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9 Meanings When You Dream About Shooting

Are you dreaming about shooting? In that case, the chances are that you want to know what it means. Indeed it is not lovely to dream of shooting someone or, even worse, getting shot. But, although it is just a dream, waking up with a vivid memory of it can still be impressive.

If you are curious to find out what it means to dream about shooting, you are lucky. In this article, you can find a complete explanation.

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What means dreaming about shooting?

Dreaming about shooting can have multiple meanings depending on if you are the one shooting or other shooting others or the target of a shot. In general, it is a sign of lack of trust due to betrayal or injustice. But there is more to know about it.

Based on the circumstances of the dream, you can expect it to mean the following:

1. You are upset and angry

The first and most “logic” explanation is the desire to harm someone because you are upset with that person. Often it is a hidden upset: the person dreaming about it doesn’t realize that there is a problem with the subject in question.

In this case, the dream can help you figure out if there was an instance that bothered you while interacting with that person, even if at that moment you did not think it was a problem.

But, it can also reflect a real-life situation: if you dream of shooting a person you hate, it is time to think about how to resolve the problem in real life to sleep better at night.

2. Good news is coming your way

If you dream about shooting someone, even if not that pleasant at that moment, it is a sign of good news about come. Sometimes, such dreams can be very realistic, and you wake up with the sensation you have to hide from the police, but fortunately, they are just dreams.

In fact, killing another person with a firearm means you are changing and that you are transitioning to another phase of your life. For example, it could mean a new job, an increase in salary, a new house, or bad people moving away from you.

There are also variations to this meaning depending on what is used to shoot another person. For example, if you dream of shooting someone with a sniper gun, it signifies an optimistic attitude toward life.

Using a sniper gun implies a lot of preparation and the overcome of difficulties to reach a target with precision. It can only mean you will get through obstacles and achieve a difficult target. In the opposite position, if you get shot by a sniper gun, you become pessimistic about life and in resolving complex problems.

3. Sudden Change

You can dream about shooting many people, and that dream is all about destruction and mass killing. It can be very uncomfortable to wake up to such images, and it also means a possibly awkward situation that is about to happen in real life, like a sudden change.

It can also mean you are frustrated or have suppressed feelings regarding specific people. In this case, if you can recognize which category of people make you upset and try to avoid them, and choose better friends.

4. Someone is in trouble and need your help

If you dream about shooting family members or relatives, it may signify that a person close to you is in trouble and need help. It is even possible that a person near you will reach out for assistance.

However, the dream may also signify that you will get yourself into trouble if you try to help them. So consider how you will help your closest relatives, to really help them without getting trapped in a bad situation.

5. You are trying to reach a goal

If you dream about shooting a target or an object, it means focusing and concentrating on reaching a goal in real life. It is possible that you are busy working to reach a target or accomplish an essential thing, and it is taking up all your attention.

The dream can signify that you need to take some time off. However, inside the dream, the fact that you reach a target or not can change the meaning. If you shoot and reach the target, you are moving in the right direction. Instead, if you miss it, it means you are missing a lot of opportunities, and your dedication needs to increase.

Overall, shooting a target also means that you will reach your goals even if obstacles are coming up; the only thing you have to do is continue toward your desired objective. After that, you will be able to overcome any problem.

6. General unhappiness

If you dreamed of hearing a shot or seeing someone shooting, it means that there is general unhappiness and disappointment in your life. You tried to hide hostility and disappointment toward someone, and now it is about to come out.

The disappointment or a fight is about to happen between married couples, relatives, or close friends. You are still in time to avoid a fight if you realize that this is about to happen and find an alternative solution to a direct confrontation.

7. You need to get organized

Did it ever happen to you that you dream about trying to shoot someone who is about to kill you, only to realize, with great horror,  that your gun doesn’t work, or you have a toy gun? Of course, during the dream, you can be terrified not to be able to shoot, but in general, such a dream is quite common.

It means that you are reaching your goal and that you need to stay organized in your life for the days to come. For example, you could write down all that needs to be done and establish a sequence.

8. You have liars around you

A dream that can help you realize you have bad people around you is that of when you shoot, but you cannot hear the sound. Symbolically means that you know there is a sound, but nobody will believe it exists, which translates into people around you lying to you or pretending to be different than they really are.

It is a sign or premonition of bad times to come because of the people around you. You may often be upset, but you may also get to a better position if you get through the situation.

9. You are the victim of someone’s jealousy

In the particular case in which you are attempting to shoot someone or something, and you can’t reload your gun, it may signify that you are the victim of someone’s jealousy, or you will be in the future.

For example, you can be the target of jealous people around you and can get into trouble because someone tries to spread lies or make your life difficult. Even if you are working very hard, you are not getting anywhere; the dream may warn you to set targets to achieve your goals.

Such a dream may warn you that you need to stay true to yourself, and it is connected to what you are doing to reach your goals in life. If you are not doing enough to move toward them, you may have this dream from time to time.

What Does it mean if you are being shot in your dream?

There are also shooting dreams in which you are the target. While they are more a nightmare than a dream, they still have a meaning for you to use. For example, it can signify you are a victim of a situation, and you need assistance to resolve it.

It can also mean that someone around you is trying to control you and make all your decisions. The dream can help you identify who the person is so that you can take your life back. If it is a friend shooting you, it can signify a problem or tension with that relationship that needs to be resolved.

In general, being shot indicates too much pain that needs to be released. It also means that you need to move forward in your life. The dream suggests that you forgive yourself and reach your peace of mind about what happened.

If you get shot and die, even if horrible, it signifies a positive and a good thing that is about to happen. You will be able to complete all the incomplete work and projects in time, and everything will go smoothly and as planned.

Even conflicts are going to resolve, and existing relationships with people around you will improve.


Dreaming about shooting others, or even being shot, is not funny. Waking up to such a dream can be strange. But not all these kinds of dreams are wrong. Some of them have a positive meaning.

The most important thing is to figure out what your dream means and possibly take advantage of it in daily life. Leave a comment, or feel free to ask any questions!

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9 Meanings When You Dream About Shooting 2

20 thoughts on “9 Meanings When You Dream About Shooting”

  1. I had a dream that someone I didn’t know was starting a shooting, most of the people in the room I didn’t know, other than my instant family, without the 2 youngest even being in the dream, the robber separated the groups, kids to adults, he said he would put a wall between us but I woke up too fast.

  2. I had a dream last night there was a shooting at the daycare i work at, a bunch of people down the street ran in to hide, so i knew the shooter was coming, i grabbed my older sister and a little girl i’m close with at the daycare. we hid and heard all the shots, it felt so real and so scary. Any thoughts on the meaning behind this?

  3. hey this is stan i searched this up because i actually just wok up from a dream involving bad blood with some old gangfeleted friend hiistory where i know the person i seen him and he seen me but were unsuer it it was eachother and so we turned around and started fist fighting and a freind of mine joins now normally thats hard for me to do in my dreams kuz it happens in slo motion and hits dont land and so it felt goo when they did and so after that they ran away but moments later police came and stopped us to ask questions and i let them they put me in hand cuffs but they were electric and there tazing me and yeah so my friend gets scared and take off when they try an cuff him and he took off and so after that they ask me questions and i respond and awhile after those people i have bed history with rolled up and started shooting but they missed every shot towards me and my friend ii now just recently met pops up and starts shooting back and by then their driving off but he keeps going and eventually gets someone i tell him hurry quick leave before the cops see you but they did and he takes off into the crowd and look at me and nothing happens for awhile and they roll up again and now the cops are shooting back and still no one els gets hurt not even me and im yeallying “that one those guys right there get them!!” and but no ones hurt and i wke up kuzz it felt so real and i cant still feel the feeling as im typing this right now at 12:29 am and my heart was racing crazy and didnt realize it was going crazy and was scared but confused can u give me you insight on what you think it mean???

  4. Iwas dreaming of shooting a guy who was fighting with other guys eventually the guy was overpowered by the other guy then I went to borrow a gun and shoot randomly to those guys

  5. I had a dream just yesterday night (not last night) i still remember it even though i have a bad memory and i cant even remember what i did yesterday, yet i can still remember my dream last night and yesterday night, I dreamed about me shooting someone. As i was walking somewhere (it was near a school) there was a drainage near, and the people im with started opening the drainage (the weird thing is, i dont know who those ppl are, but it seems like i know those people in my dream, but not in real life, seems like another universe lol) in then they saw i kind of like fruit material, but then i started speaking and said “its a bomb… ITS A BOMB!” later on, we saw two guys across the street, pointing a gun at us, they were laughing while talking abt the bomb (i dont remember all they said anymore) but then fast forward since i forgot some events, i suddenly got a gun, i forgot where i got that gun. But it only has 2 ammos, but i keep missing the two guys who has a gun, i almost got shot, but then someone gave me more ammos, and i finally shot one of them, In then i woke up. It has been bothering me ever since… What does it really mean??

  6. Hello …. I had a dream tht dis person went to our families house .tht he was gonna kill us he went n knock. So we answer n he told us tht he be back next month the 9th too kill all of us ..

  7. So last night I had a dream. I do not remember much but this is it so far. It seemed it was the end of the school year and when school let out we got let outside to the playground. While I waited for one of my parents to pick me up, I just played on the equipment. I was continuing to play when I heard two propeller planes coming from above. I looked up and thought, “Wow, wonder what those are,” I looked at them for a while and then realised, they were coming CLOSER. I did not know if they were going to do a stunt by flying above us or something, but that is illegal now so I thought that would not be the case. Anyway, I was still on elert. Then I heard an air raid siren coming from the mountains. Then they were getting VERY close. I just hid underneath the slide I was just on, curled up and plugged my ears. I looked to my side as I felt the roaring engines coming. Then I heard GUNS. Rat tat tat, rat tat tat, rat tat tat. The bullets hit the ground next to the slide driving themselves into the rubber play bottom. I heard screaming all around me. And soon I was screaming my self, running for safety. Then I saw my dad. We met up and ran. Trying to survive. That is as much as I can remember.

  8. dreaming two shot gun man attacking me .they tried 2 shoot me only 1 taget hit me but i continue running away asking for assistance

  9. I had a dream about this lady shooting at me but In the dream as she shooting at me I’m not getting shot like she close up to me missing and as I pulled the gun I had out I shot at her one time and she passed away the dream scared me soo much that I couldn’t sleep anymore.

  10. I dream I hold a gun I don’t know whether I shot or not but later I throw the gun in the forest when I realize am with a gun
    I know me and my uncle’s have misunderstanding and I try to protect one of my uncle also

  11. I had a dream of some gun men was shooting up everybody in the building me and someone friends with my smallest son went inside the room to hide but the gunmen shoot all of us silently and those people die but me and my son survived and I shut the door and bolt it so they can’t research back the room and my eyes open only waiting to escape from that building

  12. While I was sleeping it was my birthday, I had a dream of being a operator who was told to track down an enemy that had escaped a research facility, so me and my partner I couldn’t see, drove off following a white van that was speeding, we ended up losing the vehicle and we parked and got out, I seen a guy with tattoos, and a bat in his hands with two other guys that looked like Chicano gangsters.
    My partner suddenly kicked his vehicle and he ended up walking towards us with a bat, I had a gun luckily, my female general gave it to me before we went on our search, but I had a bat too, so I yelled at my partner and threw my bat to him, and put out my Glock and shot almost immediately and they didn’t expect it, I shot it two times but I forgot to cock the weapon and the gangster realized I was kinda screw but as soon as I realized I cocked the gun and shot two bullets in his Chest, almost immediately we transferred to a new location, which was the operation facility where I was at before I went to go find my targets.
    Which was weird because I was in a ghetto parking lot before my dream decided to mess with me, but the action was still happening, so I tried to shoot the rest of the men, but every time I shot they would be dead for a few seconds and come back alive… I don’t know why I remember my dream so well but I wanna know what this means

  13. I’ve had dreams about being shot, and having to shoot someone to defend myself and others, and I will tell you without a doubt, having a dream about killing another person is way worse than being shot in a dream.

  14. I dreamed that my father was Putin, he was very ill, but he was sleeping on the grass near the airport runway but was closer to a military camp. Soldiers were keen to capture my father (Putin). To keep him (father) warm due to his illness my daughter lit a fire on the grass and twigs around his head. For some reason, he did not burn but he was very weak. The soldier approached him (father) in his weak state and kicked him while he was almost half dead. He walk up, beat this soldier as a karate-trained person, and defeated this soldier. Afterward, he grabbed a gun and shot the child in the eye at close range but the child did not die. Then after we were on the run helping him escape, two carjackings, in the process and we took over the military dogs that were chasing us, with us. At the end of the chase, I asked him to surrender then he did and we were returning back, I don’t know where but on a minibus were 2 guys and a driver, 2 guys sitting at the back were talking about this little girl, how stubborn she was from coming back from boarding school

  15. In real life I had a problem with someone and then 2 days after I had a dream that person send someone to shoot me it was scary because I saw her face in the dream

  16. I dreamt about there’s 2 people chasing me trying to kill me, and there’s a guy helped me, he shoots the 1 guy and I don’t know how but then I got the gun, I was holding it in my hands and then I shot the next guy, I shot him multiple times untill he’s dead. That’s all
    I remembered…

  17. I dreamed last night I went to some girl house and shot her about 6 times. She did something to me that made me decide to go there but when I was on my way I found out she had also sold me a fake gun for 1200$. When I was shooting her I could barely hear the gun shoots. I was close on her shooting her. But she was fine bc I picked her up the next day to ride with me to go hide the gun. First we stopped by my house. While I was in the house the police came and she pulled off in my van. I immediately thought why did I have her with me, she called the police. There was a lot of family at my house who I don’t know in real life & my mom who passed away about years ago was there too. My house surrounded with police & they were inside searching. I kept trying to pull my mom to the side to tell her what had happened but my family member kept following us and talking. They wouldn’t let me tell her. The gun was in my van with the girl I shot. But they found a drawing of another female and said I was going to jail for sleeping her bc she was my cousin sister. The officer said don’t worry you’ll bond out in 34 hours. Then I woke up. I have never been with another female. It was so weird


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