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9 Meaning & Interpretations of “Miscarriage” In Dream

Do you ever dream of you or someone close to you having a miscarriage? Well, it doesn’t matter if you are pregnant or not; you have to agree that dreaming of miscarriage is frightening, right?

The questions to these dreams can be more than the answers. But not to worry. Here, we’ll talk of all the possible interpretations of dreaming of miscarriage.

Yes, it’s normal for the dream to disturb your peace. Sometimes you can carry these feelings to your waking life for a long time. But what are these hidden meanings behind miscarriage dreams?

So, let go straight to the matter. Here is a list of the situations that explain the meaning of dreaming of a miscarriage.

9 Meaning & Interpretations of Miscarriage In Dream 2

1. Dream of You having a Miscarriage

As a woman, pregnant or not, this dream should communicate some urgent message to you. Yes, it will scare you, but the dream will help you have some focus.

So, as a woman, a miscarriage dream should be symbolic to you. Such a dream comes to warn you to finish some goal or activity before time runs out.

Yes, you may have gone through some difficult situation or grief before. It’s doesn’t have to be a miscarriage alone.

But as you are in that state, you tend to lose time to do other things that can add more value to your life. Such things could be the ones to help you grow. It’s what a miscarriage should mean to you.

While in the dream, it shows you’ve lost your child. And in most places, the loss of a child is something vital.

If you dream about it and aren’t expecting a child, it shows that something stops you from growing in your career. Sometimes, it can be your biggest fear.

So, you should take a risk and ensure that your skills at work grow. Also, ensure you do it without fearing any downfall. Face the life that comes to you because it all depends on you.

Remember, it doesn’t mean that you’ll lose your baby. Thus, you shouldn’t fear.

2. Dreaming of Miscarriage as a Pregnant Woman

This dream will scare you the most if you are pregnant with a child. But is the message from the vision positive or negative? Yes, it’s normal to have strange dreams while you are pregnant.

The reason for a woman to have such dreams, it’s because of fear and being anxious. It will come, especially if it’s your first time getting pregnant.

Remember, as a woman who has ever had a miscarriage; you can have this dream. Sometimes, it can cause another miscarriage. But it would help if you had fewer worries to avoid these cases.

Remember, miscarriage dreams are common during the early months of your pregnancy. As the days go by, the anxiety will reduce. It’s from here that things will go back to normal.

All these dreams come with a connection from the release of the hormones. So, sometimes the dreams can sound real. But they aren’t.

Patricia Garfield, the writer of “Creative Dreaming,” says that a pregnant woman will have many dreams during her pregnancy. You’ll get this in her piece, “The Vivid Dreams of Pregnant Women.” She further says that these dreams come from hormones and body changes.

Yes, in some cultures, this dream might come as a message from a prophet. But in most cases, these dreams only come as you worry about the future and health of your unborn child.

Also, these dream shows the feelings and thoughts that you have in your waking life. So, after the dream, ensure you keep taking care of your pregnancy and body well.

Avoid places with many people and rest more. It would help if you also kept following what your doctor always tells you. After that, be positive that you’ll hold your baby soon.

3. Dream of Your Wife Getting a Miscarriage

As a man, you can also dream of your wife getting a miscarriage. Yes, it should scare you a bit, but not that much.

This dream comes as a warning to you. But it can also be a piece of encouragement to you.

If it’s your first time being a father, the dream could show that you fear the responsibilities coming to you. So, you should strive and prepare to help your wife take care of your new child or children.

Such a dream can also show that your fears during your waking life. It might be that you have a child or kids, and you fear losing them.

It’s a normal thing to have such fears. But once you wake up, plan to keep giving your children the best parental care. Also, fight the fears by being hopeful and trusting that your family will always be safe.

The dream could also show that you are suffering from the effects of failing to meet specific goals or projects. These failures may have some serious impact on your state of mind.

So, it’s the things that keep going on in your mind during the day that makes you dream of a miscarriage. You also fear that you may fail if you do the project again.

But as a man, it shouldn’t scare you if you fail. Rise again, plan well and be ready for any negatives. After that, it will be rare for you to see such dreams.

4. Dreaming of a Miscarriage with Blood

This dream will scare you. It won’t matter if you are pregnant or not. But in your waking life, it won’t be what it seems in the dream.

The blood comes as a symbol of your importance. Also, it shows a life force in this picture. So, once you wake up, look if your energy keeps fading away during the day.

You can ask yourself if you are investing your time and money into things that can’t benefit you. Also, are you spending time in a relationship that keeps hurting you every time? Or, do the things you are doing promise you any blessings in the coming future?

This dream will mean that something that you’ve been fighting for a long will soon come to an end. Also, it shows that the ending will have some more negative effects.

While pushing to get those goals, some steps will be wrong. But it would be best if you never allowed it to discourage you.

So, keep working hard and doing things right. In the end, you’ll attain the goals you want.

But if you are pregnant, sometimes the feeling keeps disturbing you in your waking life. In these cases, seek help from your doctor, counselor, or midwife. This dream may come to be “real” due to your fears.

But keep in mind that these dreams are normal. Also, they tend to show you your worries during the day. So, don’t be troubled, for there are high chances that you’ll have your baby in your arms soon.

5. Dream of Someone getting a Miscarriage

Sometimes, it’s possible to see someone who is not your partner getting a miscarriage. It comes as one of the most confusing dreams.

Well, it’s because you can know the person while sometimes it’s a total stranger that you see in the picture. So, you won’t know if you are supposed to worry or not. But in the end, there will be a message that the dream will be speaking to you.

Once again, the shocking picture of a mother losing a pregnancy in your dream doesn’t mean that it’s a loss. It carries a more literal meaning to your life.

This dream can show that there’s an end to some of your relationships. It can be with your partner, friend, or even you quit a job.

Remember, don’t take it as a typical dream. It means that there are high chances that the dream can bring more harm than good.

But there is always a solution. Once that door closes to your face, move your focus away from it and look for more open doors.

So, if it’s a stranger that loses a pregnancy in your dream, it shows that there’s defeat coming your way. Yes, it’s the main reason why the dream will make you feel troubled.

But it shouldn’t shut your hope completely. If you haven’t come across defeat in what you do, sit back and look at the possible mistakes in your life. It will help you get back to your goals.

6. The Dream of having a Miscarriage in a Car or Train

If you ever have a dream of you miscarrying in a bus, car, plane, or train, know that it’s something positive. So, it should never scare you.

This dream shows that you desire to move on with your life. Remember, it comes regardless of the current state of your life. Also, it means that you have a journey to make your life stable and meet your goals.

The miscarriage should be a message to you that you won’t attain your goals if you aren’t careful in this life journey. Ensure you stick to your plan and do everything well.

Also, the miscarriage will show you that at times you can fail even when you do all things right. When that time comes, you’ll wish that you get away from all those problems. Remember, such a dream should push you to achieve more things in your life.

7. The Dream of Having a Miscarriage in a Hospital

This dream should push you to take care of yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are pregnant or not. Well, it’s because it’s never a good sign for you to miscarry in a hospital.

So, if you are pregnant, go to the doctor for a check to see your pregnancy condition. After that, go home, rest, and keep looking after yourself.

The dream can come because you keep having stress in your waking life. It means that during the day, you should relax and avoid anything that can stress you.

Also, as a woman, it shows that you’ve been overworking. You’ll need to be more careful with your health. So, take some time out and have some fun to deal with stress.

8. A Dream of Having a Miscarriage at Home

This type of dream never communicates any positive message. It shows that something is happening at the house that is making you look sad.

At your home, it could be that a family member has brought you a problem that’s now making you look sad. So, the drama of how you react to this problem is causing you to lack peace.

So, these feelings will keep going through your mind in your waking life. As you sleep, it will now come as a miscarriage dream at your home.

But what can you do? Well, the solution is easy. Go to that family member you think you have problems with and talk out the issues. After this step, you won’t see this type of dream again.

9. The Dream of You having Repeating Miscarriages

If you keep having repeating miscarriages in your dreams, it doesn’t show something good. This type of dream is rare.

Remember, miscarriage dreams are just among many pregnant dreams. So, if you have miscarriages that repeat, it shouldn’t scare you much.

The dream shows that you fear experiencing any failure in everything you do. Also, it means that your fear comes from you going through many failures in things. So, you may be having many goals, but you fear to attain them because you think that you can’t meet them.

It would help if you kept trying in different ways to see that your plans succeed. It’s only through this way that you’ll move forward, and you’ll fear lesser things.


When you dream of a miscarriage, it can bring many emotions to your waking life. It’s because the loss of a child can turn into a big loss. Also, it causes trauma.

This dream will have many meanings, but depending on the details you’ll see in the dream. In most cases, it won’t mean that you’ll have a miscarriage. These dreams come from the things you keep thinking about in your waking life.

Also, a miscarriage in life is a symbol. Most times, it shows that some things aren’t going well in life.

So, have you had any miscarriage dreams? What was your experience? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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14 thoughts on “9 Meaning & Interpretations of “Miscarriage” In Dream”

  1. I am on mirena and haven’t had a lot of flow in years. I’m my dream I had a miscarriage and saw two fetuses laying on the floor in a pile of blood. Then in real life I woke up and there was 🩸 all over me and my sheets. Weirdest dream (nightmare) ever!

    • I dreamt about having an etopic pregnancy so the baby needs to be removed. In my dream, there’s my mom telling me that the baby might not be for me yet and I was so sad since I saw the baby and she is a babg already. Not a fetus. Although I was not able to see her face. I woke up feeling heavy and sad since it felt real and I don’t want that to happen in my waking life. I also saw some familiar faces in my dream as well as the father of my baby but I could not remember his face. Everything was weird but felt real. It bothers me til now.

  2. My miscarriage dream my baby sister had two miscarriage in my dream please let me know about my dream what it ment

  3. i am not pregnant but in my dream i am. the baby in my tummy moves then a fetus came out without a head. the head was left inside me. then blood started to flow down my legs.

  4. Mine was a complete nightmare. A random woman, whom was very scary looking, was yelling at me that she had 20 miscarriages (she was bleeding in the dream) and the man she was with left her. Although, the man had previously promised the woman marriage he had left her anyway.
    It was like a era in my nightmare just so everyone is aware about that as well. I woke up completely freaked out.

  5. I had a dream that my cousin was 6 months pregnant when she had a miscarriage. I woke up worried. I told my father and my father said he had the same dream about the same person but she was 5 and a half months pregnant when she had a miscarriage in her dream

  6. I would love someone to assist with my dream. I dreamt my mother told me I had a miscarriage that I did not know off, and that if I look outside my house at the gate, my son will be passing by. I saw a woman with a young girl and a 5 year old boy. I thought to myself that this child could have been my ex husbands baby as he had blue eyes and dark hair as my ex. The next thing I am with my tattoo artist (who passed a couple of months ago) and he tells me that he can see I need someone to talk to. Ever since he has passed he can assist with phycological issues and I am more than welcome to chat to him. I knew in my dream that he passed, and that I was talking to a dead man asking him to do another tattoo for me. What could this all mean? I am divorced for a couple of years and we did not have children. I have never been pregnant. My mom is still alive.

  7. My dream was so scary. I was out on a open area ,where grass was nice and green when I started bleeding. Blood was coming down my legs, at this point I didn’t know I was pregnant. I remember calling for my husband and said call ambulance. I got to hospital and my favorite OBGYN doctor was there waiting for me . It was a mess of blood and then he showed me 3 fetuses in his hand. I am studying for a state test and I’m scare of not passing so I thing this dream makes sense to be .my stress level is at the high end since I only have two weeks left to prepare.

  8. I had a dream I was a few weeks along. (enough to have a tiny lower belly pooch) I went for an OB appt to see the baby for the first time and after looking for a while,she told me there was no baby in there.

  9. Hi
    I dreamt of this woman who was driving a brand new yellow Jeep with no roof, in the dream she becomes my girlfriend and tells me she runs a famous pub, then we were suddenly kissing, one minute we are at the hotel and she was trying to force me to sniff coccaine which I pretended to do. We then saw these men in suits by the hotel conference room she ran to sniff what seemed like a cocaine from a silver platter, she started bleeding from her private parts and was crying she’s losing her kid and realized she sniffed some ashes from a ritual practice.

    • I’m 62 years old and have gone through menopause. In my dream I had a miscarriage. In my dream, I was wearing a pantyliner. I felt that it was wet. When I went to the bathroom thre was blood on the liner and panties. I was sitting on the toilet and looked down to the toilet bowl and could see blood and something silver. When I went to pick up the silver thing that was in the shape of a baby. It disintegrated. I was picking it up to show my husband. Then I woke up.


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