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12 Spiritual Meanings When Your Teeth Falling Out In A Dream

Did you wake up terrified and soaked in sweat after dreaming that your teeth were falling out?

Dreams about teeth falling out are very common and many people have this dream more than once.

Having your teeth suddenly fall out can be a cause of great distress and embarrassment. So, when you wake up from such a dream, you definitely want to know what it means.

Scary as this dream can be, teeth falling out in a dream isn’t always symbolic of something bad. In most cases, this dream is pointing you to an aspect of your life that requires healing or improvement.

Like many other dreams, dreams about teeth falling out is not really about your oral health. As you will see, this dream has both positive and negative interpretations depending on the content and what is going on in your personal life.

So, if you are wondering: what does teeth falling out in a dream mean? You have come to the right place. Read on for interpretations of this common dream.

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Teeth Symbolism

Teeth are the passage way to the digestive system. But, apart from their physiological importance, teeth also have a cultural, spiritual, mythological symbolism.

In the realm of transformative medicine, teeth are seen as storehouses for suppressed emotions. Teeth decay and other oral health problems are a result of an accumulation of suppressed emotions such as pain and anger.

Spiritually, teeth can tell a complex story about your physical health and your mental or emotional wellbeing, including the accumulated effects of childhood trauma carried over into adulthood.

In some cultures, it is believed that recurring oral problems such as cavities are an indication that something in your life needs to change.

In western culture, there is the myth about the tooth fairy, which is believed to have originated around AD 1200. Apparently, children’s teeth were highly-sought after as talismans for warriors headed for battle. As such, a mythical fairy would collect these teeth and even pay for them.

Mythological meanings of teeth date as far back as the ancient Egyptian civilization. In some cultures, broad teeth packed closely together symbolize a peaceful spirit while long, yellow teeth were associated with weakness of character.

In some religions and societies, a gummy smile means that one has a cold and calculating personality while the melancholic type are said to have clean, well-arranged, and white teeth. In other communities, straight, white teeth symbolize an honest character.

In Asian and Celtic cultures, sharp teeth are associated with greed and last. People with overlapping teeth are said to have acquired their wealth through greed in a past life.

Next, let’s look at common meanings of teeth falling out in a dream.

What Does Teeth Falling Out In A Dream Mean?

Teething falling out in a dream has various interpretations depending on the context of the dream. Here are a few common interpretations:

1.  You are undergoing a period of self-doubt

Dreams about teeth falling out are usually related to your self-esteem. You are likely to have this dream when you struggle with self-doubt and low self-esteem

If you are worried that you aren’t living life to your fullest potential, it is possible to have this dream consistently.

The falling teeth represent shame and embarrassment for not doing as well as you and others expected. It represents a loss of power and strong feelings of insecurity due to the circumstances in one’s life.

2.  You regret something you said

Dreaming about teeth falling is often connected to our oral/verbal communication.

If you dreamed that your teeth were falling out one by one over a period of time it could be related to your behavior in real life such as engaging in gossip or spreading lies that you now regret doing.

Look back at the previous day. Did you say something untruthful that you now wish you could take back? Were you involved in peddling gossip and regret this behavior?

The falling teeth in your dream are symbolic of the remorse you feel for saying things you did not mean.

3.  You are hiding your true feelings

When you dream about teeth falling or crumbling, it could be a reflection of your tendency to suppress your emotions in your waking hours.

Remember, teeth hold a spiritual symbolism as the storehouse of unexpressed emotions. But, not expressing your emotions can lead to devastating consequences such as succumbing to physical sickness or even acting out of anger in the heat of the moment.

Dreaming that your teeth are falling could mean that you have accumulated negative emotions inside you for too long and your system can no longer hold it. Your teeth as the storehouse for emotions can no longer hold the accumulated and destructive emotions.

4.  You need to improve your communication skills

You are likely to dream about losing your teeth if you are having communication problems in real life. Teeth are the gateway to the digestive system but they are also a core part your mouth and therefore your ability to speak.

This dream is common when one is having a hard time clearly communicating with others. Look at recent incidences where your interactions with others quickly became frosty or there was some miscommunication.

The crumbling teeth represent a breakdown in communication whether at work or with your family and friends.

5.  You are afraid to stand up for yourself

Dreams about teeth falling can also be linked to your (in) ability to stand up for yourself.

Getting into the habit of not standing up and expressing your opinion can leave you feeling like a victim and living life like a weakling.

When teeth fall out in your dreams, it is a sign of weakness in your personality. Do you let others speak over you? Do you let others to speak on your behalf? Are you allowing others to walk all over you?

This dream could be urging you start advocating for yourself more and not allow others to speak for you. After all, you know yourself better than anyone else.

6.  You feel anxious about how you appear to others

Are you self-conscious about your physical appearance? If yes, you are likely to dream about teeth falling out.

If you are not comfortable in your own skin, you may walk around wondering what people think about you. Of course, most of the time people are minding their own business and are the least concerned about you.

Still, when you are anxious about people’s opinion of you, these thoughts and feelings may settle deep in your subconscious and get mirrored back to you in the form of a dream.

The falling teeth represent the anxiety and embarrassment you feel about your physical appearance.

Sometimes this dream can also come about when you are worried about how others will perceive you for something you said.

You may not necessarily have said something bad; but you might just feel anxious for saying what you said.  When you dream about teeth falling, it is indicative of the worry you feel about what you said.

7.  You are tired of an old argument

Dreaming about teeth falling can be symbolic of your feelings about an old argument or grudge.

It could be that you keep having a recurring argument with someone and now you are particularly sick and tired of it. You want it be over and done with.

You are likely to have this dream on the same night of the argument or the night after. But, of course, if you feel strongly about this argument or old grudge, the dream can appear any time.

When the teeth fall, it means that you no longer want to gnash your teeth over this issue. All the negative emotions you feel about this old argument are wearing you down and you can no longer take it.

8.  You are facing difficult times but keeping it to yourself

Dreams about teeth falling out are largely about communication. You might have this dream if you are going through a tough time but aren’t speaking up about it.

Your teeth falling in this dream is symbolic of the choice to stay silent despite you wishing you could talk and probably get some help.

Choosing not to share your difficulties with someone else can also lead to emotional overload, as espoused by the teeth crumbling from your mouth.

This dream could also be the subconscious mind telling you to develop grit instead of complaining to everyone and anyone who will listen about your problems as has been the case in the past.

If you complain frequently, you might find it hard to keep it to yourself when you feel discomfort or are going through a hard time.

9.  You are anxious about your sexual capabilities

According to psychologists such as Sigmund Freud, dreaming about your teeth falling could be connected to worries about your sex life.

Males are more likely to worry about their sexual capabilities and therefore dream about losing their teeth. The loss of teeth is symbolic of the loss off prowess and dominance.

In society, we associate sexual prowess with control and dominance. Even if you aren’t worried about your sexual prowess, you might dream about teeth falling if you are concerned about losing your control or are no longer in a place of dominance.

10.  You have been demoted

When you dream about losing your teeth, it could be related to the fact that you have lost your position of authority.

You might have this dream if you lose your job, for example, and more so if you were in a management or leadership position.

The loss of teeth symbolizes the loss of control and the stress that can come with this kind of situation. Losing something like a job or a business can be a source of shame to some people; if this is the case for you, it is quite normal to dream about losing teeth.

11.  You secretly desire to be pregnant

According to Freud, when a woman dreams about teeth falling, it could be related to her desire to fall pregnant.

But, pregnancy comes with a lot of changes, some of which are out of your control. The falling teeth in your dreams could symbolize your concerns about the loss of control related to pregnancy.

Yes, you secretly wish you could get pregnant but on the other hand you are worried about the uncertainties of this important milestone.

12.  You are about to enter a period of expansion

Dreams about falling teeth could be symbolic of a period of growth and expansion. As children grow, they lose their milk teeth and develop permanent teeth, which is a great milestone albeit a painful one.

In the same way, just before entering a period of growth, you might experience growing pains and all sorts of challenges. But these are part of the process.

The falling teeth are representative of development, growth, and progress. You are losing your teeth or that which is familiar to pave way for something bigger and better.

Growth can bring with it a lot of uncertainty and fear. This is also another reason you would have a dream about teething falling. You are unsure what the future holds and you feel vulnerable at the same time.

Summary: What Does Teeth Falling Out In A Dream Mean?

Seeing your own teeth falling out in a dream is enough to wake you up in frantic sweat. Luckily, such a dream doesn’t mean that you will actually lose your teeth although it could be warning you to take better care of your oral health.

In the larger scale of things, dreams about teeth falling out are associated with vulnerability, shame, loss of control, and communication issues.

It is normal to dream of losing your teeth if an aspect of your life feels out whack whether that is your professional, personal, or spiritual life.

I hope this article has helped you better understand what teeth falling out in a dream means and the profound lessons this dream is teaching you.

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