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7 Spiritual Meanings When You Find a White Feather

There are many ways we can receive messages or signs from the spirit world, and seeing feathers is one of the most common – and white feathers, in particular, may carry particularly powerful or important information that we need to know.

However, interpreting these messages is not always straightforward, so to help you understand what the message is about, in this post we discuss the question, what does it mean if you find a white feather?

7 Spiritual Meanings When You Find a White Feather 1

What comes to mind when we think about feathers?

If you find a white feather, it’s unlikely to be a coincidence, and it probably carries an important message from the world of the spirits.

However, there are many ways to interpret it, so if you want to know what the message means, it’s important to know a bit about what feathers signify and what we associate them with.

Feathers come from birds, so when we think of feathers, we think of birds, flight and the sky.

Having feathers allows birds to soar high in the sky, and for this reason, we associate them with freedom.

We also talk about things being “as light as a feather”, and this lightness can represent the lightness of our soul, especially if we learn how to free it through spiritual exploration.

Since they can fly so high, birds are thought to be connected to the divine.

At the same time, while they are associated with the element of air, they also come back to Earth and land on trees or the ground.

This means they can be seen as an intermediary between the earthly and spiritual realms. Indeed, many cultures have seen birds as messengers from the other side, and feathers are also often taken to be messages from the spirit world.

Feather symbolism according to various cultures

To correctly interpret finding a white feather, it’s also important to know the symbolism feathers have had to various people around the world, so let’s look at that now.

Native Americans

Although different Native American tribes have a broad range of beliefs and traditions, many have seen feathers as having a particular significance, especially eagle feathers.

Since birds fly in the skies, they are considered to be close to the gods, which gives their feathers a powerful symbolism.

They can have various meanings, including higher wisdom, peace, purity or spiritual progression. They might also be connected to things like hunting, fishing, healing or rain.

In some tribes, feathers were only given to those who deserved them. For example, Cherokee shamans blessed feathers, and these valuable items were then bestowed on those who had overcome certain fears.

South America

Feathers were also seen as being important by certain South American peoples, and condor feathers were sometimes mixed into healing potions.


Similarly, in India, peacock feathers were used to make a traditional medicine that was used to treat snakebites as well as infertility and coughs.


In Scotland, the chiefs of Clan Campbell wear feathers in their bonnets to symbolize their authority in the clan. The person’s rank in the clan determines whether they are allowed to wear one, two or three feathers.

Ancient Egypt

Feathers feature prominently in an important part of Ancient Egyptian mythology.

The Ancient Egyptians believed that departed souls travelled to a place called Aaru, or the Field of Reeds, but not everyone was allowed in.

After death, the soul of a person travelled to a place of judgement where they would have to address the 42 Assessors of Maat, minor deities who sat in judgment over the souls of the deceased.

After this, the heart of the dead person would be weighed against the Feather of Maat. If their heart was pure, it would be lighter than the feather, and they would be able to enter Aaru.

However, if it was filled with evil, it would weigh more than the feather, and the heart would then be devoured by Ammit, a goddess with the forequarters of a lion, the hindquarters of a hippopotamus and the head of a crocodile. The soul would then cease to exist.


Christians believe that after death, if the person has lived a good life, the soul of the departed goes to heaven. However, when someone close to us dies, it’s common to experience feelings of sadness, grief and loss, and it can help to remember that their soul is now in a better place.

Some Christians believe that the appearance of white feathers can tell us that an angel is close, or that someone from the other side is trying to make contact with us to reassure us that all is well and that they are still here with us.

In Christianity, white feathers may also be connected to the white dove that flew off from Noah’s Ark in search of land and then returned with a fresh olive branch in its mouth.

This represents peace as well as God’s forgiveness of mankind and his covenant promising never to subject his children to such a punishment again.

During World War I

During the First World War, white feathers acquired quite a different symbolism in Britain.

At a time when able-bodied men were expected to sign up to fight for their country, the White Feather Campaign was initiated to shame those who were unwilling to do their duty.

During this campaign, women who saw men of fighting age who were not in uniform were encouraged to present those men with a white feather to indicate their lack of valor. For this reason, white feathers came to represent cowardice.

The origins of this came from the practice of cockfighting when people believed that a fighting cock with a white feather was a coward and would never win.

During the Vietnam War

In the US army, during the Vietnam War, white feathers came to symbolize bravery in the face of the enemy, quite the opposite of the meaning they had in wartime Britain.

This was because a famous sniper named Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock wore a white feather in his hat to taunt the enemy. The white feather made him an easy target for enemy snipers, but by wearing it, he showed that he was unafraid of them.

How can you interpret seeing a white feather?

As we mentioned above, things rarely happen by chance, so seeing a white feather is unlikely to be a coincidence.

Furthermore, if you start seeing lots of feathers or they begin appearing in unusual places, it’s even more likely that somebody or something is trying to pass an important message to you.

The problem is, angels and other spirits can’t communicate with us directly – because, for a start, most people would be terrified if an angel suddenly appeared in front of them.

Instead, they communicate with us in more subtle ways, and to be able to interpret what they are trying to tell us correctly, we need to be open to receiving the message that is intended.

This means we need to pay attention to the precise circumstances when we received the message, how we felt at the time and also what issues we were facing when we saw it.

You should consider the questions were you asking and what spiritual answers or guidance were you seeking at that time.

Then, by searching deep within yourself and trusting your intuition, you will be able to uncover the true meaning of the message you received.

Now let’s look at some of the most common interpretations of seeing a white feather.

What are some common meanings of seeing a white feather?

1. A message from a departed loved one

Whether they are Christian or not, many people who have recently lost a loved one report a feeling of calm and comfort when they see a white feather after the bereavement.

If you have recently lost somebody close to you and are suffering from the loss, the most obvious interpretation of seeing a feather is that it is a message from that person telling you that all is well, that they are in a better place now and that they are still with you.

This is even more likely if the feather appears in an unusual place, especially if it’s a place that’s associated with that person – somewhere like on their favorite chair or close to something that belonged to them, for example.

In this case, you should take heart from the message since, even though you probably miss them a lot, you can feel reassured that all is well and that they are still close to you in spirit.

2. A message from an angel

If it isn’t a message from a departed loved one, it could also be a message from an angel. Sending feathers is a common way for angels to communicate with us, so when one appears, you should pay close attention to the meaning.

If you have recently been searching for an answer to a specific question, the feather could be the answer you are seeking.

Think about how you felt when you saw the feather because your mood could be a clue about to how to interpret it.

At the same time, be especially open to receiving other messages such as angel numbers since the angel could also try contacting you in other ways to make sure you get the message.

3. Encouragement after a disappointment

If something happened recently that left you feeling upset or disappointed, finding a feather could be a sign that you should keep your chin up because things will get better again soon.

Don’t dwell on the past or what could have been. Instead, try to put your best foot forward and do better in the future. This is a message most of us need to hear at some point in our lives, and the white feather could be how the spirit world is letting you know.

4. A message telling you to pay more attention to your spiritual development

As we have seen, birds are closely connected to the divine and the spirit world, so a white feather could be a sign that you are not paying enough attention to spiritual matters.

Just like we need to eat a balanced diet, we also need to balance the material with the spiritual if we want to live a rich and fulfilled life.

A feather may appear to remind you of this, and if this resonates with you, it’s a good indication that you need to find more time for spiritual development and exploration.

5. Be decisive

If a feather floats down in front of you, it may be a message telling you that you need to be more decisive.

Is there an important decision that you are afraid to make? Are you flitting between your choices like a feather blowing on the wind?

Then now is the time to make a decision, and the feather is telling you that if you trust your intuition and instinct, the decision you make will be the right one.

6. Love

A white feather appearing may be a message about love telling you that your soulmate is near.

If you are still searching for your one true love, the feather can be a message that you need to open yourself to allow this person into your life – because even if you both come into each other’s orbit, it’s possible that you won’t connect because your energies are out of sync.

7. Good luck

A white feather may be a sign of good luck, but not in the normal way. A white feather doesn’t appear to tell you that good luck is one the way but rather is drawn to you by the positive energies that have already set things in motion.

It is a sign that what you are doing is right and that you are on the right path – and that good luck or fortune will follow as a result.

Your intuition and instinct will help you understand

There can be many ways to interpret feathers or other messages that we receive, but the most important thing is to think deeply on what you have seen and search within yourself, perhaps through meditation.

Then, by trusting your intuition and allowing your instinct to guide you, the true meaning of what you saw will become clear.

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7 Spiritual Meanings When You Find a White Feather 2

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  1. Wow thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information with us. You really helped me understand why I found this feather and made clear why I found it. Thank you again I appreciate your sharing

  2. My Brother-in-law and my sister both passed away this year. One on February 6, 2022 and the other on March 24, 2022. I found a white feather about one week ago near my front step. I just now found another white feather today, also near my front step. (Today is November 22, 2022, close to Thanksgiving) We always got together for Thanksgiving and I have been thinking about them. I will miss them this Thanksgiving, but I think that both of them are wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving and letting me know that they are okay.

  3. We had just held a small birthday party with all of the family and a few friends to celebrate my Nana’s birthday. After we said goodbye to everyone we found the tiniest most perfect fluffy white feather inside near the back door. It was a miserable and wet evening outside – most definitely a sign that my dad/nana’s son had popped by that evening.

  4. For the past 11 months, I have been finding white feathers a few times a week – I have started collecting them. A few times, they have appeared by my car. I find them at my boots. My husband has found them in the garage where I keep my boots. One floated down in front of me between two flower containers on my door step. In December, I found one in the cellar on the side corner of my pathway to upstairs. Last spring I found three small ones on my kitchen counter.

    I just don’t know why this is happening. Is it because I am more tuned in to watching for them? I have never experianced something like this before.


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