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12 Meanings When You Dream About a Mountain Lion

Did a dream about a mountain lion leave you wondering about the meaning?

Dreaming about these large felines can sometimes be scary, leaving you feeling shaken and alarmed.

It is not common to dream about mountain lions because these are not animals most of us see daily.

But, when you dream about this powerful animal, you definitely want to find out what it really means.

Well, you have come to the right place!

In this article, I will explain common meanings when you dream about a mountain lion. In the end, you will have some peace knowing why this animal appeared in your dream.

Let’s get started!

12 Meanings When You Dream About a Mountain Lion 2

Mountain Lion Symbolism

Mountain lions are also known as pumas or cougars. These animals are large, fast, and incredibly strong. They are the fourth largest feline in the wild cat family, with adults reaching up to 7.9 feet and weighing as much as 220 pounds.

These big cats adapt easily to their environment. Unlike other cat species, they can thrive in different habitats.

Mountain lions typically live solitary lives. They spend a bit of time with their mothers but shortly go their own way to fend for themselves.

These lions can cover long distances in search of food and water and are excellent night and day hunters.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About A Mountain Lion?

Here are some interesting meanings of a mountain lion dream.

1.  You are ready to meet new challenges in your life

A mountain lion is a strong and fast animal that attacks its predators ruthlessly. Seeing a puma in your dreams means you are facing a challenging situation.

If you are escaping from the lion or you succeed at escaping from it, it means you will overcome the challenges you are currently facing or those that are about to come your way.

2.  You are running away from something in your life

When the cougar appears in your dreams, it symbolizes transformation in your physical life.

If you are running away from the animal, it could be that you are avoiding some changes in your life that you know must happen.

Maybe it is time to face the situation head-on and embrace change; it might be for your own good.

3.  You long for a more solitary life

Mountain lions roam the wilderness alone. They hunt alone, and mostly each lion hangs out on its own.

Maybe you have been thinking about cutting some social ties that are no longer serving you.

Or, it could be that you feel irritated by the noise in your current environment or burdened by your social ties.

A mountain lion dream symbolizes that you want peace, quiet, and space for yourself.

4.  You need to socialize more

A mountain lion symbolizes quiet and solitariness. But, if you dream about killing a mountain lion, the meaning changes.

Dreaming of killing a mountain lion means you are ready to come out of your solitariness and start socializing more.

Whether you have been keeping your distance since your last relationship or you’ve been too busy to socialize, this dream is a sign that you need to get out there more.

5.  You are chasing the truth

Are you dealing with a dubious situation right now?

Do you suspect that someone is not being truthful?

Dreams about being chased by a mountain lion symbolize chasing the truth.

The untruthful situation, which the ‘mountain’ symbolizes, is stressing you out, and you have been relentlessly trying to uncover the truth.

6.  You are about to climb greater heights

Whether in your career, business, or relationships, you have been striving to be the best.

The ‘mountain’ here symbolizes some of the obstacles you will have to overcome to achieve your dreams and goals.

You are the ‘lion’ here. You are strong, powerful, and capable, and you can achieve anything you set out to do.

With the consistent effort and relentlessness of a mountain lion, you will climb to greater heights.

7.  Something requires your full attention

Dreams about mountain lions usually occur when one is under a lot of stress. If you have been worried about someone or something, dreaming about a puma attacking you makes sense.

This dream tells you to pay more attention to what is going on around you. Otherwise, the situation might overwhelm and overpower you.

Like the mountain lion, you need to be extremely vigilant of your surroundings to avoid being ‘attacked’ by those who do not wish well for you.

Whether at work or in your social circles, you must pay full attention to any situation brought your way that can threaten your survival and wellbeing.

8.  You are suppressing your emotions

Did you dream of a lion mountain screaming? This can leave you feeling scared, and the memories of the loud shrieks can haunt you.

Such a dream can come to you if you have piled up anger or stress but haven’t found a venue to express your emotions.

An external situation might be angering, irritating, or stressing you out. Outwardly, you have been trying to keep a straight face and a bold posture.

But you are exploding inside.

The mountain lion’s screams could symbolize your need for an outlet for your emotions.

It is important to find a safe and healthy way to express your feelings before too late.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Piling up emotions is not a healthy way to deal with challenges in your life.

9.  You are feeling insecure or powerless

When feeling hopeless or lacking confidence, it is common to dream that a fast and powerful animal like a cougar is chasing us.

Maybe you are struggling with some health issues. You are feeling powerless because nothing you try works.

Maybe you feel incompetent or defeated at work after failing to secure that much-awaited promotion.

All this can make you feel insecure and lose your grounding, thus the dream about being chased by a mountain lion.

This dream might leave you feeling scared. But, take it as a cue that it is time to regain your strength.

Use tools such as positive affirmations to boost your confidence. Make it a point to adopt new habits that will make you feel stronger, capable, and grounded.

10.  You need to stand up for yourself

A puma is fierce and will not back down even when faced with an equally strong predator.

If you have been having difficulty standing up for yourself and what you believe in, you might dream about a mountain lion.

Based on the symbolism of a mountain lion as a strong and fierce animal, this dream signifies that it is time you start to defend what you stand for.

If you are tired of going with the flow, following the crowd, or hiding behind other façades, the dream is a good sign that you are ready for a change.

11.  You have issues with your self-image

These days, many of us struggle with our self-image. Social media sometimes makes us feel like we are not enough or missing out on the good life.

If you are struggling with self-image issues, you might dream that a mountain lion is chasing you and is about to attack.

Self-image issues are often so deeply ingrained that it can feel like you are running away from a monster that is almost always so close to catching up with you.

Dreaming about a mountain lion chasing you is a wake-up call to take control of your life right now.

Be proactive like the puma. If there is anything you can change about your physical appearance to boost your confidence, do it if it aligns with your values.

12.  You are being invited to explore your feminine energy

Pumas, cougars, or mountain lions have plenty of male qualities. They are strong, aggressive, solitary, and fierce.

But, these cats also belong to the feline genus. They are symbolic of female energy.

Mountain lions are the perfect example of creatures doing a good job balancing their male and female yin and yang energies.

This balance of energies can open a lot of opportunities in your life.

A balanced individual knows how to manage their emotions, tends to be a better leader, can overcome challenges more easily, and usually has more successful relationships.

Dreaming about a mountain lion might be a sign that you need to explore your feminine energy or seek a balance between your male and female energies.

Summary: 12 Meanings When You Dream About Mountain Lion

Mountain lions are not ubiquitous in our day-to-day life.  As such, dreams about mountain lion can be uncommon.

Still, dreaming about these large, powerful, and fierce animals will leave an impression hours or even days later.

Generally, mountain lion dreams are symbolic of our emotions, self-image, and the challenges in our life.

I hope these dream interpretations I’ve provided will give you closure and help you better understand the happenings in your day-to-day life.

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12 Meanings When You Dream About a Mountain Lion 1

18 thoughts on “12 Meanings When You Dream About a Mountain Lion”

  1. I had a dream I was walking through a wooded area…a lot of tans and browns – no green…when one at a time these cougars would appear…they would simply walk right out of the background and onto my path…at least six but I honestly was not counting…

  2. 01/18/2022 Hi my name is Lauren & this is my short dream
    (yesterday was the full wolf moon)

    I was at the toronto Zoo and a female mountain lion leaped out of the lions den towards me, the Zoo keeper yells “Take your orange mask off, the orange is upsetting her!!!”
    (but orange is MY favourite colour so i barely took it off = lion was still annoyed at me) but i didn’t care, i walked away & that brought me home at 1:09pm, and seen the 2 of swords tarot card as my phones wallpaper. THE END

  3. I dreamed of an elderly man who had his mountain lion on a leash. He was going into his home, which used to be my place but I had moved. The puma jumped on me like a dog would in a friendly manner. The man walked the puma to go inside his home.

  4. My dream, I was in a house I’ve never seen before and this mountain tried for hours and days to make it inside the house but everyone in the house was always prepared for its attempts. It tried the windows and the doors. One night in my dream I had to use the bathroom and there happened to be someone in there so it was a wait. Finally when I got into the bathroom I noticed the bathro window which was on the right side of the back of the toilet. I just got done using the toilet and I could feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up and something told me to close the window… I had just got the window closed when the mountain lion appeared. He stood there trying to open it with its head and teeth but couldn’t get it. It looked over my right shoulder and then tool off towards that direction outside of the house, I looked back and all of a sudden I seen this screen door that wasn’t there when I first got into the bathroom. I dashed over to reach the door and the environment in my dream shifted from the bathroom to this outside porch area. Just as I was getting the door closed I realized I was too late. When I looked up there stood this mountain lion on a deep freezer towering over me and it snarls just once which sent my heart into a panic but I still stood in that spot. I tried yelling out in my dream for help and that’s when I woke up to myself yelling out for help.

    Michael is my name given to me at birth but I wanted to advise you that I am a woman….

  5. I heard a mountain lion outside the window. When I stood up to look I saw a huge vivid Red Bull charging at him. The mountain lion growled again then turned and ran away from the bull who continued to pursue him.

  6. I dreamed that a a scraggily lioness with two cubs was attacked by two very large, nearly mutant like Rottweiler dogs. They killed the lioness, and attacked one cub but stopped when I yelled out. After the death of the lioness, she turned into a smaller mountain lion, and the keepers of the zoo that this all happened in covered her carelessly in a white fitted bed sheet where she was left. The cubs saw their mother die, and had her blood on them. I felt sad all day after I woke up.

  7. Ironically all 12 of those apply to me lol. But here was the dream. I was on a hiking path right off a main road. Shortly after I was into the treeline I heard the scream of a mountain lion I was curious so I got close enough to see the first. When I saw a second one though I took off running only to be chased by both of them. I could tell how they were behind me but never really caught up. After running for a few seconds I went onto all fours running like they were before reaching the place that my family was. Then I woke up.

  8. I had a dream of a rather white mountain lion that does not look at me and walks behind a house car or tree or something and then I wake up in like 10 seconds I can not move when I spot the mountain lion and there is also a green car with darker windows and it is creeping by like a drive-by but I’m just trying to figure out about this mountain lion at the moment its also kind of got a glow to it I don’t think this means anything but if you have anything that could help me learn about this I would love to hear it

  9. I dreamt last night that I was in the car with a cougar driving with my children in the back seat I was wanting to get it out because I didn’t know what it was going to do so I’m trying to find a place to let it out when we crash from someone running us off the road we rolled down a ditch into a lions den where there was lions and lionesses and I tried to let the cougar out and it was scared of them so I hurried and told the cougar to get back in and it coward down in the passenger seat as we were getting swarmed and my kids were screaming and I some how managed to get my car working and got out of there as they chased us . And I was able to keep the cougar as a pet though I was still fearful of it ….. any explanation?

  10. I had a dream where i was at a hotel with some other random people, i heard a mountain lion shriek. then i heard someone groaning and screams for help. and then we ran. But we ran into the person and they looked mutilated. I woke right away but i still feel scared.

  11. I had a dream me and a random guy found the mountian lions den on the side of a mountian, when leaving I saw it’s backside of it go into the bushes. We returned to a white van, the other guy was the in the driver seat me in passenger. I could not close my door something was stopping it. They guy said it was the mountain lion on the van’s roof he flung himself out of the van and took off running for the bush area, the lion leapt off the roof and easily caught him jumping on his back knocking him on his stomach and going for his neck. I could see lots of blood he was screaming but was so powerless to even move much. I freaked out and closed the doors and was trying to lock them as fast as possible which was taking a long time but the lion was busy with him. I was thinking first secure the vehicle then I could maybe drive at the lion to scare it away. I know the guy was probably going to die from what I had seen

  12. Last night I dreamt the military of smth was looking for me so I had to hide behind a bush (the setting looked like my bosses yard) when I was hiding I saw this mountain lion by the pool and he spotted me too, I saw in his eyes he was trying to hunt me, so I came out the bus and tried to go around, in the meanwhile I grabbed a sharp stick to defend myself, as I looked back up he was going to attack me so I stabbed him in the shoulder, that wasnt enough so I stabbed him again through his back down the tip was near his heart and with one last push I pushed it through his heart and he died, I still feel bad because of the way he looked at me when I did it. It was a realllyyy weird dream. Dont think I will forget about soon, any idea what this could mean?

  13. I had various dreams about a cougar and an elephant so small n light I can pick it up… I think they r representing my kids… My son has mental health problems n I’m believing he’s the cougar and my daughter is 8 I think she’s the elephant… I’m always protecting either myself or the elephant from the cougar….. Help me make sense of this plz

  14. I keep having the same dream/ or/ flashbacks.. they just get a little more in-depth each time.. never had this before Don’t know why I’m having it now any suggestions advice I’m all ears..

  15. Could you maybe interpret my dream for me? It’s a lot right now and it’s been worrying me. I’ve had nightmares every night for 4 months now, but this actually almost was… better.

    I was living in the mountains with my partner and his grandpa, a 2 story, and it was night. I made my way upstairs, looking at reflections bouncing off the windows which had the shutters pulled. In the reflections, I kept seeing pairs of things like eyes, like two white orbs reflecting back at me which were from my dual flashlight, stuff like that
    As I going to bed, I see two more. So I try ignoring it, and take off my clothes as I get ready to sleep, and then I realise its a mountain line. I stare for a moment as it begins to come inside, and then I panic and scream. Of course it lunges for me, it tries to make me quiet- and I shut up. But then my partner enters the room, just like he would in real life, barely awake asking what’s wrong. He spooks the lion, and it attacks him, lunges for him, digs it’s teeth into his arm. I’m able to pull him away by hitting the lion, we grab a candle and some airfreshener and make a flamethrower- and then realise the inside where the are trying to scare off the lion, when things like my shirt catch on fire smell exactly the same as the outside. Me, my partner and their grandparent escape, though we can’t take anything but some clothes, and as i realise the lion is just trying to find shelter I put a hat on it and a scarf. The mountain lion ends up biting into one of the clothing articles I’m clinging to, and runs while guiding me down the mountain

    I’m not sure what this means, but I’d be grateful if you could interpret…

  16. I dreamed that the mountain lion was chasing me and right when the lion was going to catch me the ion became very playful ……I wonder what that means


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