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6 Meanings When You Dream About Plane Crash

Dreams involving airplanes can turn flying to your fantasy destination into a horrible nightmare. Though everybody would enjoy piloting or gliding through the clouds, seeing a sudden plane crash in your dreams will probably terrify you.

Knowing the connotation of aircraft crashing will help you understand your night visions better and make wiser decisions in reality. Typically, planes symbolize your life journey, fresh starts, and goals you intend to achieve.

Conversely, crashes can have different meanings depending on the details. This article will help you interpret the most common plane crash dreams and overcome fears and failures in your walking life.

6 Meanings When You Dream About Plane Crash 2

Symbolism Of Dreams About Plane Crash

Flying on an airplane in your dreams signifies success and signals that you’re achieving your life goals. When something like a crash occurs, it means you are facing obstacles or even detouring from the initial path. Let’s check a few meanings that plane crashes in your dreams carry.

1. Hurdles On The Way

Consider your life choices, such as career and family, carefully. Are you aiming too high? In this case, you may be having difficulties keeping up with the pace you set? Coming across insurmountable barriers when your objectives are unrealistic is inevitable.

A plane crash reflects the dead-end you might be facing in reality due to overly optimistic goals. Hence, focus on what you can achieve now or in a short timeframe and forget about far-fetched aims. Taking a flexible step-by-step approach will help you stay true to your life-long path.

2. Fear Repression

A plane crash is a symbolic explanation of what’s going on during daylight. Often, such nightmares carry a personal message about your deep fears and phobias. Perhaps, you’re aware of this problem, and you want to repress it. Or you are about to address a fear you haven’t acknowledged yet.

The best approach to analyze the dream is to consider the location, the people involved in the crash, and other unusual details. These symbols and the feelings you had onboard you can tell tales about the background of your fears.

3. Failed Efforts

You probably invested a lot of energy to achieve something in your life, but your plans were ill-fated. You experienced or are about to face failure that may lead to a loss of confidence. Unfulfilled big projects or an expected demotion may bring bitter disappointment.

A plane crash can also mean you’re wasting yourself on trivial things. As small as these distractions may seem, they cost you a lot of time and money. It may be time to reassess your priorities, set smaller milestones, and boost your confidence.

4. Loss Of Control

A sudden airplane crash means you don’t pull the strings in your life appropriately. Such lack of charge can be due to your misjudgments or a person or thing you can’t control. Although you believed the odds were in your favor, an unexpected turn of events will cause a stir in your life.

5. Turbulent Relationships Or Feelings

Aircraft crashes symbolize unforeseen events that might give rise to an outburst of feelings. The turbulence may refer to a family member, parent, or romantic partner. You or the other person is experiencing strong emotions that need curbing.

Indeed, most of us struggle to sort issues through our dreams, and feelings we want to suppress are no exception. The plane crashing nightmare may be warning you to face the dysfunctionality head-on before the relationship falls apart.

6. Use Your Strengths To Progress

Dreaming about a plane crash may also encourage you to become more persistent in your life struggles. It also means that, besides all challenges and downfalls in your life, you will succeed in becoming fiercer than ever before.

Focus on working harder to overcome a pending obstacle ahead of you. Difficult times may be right around the corner at work or home, so you need to engage your strengths to move forward. If you avoid dealing with roadblocks in due time, they will soon become impossible to conquer.


Possible Scenarios

The specific details in your dreams have a considerable impact on meaning. So, let’s consider the circumstances of your night visions and decipher what messages a plane crash can be sending you.

Experiencing A Plane Crash

When you see a plane crash, consider it an omen. The dream signifies your negative feelings and anguish. You may be feeling disappointed and depressed about events unraveling in the real world. Seek professional help to improve your mental health, as you may even be having suicidal thoughts.

Being Trapped In A Crushed Plane

This horrible nightmare can have a vital message about the situation you’re currently facing. It tells you to address a real-life problem that makes you feel caged. The vision also embodies your desire to break free from a monotonous life or job.

Seeing An Airplane Crash

You don’t have what it takes to complete a project, or things aren’t going according to plan. You may doubt your skills to accomplish set goals. Alternatively, this dream symbolizes a few hiccups in your life or a jealous person posing a threat. Take action and be wary of your surroundings.

Another sign you’re getting is that you must believe in yourself and stop criticizing your work. Feeling helpless and defeated while observing a plane crash means you fear failure and prepare yourself for the worst. A falling plane in the distance may represent an upcoming threat, too.

Seeing A Close Person In A Plane Crash

People often dream about losing a parent, child, or spouse in a plane crash. In short, you probably have a firm connection to this person, so such nightmares are often justified. However, the fear of losing a loved person shouldn’t overtake you.

Perhaps, you’re familiar with this concern, but you avoid admitting it. Although the fear is irrational in most cases, take some steps to ensure your worries are groundless.

Dying In An Aircraft Crash

As horrible as this dream might seem to you, it has nothing to do with death in real life. One possible interpretation is that you may face failure at work due to miscalculations or errors in the planning stage. You have probably overlooked minor details and are now paying for your mistakes.

Also, be more careful with money in the forthcoming period. Refrain from risky investments and steer away from frivolous purchases to avoid a potential financial crisis.

Surviving An Airplane Crash

Take this dream as a positive sign highlighting your knowledge and ability to overcome challenging situations. Interpret the vision as a starting point for a fruitful period ahead. You have already crossed a few barriers, and now’s the time to show the world your achievements.

In a romantic sense, surviving a plane crash can mean you have abandoned a toxic relationship behind. The chances of meeting somebody new are high. Expect your life to undergo a tremendous transformation.

Causing An Airplane Crash

If you’re in charge of the plane and it suddenly crashes, consider it a good signal. Usually, these visions foretell a happy love life or an unexpected encounter. You may meet your future spouse, and if you’re married, a baby may be on the way.

Plane Wreck After A Fall

If you saw the remains after an air crash, your inner self tells you to take responsibility for your work. Stop finding excuses or asking others for help with your duties. Your problems are only yours to solve, and you can’t procrastinate things until the last moment.

Getting others to fix your problems will prove worthless. Those in charge of a project should work alone and not overly rely on the team’s contribution. Ensure nobody is sabotaging you on your way to top performance. Also, reflect on your choices and evaluate whether you’ve set your aims right.

Undamaged Plane After A Crash

Though the whole experience is petrifying, the outcome should comfort you. Intact aircraft after a fall is a prediction regarding upcoming plans and projects. Indeed, you should expect prosperous times for your family, job, and investment opportunities.

As a result, you’ll manage to resolve a few problems you’ve been dragging for quite some time. Whatever you decide to complete in this period will eventually end up in your favor.

Bottom Line

Dreadful dreams about a plane crashing aren’t always an omen of dark times. Night visions often have deeper meanings and relate to your current life choices. They can represent your inner desires or fears. Also, aircraft nightmares foretell your ability to attain success despite the challenges you’re facing.

We hope this article proves a helpful tool in interpreting your most common dreams. Have you dreamt of a plane crash recently? Please, share your experiences in the comment box below and tell us how you felt. We might be able to help you understand the subconscious messages you’re getting.

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6 Meanings When You Dream About Plane Crash 1

26 thoughts on “6 Meanings When You Dream About Plane Crash”

  1. I have had at least 2 plane crash dreams. The only parts I remember are very short and this last one I was in the cabin I think with other passengers and the plane randomly flies extremely low near a bridge. Pilot appeared to be trying to fly underneath it and instead we crashed into the water violently at which point I awoke from the dream. I may have had others where I witnessed a plane crash in front of me but I think most of these are me being in the crash itself.

  2. I’ve been dreaming of plane crashes for a long time, I watch them fall from the sky then I see them blow up, it’s to the point now I’m scared of it, it’s happened to many times.

      • I’ve had the same dream in my dream I’m always with someone and I always tell that person that there’s a plane passing by that I feel something is not right and they always tell me that everything is alright and then suddenly I see the plane falling and crashing and I can even hear the explanation.I have never seen the wrecked plane in my dreams I only see it before crashing but this time it felt so real it’s like my 4th time dreaming about this

        • Somewhat the same except it was flying backwards and I said I don’t think that’s normal then it lunged forward and crashed I only seen the black smoke afterwards..
          However I was watching/reading about the two planes crashing into each other in Texas at 5he show yesterday

      • my dreams started like that but this time the plane crash was so closed I could even feel the explosion and it felt so real what I felt felt so real

      • My dream was similar.. The plane took off going way too fast and as soon as it got in the air it nose dived in the middle of city buildings and exploded. Two ppl that I know in real life were on it and later in my dream one of those ppl reappeared explaining that her sister didn’t make it out of the crash but she did.. It was odd

  3. I have what I call “Movie Dreams.” These dreams are where my subconscious casts actors and people I know into roles in the dreams and I watch from third-person. I’ve determined they are just for entertainment value.. however I had a sharp transition from one of these dreams to a first-person perspective dream where a coworker and I get dropped off at the bottom of a street, late at night, to walk the rest of the way home. We split up (our houses are on separate roads) and soon after, the clear night sky begins to glow green. The whole sky, not a borealis. I back-track to go catch up to the coworker. I’m curious about the sky, scared because I personally, physically, feel “off” but ultimately stay calm. I catch up to my coworker, and right as I’m telling them that something is off and we need to hurry, bright lights get turned on from the woods, we’re walking next to, and a large amount of people (residents and first responders) start coming out. As we’re being led away, one of the first responders tell me that a plane is coming down and, as a precaution, the whole area is being cleared out. A sudden setting transition happens and we’re near a couple large buildings and a bridge. The sky is still covered in a green “filter” but it’s taking on a blue hue from the night turning to day. People around us start to panic, but I can’t see why, most of us seek shelter behind one of the large buildings or under the bridge. I’m heading to the bridge, since it’s closer to me, but not moving quickly at first, because I can’t see what the panic is about, or have any hint from sounds nearby, other than realizing that there are no birds singing. Right as I’m getting under the bridge, debris starts hitting the ground around us. One of the first responders steps out to get a look and is hit by debris and dies quickly. Others start to step out as well, even though a lot of us are telling them to stay under the bridge. At this point, I’m pretty scared, (even though I know I’m dreaming at this point) and I want to help those that keep stepping out and getting hurt or killed, but I stay under the bridge because I can hear chunks hitting it as well. Suddenly a plane comes into view and you can see it’s on fire and large pieces are missing out of it. I follow its flight path and as I do, my POV changes to where I have a lower angle just clear enough to see the plane hitting a runway(?) where other planes are parked, but I can only see the tails of two of them, as the falling plane takes them out. Back to my POV under the bridge, and I hear the crashing and some explosions. Then for some reason, everyone starts running from the bridge, away from the sound of the explosions. I don’t hear or see any debris falling so I join them in racing down this hill, where we have to jump over, or onto, obstacles, trying to get to the road below. I start to hear another sound, but I wake up before I can make out the sound, though I’ve made it to the road.

    I woke up calm, for the most part, but my heart rate and alertness were not that of someone just waking up, but more like I’ve been awake for a couple hours.

  4. I dreamt of seeing an entire crashed plane. It was fully entact with bandages on if. The cockpit had tape over the top which had broken windows . I touched the fuselage. No other people were around. I was just observing it as I came upon it accidentally. It was on the ground. In a small outdoor space like a canyon.

  5. I had a dream that a plane was floating over us and a helicopter flew pass really fast and the plane exploded and the chain reaction made all the apartment buildings around us collapse it was early morning before that I had a dream that a guy Violated me then after that I had a dream about the plane crash in the same night back to back

  6. I dreamed I was looking at a beautiful night sky and saw a shooting stare, then another and another. Suddenly I saw one hit a shed in the distance. I ran to go find the rock and instead found a very hot bolt. Confused I looked up at the sky. I was horrified as I saw a plane flying over my head headed towards the ground way off in the distance and realize my beautiful meteor shower were parts of a crashing plane.

  7. I had a dream going home from a cousins house & I was on the highway & instantly in front of me was a plan trying to land on the highway which ended up crashing on the highway bridge I needed to go on. I lost track of where I needed to go home. Somehow I ended up walking to asking for help from two guys who worked at what it look like a hot dog stand kind of like New York stands on the corner. Anyways they didn’t believe me when I told them my situation as I was crying. Next thing I know I see another plan crash into a church building near I was & seeing it come down. I started running. There’s more to the story but man I never had the feeling of being afraid more than ever. I cried waking up & I started praying

  8. I had a dream where I was at a random downtown school with a friend that I met from school but whom I rarely talked to; it seemed we were getting out even though we were already out, but in the distance, we all saw a big green plane nose-dived into the city we all saw it, and it exploded we heard it in the distance, then a few seconds later I saw flames and sound waves covering me and everyone around be scrambling looking for cover it was a very visual dream.

  9. I had a dreame an a group of people (can’t remember if i knew them all) but we were riding towards a falling plane. It wasn’t on fire but we saw it and rode away from it. It flew past is but neither us or the plane was damaged.

  10. I have had two dreams thus far, within a day apart from each other. The first one, we were in windy conditions, planes around us were crashing. But ours took off, glided. Then next thing I know we’re just rolling thru a area , very pretty, green, almost like a meadow, but houses etc. The second dream, which was this morning, again, windy conditions. Our plane takes off, then we ate flying upside down, never crashed, but plane ends up in this beautiful place, just stolling thru , I asked if we were dead and the people next too me Saud, “no were on the streets of something”. I csnt remember the street. These dreams are terrifying to me. I recently took a trip on a plane, abd im beginning a new job. I’m scared to fly again 😞

  11. I had a few short dreams of the same night
    but the plane crash I remember
    there are some of my friends in plan automatically some stuff was falling down and the front side of the plane was no more and immediately we landed and was waiting at the airport. there were 10000+ people waiting around on a bigger ground.
    And I was just fighting for my things and crying for Food.

  12. Aug. 10, 2022

    I had a dream that I was on a plane and I saw the pilot exit the cockpit. About a minute later, the plane rolls to it’s side and the plane crashes to the ground. I’m sitting in my seat aware the plane has crashed and I’m seeing the explosive fire traveling through out the plane towards me. I am very aware that I am about to die. Once the flame reaches me I feel a sense of peace that I am being pulled out of my body, perhaps my spirit, There is no pain, my hearing is muffled and I feel a sense of peace.

    Next up, I’m sitting in a room full of people full aware that the plane had crashed and wondering how I got here. It was clear that we were in some kind of an after life as many had questions. There was a woman that was guiding us, but answering minimal questions. I asked if I would ever see my family members again, and the answer was yes, but in due time. The woman kept say “in due time” as if there were different levels or phases we had to complete. I did not recognize any of the others that I was with, but all of us knew that we had passed due to varies circumstances. That is as far as I got as my alarm went off. I quickly hit snooze in hopes I would fall back asleep to continue where the dream left off to learn more about these levels or phases we had to go through, but I was unable to.

    I dream often and they are always vivid and feel very real.

  13. I saw, I was in a plane which was crash landed on busy street but no one hurt. I was sitting on back of the plane and the aft door was opened. So I get down from that door with my mom and rushed to take tuktuk to away from plane. As I thought plane is going to explode. My mom was died before 6 years.

  14. Dreamt today of randomly watching several jets and a stealth bomber all crash by going all different ways 1st and each 1 would go into the ground or a crowd of people 1 at a time. My thought in the dream was some evil person compromised their GPS for their route which caused all the different up and down and turns prior to the explosion. I am having real life turmoil with my ex so that is most likely the reason. All the crashes were at night also under a clear sky. 1 hit close by me but I was ok. I felt the pressure from it as it fell. Never had this type of dream prior. Men need to stop treating and hurting women so much.

  15. I was watching a plane doing a nose dive on the horizon ahead. It was a clear blue sky. The plane disappeared over the horizon, and I knew it was going to crash. I noticed that as the plane was on the way down, it was missing the tail section. After the plane disappeared over the horizon, I realized that I was siting in the tail section of that plane. The tail section I was sitting in was gently gliding down to what I interpreted was going to be a soft landing. I woke up at this point, before the landing. What does this mean?

  16. I had a nightmare about falling in a plane like 5 minutes ago, I came to the internet to calm myself down haha.
    My dream was pretty simple and I’ve had similar before, It started with a bunch of stuff I don’t really temember but I remember getting into a firetruck with 3 other people, there was the driver, one guy who welcomed me and another that I think was asleep. And I think we drove off to somewhere but I don’t quite remember, But next thing I knew I was in a plane it was like a mix between an airplane and one of those ones with the propellors on the wings, it had room for heaps of people, also it was somehow just flying in one spot. And then it went to like a 3rd person view and I could see our little plane and there was a huge electrical storm in front of us, Someone said something over the radio but the driver didn’t want to leave, Next thing I knew the storm came right up and shocked the plane, the engines must have failed and we plunged straight down into the dark water (I’ve had other dreams of falling too and I get this weird being pulled down feeling idk what it is) and then I woke up suddenly and it is currently 3:18am.

  17. I dream about airplane crash last night, behold the plane hit on a tower, I was expecting it going to explod, as the fire continue to burn on it wings. So I turned around and discovered my children were in that environment,I started shouting for rescue, and they were rescued. Before I woke up from the dream, I saw a dride Palm falling, and I said they’re falling on their due time. That I will equally do same in due time and I woke up,it was already 5am.


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