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8 Meanings When You Dream About Ghosts

Having ghost dreams is a common sight, but the ultimate interpretation will depend on what’s happening. Often, dreaming about spirits allows your emotions to surface and helps you confront deep fears and past issues.

Your night visions probably tell you to let go of guilt, hatred, and disappointment or be aware of jealous people around. Also, you may need to come to peace with a severe loss or lingering resentment.

So, if your dreams involve ghosts, it’s crucial to interpret them correctly. This article gives an overview of what messages you receive and how to proceed to a more meaningful life.

8 Meanings When You Dream About Ghosts 2

Symbolism Of Dreams About Ghosts

A ghost in your dreams stands for a person or thing you cannot go over. Also, you may have unfounded fear or unfinished business. Still, meanings can vary depending on the circumstances in the dream. Below we explore the possible interpretations.

1. Fears

We all have our ‘other’ or subconscious side that expresses what we cannot in words. Since ghosts are supernatural and beyond our reach, they can stand for our concerns. This anxiety may be something you wouldn’t like to admit and want to suppress.

For example, you might be terrified of settling down or changing jobs. You can also be afraid of getting old or losing your beloved ones. Whatever is holding you down, it’s time to prevent your fears from making choices instead of you.

2. Unresolved Matters

Dreaming of ghost dreams may also refer to unfinished matters with other people. For instance, if you owe a substantial amount of money, it is likely to have nightmares with spirits trying to attack you. Such recurring dreams can be tormenting unless you resolve the issue quickly.

More so, if you have unresolved problems, these might haunt you in dreams. Consider reconciling with an old friend or telling the truth that’s been bothering you for years. Unfinished businesses can have a detrimental effect on your health.

3. Memories

When you are sentimental for a particular stage in your life, it can embody a ghost in your night spectacles. Something happened that stirred painful past events you believed were behind you.

Alternatively, some long-lone memories may be overwhelming because they are vital for your current waking life. Keep these resurfacing symbols in mind; they might be the crucial part of the puzzle you’re trying to complete.

4. Jealousy

Another negative connotation of ghost dreams is envy. Someone close to you is so jealous of your success that they’ll go to any lengths to take it from you. This envious person wants to take your job or can’t stand your achievements.

Hence, if you see a ghost with the face of somebody you know, take caution. The evil spirit you found familiar will not stop at anything. Their ultimate objective might be to destroy you.

5. Adventure

Since ghosts stand for the unknown, they may reveal your longings to explore new worlds. Maybe you’ve been in the comfort zone for too long and think it’s high time to turn a new page.

Basking in security is never challenging nor thrilling. You want to savor the unexplored aspects of life and make it more memorable. On the adverse side, ghost dreams represent your inclination to try out risky ideas.

6. Illness

Having ghost dreams is very common if you suffer from a severe disease. Since you often think about death, your fears manifest in your night visions. More so, the dream can warn you of a sickness you haven’t found out yet.

The most adverse interpretation of dreams about dark spirits foretells financial difficulties or problems in your private and professional life. You are about to face a significant loss or unexpected hardships.

7. Uncertainty

Night visions with phantoms can also embody your indecisiveness. Some circumstances are not clear enough, so you can’t reach the right decisions. Moreover, you’re uncertain about taking the next step and need somebody to confirm what course of action to take.

8. Regret

In many cases, ghosts appear in dreams when the person having them regrets a past decision. Or you have caused damage to somebody you can’t rectify any longer, and now your conscience is weighing you down.

Your mind indicates that something is haunting you, and you can’t move on. In symbolic words, your feeling of guilt keeps the spirit tied and won’t let it go. Think about previous mistakes that ward you off a carefree life. Make an effort to reconcile with your inner self.


Possible Scenarios

Once we have elaborated on the overall meaning of dreams involving ghosts, let’s look at the specifics of your dreamy spectacles. Below are the most frequent scenarios you may experience at night.

Chocked By A Ghost

Something or somebody is blocking your way to success. An insurmountable barrier such as a job contract or an incurable disease might prevent you from making your dreams come true. You can’t realize your plans and ideas unless you confront and bypass this obstacle.

Alternatively, getting strangled by a ghost represents your cowardice. You must come to terms with your choices and talk openly. Another course of action is to pay less attention to the past. Focus on future goals and be more direct in communicating your intentions.

Chased By A Ghost

Be wary of upcoming challenges in your life. The outcome of the situation will depend on how you manage the situation. Above all, you’re getting encouragement to face the obstacles on the path to success.

Another meaning of running away from a spirit is the inability to go over a diseased person. In other words, you can’t accept the way some things ended. Or you may be overly nostalgic to bring back past relics.

Haunted By A Ghost

Such nightmares indicate the issues you refuse to confront. The more you procrastinate resolving petty problems, the bigger the pile becomes. As a result, your progress slows down, and your vision gets clouded.

Leave the past behind and live in the present. Even if you have had a severe trauma that keeps coming back through your dreams, it’s time to face it. There’s no escaping from who we were or what we did, but we can restore harmony if we learn to live with it.

Attempting To Kill A Ghost

Disagreements with a family member or a friend are around the corner. Trying to destroy a spirit in your dreams means you have unresolved issues that need mending. Take steps to find a middle ground and get over long-term conflicts.

Several Ghosts Visiting

If you dream of several ghosts at once, you must let go of past emotional ties. An incident might have caused irreparable damage to your feelings and keeps coming back at a subconscious level. Consider resetting your priorities and improving your self-confidence.

Petrified By Ghosts

The chances that somebody usurps your authority are high. Also, you’re under significant stress in your professional or personal life. Hence, take a break to clear your thoughts and change your perspectives.

Then, check who is causing you trouble. You must be extra vigilant as somebody else may be trying to steal your achievements and put you in the shade.

Screaming Ghosts

Take this spectacle as a warning for excessive pressure. Friends or colleagues force you to go against your code and take action you wouldn’t dare to under normal circumstances. Be extra careful of such two-faced people around you and resist the temptation regardless of peer pressure.

Faceless Ghosts

You feel tension and unrest but have no idea what’s causing it. Also, your efforts haven’t received any acknowledgment, although you invest a lot of energy. Your dreams urge you to endure this period and realize your goals because success is on the cards.

Becoming A Ghost

A demanding job or a smothering relationship urges you to escape reality. You want to disappear from your life and unburden yourself. The only way out is to lower your expectations or let everybody know how overwhelmed you are.

Alternatively, you feel shame or guilt. You are unhappy about a past event, or a bad habit emerges when least expected. Again, don’t let these emotions derail you but focus on future goals and projects.

Ghost Of A Living Person

Have you seen a close person embodied in a spirit? You need to take ultimate care. This friend or relative may have hidden intentions against you. If you don’t want to get disappointed, keep the unpleasant companion far from your daily life. Refrain from sharing vital information, too.

Flying Ghosts

People who see ghosts in the skies will hear some unfortunate news. You may even find out that a close friend or relative has deceased. Alternatively, get ready to go through a challenging period with a chain of mishaps.

Ghost In A Flowing Robe

This dream has several meanings. First, if the spirit was female and the dress white, a friend of yours may get ill soon. A dark robe stands for treachery by someone you know.

Another interpretation for a long flowing dress is a mixture of prosperity and sorrow. Expect a misfortune with a happy outcome. For example, you might end your relationship but find the true love of your life.

Deceased Person Ghost

Often, seeing a dead person falls under the bracket of visitation dreams. Yet, that’s not always the case. In some instances, your subconscious might attempt to come to terms with a death you can’t accept. This vision can be highly appeasing and therapeutic.

Another meaning is that the past is haunting you. Perhaps you feel guilty or sorry about your choices. The feeling of remorse won’t leave you unless you decide to carry on regardless of previous mistakes and failures.

Disappearing Ghost

Dreaming of a ghost that vanished once you touch it means you’re not ready to confront your fears. Though you try to surface painful memories and repressed emotions, something is still missing. Take another approach if you want to overcome emotional issues luring inside you.

Haunted House

Some unpleasant events are about to unravel. If the house in the dreams is yours, you will feel frustrated and anxious about things beyond your control. Turmoil dwells inside you, and you find it challenging to reach self-balance at home.

Also, you must deal with a few childhood issues to get over an identity crisis. Bad memories you refuse to accept are holding you back. Consider acknowledging these emotions to leave the unease behind.

Friendly Ghost

Take this dream as an indication of your loneliness. You lack some real friends and need to improve your social life. Go out more often and meet new acquaintances.

Fighting A Ghost

You have a conflict with your inner self. Fortunately, the dream foretells that you will win the game and overcome any hurdles on your way to success. Moreover, the odds that your finances and health will improve soon are high. Your relationships might strengthen, too.

White Ghost

You will hear good news and encounter joy and peace. As a result, your mood will lighten up, and you might decide to make a drastic change. Substantial steps will lead to overall progress.

Black Ghost

Black and evil spirits in dreams foreshow deceit. You could fall victim to malicious plots if you make rash decisions. Be aware since your health may be in danger, and you’re likely to suffer severe losses and hardships.


Bottom Line

As mysterious and scary ghosts may appear in your dreams, they don’t always foretell misfortunes. These nightmares often stand for a significant change in your life or upcoming success. More so, seeing ghosts when asleep can release your deepest feelings and help you deal with the unrest.

Have you dreamt about ghosts lately? What was the context of the vision, and how do you interpret it? Please, share your experience in the comment box below, and we’ll try to decipher its message.

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8 Meanings When You Dream About Ghosts 1

18 thoughts on “8 Meanings When You Dream About Ghosts”

  1. I dreamed that I was on the family graveyard putting things on a specific grave and the man’s grave I was putting things on came out as a turtle he went back in and a snake came out and chased me of the hill while the man who was in the dorm of a turtle was yelling for me to run later in my dream I went back to the graveyard to check his grave and he was there I knew he was a ghost but this time he was in his human form. I had sex with him knowing he was a ghost then everyone started coming out of their Graves and it was like a party, but everyone but me and a few other people were ghosts. I’ve been having horrible dreams please help me. Oh and the ghost who I had sex with whose grave I was putting things on I never met in real life he passed away when I was very young. He was very friendly.

  2. I just had a dream of a group of college kids that were actually fuiste and I noticed a wrong doing between them and settle them, sending one to rest in piece and revealing the others evil doing. Was strange as if I had some strange power over them and was also able to communicate freely with them.

  3. I had a dream of three old graves, one being re-duged by a lady who happens to be a relative of mine. The mud (dirt) that was being dug out of the grave had in it Earth worms while bystanders watched tried escaping the worms under our feet

  4. Yo I just had the most intense dream ever that I was at work and there was a ghost who was causing hella problems. I had taken river into the bathroom with me and placed him in a pack n play and the ghost picked him up and took him out of it.. I started freaking the fuck out and telling everyone at work and I was scared as fuck then two dudes went in there and the ghost did some settle shit like rock a chair and then they were freakin out then two girls went in and tried talkin shit so the ghost knocked down every dish (the bathroom was then a kitchen) it knocked every dish off the the counters and top of cabnits. I was scared as fuck and my mom was working with me in a back office so when she came out I told her and she addressed the ghost.. it turned back into a bathroom and the ghost opened the shower curtain, turned on the water … so my mom went in there and started fighting the ghost. She was pullin shit outta her mouth like combs he was trying to choke her with so I went in and started jumping the ghost with her and the ghost told my mom he was there to cause misery because she hurt his son …. We continued to beat the shit outta the ghost and I woke up. My body numb dude. That was honestly one of the most intense fucking dreams that felt soooo real

  5. I keep having recurring dreams of being in a haunted house but every time it’s different and the room is different and the people in it are people I haven’t seen in a long time

    I’m getting haunted by the ghost also, like, things in my room missing and loved then as the dream moves on it’s getting closer and closer like locking me in rooms and everything

    Every time I have this dream it gets more and more intense and the ghost gets closer- not physically but in the things it does

    • Hi!! I stumbled upon this looking for clues and answers about one of the most vivid dreams I have had in quite a while actually… anyway it was SOOO similar to yours!!! In a haunted house – but a place I didn’t recognize – with all these people I haven’t seen in years, much less thought about them. The house had so many rooms with multiple beds and in the beginning I got to choose but as the dream went on and got more intense (which is when I started realizing there were ghosts everywhere), I had less and less options of beds to sleep in until I was like confined to a specific room? Ugh. Also there were multiple spirits and I couldn’t quite catch them. The dream was almost both playful and intensely creepy. It made me feel like I made a few wrong decisions when I had lots of options, and then my options were gone. Idk… I’m still not sure. Anyway – I don’t know where you posted this comment but I am just so incredibly curious to know more. It feels eerily similar.

  6. Walking through a house, I kept coming across different women in different parts of the home. As the dream progresses something happens and I become aware that the women and people in the house are all ghosts and half are saying that they have been falsely accused coerced or tricked into confessing to killing someone and the rest were simply voices shadows or noise emanating from different objects. One such object was a tv which had no screen only a speaker which I placed inside a tote and threw in the yard across the street and the faceless neighbor gets it and takes it inside of the dark house which all you can see is him and the tote other than that only darkness

  7. When I was dreaming (not sure who I was with) it was like a family dinner with no lights an the 2nd floor was filled with soup. We would think nothing of it like it was normal including the ghost. When I was on my way to sit down with the other people the ghost snatched me away into another room an covered my mouth. After like 10-20 seconds they had closed the door an said “hush, just go to sleep”

  8. I just had a nightmare where I was with my friend (And we are in the house we live in that has spirits) and in the dream I’m having a cat and dog that I know in real life trying to warn me of something and and I run to the neighbors place after having one attack me then they help me run away from the shadow of another’s one (with no one there just a shadow) and that’s when I wake up. Im terrified and can’t go back to sleep🥺

  9. I had this dream about a couple & it seem like i seen ghosts in my dream & it actually made me get out of bed & they were following me so i kinda freaked out & ran in a circle N i ran to my bed under the covers after what happened I couldn’t sleep & this happened in the morning at 8am something

  10. I just dreamt about a cartoon ghost all white like those ghost in donald duck and the 3 other small ducks on Halloween. And it was friendly. It looked curious and came to me and gave me a white paper cup and on the back there was a drawing of 2 people hugging on one side, on the middle there was a heart, and on the right side there was 1 human wanting a hug and reaching out to the other 2 people, the drawing was also in colors (at least the heart idk about the others cause it was kind of shifting in colors between gray and other collors) Above the drawing was a name, it was hard to see but it was one of these 3 Julius/Jumimus/Juninlus. It’s a big chance it’s Julius but I saw these 2 also. It looked like a 5 year old had drawn and wrote on the cup. I looked up and the ghost was gone but as soon as I looked up I also woke up. I remember smiling at the drawing and I was really happy by the gift I got, it felt like I was about to cry from joy. And also I stood by my mom and I was a toddler in this dream. I hope I meet the ghost again.

  11. I just had a dream yesterday about one of my mom’s friends pick us with two little kids and us crashing and they fall out and get crash by the truck and I just found out that the guys in my dreams passed away I think today now I just had a dream about 3 girls and a baby that they said their mom killed them and they had ashes on them

  12. So the scenarios change each time i have one but its always the same this last one was at home I was with my son and I kept realizing things were like out of place or changing/moving I had left my son in his bed and went to the bathroom when i came in my tv had turned off and my laptop had things written on the screen that i didn’t type I couldn’t read it but I went to my mother and i was telling her that something was wrong something was like coming after me and my son and in every dream she dismissed me to fend for myself when i returned to my son he was gone and i just remember the rush of panic as I’m screaming his name trying to find him and when i rush to my mother again she doesn’t believe me and she wont help me find him so i can just feel the oanic and fear as i scream trying to get help or locate my son when i return to his room he is there but there is writing everywhere there’s flashes and its like a cinematic effect where the ghost or whatever it was starts showing me what would happen dreadful things just chaotic frenzy of pain me being possessed in the end after watching everything i love die on me it makes me wake up shaking I can handle the fear of myself being affected by such things but my worst nightmares happen to those around me people i care for and a lot of the time I cant save them

  13. I dreamt that I was sleeping and heard some sound. Ghost of m a n was starting to form in room door. I was so scared but I prayed The Our Father prayer without voice coming ftom my mouth but I just stared at him and told him In Jesus name go away to leave me alone.

  14. I had a dream seeing a ghost we fought and I took the cloth from the ghost to show my family after showing them several ghost keep coming to our house and the more we try to make them leave the more they fall in love with our house at the end we learned to leave with them in peace and we started liking each other please what does this dream indicate

  15. I had a dream where I was in the backyard of my home. When I looked back to the backdoor I saw a phantom figure come out of it in a white shroud going down the porch towards the front yard but disappeared on the steps. In the dream I go to investigate it by entering into the home from the backdoor. Before me was the stairs down to the basement and to the left the kitchen. I went into the kitchen first and didn’t see anything and turned towards the backdoor when the phantom reappeared on the basement stairs flowing up the stairs passing me by. As it did I had direct eye contact with the female entity. Where the eyes should had been was just blackness. She flowed by me in her white shroud and what looked like a mummified face looking at me and out the shut backdoor before she vanished beyond the door. Not sure what this means.

  16. I had a dream of a ghost I couldn’t see it or talk to it it was invisible. However I felt its presence, at first I thought it was nice as when I was putting a blanket on my son (4 month old ) the ghost would take it off . My son naturally sweats a lot like his dad so I thought in my dream the ghost was being nice and knew my son would overheat. In the dream I turned to my husband and said see it’s a nice ghost then all over a sudden it stared strangling my son his throat was squashed I immediately grabbed him in my arms and shouted then I felt my sons ribs being squashed it was horrible he screamed so loud I was so terrified. What could this mean ? I had a abortion before my son when I was 18 and I might think that’s his sibling from the other world blaming my son and being horrible to him or maybe am just overthinking it and it’s just a dream . However when I grabbed my son in my dream I could literally feel his skin it was like real life


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