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11 Meaning & Interpretations of “Fighting Someone” In Dream

How many times do you wake up from a dream where you engage in a fight? Do you see people fighting, or are you the one who fights? Sometimes, these fights can scare you or do nothing because you don’t know what it means.

But don’t worry. Here we’ll cover all about ten meanings of dream fighting.

In every dream, fighting will always disturb your peace. You have to know that it’s a form of connection with your spirit.

Sometimes you can’t remember what you saw in the dream fight. But some other dream fights will stick to your memory.

So, are you set for this? Here are the eleven interpretations of dream fighting.

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1. Dream of Being in a Fight

You can fight with someone or many people while in your dream. It means that there are things you still doubt in your life.

Also, it shows that your emotions aren’t in any balance. The battle will be between your heart and mind. So, there you won’t have any internal peace in your life.

But what can you do? You should sit back and reflect on the key decisions you need to make in your life.

If you only engage in quarrels with people in your dreams, it shows you always have a tough time when looking for solutions to your problems. Remember, the people you quarrel with or fight within your dreams represent the issues surrounding your life at the moment.

Sometimes you can be in a fight that has violence. That should be a straight warning to you. So, it means you should be careful as you seek solutions to the warning.

The best step to take when you dream about fighting other people is to observe people in your life. Could you not do it in a rush? Yes, it’s one of the best ways to bring peace to your life.

2. Seeing a Fight in Your Dream

When you see people fighting in your dream, it should give you fewer worries. In these cases, you’ll just be watching the parties fight, but you do nothing.

If you see such a fight in your dream, it means that your spirit tells you that you need to decide on a specific matter. This act comes especially when you have seen something wrong and have done nothing about the matter. Know that the conflict is much closer to you.

When you remember the issue and it’s over, please act well if it comes again. You should do the correct action if you see something is wrong. It’s through this act that you’ll avoid seeing people fight in your dream.

Remember, every dream helps you see what affects you in real life. As you see people fight in your dream, it means you should listen to them. It will bring peace.

Such a dream fight can also talk to your spirit to always avoid conflicts. If you choose to support or help people bring peace, it should come naturally.

3. Dream of Fighting Family Members

Yes, you can dream of you fighting either of your family members. Also, you can see them fighting against each other in your dream. Such a family dream fight should scare you.

When you dream of yourself fighting your mother, then it’s about you and your emotions. The answer will be that you are always angry and lack patience. It would be best if you control your anger and feelings.

Also, if you are the one who started the fight between you and your mother, it means that your behavior isn’t friendly. So, you should be careful not to make any mistake by hurting people you love.

But sometimes, you might have already hurt them. Know that it’s never late to start again.

Remember, if it’s your mother who started the fight with you, be careful and watchful. But treat family members with love.

If you happen to fight with your father in the dreams, it means you find it hard to meet your life goals. So, if you don’t finish the fight in your dreams, it can be hard to attain your goals. But if you end the fight, your road to success will be clear.

Your father in the dream represents goals. So, if you hit him in your dream, it shows that you want his permission.

But when your father beats you first, it shows that you have no connection with him. You’ll have to focus much on yourself.

Fighting your brother or sister shows that you have emotional issues. Well, it’s because siblings form the best of friends with much ease. Such a dream tells you to be ready for anything because something isn’t right.

Remember, you’ll see your family fighting in a dream; it means you have family problems. This dream is a simple transition for you.

4. Dream of a Couple Fighting

Dream of a Couple Fighting

You can see a couple, you know, fighting. Sometimes, it might be that you don’t the couple.

The dream means that the relationship of the couple needs healing. It shows that the spirit of living fully in the partnership is low. So, the couple should think of ways to bring life into their marriage.

When you see a couple fighting, be careful. It means that there are two things in the matter. There will be a thin line between you solving the conflict and getting into their privacy.

So, once you wake up, try to bring people together, but be careful to break the peace with them. Remember, you should bring peace upon their call.

Sometimes, such a fight can never only mean internal problems. So, it will be safe to deal with any issues coming to the relationship.

Also, if it’s you fighting with your partner, it means you have things you should solve with her. If your marriage is in deep trouble in real life, you’ll need to look at the issues very fast. It shows why you want to get rid of your anger by starting a fight when you see yourself fighting in a dream.

5. Dream About Fighting with Your Partner

When you fight with your girlfriend or boyfriend, it shows you the problems you have with him or her. So, it should warn you. Both of you should take time and solve the issues that face you as a couple.

Also, both of you should get ready to face other problems in your relationship. It’s because this dream comes from a hurting situation. So, both of you should sit down and talk about these issues.

But if it can’t solve the issues, you can quit the relationship. Sometimes you’ll see that the dream of you fighting together keeps coming back. So, it would help if you look for someone that you think will make you happier.

6. Dream About Fighting with Your Close Friend

This dream can disturb you among all the dream fights. It comes with many meanings that may not seem good to you.

Such a dream could mean that you are about to lose something you love. Also, it could tell you that you are about to lose someone vital in your life.

The best step is to treat everyone you love with much care. These people can be your best friend, a close pal, or a family member. In return, expect them to value and love you too.

But what if the people you love don’t do the same for you? Prepare your mind and soul to know that these people will no longer be part of your life again.

Also, dreams of fighting a close friend may mean that you are injured. So, things may not favor you at that moment in life.

The solution is to first look at what is causing the injury to you. After that, be wise and run after your happiness.

7. Dream of You Fighting a Child or Woman

You can dream of you fighting a child or woman. These are people who are treated as humble in society. So, if you fight them in a dream, it’s something that will leave you with regrets.

When you are an adult and you dream of fighting a child, it means you don’t have a conscience. You should then sit back and think of the damage you’ve caused, then change it.

It might be something you did recently or over some time ago. Either way, change your behavior for the good of the future.

Again, fighting a woman never shows anything good. If it’s not you fighting, it means you have more concern over other people’s lives than yours.

Also, it means you always blame those around you for being too harsh. So, your spirit will be telling you to focus more on your life.

8. Dream Fighting Your Pet

Pets are always friendly with much love. It means there’s nothing good when you fight a pet.

Take, for example, if you dream of yourself in a fight with a dog. This dream shows that you have some friction with someone at your house or workplace. But don’t left fear eat you up.

Remember, dogs or any other pet you keep at home will always obey and be friendly to you. But once you engage in a fight with them, they’ll become violent to win the fight.

So, if you look back at your life and see that you have some problem with someone at work, please solve the issue fast. Also, know that if you ignore these small things, they will affect your output at work.

The same should be even at your home, solve the issue soon. Just like the relationship with your pet, it’s good to have a healthy place both at home and at work.

9. Dream About Two Animals Fighting

Dream About Two Animals Fighting

Sometimes, you’ll see two or even more animals fighting. Your spirit will be telling you that you are stuck in making key decisions when two of your friends are fighting.

Every human being has power over animals and plants. So, when you see two animals fight, it’s your role to separate them to stop any injuries.

If you relate it with the real life, seeing such a dream should tell you not to risk the relationship with your two friends. It means you shouldn’t take sides.

So, if you have any friends that keep arguing or have a grudge, speak to them. Also, tell them that you aren’t happy seeing them argue all the time. You can help in peacekeeping between the two people.

10. Dream You Killing People while Fighting

When you dream that you are killing people in a dream, it’s okay if you get a scare. Things might seem to be the opposite. This dream should give you hope.

It shows that you are almost overcoming the problems you face in life. You’ll have gone through the steps of accepting rather than denying that all was bad.

Besides, it should give more inner peace in your life. Remember, it comes from the fact that you got the victory after killing someone during the fight.

But if you see blood during such fights, even if you get the victory, it shows you trust people too much. Someone can use that chance to hurt you and cause more problems in your life.

These dreams also show you that you hold anger over someone. So, it would be best to open up to the person in an excellent way to prevent any bad outcomes.

11. Dream of You Dying in a Fight or Battle

Sometimes you can dream that you are dying in a battle. Then the next thing is that you’ll wake up very fast. It’s because you’d have seen your death in a dream.

But it shouldn’t scare you that much. It doesn’t mean that you’ll die soon. This dream shows that you have an issue that keeps you in denial.

Remember, such things can harm you. Change the way you deal with your issues.

So, don’t fear to face your problems. In the end, you’ll win


Without any doubt, dream fighting will bring you tensions. Such dreams come from the problems you have in your everyday life.

These dreams speak a huge message to us. If you can take the message seriously, you’ll have a peaceful life. But if you choose to ignore the signs, things won’t be good for you.

But to avoid dream fighting from taking place in your sleep every time, ensure you solve the issues in your waking life. Remember, these problems can be in your life or with other people’s lives.

So, have you had any other dream fighting that was hard to interpret? Did it scare you? Please share your thoughts with us.

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    I dreamt of feeding the woman I believe my hubby had an affair with, with dead flowers(white& dark pink) she became unconscious in the dream but I thought she died and I threw water on her and realised that she was unconscious. What does this mean? Also dreamt of fighting her but she was too strong and resistant.

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  6. I dreamt when am having afight with the bad guys who had guns though they did not come for me i hd to fall in that gap coz those they wanted weren’t there but no one got hurt i was the one who tried to get ones neck out though i failed and guess wat,i woke up while angry today😫

  7. Dream of watching to men fight in my front and the other one is asking for my contact and stab the other one with speed dey one dat he stab ,stab him back and instead of him to fall he told me to call him when I reach home,the other guy ask me dat I mine going to call him

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    I’m so confused, what could that possibly mean?

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    I have a sleep disorder due to longtime stress…so sometimes I use drugs in order to get sleep but last night I dreamt I was unconscious in the dream then my old friend mocked me and wanted to fight me and started chasing me… What does it mean?


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