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12 Meanings When You Dream About Shoes

Do you wonder what your recent dream about shoes means?

In most modern societies, shoes are an important item, as they help protect our feet and display our fashion taste.

But, dreams about shoes are not all that common.

When you do have a shoe dream, you want to pay attention to things like the color, type, and even the condition of the shoes.

These attributes can help you better understand the meaning behind the dream.

If you would like to dig deeper into your dream about shoes, you have come to the right place.

This article will cover the common interpretations of what it means to dream about shoes.

Some interpretations will make more sense for you than others. This all depends on what is going on in your life at the moment.

So, let’s jump in.

12 Meanings When You Dream About Shoes 1

Shoe Symbolism

Shoes hold different meanings across different cultures.

In some societies, shoes are just part of daily attire and serve a practical purpose.

In other cultures, shoes have a deep spiritual and cultural meaning.

For example, in the Arab culture, showing someone the sole of your shoe is considered seriously disrespectful. It means you really look down on this person.

In many modern societies, shoes are a fashion symbol and symbolize a person’s economic status or sense of fashion.

Spiritually, shoes sometimes symbolize dirtiness. This is why some cultures remove their shoes when entering the house or a place of worship.

Shoes can also signify your path and progress toward your life’s aspirations.

Let us look at some interpretations of what it means to dream about shoes.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Shoes?

Here are some common meanings of shoe dreams.

1.  You long to travel and explore

Has traveling been something you have been thinking about a lot of late?

Do you long for adventure that involves traveling?

Dreams about shoes are commonly associated with travel-related aspirations.

In this case, your dream is just a reflection of your desires and most dominant thoughts during your waking hours.

This dream might also be challenging you to set out on that journey you have been putting off for so long.

If you want to travel so bad, it is up to you to make it happen.

2.  You are embarking on new beginnings

If you look to make some changes in your life, it is common to dream of shoes.

Maybe you have been thinking of moving to a different location.

Perhaps you are looking to take a different direction with your career or personal relationships.

The shoes in your dream signify your desire to walk a different path, to take a different action to change your life.

This dream tells you that your life is about to take a different direction. But, as long as you remain grounded, you will sail through.

3.  You are missing the bigger picture

When you dream about shoes, but you cannot see the entire body of the person wearing them, it can feel like a nightmare!

But, this dream could be trying to draw your attention to something important in your life.

Not seeing the person wearing the shoes means that in real life, you are refusing to see the bigger picture in a situation.

Think about the situations you are dealing with in your life today.

Is there someone you disagree with?

Are you turning a blind eye to something and refusing to see it for what it is?

Maybe it is time that you opened up your eyes, figuratively, and see the people and situations in your life for what they are.

Refusing to see the bigger picture limits your perspective and makes it difficult to progress forward.

4.  You need to stand up for yourself

The shoes you wear can be a great source of confidence in real life.

Not having shoes on, wearing the wrong type of shoe, or dressing in old shoes can leave you feeling vulnerable.

Dreams about shoes could be pointing to confidence issues in your life.

Are you letting others trample all over you and take advantage of you?

Are you fearful of walking away from people and situations that don’t support your forward progress?

Dreams about shoes could be your subconscious mind’s way of telling you that you need to stand up for yourself more.

Cultivate the confidence you need to move your life forward.

The more you practice standing up for yourself, the more others around you will respect and treat you the way you deserve.

5.  You are concerned about other people’s opinions

Shoes can tell you something about a person’s social-economic standing.

In fact, if we were, to be honest, one of the first things we look at when trying to gauge someone is their shoes.

We then make a quick but sometimes inaccurate judgment of the person.

Dreaming about shoes can often be related to our struggle with how others view us.

It could be that you are worried about your appearance and other people’s opinions of you in real life.

But living this way can be a great source of stress and agony.

Being obsessed with what others think about you shows low self-esteem on your part.

This dream could be trying to tell you that it is time to bring out your authentic self and stop being worried about what others think or don’t think of you.

6.  You need to stay grounded and balanced

Shoes support us as we navigate the physical world.

The feet connect the soul to the physical world in the spiritual realm and offer essential support and balance.

Dreams about shoes could signify your quest for balance.

Maybe you have been thinking a lot about creating more time for the most important things and people in your life.

This dream could also be a warning that you need to be more grounded in the different aspects of your life.

Are you being true to your values?

Are you striving to bring out your authentic self in everything you do?

When you are not aligned with your true self, your life will seem very stressful and unfulfilling.

Take this dream as a reminder that you are in control of the quality of your life. Being grounded and balanced are all within your reach.

7.  It is time to reassess your work situation

Dreaming about the shoes you wear to work could symbolize your career.

If you have taken on a new role at work and have been feeling particularly confident, dreams about your work shoes means you are satisfied with your job at the moment.

The new position or responsibilities give you a sense of meaning and feel more grounded.

Seeing your work shoes in your dream could also be a warning sign that you need to take greater control of your career.

Are you feeling burnt-out and dissatisfied? Maybe you should consider taking a different direction with your career if nothing else in your current workplace is forthcoming.

If you cannot find your work shoes in your dreams, this symbolizes dissatisfaction with your current work situation.

Maybe you have been actively seeking a promotion or raise, opportunities for professional development, or career-related support from management in vain.

This dream about your work shoes could tell you that you have outgrown your current career level and it is time to move on or change directions.

8.  You should watch out for any kind of deceit

Most people value their shoes and are less likely to sell them unless they really need to.

If you dream about old shoes, it symbolizes that someone is trying to take away something valuable from you through deceit.

This dream could be your guardian angel’s way of telling you to be extra vigilant to avoid falling for scams and lies.

Old shoes signify rip-offs or scams.

If you have been saving to buy something new and valuable, be careful not to be swayed and taken advantage of. Ensure that you get value for your money.

9.  You are making rushed decisions

Did you dream about wearing mismatched shoes?

This dream is hilarious and bizarre, but it has a deep meaning.

In real life, you can end up wearing mismatched shoes when you are in a hurry.

Dreaming about mismatched shoes symbolizes a tendency to make rushed decisions that later cost you.

This dream may appear to you if you have recently made a decision that you didn’t think about, only for you to mess up and later regret it.

Now, you are living with the consequences of your decision. This dream is your subconscious mind trying to relive the rushed decision you made.

Alternatively, a dream about mismatched shoes could be warning you to take your time before deciding something important in your life right now.

You do not want to make a costly mistake when being prudent doesn’t cost you anything.

10.  You are mourning a loss

It is common to dream about shoes when you lose a loved one.

In particular, the dream may be about losing shoes and feeling sad about this.

You might not look for the lost shoes because you know they are gone forever.

This could also symbolize the ending of a close relationship.

The ending might not necessarily involve death, but the lost shoe signifies a significant loss.

This dream might also appear to warn you of an impending loss. It could be that you will lose someone close to you, which will completely change your perspective about many things in life.

If you dream that someone has stolen your shoes, it could be related to lost opportunities.

It could be that someone is trying to sabotage you, such as at your workplace, business, or personal life.

As a result of their actions, you have been left out of important opportunities.

Be extra vigilant during this time to ensure that no one takes away what is rightfully yours.

11.  You are struggling with some kind of emotional trauma

In modern society, walking barefooted in public is frowned upon.

Of course, this doesn’t apply if you are barefooted in appropriate places such as the beach.

If in your dream you see yourself walking barefooted in the streets, this could be a reflection of your inner state.

Walking barefoot could symbolize a struggle with shame and low self-esteem stemming from childhood.

You haven’t yet dealt with the shame that was passed down on you from your primary caregiver in real life.

The shame and guilt you are carrying are having a big and negative impact on you in your waking hours. Perhaps it is time you start doing the work to sort out your inner turmoil.

Dreaming of torn shoes also symbolizes shame. Such a dream is common if you have been bogged down with shame over how your life has turned out, which might be contrary to what others expected.

Whenever possible, try reaching out to anyone who can offer the support you need to climb out of the cycle of shame and insecurity.

12.  You need to reassess your life

Did you dream about having holes in your shoes?

This dream could be a big red flag that some areas in your life are going out of control and need to be addressed before it is too late.

Holes symbolize weakness, leaking, a slow loss of energy.

You probably haven’t taken the time to identify the areas of weakness in your life.

But this dream is encouraging you to slow down and reassess your life.

You might need to set some time aside to rethink your direction and priorities and rejuvenate.

This will allow you to make better and more informed decisions, and strengthen those critical areas of your life.

Summary: 12 Meanings When You Dream About Shoes

It is easy to take shoes for granted. After all, most people in modern societies have easy access to footwear.

But, shoes can have a significant spiritual meaning when they appear in your dream.

Generally, dreams about shoes are related to the direction our life is taking or the struggles we are dealing with.

I believe these dreams can help us course-correct and make better decisions in real life.

Hopefully, these interpretations about what it means when you dream about shoes will help you make the connection between your dreams and the events in your life.

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12 Meanings When You Dream About Shoes 2

27 thoughts on “12 Meanings When You Dream About Shoes”

  1. I often dream about shoes that don’t fit me properly and I have trouble walking in them.
    I also dream about falling of a very high building, but I reach the ground safely.
    I also dream about starting a new job.

    • If you are not married, it just telling you that everyone as at now you are befriending to be a husband or wife is not yours and if you force yourself into the marriage you will not enjoy it, and that why you find it difficult to walking with the shoe.

      Falling from a high build means you might fall off from a high great place, but you and your salvation if you are born again will be intact, but please pray fervently against it. If you feel you need to fast please do so. GOD bless you.

      The last one means a new break through and open door is on the way. Pray for it to come to pass quickly and gloriously. Congratulations already because I believe it will come to pass IN JESUS NAME AMEN

    • This means that you might get a new role at your job but you will face challenges working perfectly on that role maybe due to lack of skills to operate on that new role, and you will taken back to your original role without shame.

  2. What’s the meaning… I’m wearing a shoes while walking in beach when suddenly the strap of my leaf shoes removed/pulled.

    • I dream about two pairs of dirty morning sleepers. One smaller size and one bigger size. I try on the bigger size and it adjusts to fit me. There’s also some new pairs of working boots

  3. I am dreaming of trying on new bigger shoes and when putting old ones on can’t find the other one. Also dreaming of people showing me their shoes and trying to sell me the same ones they have.

    • I dreamed of a woman putting down a pair of brandnu black syntho leather or leather patent, approximately 4inch stilettos on a desk in front of me. For myself I don’t really like that type of shoe. They’re dress shoes, & i find them virtually impossible to balance in., _I always have. I used to wear highheels in my late teens to early / mid 20’s, but then I took-up running & swimming and had no need of them. Plus I started appreciating the versatility of flatties, sandals and ‘trainers’. I also wore heels because I’m 4ft 11. At age 56, I’ve little to no need for such fripperies. Besides those shoes even if one dons the most expensive variants (which costs hundreds of £’s), ____are feet cripplers & tend to put the human body out of alignment, if worn on too regular basis. But back to dreamlady with the $&*m shoes. Although I thought (rightly or wrongly) that she may’ve been a tad daft in the head. Still I was perturbed that she may have been trying to impart some type of ‘warning’ or [wisdom] because she might be a reflection or replica of a part of my actual real life personality. So I in-no way, totally wrote her off.. as you’re average nutter. I said to her rather duplicitously that ‘Mm, I like your shoes’. But I didn’t really. Like I said before, they’re of negligible 2-zero use to me, in the type of life I live.

    • I dreamed that I was impaired/drunk and stumbling backwards until I fell because I was looking for my shoes! Finally found them after I fell to the floor and there they were. Black sneakers with laces loosened, just waiting there for me to put on my feet.

  4. I dreamed that after a meeting of some kind one of my shoes was missing. I copped someone else’s shoe that fit close enough so my shoes were mismatches. Someone told me he could get me a pair of shoes that fit. He took me to another meeting where there were a lot of pairs of shoes outside to choose from. People disaproved of me taking someone else’s shoes.
    I have seen a few interpretations about shoes in a dream but not about one missing shoe.

  5. I dreamt about shoe,That I was given my late dad my slippers,and as I went on to bring it to him,I looked under where shoes are kept.I saw my outing shoes like 3 and they are new once.Among them one waw not too good for my liking.But I try to fix the shape.I now woke up.Pls what is the meaning of this.I really need to know..

  6. I dreamed about seeing several pairs of white new baby shoes in a house, where I was at with a deceased ex husband, in real life. I brought him the white baby show and told him he should save the new shoes for later, and not get rid of the shoes.

  7. I had a dream that I was visiting someone and then I realized I left my shoes in the building and when I went back to get them, I could not find them.

  8. I dreamt of taking off my shoe at the entrance of a class and after the class when I came out to put it on I noticed it was looking old but still fit in to my leg. I also noticed that other people didn’t take off their shoes at the entrance. I was just the only person who took off my shoe and I felt embarrassed of myself

  9. i just dreamed of my late mother in-law and her late ex boyfriend and she wasn’t talking but I knew what she was saying and she had handed me a white new pair of vans and i put them along side of my other white new shoes in floor board in front driver side.. i really don’t understand what it means at all.. its been frustrating because I can’t stop thinking about what it means i know when I saw my late father in-law i tried asking him if he remembers me and tried hugging him because i missed him.. but he just looked away.. i don’t know. please let me know if you can figure this out for me.. thank you.

  10. Just woke up from a dream where our daughter’s boyfriend had huge piles of shoes he had to organize and it was hard work. I touched his hands in the dream and they felt callused from his hard work.

  11. I dream about my shoe leaving somewhere in place and when I came back from it it’s gone I went looking and searching everywhere in a different shoe rack to find it but I can’t find it I remember looking and seeing different kinds of shoes there’s a different color and also a different kind of shoes and I woke up thinking why can’t I find that shoe?

  12. I dreamt of seeing two shoes to select from; a black and a red canvas with white lace. The red canvas got my I attention and I went for it b4 I woke up… What does this mean.

  13. in my dream , i dreamt where I was given a shoe (a strong ladies cover shoe that is Ok) I wore it in my leg and it sized me and I woke up. Another day after a long time I dreamt again where my elder sister who is not yet married was selecting shoes from a place where plenty shoes were packed, as she find her size and was wearing it I joined her and started selecting my size all of a sudden i had a voice that said I should not look for another shoe that I have already been given a shoe and that i am not suppose to look for another shoe before I could know what is happening that old shoe appeared again I wore it on my leg and i woke up. please what is it suppose to mean as an unmarried sister


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