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8 Meanings When You Keep Dreaming About the Same Person

Dreams can feature all manner of weird and wonderful things. But sometimes they have one particular person in the starring role. As a one-off, that’s something you might just dismiss, smiling at the way your brain has summoned up this individual.

But what happens if it’s a dream you have more than once? Or even night after night?

We’re going to explore this fascinating phenomenon. And we’ll set out eight meanings when you keep dreaming about the same person.

So read on if you’re ready to find out what might be behind your recurring dream!

8 Meanings When You Keep Dreaming About the Same Person 2

Why do I keep dreaming about the same person?

Recurring dreams are a fairly common phenomenon. Research conducted by the University of Montreal found that something like three quarters of adults reported having experienced them.

Sometimes these dreams are pleasant, but more than three quarters are not. So why do we keep having them?

A number of different theories have been put forward. Most are based on the idea that dreaming is an expression of the brain’s attempt to process emotion and experience.

If we’re dreaming of the same thing (or person) time and again, it suggests this attempt is not fully successful. The problematic or confusing feeling or experience remains unresolved.

At this point, our brain seems to be stuck in a loop. It feeds us the same dream imagery over and over, in the hope that this time it will work.

The causes of recurring dreams are often, therefore, events or emotional experiences that are difficult for us to process. These could arise from unresolved conflict, unmet needs or feelings of guilt.

These types of emotionally and psychologically challenging events usually involve other people. And where they involve one particular person, that person may appear in the dream.

Let’s look more closely at some of the different meanings behind recurring dreams about the same person.

what does it mean when you constantly dream about someone

1. Dreams About a Family Member

Members of our immediate family are often people we encounter every day. If that’s the case, it’s perhaps not surprising that they crop up a lot in our dreams. The experiences and emotions being processed by our subconscious minds will often involve them in some way.

But if you’re dreaming about the same scenario involving a particular family member, it could have a deeper meaning. So what might it be?

  • Dreaming of Your Mother

Different family members will have different associations and bonds. For many people, the bond with their mother is one of the most important in their life. That bond is particularly important as a child, when it will often be the mother who’s the primary carer.

But the idyllic image of mother and child in perfect harmony isn’t always the reality.

If you do enjoy a good relationship with your mother, your dream may simply signify a need to reconnect. But if there are unresolved conflicts or tensions, your mind may be working through this in your dreams.

And both these interpretations may be correct, even if your mother has passed on. Your dream may be a way of dealing with feelings of grief and loss.

  • Dreaming of Your Son or Daughter

A dream of a son or daughter often reflects your love for them and concern for their wellbeing. For parents of young children, it may also reflect what is usually daily interaction.

Parents of teenagers may also dream of their children at a younger age. This could signify that you see them as remaining vulnerable and in need of protection. It might also be a happy reminder of more peaceful times!

Nightmares where your child is in danger are relatively common. They reflect your natural anxiety to keep your child safe. If they’re becoming upsetting, though, it may be time to examine your fears consciously. This may help you address your anxiety and enhance your own wellbeing.

But what if you dream of your son or daughter – and you don’t actually have any children? The figure in your dream could represent your own inner child. It may also indicate a longing to reconnect with a childhood ambition, and a reminder that it’s never too late to pursue your goals.

2. Dreams About a Stranger

Recurring dreams about a stranger are a completely different kettle of fish. In this case, there’s no individual with whom you’re interacting, generating emotions for your dreaming self to explore. So what’s your dream trying to tell you?

Some people believe that the stranger represents a decision in your life. You’re at a metaphorical crossroads, and it’s a sign to prepare yourself for big changes.

Others suggest that the stranger signifies an aspect of your own personality. It may be a part of yourself that you’re not fully acknowledging. Your subconscious mind is encouraging you to recognise and explore it.

And yet other interpretations see the stranger as an embodiment of the Universe. They are there to convey a message to you, so listen carefully to what they say.

Under this interpretation, it’s also important to pay attention to the emotions you feel in your dream. They are part of the message. Positive feelings indicate good news in the future. Feelings of worry or sadness indicate that there may be troubles ahead.

3. Dreams About Someone Who is Dead

If your dream features someone close to you who has passed away, your dream may be reflecting your feelings of loss and grief. You may not yet have come to terms with the fact that they’re no longer in your waking life.

If their death was a recent event, you may be thinking of them a lot. Your brain then conjures them into your dreams, allowing you to see them again.

If the deceased person was someone whose advice you valued, you may dream of them when you’re worried or uncertain. Your brain may be asking yourself what they would have told you. And your dream may be using your knowledge of them to come up with the answer.

Some people believe that the dead can communicate directly with us in our dream state. But whether the message is from a supernatural source, or your own creatively recrafted memories, it’s a precious thing.

It can sometimes be upsetting to dream of those we love and miss. But those dreams are also a way of feeling their presence again. Try to take comfort from them, and know that time will eventually ease the pain of their loss.

4. Dreams About a Friend from your Childhood

Recurring dreams often feature a figure from your past. If you’re repeatedly dreaming of a childhood friend, it may signify a longing to return to a time without worries or responsibilities.

Of course, not every childhood is like this. If you associate your friend with past stresses, your dream may be a sign that you’re experiencing similar pressures now.

Alternatively, there may be some unresolved emotions around your relationship with that person. Or it might be that there is someone else in your life now who reminds you of your former friend.

If the person in your dream was a good friend, you might be missing their friendship. If you feel isolated, your subconscious mind might be reminding you how it felt to have their support. It could be a message to reach out and form new relationships.

5. Dreams About an Ex

One of the regular stars of recurring dreams is a former partner. Whether your relationship was long or short-term, they at one point held an important place in your heart. But now that your relationship is over, why are they reappearing in your dreams?

The answer to this may relate to the way you felt in that relationship, and the nature of its ending. If the relationship was violent or abusive, you may be suffering from a form of PTSD. This needn’t only be the result of physical violence. Emotional abuse can be every bit as damaging.

It could be a good idea to seek counselling to work through the trauma. This kind of experience can be challenging to overcome, and support and guidance from a professional can be very valuable. Don’t be afraid to seek help.

If the relationship was one where you felt happy, its ending might bring with it feelings of grief and loss. Those feelings are entirely natural. Your mind may be seeking to help you deal with them by bringing this person back into your dream life.

Or it could be that your dream signifies that you have unresolved issues with this person. Perhaps you felt they treated you badly, and you didn’t get the chance to tell them. Or perhaps you feel guilty about your own behavior.

Give yourself the time you need to work through these feelings. There are no rules about how long this will take.

The important thing is to recognise if you’re replaying the past without moving forward. Dwelling on things you can’t change, or telling yourself they shouldn’t have happened, won’t help. Instead, take what learning you can from the experience, knowing that will help you and your future relationships.

6. Dreams About an Authority Figure

Your dream may feature someone in a position of authority, such as a teacher or a boss. Depending on the context, it may be reflecting aspects of your relationship with that individual. Or it’s just possible that this person is a stand-in for aspects of yourself.

Your wily brain may be using this figure to give you advice. That advice, of course, comes from your own knowledge and experience. But by making it come from someone you see as having authority, it hopes you’ll be more likely to listen to it!

Your dream could also relate to the part of your life in which you interact with this dream figure. If you’re dreaming about a boss, they could be representing your career. A teacher might represent school or a training course. And a doctor might relate to your physical or mental health.

7. Dreams About Someone to Whom You’re Attracted

If you’re dreaming about someone you’re attracted to, your dream could simply reflect your desire. You want to be with this person, and your subconscious mind is obligingly making them appear in your dream world.

Unfortunately, dreaming of someone isn’t a sign that they’re thinking of you. It’s – perhaps not surprisingly – a sign that they’re on your mind.

And if the dream occurs again and again, it’s perhaps telling you that it’s time to share your feelings. Yes, we know it can be nothing short of terrifying. And the fear of rejection can be overwhelming.

But better to tell the object of your affections how you feel, than to be left wondering what might have been.

8. Dreams About a Work Colleague

Like dreams featuring your boss, those with a work colleague may be a link to your working life. They could be highlighting some aspect of your job or career that’s bothering you. Or if you’re feeling happy and optimistic in your dream, they could be pointing to a new opportunity.

Of course, work colleagues tend to feature heavily in our day to day lives. So unless this dream is accompanied by strong emotions, it might simply be reflecting your everyday experience. And if that’s the case, there’s no need to spend too long thinking about deeper meanings.

The Person is the Key

That brings us to the end of our round-up of eight meanings when you keep dreaming about the same person. We hope it’s helped give you some insights into what might lie behind your dream.

A good place to start is by thinking about what the person you are dreaming about means to you. Do you have strong emotional ties to them? Or do they represent something to you – like a boss representing your career, or a police officer representing rules and authority?

Those personal associations will be the single more important way into an accurate interpretation of your dream. Pay attention to the way you feel in your dream too. That can also be a good guide to any underling message.

Find the right interpretation and your brain will breathe a sigh of relief. You’ve finally listened to what it’s been trying to tell you! And you may find that’s the end of your recurring dream.

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8 Meanings When You Keep Dreaming About the Same Person 1

35 thoughts on “8 Meanings When You Keep Dreaming About the Same Person”

  1. There’s this dream of mine that there’s a girl which is my girlfriend in my dream but I don’t know who she is and I don’t even know what’s her name and there’s also a guy whom my friend that still don’t know he’s name too, and my dream keeps reoccurring idk what this means but it really fells like true like I fell it’s not a dream like a true event and when I wake up I still remember that dream. I keep thinking of it lately why do I keep dreaming about that dream? And maybe it is really my past or it really happened in my past life?

    • It might be the past life but it might also possible that this dream signifies that you are going meet almost characteristic person in your future life & you might feel this same feelings with them. All the best!

  2. Hmmm .
    While u are in dream did they ever say about some place or u see a sign board type of a place maybe they are telling u to go their .

    This can help maybe

    • Hi. I dream about my cousin everyday. We used to study together in school but we were never close friends. She used to have her own circle of friends and i used to have my own. We both got married the last year. She moved to UK with her husband and i moved to US. Since i moved here I dream about her every single night. I was taking this thing light but now its kind of strange. It has been happening since last one and half year. What should i do?

  3. I’ve been dreaming about this guy, he’s in my class. We don’t talk at all but we kinda know each other. He and my best friend are kinda ‘together’, what I mean is they are talking. I do NOT find him attractive, I did a few months ago. In the dream, he and I are doing couple things like hugging, kissing, flirting, etc (nothing seggual). The dreams take place in school and sometimes in my bedroom. I have no idea why I am dreaming about him. The dreams storyline changes but me and him are still ‘together’. He is attractive. He’s the school popular guy, but personally no he’s not for me. At the moment I like this other guy. Please respond I need help

  4. I keep dreaming about my boy best friend but I’m not sure if I like him or not.Also he’s the ex of my girl best friend and they still like each other but there not together anymore.So at the same time I want to tell him that I like him but I don’t want to ruin my friendship with my girl best friend what should I do!😭😔😣

    • Go to her first if this is still bothering you! You can’t help how you feel but if they still have feleling for each other and you don’t even try talk to your girl best friend then she may get really hurt

  5. I have been dreaming about a guy from our country I’ve never met him and he is quite famous and in this dream we look happy with each other and flirting most of the times what does this mean cause it’s not one I’ve dreamt with the guy but many times

    • I kept on dreaming about my highschool classmate. He is a guy,whom I believed I had a crush on or maybe I fell inlove with.We have not seen each other for almost 12 years already.We only communicate once a year through chat when I send my birthday greetings to him.I am wondering as to why I kept on dreaming about him like twice or thrice per week for several years already. Reading this article had helped me understand it,I believe this is about my unresolved feelings for him. My heart was broken when we were still in highschool when he had a relationship with my special friend,it came to a point where I always cry during their monthsary,only my bestfriend knows my feelings for him. My bestfriend who happens to be his bestfriend too.Everytime our batch reach out to us to have a reunion,I always decline because I am avoiding him. I know that I need to face him but I am so nervous. This feeling is bothering me since then. I had been into some failed relationships but my heart still belongs to someone whom I loved during my highschool years.I guess it is non sense for me to confess my feelings for him knowing that he is currently in a relationship. I wish this feeling will be gone and not to bother me again.

      • I’m also in a similar situation and I’m still constantly dreaming about him. I hope your situation gets resolved but it makes me happy to know that at least I’m not alone. ^^

  6. I have had a dream almost 2 times a week of the same person. I been dreaming of him for years. I haven’t seen him in the over 10yrs. I finally reached out to him
    on Facebook. I told him about the dreams but that was it and never spoke again. He has his life and I have mine. I still dream of him constantly we are happy and intimate. I am happy with my husband and kids. Just not sure why this person is still in my dreams.

  7. I’ve been having multiple dreams about my boyfriends brother. It’s kinda weird considering I never talk to him. If anything I’m afraid of him. I don’t think I find him attractive. I liked him last year but now I’m head over heals for his brother. I love my boyfriend with everything I am but I still don’t know why I am having dreams about his brother. The dreams are nothing seggsual but mostly just like cuddling, flirting, ect… I need help. Please respond.

  8. My Highschool crush Oftenly appearing in my Dream,Although I am not thinking About her Anymore And I didn’t seeing her Anymore (Personally)She is Still Appearing In My Dreams,To be hones,t I Still have Feelings for her but I’m trying to Remove my feelings Because I think She don’t like me,Why?.She Blocked me in her Fb When we were Grade 8 until now that we are already grade 10 I’m still blocked on her Facebook.but why She kept appearing in My Dreams?

  9. This is weird! I’m also Joy and I have the same situation as yours. I had a crush on a classmate in highschool whom I kept dreaming on even when I already had a family. And now that I am separated and many years have past but I still keep dreaming about this guy. I am thinking of telling him about this coz maybe it will stop me from dreaming about him anymore but the problem is, we are not on speaking terms as I am too shy to speak to him. He also has a family now. This dreaming sessions keeps bothering me.

  10. Every night I have a dream. This is weird for me because i normally can’t remember very well my dreams. So all of the dreams have been in different places and doing different things but i always seem to stand next to my crush and either not talk to him or say like a few words. This is how our relationship is in real life. We don’t really talk but I heard from his friends mom that talked to his mom that he liked me. He doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it (we both can’t date til we’re 16 tho) and I still have dreams with him in them. Help?

  11. Hello, I need some major insight on this. So I have dreams about a guy I went to highschool with. We were good friends then and still are. I lost contact with him and didn’t see him again until last summer. It’s been 20 yrs. In school I had a huge crush on him and he rejected me. I got over it or so I thought and went about my life. Once we met up last summer, and I saw him after sooo long, all those emotions came back and I was like omg. Wtf. Ive loved him for 20 years. Things were going good and I could tell he was really liking me and he even mentioned he wanted to be friends first and maybe more. I could tell by the way he would look at me that he had mad admiration for me. Then I told him how I still loved him all this time and then it got weird. Or he did. He suddenly took back all the things he said. Blew me off and ghosted me and I haven’t seen or heard from him since. Ever since he left he has repeatedly popped into dreams. It’s random. The first time he showed up he told me he pushed me away because he was scared. Every time he showed up he would express his feelings to me. hugging me, kissing me or just holding me. Always loving. I also noticed he only pops into my dream when I decide to forget about him or let him go and it’s driving me nuts. I’ve always felt like he wasn’t being honest about his true feelings and wonder if the dreams are showing me he does love me despite denying it or I’m just freaking desperate and delusional. I miss him like crazy and just want him to come back and give me answers but he doesn’t and now he’s moved out of state 😞💔. I’m having such a hard time moving on with my life.

  12. I always dream about a guy I know him but he never speak to me about love and I never thought of loving him too, but each time I keep dreaming about him and the dream is all about love, marriage and when ever he touch I feel his presence.please help me because the dream keep reoccurring

  13. There is this boy in my class, and now I have a crush on him for 5 years. On the second year I guess I told him but got kinda rejected. Now he’s together with one of my friends, and I keep dreaming about them every single night.

  14. There is this boy in my class, and now I have a crush on him for 5 years. On the second year (when I had a crush on him) I guess I told him but got kinda rejected. Now he’s together with one of my friends, and I keep dreaming about both of them every single night.
    The dreams happen in random places, but I guess that in all of them I am kinda trying to impress them.
    What does that mean, someone pls tell me.

  15. Hey JUNE are you the one in my dream hahahahahaha I been dreaming about a guy too that I haven’t meet in my last dream he said we will meet again in person idk and I been dreaming about him for almost a year and it really feel so real

  16. I’m approaching my 40s, single, and had several long-term relationships that so far didn’t work. I always dream about my childhood crush (now he is married with a kid) often, especially when my relationships start to fall apart. Strangely enough, in reality, that childhood crush became the opposite of my ideal man (being white collar clean cut type). It just puzzled me why it’s recurring.

  17. I’ve been dreaming about my middle school crush for years, but this year it has happened more frequent. I have not talked to him since 2003 when I saw him at an event and it was nothing special. Lately, he’s been popping in my dreams at least once or twice a month and it is getting annoying, because I always wake up feeling lonely and longing for him. It leaves me feeling super confused because how can I feel like this over someone I haven’t seen in almost 20 years.
    In middle school he asked me to be his girlfriend, but I thought it was a prank so I declined and that never really got resolved. I don’t know if I keep dreaming of him because I have unresolved issues with him? But how awkward would it be to try to resolve things over 20 years later. The whole thing is super absurd, I just want him out of my dreams.
    In my dreams he seems to be upset because I don’t take him seriously or someone gets in our way when we are together. He’s always trying to reach out for me and by the time I reach out for him something else happens that keeps us from being together. It seems like we both want to be with each other, but I always end up hurting him and in turn I wake up feeling empty.
    I just wish I knew what to do to make these dreams stop, they also seem to be the only dreams I wake up remembering.

  18. I have this friend irl , well she’s my best friend and im attracted to her but she doesnt know . I keep having dreams but not exactly of her . Like , i would be dreaming normally then she’d just randomly appear in them and play a minor or major role in them . Nothing romantic happens in the dreams but i still have a huge crush on her in my dreams and she doesnt know . I really wanna know what this means because it keeps happening and idk if its a sign or something.

  19. Like two months ago a boy from other class came into my dream. We used to be same class since 1st grade to 9th. Our class divided to 2 other classes because of some school problem. After that we lost touch and I barely see him in school. Then three years later he suddenly came into my dream. I who consider my dreams like an important part of me wondered the sudden appearance. It was strange that him an I didn’t even talk to each other for three years. I did some research but can’t find conclusion. So I left it there but he kept appearing in my dreams since that day. I thought of past how we interacted. We were like almost friends but not close. I used to have a crush on his best friend so like i was sticked to both of them. Also my friend had a crush on him so we were trying so hard to be close. As a matter of fact I never acknowledged him as an individual I only saw him as a good friend to my crush. Now I finally realized how attractive he is. Like he is literally my type. It is obvious that one person kept coming into your dream. You will tryna figure out why? Right. During that I might have a crush on him. It is weird concept, isn’t it? So what do I have to do know.

  20. I have a dreamm of this boy in my class I dreamed about him a lot lastnight but I dont know why I had lots of dreams with him in it idk if it was about him or he was just there even without thinking about them but it has really made me question why???

  21. I dreamed a girl into life and I dreamt the separation too but now I’ve been dreaming about her for 6 years non stop and it’s never 3 quarter’s bad but always seems truthful

  22. Hi I always dream of my girl bestfriend. Sometimes i dreamed of her romanticizing each other.There was a time that i was awaken because she called me in my dreams.i came back to sleep but i dreamed of her again. There were times that i dreamed of her 3 nights in a row. I have a husband and have 1 kid.

  23. I keep dreaming about my boss, in my dream we he hug and kiss my head and I feel his presence. What do you think ? In every dream I feel that it’s true.


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