Miller’s Guild Butcher Boxes

Meat is on the menu with our new Butcher Box experience! Each of three boxes features a selection of cuts from different ranches and breeds of steers with hand-cut steaks, chicken, and house-blended seasonings and sauces. Steaks are packaged in airtight cryo-vac bags for use within 14 days, or in the freezer for up to 2 months. A perfect gift for the food lover on anyone’s gift list, or for yourself!
Box #1

1 6oz. Filets
2 lbs MG burger grind Steak Sauces
1 8oz.Top Sirloin steaks
$ 95

Box #2

2 6oz. Filets
2 14 oz. Ribeye
2 NY strip steaks
2 lbs MG burger grind
2 8oz.Top Sirloin steaks

Box #3

2 14 oz. Ribeye
2 lbs MG burger grind
2 8oz.Top Sirloin steaks
2 8oz. Flank Steak
1 bone-in Short Rib plate
2 chefs choice steaks

Custom Build

8 oz. filet $35
14 oz. ribeye $40
14 oz NY Strip $38
10 oz. Top sirloin $30

Steak Seasoning

MG Blacking Spice
MG 3 Peppercorn crust blend
MG Berbere Spice

Steak Sauces

MG Steak Sauce
MG Hot Sauce
MG Tomatillo salsa
MG Chimichurri

Order online. Pick-up Tuesday through Saturday, 3 – 8 p.m.