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8 Meanings When Dream About “Going to Bathroom”

Dreams about going to the bathroom can range from funny to utterly terrifying, depending on the dream’s content.

Regardless of the specific details, dreams about visiting the toilet have powerful symbolic meanings. They directly manifest our subconscious thoughts, ingrained behavior patterns, and the issues we are currently dealing with.

Whether dreams about going to the bathroom are recurrent or a one-off incident, read on to find out just what it means.

When reading dream interpretations, always consider your personal context and real-life experiences. One dream could have many different meanings for different people.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and find out what dreams about going to the toilet mean.

8 Meanings When Dream About Going to Bathroom8 Meanings When Dream About Going to Bathroom 3

1. You Are Avoiding an Unresolved Issue

A common theme in dreams about going to the bathroom is feeling extremely pressed and struggling to find a bathroom.

Sometimes, you can feel so pressed in your dream that you end up peeing in your bed in real life!

Dreams about feeling extremely pressed and wanting to go to the bathroom signify avoidance of an issue. If you avoid bringing a certain issue to a resolution, you might experience stress and anxiety.

The anxiety, tension, and stress you feel in real life are reflected in your dreams, where you feel discomfort and like you have no control over yourself or the situation.

Take this dream seriously and break the habit of avoidance. If something needs to be dealt with, now is the time to do it once and for all.

Avoiding resolving issues makes things worse.

2. Your Habit of Not Airing Grievances Is Catching Up With You

Did you dream about going to the bathroom only to find it clogged and unusable? Is this a recurrent dream?

A recurrent dream about a clogged toilet is symbolic of your habit of hiding and bottling up your frustrations.

You might believe this behavior helps you avoid conflict, keep the peace, and make you look good in others’ eyes.

But, the truth is, not airing your grievances and bottling things up can be detrimental to your emotional well-being.

The clogged toilet is symbolic of your own clogged emotional plumbing. Bottling things up can lead to a lot of interpersonal problems and can also negatively affect your self-esteem.

3. You are Having a Hard Time Processing Your Feelings

Suppose you dream about going to the bathroom and find the bathroom has no hole, cannot be flushed and is generally unusable. In that case, it could signify the difficulties you are having in processing your emotions.

This dream is common when you have faced great hurt, loss, or disappointment. These events can leave you with a flood of overwhelming emotions that you might lack the immediate tools to deal with.

When a toilet doesn’t have a hole or cannot be flushed, it signifies you currently don’t have the tools and resources to process your emotions and relieve yourself.

This dream is a clear message that you need to seek help to start the journey of healing and rediscovering your Higher Self.

Consider talking to someone you trust or a therapist who can equip you with the necessary tools for emotional processing.

4. You Are Worried About How Others See You

Did your dream entail visiting a public bathroom and being unable to find a stall with doors? The dream interpretation for such a scenario points to a lack of privacy and fear of showing your true self.

Maybe you have been going through a vulnerable situation or period in your life. But, because people know you as a strong person, you work hard every day to keep the facade, pretending that all is well.

You might also hide your true identity and are afraid of coming out to your loved ones because you don’t know their reaction.

All this hiding and pretending do not serve you one bit. Hard as it might be, it is time to stop worrying too much about how others perceive you.

For your well-being and spiritual evolution, it is important to live an authentic life, a life in which you are true to yourself.

By showing up as your authentic self and revealing your vulnerabilities, you can tell who is truly on your side and who doesn’t belong in your life.

5. You Are Undergoing A Period Of Change And Feeling Uneasy

Change is good. But, it is often hard for us to accept it. Our resistance to change or any deep-seated fear about change can be manifested in dream form.

Dreams about not finding a bathroom to relieve yourself are symbolic of the anxiety we might be experiencing due to the transition we are undergoing.

When changing, you might initially feel uneasy and disoriented. This can leave you scampering for any nearby object to hold on to.

Maybe you have started a new job, moved to a new city, or recently jumped back into the dating pool after a long hiatus.

Perhaps you have been promoted with more responsibilities, started a new job, or gotten into a new relationship

All these major changes can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. Not being able to find a bathroom symbolizes this dissonance.

Transitions can sometimes be challenging. But they also offer us an opportunity to look inward and build a sense of resilience.

6. You Need To Let Go Of Toxic People, Environment, and Past Experiences

Did you dream about going to a dirty bathroom? Feeling pressed and unable to find a clean bathroom can be frustrating at best and horrific at worst.

What does this all-too-common nightmare mean? As a general rule, a dirty bathroom symbolizes toxicity.

If the bathroom in your dream is dirtified with feces, it means you are dealing with a lot of emotional and psychological toxicity. Past traumatic experiences are also holding you back and preventing you from healing.

Maybe your workplace or domestic situation is the source of toxicity. You spend most of your time in these two places, and you will carry around with you the energy you acquire there.

A recurrent dream about a dirty toilet tells you that you need to do something to lower the amount of toxicity in your life before it consumes and ruins you.

It is also a good idea to seek help from a professional. A therapist, for example, can help you identify negative patterns and equip you with the tools and resources you need to heal and break free of toxic behavioral patterns that keep you stuck.

7. You Have Simmering Anger You Need To Let Go

When you dream about going to the bathroom, it matters whether you do a number 1 or 2. If you dream about doing a number 1 or urinating, it could signify that you have pent-up anger you need to release.

If some things have been bothering you in real life and you haven’t had a chance or a venue to air your grievances, you might end up having urination dreams.

In some dreams, depending on your level of anger and self-control, you might end up pissing yourself. This is you literally trying to let go of something that has pissed you off for a while.

Dreams about going to the bathroom to do a number 2 or poop can symbolize the need to let go of the ‘crap’ in your life.

You might have this dream if you struggle with loads of past hurt, including sexual abuse, narcissistic parents, or betrayal by someone you hold close and dear.

8. You Need To Focus On Your Emotional Well-Being

Are you the person people go to when they want to vent or are looking for answers to their problems?

Although you are not a qualified therapist, you always find yourself in the middle of solving other people’s drama, and this can be exhausting.

If you spend too much time and energy sorting out other people’s problems, you might dream about going to a flooded bathroom.

A flooded bathroom in this context can be interpreted as excessive emotional baggage and negative energy that can drown you if you aren’t careful.

There is nothing wrong with helping others and lending a listening ear. But, be careful about investing too much time and energy sorting others while you neglect your own well-being.

A dream about going to a flooded bathroom is a reminder to prioritize your emotional well-being.

Summary: What Do Dreams About Going To The Bathroom Mean?

Dreams about going to the bathroom are some of the most common. These dreams are often nightmares, but they can teach us important lessons about our emotional well-being.

Bathrooms are symbols of our emotional systems. Dreams in which toilets are hard to find, if they are defecated, or lack privacy signify a clogged emotional system.

Take these dreams seriously and start doing the work of healing yourself.

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8 Meanings When Dream About Going to Bathroom 4

5 thoughts on “8 Meanings When Dream About “Going to Bathroom””

  1. This is actually quite shocking on how plausible all of these are! I’ve had 7/8 of these scenarios, all multiple times. I really don’t know what to think right now. Going to the bathroom in my dreams has always been a common dream for me

  2. At least 5 if these scenarios apply to me. It is also great to know what they mean. Most of my toilet related dreams require me to go on an adventure just to reach the bathroom.
    Sometimes the bathroom is out of order and I have to go another way to find another available one.
    Or the bathroom is incomplete, sometimes the toilet is just a bucket, or I have to climb up a ladder, or go through a construction zone to get to the toilet.
    Sometimes I realize I am dreaming and wake-up in time, and sometimes I don’t.

  3. My most recent dream had me searching frantically to find a useable bathroom but couldn’t because the place I was at was under construction. Also, absolutely no one seemed to care that I was in pain while trying to find a bathroom. I was very angry at everyone as I continued to search. This was the most graphic dream I’ve had in a very long time…and one that I remember graphically with all the details!


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