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11 Meanings When You Dream of Eagle

Have you ever seen an eagle in your dreams? Do you think the meaning of this dream comes from the way the bird flies or how it looks?

Well, keep reading to find out. We’ll talk about the eleven meanings of an eagle in dream.

Many people see the bird as a sign of wisdom and power over many things around their lives. Also, you can relate the bird to your goals and growth in real life. It’s because eagles have a great profile that comes with their heads and sharp eyes.

But the bird may be a sign of your problems. So, let’s go deeper into some of these meanings.

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1. It shows Your Power

If you see an eagle in your dream, it means that you have the power to do many things in real life. You’ll dream that you have seen an eagle or that an eagle has caught you.

The Shamans say that the bird is born with the strength to fly high in the sky. So, as the bird flies, it gains more power over birds and creatures in the sky. Well, it’s because these birds can fly to a greater height than any other birds in the sky.

It means the same for you in real life. The dream comes to encourage you to keep doing the best because you have the power to achieve many great things.

Sometimes, things may not seem to be working out for your good. Your spirit tells you that these setbacks should never pull you down at any moment. Like an eagle, you have the strength to go through these issues, and you’ll gain more power to make you successful.

2. You have courage

This dream shows that you dare to do many great things in life. Here, you’ll only dream that the bird is flying high in the sky.

There should be courage for anyone or any animal to fly high in the sky. An eagle knows that there will be problems like bad weather, attacks, or even loss of power while flying in the sky. But the bird prepares itself always to keep going because it’s brave.

If you see the dream, it shows that you can or always face your problems with a fierce heart. You are a person who never gives up easily, even when you have many duties. Instead, you prefer to go through these issues because you know that you’ll crush them.

3. Tells You about Your Life Goals

The dream can also mean that you have no limits to your goals. In your dream, you’ll see an eagle flying high in the sky. It shows that these birds barely have limits with what they do.

So, it means the same for you in your waking life. You have all it takes to always go for your goals and meet them.

Remember, you’ll always meet many challenges which can discourage you. But you’ll go through these problems like an eagle.

4. Shows Freedom

An eagle in your dream shows how much freedom you have in your life. You’ll dream of an eagle flying high in the sky.

When this bird flies high in the clouds, it shows that it’s the king of the sky because it has freedom. Also, an eagle can go very high or come very low to the ground to take its prey.

It means the same for you in real life. You have the independence of an eagle, so there shouldn’t be anything to scare you to meet your life goals.

But seeing the eagle fly in your dream can also mean that you desire to have this freedom. There’s something or some behavior that’s holding you captive. So, you wish to break away from this issue and be free to do anything you want in life.

5. People appreciate You

If you ever see an eagle in your dream, it can show that many people love and appreciate you in society. You can dream of an eagle standing or that you are killing an eagle using any weapon.

Also, if you see a black eagle standing in your dream, it means that many young people admire what you do. If you see a white eagle standing or flying, it shows that older people love your company.

Many people love eagles because they are brave, wise, and have great vision. The dream can mean the same for you in society.

You are also very wise and learned, and know when and what to do in many areas. This dream shows that many people respect you for who you are, making you lucky. It’s something that’s also helping you because you keep getting new and useful experiences.

6. Be keen on the Life chances

An eagle in your dream comes to tell you to be keen on taking chances in real life. Here, you’ll dream of a bird flying or landing to catch prey.

Once an eagle sees prey, it will always be keen on it and wait for the best moment to take it. Remember, it’s never easy for an eagle to let go of an opportunity.

The same means to you in real life. You should ever be careful on the chances that can make you meet many of your goals.

Ensure that you are keen on any opportunity and then take it. The spirit reminds you that you can utilize many opportunities.

7. You’ll suffer because of Your doings

This dream can mean that something bad will happen to you. Here, you’ll dream that you are killing an eagle.

An eagle is a bird that many people love and cherish. When you kill it, it shows that you’ve taken something important from society, so it’s time to pay for your actions.

The same relates to the things you do in real life. You may be treating someone wrongly or doing morally wrong things. So, the person will soon revenge what you’ve done.

Also, you keep heartbreaking people because you think no one can touch you. Well, you should shun this behavior. Otherwise, someone will also hurt you the same way you are doing at the moment.

8. Your Patriotism

Seeing an eagle in your dream can show the level of your patriotism. You’ll dream that an eagle has visited you at any place. It can be at your house, workplace, or walking outside.

It can mean that you love your nation too much, and it’s affecting you. Yes, it’s always a lovely thing for you to cherish your country.

But if you overdo it, people will view you negatively in society. So, look and see if you’ve gone to a deeper extent in loving your nation.

Sometimes, it can be that you hate your nation. The dream tells you to be more patriotic and love the people from your country.

9. Your Life balance

This dream can be speaking a lot about your life balance. You’ll dream that you’ve seen an eagle on its foot.

Being a great bird, the eagle can fly high in the sky and come to stand on the ground with ease. Even when it hunts for prey, the toes give it great balance.

So, seeing this bird means you have a strong life balance. You can do many things well in your life without an issue.

Also, the dream can be warning you that you lack a life balance. Many things seem to overwhelm your abilities, making you fail to meet your targets.

10. You are Loyal

This dream can also show that you are loyal, and many people can trust you. Here, you’ll only dream that you’ve seen an eagle.

Besides their wisdom and vision, people love eagles for their loyalty. Remember, an eagle mates and commits with one partner for life.

It means that you are a person who can commit yourself to do things without breaking the deal. You can see this meaning in your marriage or even your life goals.

Your family members know that you are committed to caring about them. Also, people know that you are loyal to what you choose to do at your workplace. Embrace this character because it’s a rare thing.

11. Anger over Your Parents

You can dream that you are catching an eagle. The dream will mean that you are angry at your parents or guardians.

Sometimes, your parents may limit you from doing some things. This anger may come because you think your parents deny you happiness and growth.

Yes, most measures that parents put on their children are to help them grow. But you’ll see that they still treat you like a young baby.

Also, you think these guardians see you as one who can’t make choices by yourself. The dream tells you to change your attitude and always be a peace with your parents.


When you see an eagle in your dream, it pushes you to become a better person. These meanings depend on the dream’s context and how it moves.

It can show your courage, power, vision, wisdom, and how people view you in society. Besides, the dream can also warn you if you are wrong in real life.

So, did these meanings relate to what you saw in your eagle dream? Do you have any other eagle dream meanings? Please share with us; we would like to hear from you.

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18 thoughts on “11 Meanings When You Dream of Eagle”

  1. In my dreams I saw I was raising 4/5 eagles and I told my mother that it’s very difficult to raise an eagle ,so I was going to donate it to the zoo.

  2. I dreamed I was walking and an eagle appears. Then I seen a man trying to catch it, gesturing to me to be quiet with a dog with him. The eagle was walking and it circles around behind me and gets on my shoulder and I awake gasping, I actually felt it touch. What does it mean???

  3. I just had a Dream of a big beautiful white Eagle picked me up from my home! Home & flew me on him to a beautiful island. He put me down on this beautiful island & he got back to normal size. I asked if he was going to take me back home. He just looked at me & i looked around people there were so nice i decide to stay! But i thought of my family & i woke up?

  4. I dream that I carrying an Eagle and I want to slaughter it for my food and the eagle always wants to bite my face and he never succeed

  5. Anyone can explain why did I dreamed about an normal eagle flying high and transformed into a huge eagle and flying high under the clouds?

  6. Today early morning time around 5.55 i had a dream about that a golden colour eagle kiss me on my forehead. What does it mean kindly reply me am eager to know that.
    Thank you 😊

  7. I see Eagle in my dream and he cover 4 white Big bird the size of white Bird is like an Eagle Size and i remember in my dream i called them 4 supreme spirit.

  8. I was around my aunt’s house track when I saw something like a dead vulture on the top of a big tall tree beside the road.
    As I watch closely, it was a brown eagle then I decided to climb and met him on the tree.
    So as I reach him, we started discussion, infact he was given me instructions.
    At a time, a decided to climb down but the stem was trying to fall me, immediately that eagle asked to put my hand there and there, gently I saw myself on ground.
    That eagle also fly from the tree to my side and as soon as he landed turned to an elderly man seated on ground and we continue the discussion.

  9. I dreamt an eagle attacking me from above. I fought back, and the eagle lost the fight. The colour of the eagle was a white! The neck was darker almost golden, and it was black around the eyes. I held the eagle down with a large axe and we spoke. I told the eagle to give up and surrender. I woke up after that.

  10. I have had 2 dreams so far in my life about eagles the first one was i seen a eagle trapped in a car i got in the car with it and ask it if he wanted me to set it free and he answered to me yes set me free so i open the door it flew away into the light.

    The second dream i was having a nightmare 2 shadow people were trying to get me and over come me i started to pray and an eagle came and swooped me up and we were flying away from the dark and into the light i take it as in both dreams were so amazing but don’t understand what is it i am suppose to learn or gain what the meaning is can someone plz help me understand


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