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17 Meanings When You Dream About “Getting Shot”

Did you recently dream of getting shot? Or do you frequently dream of it? This dream can signify there’s a pain in your heart, of a betrayal, injustice, or you’re not very trusting of people around you, or they might have given you reasons not to.

Dreaming about getting shot can be interpreted in different ways, depending upon your dream setting, the person who shot you, or just the circumstance that you are in your life right now.

Luckily, we’ve done all the hard work for you. In this post, we’ve covered 17 dreams about getting shot and their interpretations. Let’s get started!

Common Dreams About Getting Shot and Their Interpretations

Now, let’s get straight into some common dream scenarios of one getting shot and discuss what each of them means. We’ll start the list with a dream where a stranger shoots you.

1. Dream where a stranger shoots you:

If you’re frequently dreaming of a stranger shooting you, it’s time for you to be wary of people around you.

Tension might have arisen in the workplace or your educational institution, where some of your ‘so-called’ friends or colleagues are most probably plotting your downfall or busy tarnishing your name.

Seeing this dream indicates that you must be careful about boosting your success in front of others and focus more on your modesty and communication skills.

2. Dreaming of your partner shooting you:

The dream where your love shoots you can be interpreted as the emotional turmoil your relationship with them is going through. You might be feeling emotionally detached or believe that your partner doesn’t love you as they did before.

It can symbolize the real hurt that you might have gone through in the relationship. Recent infidelity or betrayal of trust by your partner might lead you to have such dreams.

In short, dreaming of your partner shooting you means that your relationship is on the rocks, and you might want to talk your feelings out to your partner before it’s too late.

3. Dream of being shot by a friend:

Like any other relationship, friendship is also built on love and trust. But if you’re dreaming of getting shot by a friend, it clearly indicates there’s some sort of negative tension between you and your friend.

You might be having a hard time trusting them or forgiving them for something that hurt you deeply. It can also be an outcome of miscommunication. So, it is best to share any doubts you’re having with your friend if you feel the friendship is genuine and valuable.

4. Dream where you’re being shot from a distance:

Dreaming of being shot from a distance indicates that you’re not taking important actions in your life because of fear of failure.

It means that your self-confidence is not in the best shape at the moment, and you’re having irrational fears despite incredibly working hard for the task. If that’s the case, you must remember what you’re worthy and capable of and not let any such fear stop you from getting what you want in life.

Another interpretation of getting shot from a distance in the dream is that you experienced something overwhelming in life that you didn’t anticipate and are having a hard time accepting reality.

5. Dreaming of somebody shooting you from the above:

This dream means that someone new is soon going to make an entry into your life, as a friend or a colleague. However, that’s not good news, as this new person is going to bring a lot of negativity and trouble to your life.

So, if you see this warning dream quite often and you’ve recently met someone new, who displays a lot of toxic traits, cut them off immediately. Trying to foster a relationship with them would be a futile effort.

6. Dream of being shot at home:

Many of us feel our home is our safe haven, a secure and protective place for us to spend our lives with family, friends, or loved ones. So, dreaming of being shot at home undoubtedly is a nightmare.

This dream means that you’re feeling low and vulnerable, and you don’t feel there’s any place on Earth to make you feel safe. If you’ve been a victim of some sort of terror or violence in the past, the trauma might have left a lasting imprint on you, which you’re not able to get rid of.

Avoid toxic people who constantly remind you of the trauma or who are actually inflicting violence on you. And if it doesn’t get better, seek help from your friends, family, or experts in order to heal yourself.

7. Dreaming of getting shot in a battleground:

It’s a common saying that the human mind is a constant battleground. Past experiences and memories, be they positive or negative, often make a visit to our mind now and then.

If you often dream of being shot at war, it’s an indication that your mind is in a constant fight with certain past experiences that you’d like to get rid of. However, you’re having difficulties eliminating the negative memory from the root.

8. Dream where you died after being shot:

Dreaming about death can be traumatic. You might wake up in the middle of the night worrying if anything might actually happen to you. However, let us tell you the good news; dreaming about dying after being shot is a positive omen.

It indicates that you’ll finish all your due tasks and projects on time, and everything will go as smooth as you anticipated. It further means that you’ll be able to resolve old conflicts and maintain a smooth and loving relationship with people around you.

9. Dream where you got shot and wounded:

Life’s not always fair, and dreaming of being shot and wounded is an indication that you might soon fall victim to some sort of injustice. The worst part is that you might not be able to fight back despite being aware of the unfairness.

Likewise, dreaming of being shot and wounded might also mean that your partner might cheat on you. It is obviously unethical to pry on your partner’s steps and actions. However, if this dream is recurrent, it is best to be aware of any signs of cheating.

10. Dreaming of somebody shooting you in the back:

Plotting against or slandering someone behind their back is something a coward would do. People resort to such options only when they don’t feel bold enough to confront the person directly.

So, if you dream of being shot on the back, you have doubts that somebody might be plotting for your downfall behind your back. The person most probably is someone vindictive.

So, if you have someone in your mind who you’ve offended or done wrong to, you may want to clear the air before things go out of hand.

11. Dream where you dodge the bullet successfully:

In the case you dodged the bullet shot at you in the dream successfully, it assures that you have the ability to escape any harrowing situation in your real life.

On the other hand, seeing such dreams might also symbolize that you might be feeling guilty that someone close to you is suffering while you aren’t, as you were protected from the misfortune. This type of guilt is called survivor’s guilt.

12. Dreaming of somebody shooting you in the chest:

Being shot in the chest, especially if it hits the heart, is a fatal situation. Dreaming of this scenario means that you’re going through a majorly serious problem in your life that, if not addressed in time, leads to dangerous outcomes.

Being shot in the chest in a dream can also mean that you’re grieving your broken heart. It might be due to the loss of someone special to you, betrayal, or just because your life is going through overwhelming hurdles that you’re finding difficult to tackle.

Such dreams also indicate that you’re feeling lonely in real life and in desperate need of a support system to lean on. However, most of your grievances are most likely to be coming from your close circles and acquaintances.

13. Dreaming of being shot in the neck:

If you dream of being shot in the neck, it is definitely not a good sign. It indicates that you’re having a hard time making a decision because your brain and heart are not agreeing with each other.

Even if you know what to do and how to do it, you will most likely have a hard time implementing the idea because you’re afraid that your gut instincts are wrong. In most cases, the person shooting you in the neck in your dream is the one who is responsible for such a distressing situation in your waking life.

14. Dreaming of being shot in the stomach:

Dreaming of being shot in the stomach is a wake-up call for you to introspect. Make sure you’re aware of your strengths and capabilities and if you’re utilizing them to the fullest to achieve your desires in your real life.

If you’re wasting your time on unproductive ideas and actions, it’s time for you to go back on track. This dream is telling you to observe yourself, learn ways to sharpen your skills, as well as to get rid of your weaknesses.

15. Dream where you were robbed before being shot:

Dreaming of being robbed and shot can mean a lot of things. One thing is for sure that you’re feeling defeated and hopeless.

If, in the dream, you silently handed over your belongings to the robber and still ended up being shot, it means that some person in real life is holding anger against you and acting vindictive for silly reasons.

However, if you fight back against the robber instead of being complicit, it indicates that you’re willing to stand up for yourself, whatever the consequences.

On the other hand, if the item you fought for was insignificant, the dream is signaling that something of negligible value is holding you back in your life. If that’s the case, you should realize that you’re powerful enough to defeat the situation and move ahead in your life.

16. Dream of getting shot with an arrow:

If someone shoots you with an arrow instead of a gun, it means that you need to become more invested in your love life. It would be best if you introspected your emotions and feelings regarding your partner and mend bitter feelings and differences if there are any.

Listen to your heart and give more love and attention to your partner. With time, work stress or life problems, in general, might give rise to tensions in romantic relationships.

So, if you dream of being shot by an arrow, it’s time to strengthen your physical as well as emotional compatibility with your partner.

17. Dream of getting shot with multiple arrows:

Seeing a dream of being shot by multiple arrows is a signal that various emotions are boiling within you. The emotions needn’t necessarily be towards one person or of a singular type.

In short, you’re suffering through a confounding mixture of emotions within you, and you should sort them out before it overwhelms you. It’s time for you to take care of your emotional health, stand up for yourself, and let go of all the burdens that are holding you back.


A dream of being shot can be terrifying. It might wake you instantly with a rapid heartbeat and sweat all over your body.

While most of these dreams can be interpreted as a negative signal, it surely doesn’t mean that you’re actually going to be shot. And what’s more, these negative energies and circumstances can be easily defeated; you just need the right mindset and willpower to do so.

So, if you’re on the internet, in the middle of the night searching for a dreaming interpretation of being shot, we’d recommend you be calm, drink some water, think of something positive that fills your heart and complete your sleep.

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