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7 Meanings When You Dream About Green Snake

Have you recently seen a green snake in your dreams? Snakes are not the favorite pets or animals of the majority of the population, but seeing a green snake in a dream is not that negative despite the general dislike.

When you dream of a green snake, you have to consider the meaning of the color green and the meaning of a snake. Green, in general, always means good things, for example, luck, prosperity, joy, hope, and good feeling.

But, at the same time, a snake symbolizes strength, spirituality, deception, problems, and obstacles to come. So, what are all the meanings of dreaming a green snake?

This article will give you all the details about the importance of dreaming green snakes.

7 Meanings When You Dream About Green Snake 2

What does it mean when you dream a green snake?

In general, a snake symbolizes inner power, and when it is paired with green, it is a sign of luck to come. But, like in any other dream, you can see a green snake in various circumstances, and depending on them, the dream can change the meaning slightly or even change it completely.

Here are the primary meanings of a green snake in a dream:

1. Green snake is attacking you

If you dream of a green snake, it signifies that you are trying to overcome difficulties, problems, or dealing with a troublesome person. It means you live a difficult period or suffer emotionally or physically, possibly because you are separated from a loved person.

But, such a dream also sends you a message that a change is needed, and you have to move on and close the current chapter of your life. In addition, a green snake in a dream also represents fear.

In fact, if you are afraid in your dream when meeting a green snake, you are experiencing an emotional storm. It can be a sign that you have to control yourself and your desires.

If you were afraid of the snake in your dream, it is a sign that your spiritual strength will be tested by various temptations (snakes also represent temptation).

2. KIlling a green snake

Killing a green snake in a dream can have multiple meanings depending on the circumstances of the dream. In general, even if you are killing a snake in your dream and that could be not very comforting, it is still a sign of good luck.

It can signify that you can be lucky in pursuing your life project or any other action in the near future. In this case, if you can take advantage of this dream and take a chance with the lottery or visit a casino. In other words, you can try your luck.

Oddly enough, green snakes in dreams are also connected with alcohol offers and your involvement with them in the near future. If you are affected by a chronic illness, dreaming of a green snake symbolizes that you will get better and healthy. It also means that you will soon feel much better if you are sick.

It is also a good sign regarding your environment, which is meant to improve and become better for you. Lastly, killing a green snake also means that you will manage to be one step ahead of your enemy and that the adverse effects created by him will end.

3. Green snake chasing or attacking you

Green snake chasing or attacking you

If a green snake is attacking you in your dream, it means that you are afraid and, in general, is the symbol of fear. The fear is derived from a difficult situation in your life or a problematic person causing you a lot of trouble.

If you are experiencing a period of grief or vulnerability, you have more chances to see green snakes in your dreams. If you see a green snake in the grass or sand, it symbolizes that you feel that someone cannot be trusted in your life.

If the snake bites you, it signifies that you are sad and you are suffering from separation, and it means that you have to move on and change your approach to life. A snake biting you also signifies your approach to relating with other people.

You have to be careful of trusting people around you without completely isolating yourself. It is essential to understand how other people make you feel and keep you at a distance from negative ones.

In general, dreaming of a green snake attacking you is not a bad sign, even if the dream was terrifying. Instead, it is a sign of vitality, good luck, healing, and wisdom. It reflects your inner power that will radiate and soon improve your living conditions.

4. Green snake wrapping around you

If you dream of a green snake wrapping around your body, it signifies problems and difficulties in your life, primarily economic and money-related issues. For example, such a dream can warn you to control your spending habits and stop spending more than you can.

If you have this dream, you should make a plan on what you should spend your money on and adhere to it to prevent unwanted expenses. In general, when you see a snake wrapping around you, it signifies significant economic problems.

For example, you may have debts or be forced to get additional loans to face your upcoming needs, or you will soon have to spend money for unexpected events. If the snake is wrapping around your neck, it signifies work problems.

Instead, if the snake is wrapping around your feet, it signifies complicated relationships with others. If the snake is wrapped around your left hand, it represents a lot of money to come.

If you see a lot of snakes around your body, you are going to be tempted into infidelity ( if you are married ), or you will find love ( if you are single).

5. A boa constrictor

A green boa constrictor in your dream is not a good sign. Instead, it signifies emotional turbulences to come, and because of it, you may make wrong decisions.

But, killing a boa constrictor signifies that you won’t allow your emotion to interfere with your decisions and that you will get through a difficult period because of your firm will. In general, a boa constrictor symbolizes that you are facing illnesses, troubles, and problems, but you will come out victorious.

It signifies that you will get a new job, more power, and additional fortune in the near future. In addition, it can suggest that you will start a new project or activity and increase your properties and the amount of money in your account.

If you have an activity, the dream signifies increasing your profits.

6. A green cobra

If you dream of a green cobra, it signifies that you do not trust those around you. If the cobra is changing colors, you will get into a better condition in the future. In general, dreaming of a cobra can be a positive sign and a negative sign simultaneously.

For example, it can indicate the start of a new project or something new, and even good luck. It also symbolizes strength and freedom. But, it can also signify fear, deception, wickedness, deception, and the feeling of being controlled by other people.

On the negative side, if you see a cobra in your dream, it can signify that you can be the effect of an imminent threat and that you have to act quickly in your decision-making process. It also suggests that you have someone around you comparable to a snake.

It can be anyone near you, like a colleague, relative, or friend, who is dangerous. The dream is warning you to use your instinct to identify who that person is.

7. A snake in the bathroom

A snake in the bathroom

If you dream of a green snake in the bathroom, it signifies that you will encounter a new beginning in your life. It is a good omen for the future, your intuition will sharpen, and your spiritual ability will intensify.

In general, it is a sign of renewal and vitality. It signifies a better financial situation and improved creativity. However, it is also possible that you dream of a snake in the bathtub, and it suggests that you are giving more value to knowledge and improving your talents.

It also means that you are taking on more responsibilities than you can comfortably handle and that soon you can get into domestic arguments and conflict. It can also indicate that you want to express yourself to others, but you haven’t yet.


In general, green is a good sign. It signifies hope, pleasing sensations, good luck, prosperity, new life, and in general, something positive. But, a green snake has a more substantial meaning. It signifies respect and a better life.

A green snake represents a more spiritual side of a person and inner strength, but it has negative meanings at times. Hopefully, this article could answer all your questions about dreaming of a green snake. If you have additional questions, leave a comment.

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7 Meanings When You Dream About Green Snake 1

22 thoughts on “7 Meanings When You Dream About Green Snake”

  1. Seeing a green snake continue from 3 days, it’s not attacking me, simply scrolls over my body straight, and I feel it sensation,wherever I went I found that snake first around me later on my body, why so please give me prediction.

  2. What does it mean to dream of a green snakes inside the house full of people but it’s not harmful and kids are just playing with it

  3. I didn’t dream.I just had a vision of a very shiny green cobra with yellow and black colours.My vision just showed that snake raising its head.There was no setting in the background or anything,just the snake.At first I thought it was so beautiful until I wrapped my mind that it was actually a cobra.Then,the same day the lady I stay with killed a black with white colour cobra right outside our room.I don’t know how to understand this at all.Please someone explain to me.

  4. I saw dark green snake in front of shiv and Parvati Ji from the top. They were near some water stream which may can be ganga.

  5. The snake was crawling, around a close friend. It started with him laying down, the snake first appeared under him, crawled out of view, came back into sight twice; once on the left then right. Want to say he appeared on top, as well but im not sure, of course I was afraid and screaming, and screamed, to my friend, to get up, (there were other people around, attempting to help, but I couldnt see their faces) don’t move etc. My last viewing of the snake he didn’t bite him, but he lifted his head, looked directly into his eye, and I woke up.

  6. The green snake entered the house only to find that I saw it and rush to kill it. Upon kill it it was trying to attack me and it changed the color to white. I managed to kill it using an axe in that dream.
    Thanks Gogo

  7. Seeing a green snake taking poisoning from a pussy cat. I was afraid because the green snake climb on the tree and it was coming down to my direction and I used my right hand to hit it and it fell down and went away

  8. My dream was I was picking my nose because it was irritated and from my nose I pulled a green snake I thought on the ground and tried to stomp on the green snake. It spoke to me but I don’t know what it said the green snake crawled off it got away

  9. I had a dream of yellow green none venomous snake beside our dinning table. The dinning area is abit dark. Infront if dinning table may 10 yrs old daughter siting on a divan and the snake came near my daughter and she is not afraid, infact she comes closer to the snake face to face. I called my husband and he grab the snake on the tail. The snake got got off his hands and cams to me and bite my left leg. Pleas help me go undetlr stand may dream.
    Thank you..

  10. I dreamed of the green snake in the chair inside my house were my wife were seated, and then I told her to hold it head then when I went out side to find stick to beat it,i got them locked inside the bedroom.

  11. Dreaming about green snake going to the bathroom

    Nd 3 black snake going to the kitchen…nd I hide myself for that Blck snake

    What does is mean?

  12. Hello, what does it mean when dreaming of 2 green snakes. 1 green mamba the other Im not sure the breed but definitely not mamba. They both are not trying to bite me but me being me…I keep on running away from them and keep on warning my son to be careful of the snakes. There r people around me my cousins and sisters however it seems that the snakes issue is mine not their. They eventually loose track of me and I start relaxing then my late mom says my child there is comes again. Referring to the green mamba. What does this mean please?

  13. The green snake I dreamed of was a beautiful green it was laying beside the ground where my dad and I were walking. I was afraid but my dad never wavered in his steps. I was anxious and felt a panic but at the same time it never moved the snake just watched us. I woke up ready to kill it…..


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