the passenger seat telling me he was sorry and he didn’t mean to do that. I looked at him and I didn’t say a thing, I pulled will out of the car and he was just limp but he said a few words so I knew he was alive but all I said was I’m saving your life and he said your saving my life? Why? And I was just about to begin CPR when I just woke up in cold sweats and I couldn’t understand how I had just witnessed and dreamt something so evil it was the worst nightmare I have ever had

  10. I have dreamt about my own car speeding towards a pinetree. It was like it went through me. I watched my dog jump out the window, it crashed and I ran to get closer but I couldn’t. My 3 children all jumped out and came towards me, all fine just a little sore. When we went to look for our car, it was like it had disappeared but we ended up inside a nice empty home. I’m trying to make sense of it as my dreams don’t come very often.

  11. Dreamt of having been involved in a terrible accident that left me broken and my mumand another friend couldn’t take me to the right hospital in time claiming those good hospitals are very expensive,but I kept crying for them to take me there and my friends would contribute for me

  12. Hi i had dream about a car crash of more 8 cars in of hoons drifting and doing burn outs and lossing control smashing in to each other one thinking they escaped the cash hits a truck and i work up

  13. I had a dream where I had a vision that I got into a car accident then later on n the day n the dream I actually got into one and it played out exactly like the vision and also it was off a bridge do anybody know what this mean ? I’m spiritual so I b thinking it’s sum


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