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5 Spiritual Meanings When a Dragonfly Lands on You

Dragonflies are wonderful creatures, and with their delicate, ephemeral presence, it’s no wonder that many people experience deep feelings of spirituality when they see one.

These feelings can be intensified when one lands on you, so to help you interpret this important spiritual message, in this post we discuss the question, what does it mean when a dragonfly lands on you?

5 Spiritual Meanings When a Dragonfly Lands on You 1

Dragonfly characteristics and associations

Before we talk about what it means if a dragonfly lands on you, let’s think a bit about their characteristics and the associations we have with them.

Unlike many other types of fly – including species like houseflies and mosquitoes – most people consider dragonflies extremely beautiful.

They flit about delicately on two pairs of diaphanous wings, and they usually have brightly colored iridescent bodies, so it’s unsurprising that they are often seen as mystical, magical creatures. To some people, seeing a dragonfly is almost like seeing a fairy.

Although what we normally see is the adult stage of the insect, dragonflies spend most of their lives in the larval stage and only emerge after metamorphosing into a beautiful dragonfly. This means they are often associated with change and transformation.

Since they only appear as adult dragonflies after spending most of their lives underwater in a more modest, more inconspicuous form, they can also be seen to represent developing into the person you truly are, either materially or spiritually.

Finally, once they emerge from the larval stage as an adult, they only live a short while – so this can also serve as a reminder that life is short and precious, so we need to make the most of every second we have.

For this reason, dragonflies represent seizing the moment, living for today and not wasting any of the limited time we have.

Dragonfly signification according to different cultures

Dragonfly signification according to different cultures

Very little happens by coincidence, and many things that occur carry a deeper meaning.

We are constantly being given messages from the spirit world, perhaps by angels or perhaps by the departed souls of those who were dear to us. However, to understand the messages we need to be open to receiving them and know how to interpret them.

Since messages from the spirit world can have different meanings depending on both the circumstances the message is received in and the person receiving the message, it’s useful to know what different signs can mean in various cultures.

That means before we think about interpreting dragonfly messages, we need to know what they represent to various different cultures around the world.

Native Americans

Although the native tribes of North America have a diverse range of beliefs and traditions, the natural world and the animals that inhabit it are almost universally seen as having great importance.

The dragonfly is an important symbol to many tribes, often representing rebirth and renewal due to the dragonfly’s lifecycle.

According to the Navajo, the dragonfly represents water, while the Hopi and the Pueblo tribes associate it with healing – as well as transformation. To the Zuni, on the other hand, dragonflies represent the harvest, and seeing one can predict a good harvest to come.

To the Plains tribes, the dragonfly represents protection and invincibility, and to the Cherokee, seeing one before a battle predicts victory.

However, to others, the associations are less positive.

For example, some Native American tribes believe that dragonflies follow snakes and heal them if they are injured. Other tribes tell stories to children that dragonflies sew up the mouths of liars, which is a way to encourage young ones to tell the truth.


Dragonflies are important in Japanese culture and are commonly seen in Japanese art. They represent courage, strength, victory and rebirth and were often depicted on the swords and arrows of samurai for their ability to fly fast and true.


According to Chinese tradition, dragonflies are lucky, and seeing one is a sign of good fortune or prosperity to come. At the same time, they are also connected to love and especially love spells and potions.

Celtic beliefs

Some cultures in Europe saw dragonflies as being related to black magic and evil, but the Celts connected them to fairies, probably due to their fairy-like wings and their bodies that seem to change color in the light.

Interestingly, according to Welsh beliefs, dragonflies were thought to follow snakes – which strangely echoes the ideas of some of the tribes of North America.


In another interesting parallel, a Swedish folk belief tells us that dragonflies can sew up people’s mouths, noses, ears and eyes, similar to the stories told by some Native American tribes.

How do you interpret a dragonfly landing on you?

So as we have seen, various cultures around the world have given dragonflies different symbolism and meaning, so how do you interpret one landing on you?

With messages from angels or the spirit world, the important thing to remember is that if a message is intended for you, it will be passed on in a way that you can understand.

Angels don’t simply appear before people – for a start, most people would be terrified if that happened – so instead, the messages we receive are more subtle.

However, the message a dragonfly conveys to one person may be different from the message for another. This is because the message depends on how you feel about dragonflies and your cultural background as well as the challenges you are facing in your life when you see it.

As a result, to find the true meaning of seeing a dragonfly, you need to think about the specific circumstances, and then you need to search within yourself, perhaps through meditation, to find the answer.

Then, if you trust your intuition, the correct interpretation of what you have seen will be revealed.

So now let’s look at some of the common interpretations of having a dragonfly landing on you.

What Does it Mean When a Dragonfly Lands on You?

What Does it Mean When a Dragonfly Lands on You

Often, when a dragonfly lands on you, the message is the same as just seeing one. However, the difference is that the message is more urgent.

If you see a dragonfly, the message can be subtle and easy to miss, but if the dragonfly lands on you, it is hard to ignore – it means you need to pay attention, because the message is important.

Here are some of the possible messages that a dragonfly can bring:

1. Change or transformation

Although dragonflies have meant lots of different things to various peoples around the world, one of the most common associations they have is with change and transformation – so having one land on you can be a strong message concerning a big change in your life.

Are you aware of a big change on the horizon? If you are – and you find yourself preoccupied with it and the consequences it may bring – it is very likely that a dragonfly landing on you is related to this issue.

If you have been looking for guidance, the dragonfly may be a message that you should have confidence in yourself and that you should embrace the change because, even though change can sometimes be difficult, it always brings with it new opportunities.

Alternatively, if you are thinking of making a change in your life but you don’t dare to initiate the change, the dragonfly may be a message urging you to make that change because you will be better off in the long run.

Think about what this could relate to. Is it your job? A relationship? Something else? Search for the answer through calm reflection and then try to find the courage to do what needs to be done.

2. Don’t ignore the spiritual side of things

Another common meaning of having a dragonfly land on you is that you are not paying enough attention to the spiritual side of life – and that now is the time to make more time for spiritual growth.

Natural events such as a dragonfly landing on you or seeing an owl while out walking at night can be profound spiritual experiences, and for good reason.

The deep feeling of spirituality that moments like this can awaken should be taken as a message to devote more time to your spiritual development, especially if it is something that you have been neglecting.

3. Be prepared to adapt to make the most of an opportunity

Sometimes it can be hard to understand the meaning of a message when you receive it, but later, the meaning becomes clear at the right time.

If a dragonfly lands on you and you don’t understand why, it could be a message that you should be ready to make the most of an opportunity that is going to present itself.

This means you should keep this message in mind because when the opportunity arrives, you will remember the dragonfly and be ready to act.

4. Live in the moment

As dragonflies only have a short amount of time on Earth, they need to make the most of what time they have, and when one lands on you, this can also be the message they bring.

Do you spend too much time planning for a future that never comes? Or do you constantly live in the past? Neither of these is a healthy way to live since you will eventually come to the end of your life and wonder where all your time has gone.

If this sounds familiar to you and a dragonfly lands on you, accept the message it brings – because it’s never too late to start living a more fulfilling life.

5. Good luck is on the way

If a dragonfly lands on you, sometimes it can simply be a message that good fortune is on the way. This message can be hard to decipher at first, but with hindsight, you will remember the dragonfly and understand the meaning it had.

Search deep within yourself, and if you can find no other interpretation, you can be happy since you will know that fortune is smiling upon you – and the dragonfly landing on you is telling you so.

Different colored dragonflies

Although you may be able to interpret the message being passed to you through quiet reflection and contemplation, the color of the dragonfly that lands on you is also important, and this may the key to a more accurate interpretation of what you have seen.

Here are some of the meanings that various colored dragonflies can have.


Green is the color of nature and represents fertility as well as renewal. A green dragonfly may be telling you that a change is on the way in the form of a birth – but it could also be a message related to a relationship.


If a red dragonfly lands on you, the message could be related to your love life since red is the color of passion – perhaps an opportunity will present itself in the form of a new relationship.


A blue dragonfly may bring a message of loyalty or trust, so consider how values such as these are related to your life in terms of what seeing a dragonfly can mean.


Purple is the color of spirituality, so if the dragonfly that lands on you is purple, look for interpretations that are related to the spiritual side of your life.


Brown represents nature and the soil, so a dragonfly of this color may be urging you to stay true to your roots – even when great change is afoot.


A black dragonfly represents meditation and reflection, so having a black dragonfly land on you may be urging you to slow down and take more time for the important things in life.


White is the color of purity and also of angels, so the message may be from a departed loved one, telling you that they are still watching over you.

However, if a white dragonfly lands on you, make sure you are open to receiving other spiritual signs since an angel may be trying to communicate some other important message to you.

A powerful message from the spirit world

So as we have seen, a dragonfly landing on you often carries an important message – and one that is more urgent than if you simply see a dragonfly.

To interpret the message, search your feelings, consider your emotions, think about the challenges or questions you have in life and look to clues like the color of the dragonfly to guide you. Then, by trusting your intuition, the true meaning of the message will be revealed.

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5 Spiritual Meanings When a Dragonfly Lands on You 2

10 thoughts on “5 Spiritual Meanings When a Dragonfly Lands on You”

  1. I have always said that dragonflies love me. I put my hand out, one will circle me and slowly make the circle smaller until it lands on my hand. Sometimes they don’t want to “play” and they don’t visit. But, when they do I thank them and the Heavens for their visit.

  2. They follow me everywhere and constantly land on me. For example: at my dad’s funeral we got out of the vehicle and not a dragonfly in sight, then as soon as I get to the coffin at the grave a swarm of about 50 or more shows up and the minute the preacher gets done and everyone walks away from the coffin except me and I tell my daddy I love him and I’m going to miss him and I will be ok, the dragonflies disappeared. I love them. They are always following me and landing on me

    • A large dragonfly literally tried to fly into my mouth at full speed this evening. I had to swat it away for it to stop flying into my face. If that’s not an agressive message, I don’t know what is! Poor fellow was probably very confused but I guess some transformation or change is on the way? Who knows!

  3. I had a beautiful blue one land on my chest and just sat there my mom passed away in July and her birthday is tomorrow maybe it was her letting me know she’s ok

    • ❤️ My mum passed away on 15th Aug 2022 & one landed on my hand in my office, my mums birthday is tomorrow 8th Nov 2022. Maybe I am getting the same message…

  4. I was working in a customers garden, cutting up some wood in the summer sun. a beautiful green dragon fly came into the garden flew around then landed on the wood right in front of me. Thinking it might fly away I slowly got my mobile phone and started to take some pics, to my surprise it didn’t fly away i got really close to it . Then I stood up again quite overwhelmed with its beauty I sent out a thought saying to it, it would be so wonderful if you would land on my hand. It took off and not thinking I would see it again I was about to get on with my work when it flew round me and landed on the back of my left hand by my thumb and wrapped its wings around my thumb I was able to take close up photos with out it flying away to my surprise, it enabled me to look all over closely , its eyes were like thousands of mirrors. I was absolutely blown away by this !! I don’t think i will ever get this out of my mind and wouldn’t want to. I think that if you can send out thoughts like this to a dragon fly and it responds what else can the spiritual mind send out for the insect world to respond to.

  5. I was sitting on my chair watching a movie. I felt like being free and comfortable so i unbuckled my pants. Thereafter i felt like there was something moving on my right thigh and when i checked i saw nothing. After a few seconds i glanced over my balls and i kid you not there’s a little dragonfly there. CRAZY!!!


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