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10 Meaning & Interpretations When You Dream Of “Train”

Have you been dreaming of a train lately? Train dreams have several meanings from connection, forward progress, new opportunities, power and strength, and more.

The meaning of dreams about trains can be extracted from your day-to-day personal circumstances. These dreams could also be a reflection of something you long for, or that might happen in your life.

In this article, you will find out what dreaming of a train means. Remember to contextualize your dreams in your current experiences. This will provide you with a more accurate interpretation of dreams about trains.

10 Meaning & Interpretations When You Dream Of “Train” 1

Dreaming of a Train: 10 Possible Meanings and Interpretations

Train dreams could have any of the following meaning, depending on your current reality:

1. You are/you need to be moving toward your goals

Trains typically move forward and are perhaps the only locomotives that do not routinely reverse.

You climb on a train to take you to a specific destination. Dreams in which you see yourself riding on a train could signify that you are moving closer and closer to a specific goal.

The dream could also be a message that you need to get serious and put more effort into achieving a certain goal. It is not enough to sit and wait; like a train, you need to exert yourself to get where you want.

2. You lack flexibility and patience

A train typically follows one track and moves in one direction, unlike a car, which can change multiple lanes and change direction easily.

In many ways, the single-track, one-directional qualities of a train symbolize a lack of flexibility. Dreaming of getting on a train could mean that you are inflexible, and this kind of attitude will not take you too far or to where you want to go.

If, in the dream, you were disembarking from the train, it signifies you are impatient. You want things to move faster or go in a different direction than they are currently going.

Take a keen look at your life. Is there something you might be rushing through and are being too inflexible to consider other possibilities? Watch out, as this mindset might not take you to your desired goals or intended destination.

3. You need a long-term view of things

A conspicuous quality of trains is their length. This mode of transportation is long and winding, but it gets us to our destination.

Dreaming of a train could be interpreted as a need to take a long-term view of things. Perhaps you are so focused on the short-term; you fail to see what waiting for a little longer can do for your plans.

Long-term visions and plans are often more sustainable than short-term ones. If you are already making long-term plans, this dream signifies that you are on the right track, and you should keep at it until you get to where you want.

4. You are troubled by a missed opportunity

Did you dream that the train had left you? You might have felt disappointed, and rightfully so. In real life, watching the train crawl away just when you arrive at the platform can be upsetting.

A dream about a train leaving you could be interpreted as a missed opportunity troubling you. Or, it could be a forewarning not to take anything for granted, as it might turn out to be a missed opportunity.

Make the most of the people around you; you never know when they might leave, and you will not have another chance to interact with them again.

This dream may also signify the need to make fast moves if you want to achieve certain goals, or else, the opportunity may never present itself again.

Don’t waste time on things that may direct you from your main goal, causing you to lose track of time and miss the opportunity.

5. You ignored someone else’s long-term plan

Sometimes, you might dream about being in an accident. In these dreams, you may or may not die. But, such dreams usually signify some an ending.

Dreaming about being hit by a train could mean your long-term plans have not yielded the results you anticipated, and you are very disappointed by the outcome. But, this is the nature of life—you might make detailed plans and hope for the best only for something else to come up.

A dream in which a train hit you could also mean you abandoned someone else’s dreams in favor of pursuing your own. Depending on the particular situation, your decision might lead to a massive fallout.

If you are thinking of focusing more on your goals and doing whatever it takes to get there, you might have to leave others to work on their own goals. The consequences might be tough, but, like everything else, this too shall pass.

6. Your long-term plans are changing

Dreaming of a train heading in a different direction from where you thought it was initially going can leave you feeling quite confused. After all, you were set on heading a certain way only to find yourself going elsewhere!

What could such a dream possibly mean?

A train heading in a different direction can be interpreted as the end of a long-standing relationship. It could be that you are growing apart and have less and less in common.

Perhaps your values have changed, and you no longer feel aligned with a friend or romantic partner. There is nothing left to do other than take a U-turn and head in a different direction.

7. You are impatient about the progress

Dreams about a train can involve you walking on top of a moving train. If you have been feeling impatient with the pace of things in your life, you might have such a dream.

Walking on top of the train signifies you are ready to take things in your hands to make them go at your preferred fast pace.

There is nothing wrong with being proactive and taking control of things in your life. But, don’t be in such haste that you end up making the wrong decisions or costly mistakes.

The interpretation of this dream might inspire you to jump into action to push things forward. But, as the saying goes, it is best to ‘look before you leap.’

8. You are saying goodbye to a loved one

Trains stations are characterized by ‘hellos and goodbyes.’ There are always people arriving and others leaving.

A dream in which you see yourself standing on the platform at the train station, watching people board, and the train leave could signify you are saying goodbye to a loved one.

Maybe, someone you loved passed away, and thoughts of them still linger in your memory. The train dream could be a reflection of the thoughts you have about the departed.

The dream might also be a premonition of an impending departure. It could be a message from the spirit world that someone close to you is about to depart and leave this earth, or they might be heading for another country.

9. Connection to others

Trains connect us to different destinations across towns, cities, and countries. Dreaming of a train could be symbolic of your desire for connection with a person or a place.

It could be that you long to connect with a loved one in a far-off destination. Perhaps you have been thinking about traveling and exploring the world and connecting with the people in the various destinations you visit.

Aside from wanting to connect with people, you might be desirous of new professional connections to take your career or business to the next level.

A train symbol in your dreams could also mean your predominant thoughts have been about needing to connect the dots and how you can move from one point to another.

10. You need some guidance to make an accurate decision

In real life, trains travel along a track; this track guides its movement to ensure the train safely gets to the determined destination.

Sometimes, you might dream of a train moving in the clouds or an open field with no track guiding it. This dream could signify you need some guidance in your life.

Does an aspect in your life feel out of alignment or riddled with confusion? Maybe you are looking at several funding opportunities for your business, but you aren’t sure which one to pursue.

Perhaps you consider taking your relationship to the next level but aren’t sure if your partner is truly ready. This is a big move, and you want your decision to be as accurate as possible.

If you feel unsure about which direction to go, it might be a good idea to speak to others close to you for some advice. It is always best to seek advice from people with lots of expertise and experience on the issue.

Summary:  What Does Dreaming of a Train Mean?

Trains have always been fascinating—they connect us; the close seating proximity can teach you a lot about humanity. They are powerful, steady, and time-oriented.

Dreaming of a train can be equally interesting. Whether you search for connection, are impatient, or are headed in the right direction, a train dream is definitely worth paying attention to.

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10 Meaning & Interpretations When You Dream Of “Train” 2

13 thoughts on “10 Meaning & Interpretations When You Dream Of “Train””

  1. One of my friend had a dream that she is on the railway platform with her cousin sister and saw that there was four train on the station and all trains suddenly departed at one time.
    This dream came to her after she terminated her fourth child pregnancy by forcing of her husband.
    She had two baby boy already. After first baby delivery tooks long time to become pregnant again and unfortunately second time of pregnancy the fetus didn’t survive as there was no sign of heart beat in it so doctor advised to make abortion. Later she get pregnant again on third time which become delivery of second baby boy which gave some critical situation during delivery and delivery done thru scissoring.
    Later after two years again she becomes pregnant again for the fourth time and the fetus situation is very normal but her husband dont want that baby as he was afraid the situation faced during second baby delivery time which was in actual pregnancy number three.
    But my friend didn’t wanted to terminate the pregnancy and wanted to gave the birth of that child even she was ready to face all kinds of consequences but her husband doesn’t agree and forced her to terminate the pregnancy by taking a pills.
    Tha dream i mentioned above she had that dream just after two weeks of the termination of the pregnancy.
    Please explain what is the connection of that dream with her pregnancy termination or what us the meaning of that dream.
    Thanks and regards.

  2. I dreamed of being on a train , and arriving at a station. Most of the dream played out around the trains and the tracks.I also , at one stage said that I wanted to become a train driver. The interpretation given here , is spot on , about things going on in my life right now. Like moving forward , being impatient , and longing for power and strength.

    • I dreamed I was on a train entering a station in queens Ny, I happened to see my dead Ex hiding on the station waitng for me so I croached down so he couldnt see me I went to the next station, travelled back to the same station that I skipped but on the other side, and the dream ended like that.

  3. My dream was scary. I was looking at my phone while in bed and something popped up with a loud but exciting voice and it said, you can ride the train at 10:00 p.m., do you want to ride. The voice was like a person at a carnival trying to get ya to play their game or the voice of a dj announcing something exciting. I said yes and then something told me not to do it so I said NO! Fell asleep and in a while that voice came back and in my ear he shouted, it’s 10:00 p.m. and time to ride the train !! I could hear the old times locomotive coming down the track and getting louder and louder.. I was scared to death and tried to wake myself up and couldn’t. My son heard me and woke me up..this is the second time I’ve had the same dream. It was a few years ago and my emotions and fear was the same. My husband woke me up that time. Both times were very realistic and scary..
    Please help me to get the meaning!!

  4. My dream was about a small train in my school basement. (It sounds really weird lol)
    So in the basement in the dream there were two sets of train tracks, and the left side didn’t have a train but the right did.
    So I was in a class, and we were working in the hallway, and then I looked down the hallway where the train tracks were and the two headlights from a train just appeared and got closer and closer until it stoped.
    I asked my teacher about it because they were strangely in the dream
    And they said that “the train was built by someone who became so scared of it that they were afraid to use it because they would be electrocuted and their left lung (I’m not sure what that rlly means) was going to be torn to shreds.”

    So I was kinda creeped out by my teacher, and keep in mind we were on the train that whole time so I asked them to drop me off back at the class.

    The whole dream was really weird, but weirds me out the most is that everything everyone mentioned in the dream and everything I noticed was typically on the left side of everything. The left lung thing was weird too because when I had a surgery on my left lung, and I’m also left handed. It probably doesn’t matter but does anyone know what it means? Thanks!

    • I most of time dreams about a train leaving me at the platform as I was supposed to change. This time I dreamt leaving a platform but without a legal tickets and my friend suddenly has tickets and now am taking him to some illegal passage to go out of the platform, along the way he wants to give away his ticket to the person going in since we saw the guards arresting people…

      Please help me understand this dreams

  5. Thanks for the detailed interpretation of seeing a train in the dream. However my dream was a bit different. I saw I am holding a child( not mine) and sit next to a train on top of a cliff just to see train going but when train moves I realise I an actually sitting on top of it. I get scared for the safety of this child I am holding. I make this child possibly 2 year old to hold me tightly and I try to hold the position firmly as it is windy and I know the journey is not longer than 5 to 10 mins. This child’s mother who is my aunt sees me through her window on top of this train but I am not sure if she has actually seen her child in my lap on top of the train. I get off the train safely and I see myself getting a return ticket at the ticket office but I forget the name of the station I want to go back to and I am trying to tell them I need to go back. She gives me tickets at the ticket office but I do not get back into the train and one of my other aunt tells me this child’s mother called and she knows that the child is with you safe and I feel relieved that I got away with this blunder of by mistake sitting on top of the train. No idea exactly what my dream means but I am going through a situation in my life where something has kind of just happened without me doing a lot about it and my life has changed its direction and I am okay with It but no idea what this child indicates perhaps my dreams.

  6. I was on a train and it was moving really fast the people around me who was supposed to be my friends pushed me to the back of the train all the way outside of the train. It was moving really fast and I was struggling to hold on but I did. Does anyone know what this would mean

  7. Good morning,
    I dream train come to house and stop, begging me to forgive him,
    Please please please I don’t understand the meaning

  8. My dream was that my son and I were either standing or walking next to the tracks and all of a sudden my my son and I were in front of a moving train holding on tight and the conductor saw us and was slowing down .


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