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11 Spiritual Meanings When Dreaming Of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive

Did you wake up from a dream about someone dying who is still alive?

Dreams about death can be unsettling and saddening. After all, death is permanent and no one wants to experience this kind of loss.

But, dreaming about the death of someone who is still alive is not necessarily a bad omen. In fact, most of the time, these dreams are a mere reflection of your mental state and the happenings in your life.

Curious about what it means when you dream of someone dying who is still alive? In this article, I give some common interpretations of this dream and what it means for your life.

As you will see, a dream can have multiple interpretations depending on the content and the context or the events in your life.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

11 Spiritual Meanings When Dreaming Of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive

The symbolism of Dreams About Death

Unpleasant as they may be, dreams about death are usually not about someone literally dying. It is true that sometimes dreams can serve as a premonition and predict something that will happen in future.

But, dreams should not always be taken literally. So, if you dream about someone dying who is still alive, try not to panic or spiral into a web of worry.

The truth is, death-related dreams are actually about changes, transitions, endings, and new beginnings happening in your life.

It is safe to say that dreams about losing someone are less about this person and more about you and what is going in your life.

You are likely to have this type of dream when undergoing a period of immense change, embarking on new beginnings, or having an anxiety-inducing experience.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive?

Now, let us look at some common meanings of a dream about someone who is still alive dying.

1.  You are concerned about the person

A major reason you can dream about someone dying is that you are worried or have been thinking a lot about them.

Dreams are often a reflection of our most dominant thoughts. This is a fairly common dream especially if you are concerned about a loved one who is sick or struggling in life in one way or another.

This person is at the top of your mind and you are afraid that they will suffer so much that you will lose them.

It is also common for terminally ill people to dream about the death of someone else who is alive. Often they are thinking and dreaming about their own death, which they might feel is fast approaching.

All in all, dreaming of someone who is alive dying is just a reflection of your worry and fear of losing them. If you are terminally ill, such a dream echoes your dominant thoughts about your own impending death.

2.  Fear of abandonment in a relationship

Dreams about death usually represent endings and changes. Most of us do not like the thought of endings and we also resist change even when it is good for us.

When you dream about a spouse or lover dying, it could be that you are afraid of them abandoning you. Your fear of abandonment may be real or perceived depending on what is going on in your relationship.

It is fairly common to dream about a lover dying if you do not feel secure in your relationship in real life. Such a dream is a projection of your fears and predominant thoughts about your lover leaving abandoning you whether physically or emotionally.

3.  Your relationships are changing

Dreaming about death often symbolizes the ‘dying of old patterns,’ which we can all agree is a good thing.

If you dream about a colleague, friend, sibling or anyone with whom you have a relationship dying, it is a reflection of your strong desire for change in the relationship. Or, the dream could be predictive of the changes that are about to happen in your relationship.

Although letting go of old relationship patterns can be difficult and painful, this dream invites you to reevaluate your relationships and determine what is and isn’t serving you.

Don’t be afraid of change; it is inevitable. It is best to let go of relationships and patterns that no longer serve you to create space for new ones that elevate and nourish you.

4.  Your child is approaching a milestone

Dreaming about your child dying is the real definition of horrifying. It can be really difficult to shake off such a dream even after you wake up to find your child is alive and kicking.

Unfortunately, for parents, dreams about a child dying are a bit common due to the attachment we have with our kids.

On the upside, dreaming that your child who is still alive is dying is not predictive of anything bad happening to your munchkin. Such a dream is usually a reflection of an upcoming milestone.

As you watch your child grow, you are keen on every milestone. Each successful milestone is a call for celebration and is something you think about a lot.

Each milestone also marks the end of a certain phase in your child’s developmental process. With each milestone, your relationship with your child changes but for the better.

Dreams about death reflect these endings, new beginnings, and changes in the relationship between you and your child.

So, instead of worrying about such a dream, look at it as a reminder to cherish each stage of your child’s life as it will come to an end faster than you expect.

5.  You are losing control of a part of yourself

Did you dream about a complete stranger dying? Such a dream might seem random and confusing. After all, what significance do strangers have in our life?

But, dreams about a stranger can have a profound meaning and reveal a lot about ourselves. Such a dream could mean that you are losing your identity, hiding parts of yourself, or losing control of an aspect of your life.

Take this dream as an invitation to evaluate your life at a deeper level. Are you truly connected to yourself or have some parts of you become barely recognizable? Do you feel alive or half-dead inside and not living life to the fullest?

These are pertinent questions to ask yourself that can help you evaluate the true meaning of your life and allow you to jumpstart your purpose.

6.  You are resisting change

Death symbolizes change, literally and figuratively.

A big reason why you might dream of someone dying is that you are fighting the reality of change either in your relationship with this person, in their personal life, or in your own life.

Resisting change is a normal reaction but it is not always the most effective way to deal with the ups and downs of life.

Take account of your life. Are there things you are resisting that you could let go off and enjoy more peace of mind? Remember, what you resist persists.

Learn to be comfortable with change and the natural unfolding of life. Then you might stop experiencing unpleasant dreams of someone who is still alive dying.

7.  You are battling betrayal

When someone betrays you, you might end up dreaming that they are dead despite them still being alive.

In this case, their death is symbolic of the end of the trust and any positive feelings you had for them. Suffering a betrayal can be a difficult thing to deal with. When it happens, life as you knew it comes to an end.

The sadness sets in and you are left mourning the past and relationship you had with the person who betrayed you. In many ways, betrayal is like death. It symbolizes the end of the relationship you had with the one who betrayed you.

8.  You are anticipating the end of a relationship

Dreaming of someone dying could symbolize some of struggle and strife, which could potentially end your relationship.

Even though you still have a relationship with this person, the connection between the both of you is waning and dying by the day.

In your heart, you know that the relationship is nearing its inevitable. These thoughts dominate your mind in your waking hours and it is why you are dreaming about this person and the impending death of your relationship.

What you choose to do about your waning relationship is entirely up to you. Take this dream as warning sign that if nothing changes, you are likely to watch your relationship come to an end.

9.  You are experiencing jealousy

The interesting thing about dreams about someone else’s death is that they are usually about us and not them.

A common reason you might have this dream is if you are feeling jealous or envious of someone else. Sometimes, when you are so jealous of someone, you might wish for their demise or you might want to be away from them.

The intense feelings of envy can lead you to dream of someone dying despite them being alive. Their death in this case symbolizes your desire for their demise and your wish to take their place.

Of course, this kind of jealousy is unhealthy and you should find a way to tame it before it spirals out of control.

The good thing about dreams is that they can reveal great lessons and point us to aspects of ourselves that we didn’t know exist and that we can improve on.

10.  You are about to undergo profound changes

Dreams about death almost always point to some kind of transition or change. You might dream about someone dying but this dream would primarily be about changes happening in your own life.

This dream is common if you are going through a significant life event such as a divorce, wedding, changing jobs, or moving to a different city.

These events entail leaving the old behind and looking forward to new beginnings. Death in this case is a representation of the ending of what was familiar to pave way for something new.

Naturally, these big events can be anxiety-inducing despite them being happy. The mixture of emotions conjured by these events can lead you to have vivid dreams entailing your death or the death of someone else.

11.  You are putting the needs of others before you

When you dream about someone dying who is still alive, it could be about your own internal ‘’dying’’ because of the burdens you have taken on in life.

If you constantly put others’ needs before your own, you may end up feeling burnt out and even lose the zeal to live.

Dreaming about someone dying represents your own symbolic death, where you have put your life on hold to prioritize other people’s lives.

Through this dream, your loving guardian angels could be sending you a message urging you to care for yourself even as you care for others in your life.

By prioritizing your wellbeing, you are choosing life and saying no to burnout and other things that are not life supporting.

Summary: Dreaming of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive

It can be quite frightening and unpleasant to have vivid dreams about the death of someone who is still alive. Waking up from such a dream can leave you feeling worried about an impending death.

Fortunately, dreams about death are usually not a prediction of something bad happening. These dreams mostly appear when we are undergoing a period of significant change or embarking on a journey of new beginnings.

When you dream about someone dying, this dream is more about you and less about the person in your dream.

Our guardian angels use dreams as a portal through which to communicate with us. So, when you dream of someone dying who is still live, your guardian angels have an important message for you. Through silent meditation and intuitive listening, you will be guided to the real message and symbolism behind your dream.

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  1. I dreamt for 5 days of my uncle going through the process of dying.
    Family were gathered around waiting for him to die. We then were at the funeral.
    I hadn’t spoken to him in over ten years and had no idea of his current condition. I warned my mother to call her sister to check on him. They said all was fine. Within two weeks, he became hospitalized and died with family around him exactly as I dreamed.


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