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13 Spiritual Meanings of Panda

Cute, adorable, fluffy – What is there not to like about pandas? Given their attractiveness, most of us definitely feel connected to pandas in one way or the other.

But, if you feel weirdly drawn towards pandas, not only to their outer appearance that the mass enjoys but also towards something deep and spiritual in them, you’re at the right place! Maybe your panda spirit animal is trying to reach out to you?

To your rescue, we’ve prepared a list of 13 panda spiritual meanings for you. Once you read this post thoroughly, you’ll surely be able to figure out your unexplained connections to pandas. Let’s begin!

13 Spiritual Meanings of Panda 1

what does a panda symbolize?

1.  Centering yourself and enjoying life to the fullest:

Pandas often live alone. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop them from having fun. Pandas are witnessed being comfortable and having fun in their own company.

Pandas teach us to love and enjoy our me-time. They guide us to center ourselves. If you’re lately feeling too dependent on others, pandas motivate you to become more independent.

And you haven’t been enjoying life lately due to various materialistic world constraints; pandas urge you to take some time for yourself, relax and enjoy.

As much as we know, it is the one and only life we’re blessed with, and pandas suggest us not to waste time on trivial things. They encourage us to have some lust for life!

2.  Nurturing yourself and others around you:

Pandas are one of the best animals when it comes to motherly instinct. They love and nurture their babies and do not let them out of their sight. Therefore, pandas symbolize nurture.

Panda spirit animals not only guide us to nurture our inner child and our soul, but they also teach us to nurture those around us. Are you providing enough support and love to your dear ones? Are you making them feel warm and fuzzy?

Encountering a panda or seeing one in a dream can be a sign that you need to pay more attention to those around you.

3.  Humor and playfulness:

How many times have we laughed till our belly hurts to a meme video of pandas simply rolling or doing the stupidest things ever? To pandas, their playfulness is non-negotiable. Be it a baby panda or a mature adult panda, they sure know how to have fun, don’t they?

Pandas teach us to incorporate humor and playfulness into our lives. Without these elements, our lives would definitely be monotonous and dull. While trying to work hard to sustain you’re and the needs of your loved ones, don’t forget to enjoy a little in between.

4.  Comfort:


Pandas eat bamboo a lot. Their digestive system is relatively short and, therefore, they have to gorge often during the day a large quantity of bamboo, i.e., 26 to 84 pounds of bamboo per day. Pandas do so to sustain themselves with comfort.

Consequently, if you have a panda spirit animal, you’re likely to be attracted towards accumulating material comfort. Nevertheless, know that there is nothing wrong with doing so. Like pandas, you’re worried about your long-term sustenance, and rightfully so.

Therefore, pandas convey a message that even if your short-term requirements are being met, one has to be mindful of their long-term needs and demands and accumulate accordingly.

5.  Building and asserting personal boundaries:

Pandas often live a solitary life and do not like unwelcome guests, those who stay their visit longer, and those who encroach on their personal boundaries. And neither should you!

You are allowed to establish your personal boundaries, and people around you must respect them no matter what.

Panda spirit animal reminds us of the importance of establishing personal boundaries such that you feel safe and comfortable in your company. Everybody deserves a little ‘me-time’, as it is the time for contemplation, introspection, and goal-setting.

6.  Calmness and patience:

These fluffy creatures stay calm and at peace most of the time. One will rarely see pandas fighting or running around throwing tantrums as most of the other animals do. Pandas sit, eat, relax, and just live.

Pandas are also quite patient. They do not rush things. Did you know that their favorite meal – Bamboo takes around 2-3 years to grow? Yet, they wait patiently. It’s a good thing that bamboo plants reproduce easily and abundantly.

Therefore, pandas urge you to maintain your composure and be patient no matter what life throws at you. It would be best if you remembered that good things wait time, and only those who stick around and wait till the end will get to taste the fruit.

7.  Harmony of Ying and Yang energy:

In Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang are depicted to be contrasting yet complementary forces. Yin, associated with a dark color, symbolizes feminine energy. On the other hand, yang, associated with light or white color, represents masculine energy.

Pandas are adorned with black and white-colored furs. The color combination is contrasting, and yet, pandas look adorable. Consequently, according to Chinese cultures, pandas are believed to represent the perfect balance of feminine and masculine energy, a perfect balance of yin and yang energy.

8.  Compassion and sensitivity:

Pandas spirit animals also convey a message to be more compassionate and sensitive towards the needs and feelings of others. If you have a panda spirit animal, you’re already a compassionate soul who helps other innocent lives in need.

You’re also sensitive when it comes to your emotions, meaning your emotions fluctuate quickly even with low-level emotional triggers. Therefore, pandas also remind you not to be too delicate and vulnerable, as evil people can exploit these weaknesses.

9.  Unassuming strength:

Unassuming strength

Pandas do not preach downright violence. By looks, they look like docile creatures, soft, fluffy, tender; you almost want to pet one, don’t you? But if annoyed, pandas have a fierce temper. In fact, in many Chinese cultures, pandas are symbolized for fierceness.

With that big of a size, pandas are undoubtedly one of the strong animals extant. So, a panda spirit animal urges you not to have a flashy but unassuming strength.

One needn’t be rough and violent to be strong. But what they should have is the willpower, determination, and the ability to stand up for themselves whenever the situation demands.

10. Abundance and prosperity:

Pandas patiently wait for bamboos to grow, and in turn, they are rewarded with an abundance of their favorite snack. Therefore, pandas are associated with abundance and prosperity.

Pandas teach us that if only we could be patient enough to wait for good things in life, we would actually be able to enjoy an abundance of it. If you have a panda spirit animal, get ready to be blessed with abundance and prosperity.

11. Slow progress:

Pandas believe in slow growth and progress. Whatever the task is, they do it slow and relaxed. What’s interesting is that regardless of the speed, pandas are determined to complete the task successfully.

Consequently, pandas remind us to go at our own pace. Do not let somebody else’s speed intimidate or discourage you. When making decisions or doing something creative, panda spirit animals guide us to put enough of our thoughts and efforts such that we won’t have any regrets later.

Life is not a race. If somebody is having the time of their lives in 20, your time might come at 30. So, you have to remain optimistic and push yourself a little every day in order to become the best version of yourself.

12. Appreciation and gratitude:

Appreciation and gratitude

Pandas spirit animals are also associated with appreciation and gratitude. One should never take anything for granted and be grateful for everything that life has offered you to date.

Thank the universe and also appreciate yourselves at times, for all the moments you’ve bravely fought against obstacles, for the moments you’ve brought smiles to others’ faces, and for the moments you have nurtured your inner child.

For your life stories, for your past, present, future, and aspirations, you deserve all the appreciation!

13. Adaptability:

While these cute creatures munching on bamboo might give us an idea that they are herbivores, pandas are, in fact, carnivores.

But what’s amazing is that they have fully adapted themselves to a plant-based diet. How amazing is that? Can you imagine a plant-eating tiger? Well, we definitely cannot!

Therefore, pandas convey a spiritual message for us to become adaptive. As history and evolution suggest, only those with the ability to quickly know what the situation demands and become flexible to it are the ones who make it in the long run.


We hope this post was helpful for you to figure out what message pandas have been trying to convey to you. Overall, the spiritual meanings of pandas are associated with appreciation, playfulness, abundance, slow progress, gentle strength, nurture, and enjoying life.

Do you have anything to discuss with us on panda spiritual meanings? If you’d like to share with us a panda encounter or a panda dream scenario that you’d love to dissect, leave a comment down below. We’d love to interact with you!

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