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15 Meanings When You Dream of Hand

Seeing hands in a dream is quite common. But, if your dream is intensely focused on your hands and the gestures, it definitely has something to say. Let’s dive deep and find out what dreams about hands indicate. Let’s begin by discussing what it means if you dream of waving your hands!

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1.   Dreaming about waving

Waving someone in your waking life means that you’ll be separated from them for a while. A dream about waving hands means the same. You might have to deal with separation from someone you value. This might make you anxious and worrisome.

However, the separation will not last for long, and you’ll be soon reunited. Waving in a dream can also signal that you’ll try to win someone’s love and approval.

The accurate meaning depends upon your intention in the dream. Try to remember what your intention was in the dream while waving your hands.

2.   Dreaming about hands

If you’re unaware of whose hand you saw in the dream, it means that you’re not taking any serious action to better your life.

You’re not investing in yourself towards growth and success. Seeing a feminine hand in the dream might represent infidelity.

You might not be prioritizing your woman in life anymore. However, if the female hand in the dream looks broken or hurt, it might be a signal of the deteriorating health of your female partner.

Dreaming of beautiful hands signals glory and productivity. It means that you feel creative and are ready to invest yourself fully in whatever you plan on doing.

But if you feel something heavy on your hands, it indicates that a decision on something important is awaiting, and you must be careful while doing so.

3.   Dreaming about fist

Dreams of fist indicate that you’ve taken a major decision appropriately in life. If you square your fist in the dream, it represents the aggression you feel against someone. If that’s the case, you must try to calm yourself down, as most probably, the anger you’re feeling is groundless.

The person you’re feeling angry with wishes nothing bad for you, and everything might simply be a case of misunderstanding.

If you dream of a fist in front of your face, it means that somebody who doesn’t like you is plotting against you. So, think twice before you take any step and make sure you do nothing bad which might hurt or trigger somebody else.

4.   Dreaming about handshake

Handshake in dreams signals the recognition and approval you’re likely to get from the person you shook your hands with. If you dreamt of shaking hands with a famous person, it means that you’ll be recognized and acknowledged by a well-known person.

Dreaming of shaking hands with a regular person or an acquaintance signals that you’re likely to come to an agreement or make a good decision. A solution to a problem that has been bothering you for since long will probably be found.

5.   Dreaming about wearing handcuffs

Dreaming about wearing handcuffs

This dream indicates that something is probably holding you back from unleashing your full potential. It might be your fear of failure or someone intentionally limiting your potential growth.

You need to introspect as well as analyze your close circle to make sure that everybody wants nothing but the best for you. However, if the handcuff is not on your hands but on somebody else’s, it means that you’re possessive of that person. It’s absolutely fine to love and adore someone. But you must make sure that it is not an unhealthy obsession.

6.   Dreaming about dirty hands

Dirty hands in a dream symbolize hard work and persistence. It means that though things might not look best at the moment, you’ll soon experience a fruitful result. This dream symbolizes hope. Remember that everything will be better eventually.

Dreams about dirty hands also mean that you might have made a mistake, and people around you are not as trustworthy as you think. So, always think twice before you befriend and trust someone.

7.   Dreaming about rough hands

Dreams about rough hands represent wealth and luxury. At the same time, a hairy or a rough hand in dreams also mean that you aren’t considerate of others’ feelings. You treat others harshly and rudely.

Not only with others, but your behavior towards yourself isn’t gentle as well. This dream is a sign for you to add more tenderness and love to your life. You only live once, and this is your time to spread joy and love within and around.

8.   Dreaming about holding hands

Clasped hands in your dream generally represent a romantic relationship. You feel loved and protected, or you feel immense affection for the one with whom you’re holding hands. Dreams about holding hands also signify friendships that are likely to stand the test of time.

It also means that you want to respect and protect the other person and are anxious about them getting away from you. This dream can also mean that you want to help some of you need to communicate better and ask for help from someone probably.

9.   Dreaming about washing hands

Washing hands dream represents the guilt you’re probably feeling in your waking life. You might have been involved in some unscrupulous activities, and you regret doing so.

10.  Dreaming about elderly hands

Dreaming about elderly hands

Elderly hands in dreams mean that you might experience some hardships in your life or something in your waking life that doesn’t quite feel right. Though you’re doing good in life, there’s much in life and love to learn.

You’re learning to express your emotions and reflecting on your life decisions and methods. It also means that a protective force is watching over you. You’re likely to accomplish something in life, and you’ll be fortunate to celebrate your success with your close circle.

11.  Dreaming about bloody hands

Bloody hands in your dream representation the guilt you are feeling or the blame someone else is putting on you.

You might be at fault, or the situation might be full of understandings or something beyond your control; either way, you might feel excluded from your circle, probably by your close friends or family.

12.  Dreaming about hands tied with rope

Bound hands in the dream represent the lack of control over waking life situations. This dream indicates that you might experience hardships in whatever it is you’re trying to do or accomplish. You might find the situations overwhelming, complicated, and difficult to manage.

Likewise, this dream also suggests that you will probably find things that once brought you joy and curiosity boring. It might be a hobby, business ideas, or simply your daily chores and routines.

However, if you’ll be able to free yourself and escape the bond, it indicates that you’ll soon find control and take charge of your life and decisions before it is too late.

13.  Dreaming about detached hands

Dreams about detached hands represent the loneliness and the feeling of isolation you’re going through in your waking life. You might be shouting, but no one is there to hear your beliefs, opinions, and stories.

This dream indicates that others often misunderstand you, and you’re having a hard time expressing and making someone understand your point of view.

However, the problem is not within you but in others. It is not you but them who are trying to avoid conversations. If they don’t even try to understand you, you have to keep your head high and go back to minding your own business.

14.  Dreaming about itchy hands

This one is quite tricky. Do you even remember which hand of yours felt itchy in the dream? If it was left, well, congratulations to you! It means that you’ll soon receive money.

On the other hand, if it was a right hand or both hands, it’s a piece of bad news. This indicates that you’ll lose money instead. Or, this dream might simply be a result of your hands feeling itchy in real life.

15.  Dreaming about hands on fire

Frankly, dreaming about hands on fire is quite terrifying. The meaning of this dream is not so well either.

It signals that your life and work-related choices haven’t been great lately. You’re acting impulsively and are unaware of how even your smallest mistake can result in huge consequences.

You don’t put enough thoughts into work and handle it recklessly. It’s risky to do so, and this dream is a warning from your subconscious to start taking responsibility for your actions.


When it comes to dreaming interpretations, even a tiny detail can make a lot of difference. So, if you’ve dreamt of hands recently and you want to understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you, try to remember the nitty-gritty details: even the intentions and the position of hands matter.

This list is just a brief one and if your dream scenario is not listed here, feel free to drop down a comment. We’d love to help you understand what message your dream is conveying.

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22 thoughts on “15 Meanings When You Dream of Hand”

  1. Dreaming about a man with a rough hand.
    In my dream he’s my lover friend but i dont feel he loves me in my dream.
    I dont recognize him in my reality.
    I clean the room we rent, fix some kind of a messy clothes,i saw many round rag hanging in the air.
    Thats my dream last night
    Help me to interpret.

  2. Dream involving a slim man’s hand raising it repeatedly in a right angle and in a way that he is trying to communicate an important message. By then I was in a public vehicle traveling and was woken by this dream.

  3. I had a dream that I felt like I was still awake and I can feel a human hand holding my hand on the side of my bed but I could not see the Hand

  4. Hi my dream was me shaking hands with a male at after dinner with new neighbors,we were meeting for the first time. the person was male he used 2 fingers and thumb the handshake seamed weak coming from him as we shaked introduced by another new neighbor I had just meet to I was just being told of his importance to the Neighborhood.
    Thank you. Joe

  5. Dreamt of walking towards my bestie in a field… and a lion came from behind me…I put my hand out and he put It in his mouth but did not bite me… I grabbed a chair n tried to hit it on the head… a man appeared burn in not sure if he was telling me to hit it again or not to

  6. What about hands like my friend dreams we were holding hands in prayers as we usually do but my hands were henna drawn by they were repugnant and thorny

  7. My dream is about using the hands into a clay medium and then removed so that it becomes a statue when plaster is poured into it.

  8. dreamt that I removed a string that was attached to my hand from my ex’s hand then placed the string on his sons hand then I let the end of the string go.

  9. Hi I dreamt of one hand under a bed ! It came to the end of the bed on the floor searching around as if it has lost something. I was scared of it in my dream

  10. Dreamed we went into a fast food place and they were serving other people’s cut off hands to lick or eat. I was shocked and gagged and ran out

  11. I took a nap during the day and had a stomach ache. I dreamt that an old co-worker and crush was talking to me about a watch. He was showing me his new watch. It was large, rectangular and black. His hands were the focus of the dream. His hands were large and strong. His palms were turned down, to show me his watch. I was at ease talking with him, although in reality I was often nervous to talk to this person. I was telling him that I do not wear a watch, I had but no longer do. Although I knew who it was in my dream, I did not see his face, only his hands and the watch. It feels worth noting that the work we did was hands on and his hands seemed familiar.

  12. I had a dream I was in the backseat of a car, in the middle seat to be exact. There was someone driving and someone in the passenger, I had my hand reaching over to the person in the passenger seat, and they were turned slightly around to look at me. they lovingly held my hand and guided it to rub their hair and face. the light was hitting their face, the dream was very intimate but I wasn’t sure who this person was!

  13. What does it mean to dream of a small left hand that looks dead. It reaches from the side of my left side of my bed. The hand is very warm when it touches my back

  14. #13 Dreaming of a detached hand.

    Hi, I was dreaming of moving detached hand that most likely it communicate to me. It shows some gesture to which I couldn’t understand.
    Then I tried to pick it up but I was a bit scared because it is moving and it has something that is like a scar or incomplete fingers but it moved.
    Then it jumped into the sink and went down to the drain of the sink and I went outside followed the drainage to see where it leads and I saw out that was under our sink was a herd of swine and piglets, to which I called my father and told him what happened to thses pigs.

    Afterwards, I then was awake and feeling sad about those pigs.

    Can you interpret it for me.

    Thank you

  15. I dreamt I sat next to an friend of mine that I recently reconnected with after many years. I wanted to hold his hand in the dream but instead I noticed that my hand looked like it belongs to an old old woman.
    The explanation for elderly hands was pretty spot on as far as looking back on life choices and expressing emotions.

  16. I had a dream about beautifully manicured hands with red fingernail polish. The left and right hand were together in the steepled position and that’s all I could see. Just the hands.


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