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5 Spiritual Meanings of White Dove

Are you curious why doves are popular in our day-to-day lives? From politics to religion, weddings to funerals, it is common for the white dove to be used or appear in diverse contexts. However it manifests in your life, there is no doubt that this bird has strong spiritual symbolism and espouses positive qualities that humans aspire to.

In this article, I will explain the most common white dove spiritual meanings. In the end, you will have a better understanding of what the presence of this gentle bird symbolizes, whether it appears to you in real life or in a dream.

Spiritual Meanings of White Dove

1. What Is the Spiritual Meaning of a White Dove?

Few birds have a strong connection to the spiritual world as the dove. The bird often appears in holy books such as the Bible and Q’uran; it is depicted as a messenger between the physical and spiritual realms. The dove’s presence is associated with peace, happiness, love, truth, and healing. It symbolizes hope in tough times, such as when one is sick or grieving, and their presence during such a period can be comforting and uplifting.

At the individual level, doves are linked to the energies of the third chakras. In the Hindu tradition and spiritual practice, chakras are believed to be energy points through which humans can transcend their physical body and tap into the empowering infiniteness of the Divine through practices such as meditation.

The third chakra is associated with emotional and creative expression, intuition, and discernment. The presence of a dove could be an invitation to tap into your creativity to find answers to questions that might be bothering you. A dove might appear to encourage you to trust your intuition, open your heart to receive love, and accept and believe in your authentic self.

Take this opportunity to listen to your inner voice and receive the message of hope your guardian angels are sending you from the spiritual world beyond. Watch out for synchronicities appearing in three—they are the nudge you need to tap into your creative and emotional side.

2. What Does a White Dove Symbolize About Love?

What Does a White Dove Symbolize About Love
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A white dove evokes feelings of gentleness, love, and wellbeing and carries a positive connotation across many cultures and traditions since the existence of humanity on earth. The bird is commonly featured in the ultimate love event— weddings. But, some people report seeing a dove in times of grief or great struggle.

Traditionally, it is believed that if a dove appears during a weddings ceremony, it is a sign from the spiritual realm that the newlyweds will have a long life and a happy home full of dedication, hope, and honesty. Whether it coincidentally appears or is released during the wedding ceremony, a white dove invites holy spirits and shoos away dark spirits that may come to ruin the couple’s home.

In Christianity, the dove espouses the Holy Spirit and is God’s chosen messenger between the physical and spiritual realms. Its physical manifestation is a reminder of God’s eternal love and his requirement that we love one another as he has loved us. Closely associated with this is the concept of purity. Biblical folklore has it that God made the dove so white and pure that it would put off Satan!

An interesting fact about doves is that they are monogamous. White ones represent faithfulness, loyalty, and friendship. Their presence at any given time might symbolize that a loving encounter is about to grace your life in the form of a beautiful friendship or romantic relationship.

Whether you encounter a white dove in a wedding, funeral, or day-to-day life, it could be strong communication from the spiritual realm to send love and compassion. It is also a prompt to open yourself to all the good things in life, including wellbeing, hope, happiness, and truthfulness.

3. What Does It Mean When a Dove Visits You?

Despite their gentle and innocent appearance, doves are still wild birds. So, when a bird of the wild such as a dove, visits you, it might have a special meaning. There are different spiritual meanings when a white dove visits you.

Have you been feeling anxious and out of balance? If so, a dove’s visitation may be an attempt to bring more mindfulness, awareness, and balance to your life. The bird’s presence reminds you to reconnect with your higher self and not lose yourself in worry or anxiety.

When a white dove visits you, it could be a reminder from your spiritual guides that the Universe/God/Source/Divine is in control and that it is time to stop resisting, surrender to the way things are, and go with the flow. By surrendering to reality, you will open yourself up to greater clarity and great renewal.

It is common for a dove visitation to occur in times of great sadness. You might also notice the bird’s fallen feather in your vicinity, which is a message from your angels that you are love itself and you are enveloped in infinite love despite the hardship you are undergoing. Your spirit guides are with you at all times, and by sending over a dove, they are letting you know that your sadness, grief, trauma, or whatever hardship you are undergoing will soon dissipate and give way to a new day full of hope.

4. What Does a White Dove Symbolize in Death

What Does a White Dove Symbolize in Death
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A white dove might appear during or after the funeral of a loved, or after experiencing a great tragedy. The resources for dealing with grief in the physical world might not always feel enough, and sometimes, during such low points in your life, all you want is help from a Higher Being to help you cope with the current situation.

Your spirit guides may send you a message in the form of a dove to offer you some comfort. The appearance of a white dove during a period of mourning could also be a message from your loved one that they are resting in eternal peace, and you don’t have to worry. Such a sign can be comforting and may give you the courage to face life without them.

What about a dead white dove? Coming across a dead dove can be alarming depending on the meaning you give to the concept of death. In the spiritual realm, death symbolizes change and is an event that calls for soul searching, embracing silence, and even engaging with your inner critic.

If there is a big change you know you need to make but are avoiding it, the appearance of a dead dove could be a nudge to go ahead and make that big move. Typically, separation might result if you make this change, but you can be at peace that separation is not necessarily a bad thing and, sometimes, it might be necessary.

Maybe you need to move away to another city or country for a better life or break away from a toxic group of friends and seek new friendships. Perhaps you need to end your broken marriage. A dead dove is a spiritual message that you need to initiate the necessary change in your life now. The changes might be painful, but you will survive and finally meet a better, greater, and higher version of yourself.

5. What Is The Spiritual Meaning of a Dove in Your Dreams?

A white dove visitation in your dreams is usually a positive sign. A white dove could be a sign of blessings coming your way in the form of love and affection, great friendship, and personal growth. If you have been longing for inner peace, intentional living, and clarity, the white dove symbol may make its way to your dreams in your most restful state.

A pair of white doves in your dreams seen to be building their nest and mating could be a revelation of the happy family life that you have been longing for. Whether you have been trying for a baby or visualizing and looking to manifest your ideal partner, a pair of white doves is a message from the spiritual realm that your wishes and aspirations are taking root.

All in all, a white dove in your dreams is a prophecy of great changes in your life. So, you want to keep your vibrations high to manifest each of your heart’s desires.

White Dove Spiritual Meaning

White doves are small and gentle but surprisingly resilient in the wild world, where many predators and inhospitable environments loom. Their presence in our day-to-day lives is usually a positive experience and signifies strength, hope, love, joy, and other optimistic qualities.

There are many white dove spiritual meanings. Each symbolism will mean different things to different people. The circumstances in your life will also have a big influence on the particular message your spirit guides send you at any given time. Whether you encounter a white dove in your waking hours or your dreams; in times of great happiness or deep grief, I recommend using your own intuition to pick out the meaning that resonates the most with you.

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Spiritual Meanings of White Dove

16 thoughts on “5 Spiritual Meanings of White Dove”

  1. I had 3 white doves ans a slightly speckled one visit me today in the garden. 1 was looking into the window.
    8 months ago I lost the most precious thing in my life. My horse. My grief is just unbearable and life without her has just broken me. Was this a sign from her.

  2. I was driving and I was wearing a white nightgown when a Fock of white doves landed on the street I was driving so I stoped to feed them so I went to my car but I could not find it my car is white so I went and saw. A red car and saw my belongings inside but two tugs got inside and drive with me in the car somehow I pushed one and managed to run across a street where a lot of people was standing to get help and they just drove off in my car

  3. So I live in a shelter and I walked out this morning saw a white dove flew so gracefully across the canal what does that mean

  4. My mum died on the 15th of February 2022 and was burried on the 25th of February 2022.
    Exactly one week after her burial, I was walking on my street with my two friends when suddenly a white Dove as bright as a halogen flew out of my compound.
    At first I thought it was a shooting star and wanted to make a wish only to discover it was a dove.
    We watched as it flapped it’s wings and hoped to see where it would land but it vanished.
    My friends and I were dumbfounded because we have never seen nothing like that.
    Immediately in my heart I knew it was my dead mum trying to send a signal because my siblings and I were terribly grieving.
    When that happened, there was an air of relief and two things came to my mind.
    The first was the realization that my mum was at peace and in heaven, and secondly that she came to give her home peace.
    Oche Ambrose Baba,
    From Nigeria.

  5. Today March 27 2022, me my daughter and my two were leaving church, when suddenly a beautiful snow white dove flew above us and flew over the hill. I’ve been struggling with many thoughts and feelings about things in my life, especially my separation with my husband. There was alot of mental and verbal abuse and my heart is heavy about wanted to divorce him, also stress about my job and personal things with my daughters. When I saw the dove fly in front of us I felt a warm feeling of peace and happiness.

  6. For the last week A white dove has been hanging out in my backyard. It is just past 3 years since I lost my husband suddenly and so unexpectantly. He was the Love Of My LIfe. I miss him terribly but have been trying to find a new normal. I like to think this is him telling me I’ll be o.k.

  7. Have been through hell and back…. Having nightmares and all that. I always see a white barn owl or white butterfly when I feel someone trying to reach me…. Woke up from a nightmare about a car tire popping in front of me and ever since then I’ve been afraid to get on the freeway. Today I left my boyfriends house who has been nothing but a blessing to my life and my spiritual name. We got on the freeway got into some serious traffic and all of a sudden it’s perfectly white dove which I thought oh my God it’s a wedding dove, and then I thought it’s so confused it’s over the traffic it doesn’t know how to fly it flew right above me and that let me know somebody was trying to get to reach me.Someone was genuinely trying to let me know it’s going to be OK so trust me when you see those moments

  8. My mother died Jan 16, 2022. About 3 weeks later a white dove showed up on my yard (in Florida) and comes back every afternoon. I immediately knew this was my mom’s spirit because she would always tell us she would come back in the form of a bird to check in us and would even sing a song to us that would tell the story of a mother who came back as a bird to watch over her son. But the confirmation happened when a week after my dove showed up, a dove showed up at my brothers house ( in Dominican Republic) and is living “inside” my brothers house. And just last week a dove showed up at my son’s apartment ( in Pennsylvania ) and is living with him. This is no coincidence

  9. As I was walking a white dove flew by me then landed on my neighbors roof. Tuesday again as I was walking the dive came and landed right beside me. Don’t see it rest of week. Now this week Monday as I was walking the dove landed on my roof. Then walked beside me again. I believe it is happiness ,joy, as God is my best friend. I wanted to share this

  10. I was riding my bike after sunset with my boyfriend and I was coasting fast down the hill and right before I came to the crossroad out of nowhere, I was faced with a bird flying straight at me!! It happened so fast I didn’t mean to make contact with the bird , I was trying to NOT run into it head on and actually collide. When in my attempt i put my left arm up in the air out of pure reaction to this happening so fast and i hit the bird. It was the most awful time stopping moment I’ve ever felt in a single action. I was crushingly sorrowful and almost burst into tears . It was more sadness at once than i can explain or begun to Express and I stopped as soon as I was capable and then looked back at adam, my boyfriend hollering I didn’t mean to punch the bird is it alright. I seen the way I caused it to flip and roll in the air and can only guess that my hand hitting this bird actually broke its neck. I know that it was at least badly injured and if I didn’t kill it it was suffering. I was stunned, mortified. Speechless. My boyfriend d heard me holler back asking if the bitd was okay. He said it’s a white dove omg you punched a white dove. I was astonished and felt so awful. It was no where I could see as it was already getting dark on the street and my bf said into a tree flying wildly and spastic n at the time he told me the dove then flew away. But after awhile he informed me that the beautiful bird which tried to fly to safety from my hand and my hit, plummeted into a creek from the branch it tried to find safety in.i can only imagine it was not a good death and this poor little bird of love and peace probably drowned in agony. Especially when the instant flood of emotional sadness the overwhelming feelings which immediately came over me out of the blue were so very intense. I bet you’ve never had to read the meaning of this white dove story before and not surprisingly, there is no category to match it. Please tell me anything you can it is weighing on me and has been for several weeks thanks tammy l. Bible

  11. I was sitting saying my Rosary at work in front of the huge windows on the loft balcony when this white dove appeared. It walked around for awhile then started walking toward me. I took my phone out to take a picture and suddenly it flew up toward me, sensed there was glass there and turned and flew back toward the sky. I ended up getting the most amazing picture ever with it’s wings spread. But it wasn’t till I looked back at the picture I saw a perfect little black cross on it’s right wing. I got chills. I will always feel blest by The Holy Spirit.

  12. Man, I still remember that my beloved fish died while I was in my home town. Yeah, I cried so badly that 3 doves who were whiter than snow came to me… Still remember that moment


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