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20 Meaning & Interpretations When You Dream of “Full Moon”

People see different things in their dreams, all with different meanings. Many a time, people will dream about celestial bodies especially the moon. Some people will see the crescent moon, others the half moon, and some the full moon, with every variation saying something about the dreamer’s life and destiny.

Today we focus on the full moon dream meaning but we will also tell you what other shapes of the moon mean. Stay tuned!

20 Meaning & Interpretations When You Dream of Full Moon 1

The Different Meanings of Full Moon Dream

  1. For the most part, a dream about a full moon signifies success. It simply implies that everything will go well in your life, especially in love matters.
  2. But what surrounds the moon is also something to think about. If the moon is surrounded by a bright sky or by twinkling stars, that’s when it signifies happiness. It shows you will not have quarrels in your relationship.
  3. The story is, however, different when the moon is surrounded by heavy clouds. In this case, it indicates that your relationship is going south.
  4. Some people also claim that a full moon in a dream symbolizes the changes that happen in one’s life. It signifies the end of a cycle or a transition period. In ancient myths, a wolf used to appear during the full moon and it was believed to symbolize the dark side of a person’s life.
  5. On rare occasions, people have claimed to see two full moons in their dreams, which indicates opposing forces. If you have this dream, it means that there are two gravitational forces in your life pulling you from side to side. These forces may throw you out of balance in matters related to love, moods, and relationships, and you need to figure out what situations in your life are causing these forces.

While there are many interpretations of a full moon dream, it all depends on the exact things you saw; it’s the small elements that matter.

Your Actions in the Dream

full moon dream

What you were doing in the dream could also determine its meaning. For instance:

  1. Were you flying toward the moon? This could mean you are trying to run away from certain responsibilities.
  2. Were you able to reach the moon and touch it? It could mean you are aiming at a high goal and won’t stop until it is accomplished.
  3. Were you just basking and enjoying the moonlight? This could indicate that you aren’t seeing things clearly or that you have an imaginary romantic life you have painted in your head that really doesn’t match reality.
  4. Did you see the moon explode in the dream? It could mean that you are trying to do something impractical. Sometimes it may also indicate your feelings about loss or certain changes.

Was the moon destroyed in the dream? If your dream was about a massive comet or asteroid colliding with the full moon, it signifies that there is a lot of chaos in your current life and it’s getting difficult for you to get anything under control. You are not sure what choices to make and it’s driving you to a point of total self-destruction.

Other Ways to Experience the Moon in Dreams

1. Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse in a dream is usually a symbol of health. It may signify that you or your loved ones have health complications. If you have such a dream, try to pay more attention to your health – how you eat, how much you work out, and such things that keep you in good shape.

However, this dream could also be a sign that there are various changes in your life that are putting your career in danger.

2. Red Moon

Red Moon dream

Dreaming about the red moon is a symbol of accident or misfortune. Evil thoughts are torturing you and everything you do makes you feel like something bad is about to happen.

When the moon is extremely red, it could be a sign that you are about to do something foolish. Think about your life right now and the things you are planning to do and let your instincts guide you in to what’s wrong and what’s right.

Some people call the red moon “blood moon” and they associate it with a woman’s menstrual cycle. Blood moon can also indicate that the outcome of a certain situation is unknown.

3. Moon and Sun

Moon and Sun

If you see both the moon and the sun in a dream and the two appear to be friendly, it means you are able to balance the different areas of your life. You are able to strike a good balance between your inner and outer self.

On the other hand, if the moon and sun seem to conflict, it indicates that you are struggling with something in your life. So much is going on in your life, making it difficult for you to find a stable path or ground to step on.

If the latter is the case, look for something to do that relaxes you and helps you achieve balance. Organize your priorities and focus your mindset on positivity. Importantly, don’t try to control everything. Only control things that are within your reach.

4. Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon Dream

The Crescent moon in a dream symbolizes good luck. It signifies that a new phase or chapter is about to start in your life, either in your social, career, or personal life. If you have been wishing for something significant to happen, it’ll soon come to be. It could be an increase in sales, a long-awaited promotion, a marriage proposal, or a dream vacation.

The dream also indicates changes or adaptations that are about to come your way. It tells you that you need to start learning how to adjust to unfamiliar surroundings.

In an ever-changing world, it’s important to know how to adapt to various situations. The dream means that you should be able to change your approach toward things when faced with different circumstances.

5. Falling or Rising Moon

Dreaming about a moon rising above the horizon has a close relationship with a dream about the crescent moon. It signifies change. You could be promoted at work in the near future or rise to a more elevated social status where you will be more famous and respected.

Conversely, when you see the moon falling, it’s a symbol of a period of challenges that’s yet to come. It can be a decrease in wealth, fame, reputation, and everything else that gives you a higher social status.

6. New Moon

A new moon signifies a new beginning. It brings new energy meant for growth and development. This could be the best time to begin something new. It could be a new project, a new relationship, or a new job. The energy of the new moon will encourage you to increase your determination and double your efforts.

During this time, plant seeds for your new projects and work hard to get fruitful results. The new moon seems quite favorable to new starts. And what you start now could bear substantial results in the near future.

7. Moon Fading

Moon Fading dream

If you see the moon fading in a dream, it is a symbol that something will fall apart or come to an end. It could signify separation from friends, an end of a relationship, or other similar family problems. Do not give up. Try to figure out what is likely to cause the problem and deal with it as soon as possible.

8. Reflection of Moon in Water

Some people see a reflection of the moon in the water in their dreams. It’s a beautiful sight that inspires hope and happiness. If you have this dream, it shows that you are at a point in life where you are extremely happy. Cherish this moment, as it may not be around for too long.

9. Halo Around the Moon

Technically, a halo around the moon shows it’s going to rain or snow in the near future. So, seeing the moon halo in a dream indicates that the upcoming days will be tough. However, just like the rain or snow that stops, these obstacles will go away soon.

10. Orange Moon

Orange Moon dream

Dreaming about an orange moon is a sign of danger. It could mean that something terrible is going to happen to a friend or family member. Consider this a warning and be extra careful, as things may get pretty bad.

11. More Than Two Moons

Some people may see three moons; others may see multiple. Three moons symbolize a triangle. They show the changes you are about to go throughout your life. It indicates when what you are currently going through will start or end.

More than three moons, on the other hand, signify energy. They show that you are currently being pulled to different sides by many different forces.

The Takeaway

Seeing a full moon in your dream mostly signifies success and happiness. But generally, dreams about the moon indicate the different places one could be in life. Knowing what the various moon variants mean in a dream can help you figure out what’s going on in your life and find solutions to problems before they even happen.

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20 Meaning & Interpretations When You Dream of Full Moon 2

41 thoughts on “20 Meaning & Interpretations When You Dream of “Full Moon””

  1. سلام خواب دیدم که ماه نزدیک به زمین هست به رنگ طلایی بسیار درخشنده وزیبا دقیقا مقابل من و دیدم که خورشید در بالای سرم گاهی نور ان به رنگ زرد روشن مثل نور ان در ظهر وگاهی به رنگ زرد پررنگتر مثل اویل روز ساعتهای اولیه طلوع ولی هر دو صورت ان درخشنده ولی من جرات دیدن خورشید را نداشتم فقط نور انرا می دیدم ….
    Hi, I dreamed that the moon is close to the earth in a very bright and beautiful golden color, right in front of me, and I saw that the sun above my head, sometimes its light is bright yellow like light at noon and sometimes it is brighter yellow like the beginning of the day. . Its two faces are bright, but I did not dare to see the sun, I only saw its light ….
    Thank you

  2. I saw 7 moons and a yellow or orange moon and after few seconds it becomes 10. It was so clear to see the moons when they were 7. Covered in the morning sunlight and shining.
    But I couldn’t see them clearly when they were 10. Surrounded by white clouds and slowly the clouds cover all of them
    And I woke up

  3. I dreamt of 1 cresent moon an about 7 or 8 full moons as the sun was setting. My ex was calling me to tell me to come back to his house because it wasn’t safe then cars started crashing and ppl were having shoot outs and tried shooting me as I was trying to drive away to get to my ex house.

  4. I show a full moon and the sun but shining at the time but I didn’t touch them I was just looking at them and paying too much attention to it

  5. I saw two full moons and they were sometimes very bright but sometimes bright red. And Some force was pulling me towards the moon making me fly when they were bright yellow. Towards the end there was only one cresent moon to be seen with bright white colour.

  6. Hello, yesternight I had a dream about two different full moon. What’s the meaning of two full moon? The bigger one is located on the above which is blue in color and smaller one is just beneath the big blue one which is yellow. Hope, I’ll get reply. Thank you. with respects, Olivia

  7. I’m my dream I saw the a full moon shining bright & around it there were shooting stars. Right underneath it was a big sunflower but since it was dark, I could see it’s outline but not it’s beautiful yellow color. It’s almost as if I was smaller then the sunflower looking up to the moon and stars.

  8. Dreamt of two full moons, one giving birth, and wen it delivered people around all shouted for joy and I was also happy is the dream, jumping and shouting for joy.
    Behind me was an image of angel then it exploded into a love shape.
    Please what does all these mean.

  9. Hello!.. I saw a moving full moon in my dream and it is surrounded with beautiful twinkling stars while the moon covers it by its movements and reappears as the moon pass by it, I felt happy and joyful watching it.. Its like excitement and a beautiful feeling at the same time while I gaze from it from the outside of our home.. after that it rewinded and went back to it’s original place, and after that I suddenly woke up in the moon, that I was on the moon in a lunar base with some crewmates and we were launching from it..

  10. On Easter Friday 2022, i dreamt of 6 full moons all bright white and darting around. They was almost like a mirror image of each other. They came one by one the mirror to 6 total

    • Sounds like a time counter to me. One full moon for each month. The last full moon is September 10th. I’m a christian watching for the Lords return and keep hearing the song “Wake me up when September is over”. I’d say God is telling you that you have until sometime in September to ask Jesus to save you. Also ask for the Holy spirit to be sent to you so you can belong to the first group, apparently going sometime in October. I’d think it would need to be before the full moon of October 9th as that would be the 7th moon. You don’t want to miss this. If you do miss it, there is a second group but it may be a very bumpy ride after the first group leaves. gby.

  11. Yesterday I drempt as if there is a full moon which was so beautiful n it was getting bigger n bigger every second ,it was becoming brighter as well …I was lost watching it and while I was staring at it I also saw asteroids or stars coming from the moon like the moon going to collide with the eart n these beautiful stars were going to crash before it and I was later on trying to save the people with me and myself from the crash of that beautiful moon which was growing/coming towards the earth.

  12. I saw i full moon With a very big eyes on it Looking At me and shining The Eye on the moon is to much big Single eye on it And 1 moon came to cover it ,even it was cover bit but the moon with eye still shining on me, Twinkling what doest it mean?

    • I saw a big moon one and small on inside of it with three gold 🪙 light like small sun or star but it was like a gold ball three, but the moon was so dark 🌑, was every was dark no light and some Robot 🤖 drones was chasing me and some of my old friends but we escape. I don’t understand the dream and it as really been getting me so worried.

  13. Last night i saw a dream that included 2 and 3 moons from time the green moon was the biggest and the red moon was the smallest and also there was a green mini moon that also appeared for no reason, i was seeing new people and they took me as being famous tryin to live in my house, any idea what that was?

  14. An orange full moon rising as I viewed it through the tree with leaves but clearly viewed except to it’s outer part

  15. This is the 3rd time this year I dreamt about the moon.. this time it was a full moon that was going into a lunar eclipse. but the eclipse part was tiny.

  16. Last night I had a dream about going to the moon and touching it then came back to earth. On the way back we came with a flying car and there was a girl who kept on opening the door and closing. We got off the car still in space and got in the atmosphere of the earth on a very high mountain that was close to the atmosphere of the earth and the moon looked tiny.
    My dreams never make sense haha

    • I almost forgot but there was the moon eclipse and I took a photo of it and tried to go out of the atmosphere of the earth to take a photo but it was impossible so I just went back in the atmosphere

  17. I saw twelve Bright moons at the same time in my dreams. I was so happy in the dream and most of the people around me couldn’t see some of the moons so I started counting for them to know exactly what I’m seeing.

  18. Hey! I dream about seven moons and I was wonder to look around and when I try to saw to my friends 2moons disappear and after I look up and I saw the clouds were appear as the shape a big bird with bright light

  19. I saw a pink moon surrounded by rainbow… it was very beautiful so I took my phone in the dream to take a picture..and I saw another full moon .very bright

  20. I saw a white big moon after seeing colourful clouds that it’s so beautiful.
    Then I looked up this prosess that these clouds was suddenly changed to a big moon.And I think the sky was
    a little bit dark but it was shining because of the stars and moon.

  21. Hi, I saw a moon bigger than its usual size and was very bright and yellow and some dark spots on it, there was nothing but complete darkness around it and on the almost opposite side of it I’m not sure if it was a moon or a sun but I thought it was a sun, on the opposite side of it I saw a solar eclipse or if it was a moon then it’s a lunar eclipse please tell me about it, what does it mean?

  22. Hello,
    I dreamth a crecent Moon fallen from the Sky with heavy speed and and looks like two full moons rise again and right up the skies. there was comotion in the deam, people shouting etc. What does this dream means? I have been feeling sick for the past years and very worried about health and life.

  23. I saw full moon in my dream at first it was small and full of thin cloud and the it move around so fast and it become so massive that in my dream I was capturing it using my ordinary mobile phone and I still capture it with same image just like how I see the moon in person. it was so real and vivid. my heart is happy and amazed. 😍😍

  24. I searched this up because I dreamt of two full moon close to each other. One of the moon had the big dipper right below it. The moon were not far from each other. Wondering what it means.

  25. In my dream I was it the middle of the street that’s when me and my mom saw three moons but only two came down to us one went inside my mom’s hands and the other fell right inside my arms and in that dream I layed down in the middle of the street still holding the full moon and I started to pray very hard for better results in my life.

  26. In my dream I was it the middle of the street that’s when me and my mom saw three moons but only two came down to us one went inside my mom’s hands and the other fell right inside my arms and in that dream I layed down in the middle of the street still holding the full moon and I started to pray very hard for better results in my life.

  27. I saw the shinning moon as number 7 shape and lots of food and bread in the bags are ready to give to people near shcool garden wall.

  28. i saw that a planet came to me to hit me up but i saved myself and suddenly a full moon came out of the planet and went to the bright sky and stayed there

  29. i saw that a planet came to me to hit me up but i got save myself and suddenly a full bright moon came out of it then went toward the sky and got set there

  30. Early morning I dreamt of a full moon in a bright clear blue sky with only few clouds which is attached to moon…. In my dream I was just doing my chores in the outdoors I got a feel and looks to the sky… Normal things clouds, blue sky with sunlight… Then I got an attention something is there I was bit confused to see moon in daytime… Perhaps I looked to the moon for 5 to 10 secs then I woke up… I am excited to know the answer.. Plz reply…

  31. I dreamt that I was at a beach then suddenly it started getting kinda dark then in the sky was at first two full, red moons giving off a bright red glow. As I stared at the moons, one of them started moving as if setting and a third up came up to meet and pass the first. Then I woke up.
    Is there any meaning to this dream?

  32. I had a dream of seen just my head alone inside a bright big moon. My body was outside but my head alone was inside d moon. Please is there any meaning to this?


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