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9 Spiritual Meanings of Eye

Eyes are one of the key senses in any person’s life, but do you ever wonder how a spiritual eye connects with your spirit? Do you think this eye comes to warn or encourage you?

Well, worry less because you are about to know. Here, we’ll cover all about the spiritual eye meaning.

Mostly, the meanings of a spiritual eye come from what you think. You should relate each meaning to your real life.

You’ll see a spiritual eye when you meditate or even in your dreams. It comes to enlighten you and make your life better. So, here are nine meanings of seeing or having a spiritual eye.

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1. You are Focused

Having or seeing the spiritual eye shows that you are focused on what you do. As you begin to meditate, you’ll start seeing more about your life events.

Like your two eyes, the spiritual eye allows you to focus more on your life. This eye shows your growth and weak areas in life. So, you’ll have a chance to make things better.

Also, when you dream about the spiritual eye, it shows you have focus. Your spirit will tell you what you need to handle in life.

Remember, the focus comes from your link with the spirit. This act comes from both your dreams and meditation.

The eyes come to tell that you know how to plan for what to do in real. You also never allow any form of distractions.

2. It’s a Vision

Sometimes it can be that your spirits are giving you a vision. This vision shows that something nice is going to happen.

It also comes to warn you about your real life. So, ensure you are keen on what the spiritual eye shows you.

This vision can be that your spirit warns you that the step you are about to take is wrong. You should look at your current life projects and see if there’s anything wrong.

Also, ensure that you look after some people close to you. It’s because the vision might be about something that’s about to happen to their lives.

The vision from the spiritual eye might come through dreams. Sometimes, it comes to show you that a bright future is coming your way.

So, if you have a problem that bothers you, your spirits have come to encourage you. Ensure you face your problems because the heavens will take care of you.

3. You are Intelligent

The spiritual eye might also mean that you are wise. Here, you’ll dream about it, or you may always love to meditate.

Remember, through the spiritual eye, you have high chances to handle many situations. Every step you take in life is full of wisdom.

You should use this gift to make other people’s lives better. Well, it’s not bad when you use it to make your life better. But never use it to take advantage of other people’s lives.

Having the spiritual eye means that you are unique. Also, people will always love you because of your wisdom.

Ensure you use this skill to improve your projects and meet most of your goals. Anything you’ll always touch will turn into gold because you are intelligent.

4. It’s Making something Clear

Sometimes, it may be that something that isn’t clear is bothering your life. So, once you see that you have a third eye, it has come to make things clear to you.

Mostly, it will be that you aren’t sure about your future. The spirits tell of the possible things that may happen in the future.

Also, the third eye makes your intuition to be better. If you have some problems that you currently face, the third eye will guide you to ways that will help you.

It can be that you are stuck with that business, and you always make losses. So, it’s from this spiritual eye that you’ll know what’s wrong.

Remember, sometimes your ideas in real life may be wrong. But with the spiritual eye, the spirits will guide you.

The spiritual eye also helps you have a clear picture of your dreams. You’ll always see that you are in a different light and world.

These dreams that you’ll begin to see after the spiritual eye comes to help you have a better picture of society. You’ll even start to see new and better possibilities for you in life.

5. You’ll find Your life Purpose

Do you ever think about what’s your purpose in life? Well, once the spiritual eye comes to you, you’ll see more about why you are alive.

You’ll start to be at peace with everything that’s happening in your real life. Well, it’s because the spiritual eye will help you know that all things happen with a purpose.

It doesn’t matter if it was something that hurt you or not. There was a reason why everything happens in your life.

Also, once you are at peace with everything, you’ll worry less. It’s from here that you’ll think better to come up with new life ideas.

6. Judgment of Life Events

When your spiritual eye opens in real life or dreams, it means that you’ll have a better look over many things. It means that you always see the link between your life events.

Though sometimes it’s unlikely but useful, your intuition will grow. You’ll see why some coincidences in your life are key.

Sometimes, some people come to your life at the right moment when you need them. So, the spiritual eye will help you see this matter.

Once you have this quality, you’ll relate well and smoothly with people. Remember, this trait fits your growth in the workplace or even your love life.

The spiritual eye in you means that you know why someone refused to marry you. It will also help you understand why your job keeps doing well.

7. You’ll have a better Eating Lifestyle

There are times when the spiritual eye will come to help you change your diet. Well, it’s because what you always eat every day isn’t building your health but destroying it.

So, once the eyes come to you in real life or dreams, your mind will know that food is vital for your health and being. Also, you’ll know that some foods aren’t safe for you.

This spiritual eye will make you love natural and healthy foods. It’s because you’ll now know that these foods will make you a better person.

You’ll also be careful with what you eat. Your spirit will even make you know when to eat because you love your health.

8. A Way to Your Soul

The spiritual eye shows that you should connect with your soul. It may come in your dreams or as you meditate in real life. The meaning comes as a warning to your real life.

Remember, his spiritual eye is also your third eye. Once the need to connect with your soul comes, it may mean that something isn’t right in real life.

So, to do well in life, you should connect your body and soul. Without the balance, you’ll lack peace in real life.

Also, this link between your body and soul opens up your mind. When your mind is open, you’ll become more creative in many areas of your life.

So, be keen on what your soul needs. If you ignore it, things might not go well with you.

9. It’s an Awakening

As your spiritual eye opens, it awakens your body, mind, and soul. It can also come as a dream or when you meditate upon some matters.

Yes, here you’ll find that your life beliefs and values about some issues may have been wrong. So, the spirit speaks to you to have a new mindset through the third eye.

Your spirit will push you to know the link between your past and future. Be ready because the eye will begin to ask deep questions about the things happening in your life.

You may be heaving some wrong behaviors in you. But after the spiritual eye comes to you, you’ll become more loving and caring to the people around you.

You’ll also learn to understand more about issues you face in real life. It will because the spiritual eye will change your thoughts. Your soul will know what’s of light and darkness.

Once your soul awakens, you’ll also see people for who they are in real life. Sometimes, you may think that someone was nice. But the third eye will tell you otherwise once it comes to you.


The spiritual or third eye helps you know more about your different skills. Mostly, you’ll have this eye when you meditate in real life.

But it can also come to your dreams. Ensure you study every detail of that given dream

Also, to understand these meanings, be keen on everything that happens in your real life. Once it comes to you, it means that you’ll be wiser and with more focus in life.

Expect to have a better view of your life events. It’s because the eye opens up your intuition.

So, have you ever had a spiritual eye, either in dreams or spiritual life? We would love to hear from you.

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9 Spiritual Meanings of Eye 2

10 thoughts on “9 Spiritual Meanings of Eye”

  1. Well thank you for sharing your great awareness of the spiritual eye, well yes I am experiencing the spiritual eye that literally opens and closes in way the spiritual eye answers me. when I meditate and pray with all my heart. My eyes will up with a watery liquid when I pray for the cleansing of my eyes. Yes, I get the right answers to all my messages and I get most of the things I wish for which are spiritually connected to my body and soul. Praise you and thank you, Jesus. Thank you for this beautiful Vision that I experience every day in my life.

  2. I was sitting in a room with a friend talking and my friend was looking at there phone and I kept having a vision of a all white left eye with no pupil or anything else what does this mean…please help it’s driving me crazy cause I can’t find the meaning on googel

    • Mabey the moon? In Egypt, the believed in the gods Horus and Ra. Horus personification was the sky. They said his right eye was the sun and his left was the moon. So you may need to work on emotional issues or something to that nature because the moon helps balance our emotions. Also may need shadow work. Look into the moon.

    • I have had this same experience have you found an answer? And it’s eerie how you wrote this because I’ve had this same exact experiance?

  3. The important thing is to be sensitive to understanding the difference between spiritual vision vs eyesight. Many doctors operate and treat wrongly many peoples eyes with heavy drops, etc. and in real time they really don’t have the major eye issues they report. The spiritual world is somewhat different from the real world.

  4. Wow wow wow!! I’m so glad I saw this. I’m almost tearing up now 😢😭
    Do you know how long i’ve been searching for the reason I always see eyes when my eyes are open. It has been with me for a while now and sometimes it seems like I’m gonna go crazy 😞 i’m just so satisfied I finally got my answers. Thank you so much for this, may God bless you 🙏
    And Pls if you could help me with what I can do about my headaches. I take painkillers but they don’t seem to work, i’m a singer and the headache really affects me when I perform…
    Thank you once again

    • Hi I’m Sai Laxmi 🙏🏽
      Before taking any painkillers, first learn to relax your mind, take out all the negativity clear your mind connect to your soul and take a deep breath into your nose pushing stomach out, then release your breath out of your mouth, your distractions take over so your mind just starts taking roller coasters and then in our language we call it a headache, the best headache medicine I’ve used is migralive pink and yellow tablet together. That’s the best I can advice and please totally cut down on any type of medication go for meditation 🧘 instead a headache means time out to heel yourself simple your important to God that’s why he created you so meditation is connecting to your creator
      God bless 🙏🏽Amen brother’s and sister’s reading this peace ☮️ out FAMILY

  5. I’ve reached out because I’m seeking answers after having a vision. This would be perhaps a second vision just not as clear as the first; however, it was a reality vision, like the here and now. I was sleeping and woke up to seeing trees, like a forest. There were houses deep within and between the trees. As the vision seemed to be spiraling in and out, an eye appeared. It opened and I began to see a city? Not sure. It was like looking out the window. Then I saw people drinking water from water bottles and spitting it out because it was causing them to gag and choke like tainted or poison. Then the vision began to recede. I layed there pondering until I fell back to sleep.

  6. So, yesterday I did my first lesson & meditation learning how to read my akashic records, wow! Now today I find this!! You see I received a gift in my meditation and at first I had no idea what it represented. It was an “eye” of the Lamb ( two separate things together. The eye part had me wondering, till I found you!!! Thx alot. . .

  7. Hi I was in bed meditating and the next thing I saw a massive eye and it looked like it was in space too with all the colours around it I don’t know what it means im new to all this and the other day I saw a pyramid with an eye in the middle of it ive tried searching what it means but haven’t fount anything so far


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