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16 Meanings When You Dream of Sharks

When it comes to scary sea creatures, sharks are the undisputed kings of the ocean! So if a shark has featured in your dream, it may well have been a frightening experience. But what did it mean?

We’re going to take a tour of the different things a dream of sharks could be symbolizing. And we’ll investigate some sharky dream scenarios to find out more about the message they could contain.

So if you’re ready to find out more, step this way!

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The Symbolism of Sharks in Dreams

We all know that sharks are predators. The image of a toothy monster attacking a boat has been emblazoned on the consciousness of people throughout the world. Thank you, Jaws!

So dreams of sharks often take the form of nightmares. But why has your brain chosen to torment you in this way?

Unless you’ve recently seen a shark in real life, the chances are your dream shark is symbolizing something else. And that’s something that you believe shares some similarities with sharks.

Dreams are very personal, so finding the most accurate meaning involves looking at your own feelings about sharks. For many people, those aren’t particularly positive. And that means dreams of sharks are often associated with hostility, greed and danger.

This image of sharks is so well engrained in our minds, that it even pops up in everyday language. When we observe others waiting for someone to fall from grace, we often refer to “the sharks circling”.

The symbolism of sharks is also linked to that of water. In dreams, water is connected to the spiritual, emotional and psychic world. Land is associated with the physical world.

Sharks, as aquatic creatures, are connected to emotions and instincts. So the negative associations of sharks may be linked to negative feelings, particularly those we’re trying to suppress. Dreams featuring sharks may be our subconscious mind trying to get us to confront how we really feel.

A deeper interpretation of your dream will depend on the details. Where was the shark? Was there anything unusual or striking about its appearance? Did you see one shark or many? Were there other people in the dream?

Try to note down as many details as you can remember, as quickly as you can. That will help you unravel the full meaning behind your dream.

And don’t forget to take a note of the emotions you experienced too. They can be an important guide to whether your interpretation is on the right track.

The best person to analyze your dream is you. After all, your brain is the one that’s come up with the imagery! But looking at common dream scenarios and their possible meanings can help you in your quest.

Let’s explore some of those scenarios now.

1. Dreams of Being Attacked by a Shark

Dreams of being attacked by wild animals are often thought to represent internal conflict. The wild animal here may symbolize the wild and untamed part of your own personality. Perhaps your dream is reflecting a fear of acknowledging your own true desires.

Dreams of sharks specifically, however, are often believed to be bad omens of trouble ahead. But the good news is that the problem might be more of a shock than a cause of long-term damage.

But what is the nature of that problem? For that, you’ll need to look for clues in the other details of your dream.

Were there any other people present who might be involved? Did the shark bear an uncanny resemblance to your boss? Or perhaps you spotted it from a boat with the same name as your significant other?!

Your brain will often provide other hints as to what it’s trying to tell you. So take your time and try to remember as much of your dream as you can.

2. Dreams of A Shark Biting Off Part of Your Body

If the shark actually bit off part of your body, the meaning can depend on which part.

If it was your leg, it might be warning you of a problem that will have long-lasting consequences. Just as someone losing a leg will have to adjust their whole life, so you should be ready for dramatic change.

If the shark bit off your arm or hand, it’s another warning to expect trouble. And some people believe that it means that trouble will come from those close to you.

This could be linked to the phrase “biting the hand that feeds”. In other words, you may find yourself under attack from those you’ve been kind to in the past.

3.  Dreams of Sharks Circling

Dreams of Sharks Circling

If your dream featured lots of sharks circling around you, the meaning is pretty clear. You see yourself as surrounded by danger. And you fear that at any moment, you could face attack.

Does this apply to a situation in your waking life? Perhaps you’re worried that people are conspiring against you at work or in your personal life.

Were you able to escape from the sharks in your dream? If so, your dreaming mind may be showing you a potential way out of the situation.

4. Dreams of Being Chased by a Shark

If you were chased by a shark in your dream, it may be a sign of danger in your waking life. The shark here represents some form of threat you feel is pursuing you.

Dreams of being chased often relate to trying to escape part of our own selves. And that’s particularly likely to be the case with animals, like sharks, that dwell in water. Remember, they are associated with our emotional and psychic life.

Your dream might be a warning against ignoring your intuition. And it’s showing you that you cannot resolve the problem you’re facing by running away. Only when you turn and confront your pursuer will you be able to make progress.

5. Dreams of Being Eaten by a Shark

If you dreamed you were swallowed by a shark, it suggests you’re facing a problem you believe is “all-consuming”. Your dream may be reflecting your feelings of vulnerability and helplessness in the face of a powerful aggressor.

That aggressor could be another person. Or it could be a job or set of circumstances you fear is swallowing up your true self.

In these circumstances, the best option may be simply to remind yourself that all things pass. No matter how difficult the current time, you will get through it eventually.

6. Dreams of Lots of Sharks in the Sea

Dreams of Lots of Sharks in the Sea

We’ve all heard the phrase “plenty of fish in the sea”. But what if the sea in your dream was filled with sharks?!

As we know, the water is associated with our feelings. So this dream could be alerting us to different sources of trouble that could upset our emotional equilibrium.

The sharks here could be different circumstances or people. Or they could even be different aspects of ourselves. This dream can sometimes signify competing desires – for example, a wish to travel and to stay close to loved ones.

7. Dreams of Fighting a Shark

A dream in which you were fighting a shark shows you taking decisive action. This is a positive sign of your ability to confront negative emotions or external problems.

Pay attention to the way you were feeling in your dream. Were you triumphant or afraid? Excited or strangely calm? Those emotions can help you better understand the way you see the situation you’re facing.

8. Dreams of Killing A Shark

Just as with dreams of fighting a shark, dreams of killing one are generally considered positive omens. They reflect your confidence that you can defeat your opponents – whether those opponents are external or internal.

Some people believe that a dream in which you kill a shark is encouraging you to bring something to an end. That might be a relationship that is no longer giving you what you need. Or it could relate to taking control over your career.

9. Dreams of A Shark Swimming Near You

A dream in which a shark swims near you is an indication that you’ve detected danger nearby. And it could be a warning that it’s time to take action to keep yourself safe.

Look at the other details in your dream to find out more. And pay particular attention if you managed to get away from the shark. As with dreams of circling sharks, this could be a hint about how to remove yourself from a toxic situation.

10. Dreams of Baby Sharks

We’re very sorry if reading this has put that song into your head. (And if you don’t know what we’re talking about, consider yourself lucky!)

But supposing you haven’t been subjected to an annoying ditty for toddlers, a dream of baby sharks can be linked to emotional immaturity.

It could be reflecting an inability to control your own feelings of anger and hostility. Or it could be connected to someone around you who just hasn’t grown up.

11. Dreams of A Shark on Land

If your dream featured a shark on land, this is generally considered a positive omen. The shark here may be symbolizing a situation which has caused you difficulty in the past. But it’s now on the land – in other words, it can’t hurt you any longer.

In some cases, this may be your brain’s creative take on the phrase “a fish out of water”. That means someone who is uncomfortable in an environment that isn’t natural for them.

In this case, your dream may be using a shark to represent someone you see as hostile or aggressive. But it could also be hinting that their aggression stems from their own insecurities.

12. Dreams of A Shark in an Aquarium

Dreams of A Shark in an Aquarium

If your dream featured a shark in an aquarium, there are two possible interpretations – and they’re quite different!

Some people believe that this dream represents sexual desire. Perhaps you’ve recently met someone you find overwhelmingly attractive. The shark here represents your libido, currently pent up in a tank!

But an alternative interpretation is that the shark represents your successful efforts to contain a dangerous situation. You’ve effectively neutralized your opponent.

13. Dreams of Being a Shark

If your dream featured being a shark yourself, it could have either a positive or negative meaning.

It could relate to negative traits within yourself, such as aggression and hostility. It could also relate to excessive gambling.

More positively, it could signify your ability to overcome obstacles in your path. Just as a shark catches and kills its prey, so you eliminate the barriers preventing you from reaching your goals.

Look to the emotions you experienced in your dream for clues as to which is the correct interpretation.

14. Dreams of A Shark Fin

Not all dreams about sharks feature the whole animal!

If you saw a shark fin in your dream, it indicates an awareness of approaching danger. But the good news is, it’s still a way off – and that means you can take action to protect yourself.

15. Dreams of A Black Shark

If you noticed the color of the shark in your dream, it’s likely that adds an extra layer of meaning. Different colors are associated with different emotions, and these can give clues to your dream’s message.

In the western world, black is a color often worn to funerals. It’s associated with death and mourning.

A dream of a black shark could signify powerful and dark emotions. And some people believe it augurs illness. If you’ve been worried about your health, this could be a prompt to get yourself checked out.

16. Dreams of A White Shark

White is a color that’s traditionally associated with purity and innocence. That’s an interpretation that’s at odds with the conflict, anger and hostility often connected to dreams about sharks. So what does it mean if you dream of a white shark?

Well, it could mean that you need to watch out for trouble from people you thought were friends. Although they appear innocent on the surface, their true nature is very different.

Sharks As Symbols of Trouble and Conflict

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look at the many and varied meanings of dreams about sharks. And we hope you’re now closer to understanding whatever meaning might lie behind your own dream.

Different scenarios in dreamers’ dictionaries can provide helpful guidance. But remember, the most important thing is to ask yourself what sharks symbolize to you. That will give you the key to the most accurate interpretation of your dream.

Sleep tight and happy dreaming!

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19 thoughts on “16 Meanings When You Dream of Sharks”

  1. My dream was to go out into the ocean knowing that these waves were huge and as the wave came in I rode the wave and ended up with butterflies in my stomach because it rose so quickly.. As my wave ebbed out with the tide I could look down as see there was a shark under the water as it swimmed up to greet me. At first I was unsure if I could trust it and then it turned around and I hopped on and held it fin as it into went I to the abyss… then I woke up in a calm manner and remember the feeling I felt in the stomach.

  2. My Dreams was my brother and I were swimming in the water and my husband yelled to us to get out theres a shark I wasn’t able to hear until my brother told me and pulled me near the edge my husband and my brother both pulled me out. As they pulled me there was a small path of water in between the land and the shark decided to go through there to follow me. My husband and my brother made sorta like a bomb and they made me get the shark to the very tip of were there was less water so they could put the bomb in the gill slit of the shark. Then the shark turn back and when it exploted the sand started cracking apart and a bigger shark came so we continued to run in land.and then I woke up.

  3. my dream started off as me and two friends of mine which in this case were one of my guy friends named ameg and a girl i couldn’t recognize. but we were a little far from the shore and i notice a shark fin swimming fairly close to us and i notice that the shark has something in its mouth thats gushing blood in the water i yell and scream and i start swimming with my friend i turn around and realize the shark is getting closer to us and at this point i realize Ameg is still back where we were in the beginning. and then i see that the girl wasnt behind me anymore so the shark was only follwing and chasing me so then i swim faster and faster i eventually get closer to people by the shore and get on top of somebodys back i do not know why !! this continues with me telling them that theres a shark nearby and they’re like NPC’s literally not paying any mind to what im saying, and so i keep swimming and swimming and eventually get to the shore and then i turn around and the shark is nowhere to be found and then i woke up… this all felt so surreal like i thought i was actually going to die .

  4. I haven’t read anything about this but I’ve been googling forever and this is my last shot. Everytime I’m dreaming and there’s an electronic device and it’s on YouTube, all of the videos are shark videos. And I’m always like “oh come on where are videos I actually wanna watch.”

    And as I was typing this I remember when I was a kid (5-6yos) and I was having a dream in a random Library and somehow end up in an area covered in shark books and just looking of them would make me feel woozy and give me a headache so I’d have to stare at the floor til I got out.

    • Seems like the outside or external world feels like a threat. Surrounding you but not directly influencing you??? Just a thought.

  5. my dream was that was on a little boat with family and big boat filled with people we don’t know but help then a shark came and got on my boat only aiming for me then I held is mouth open from eating me then my grandma help kill him the the big boat people help us the another sea creature came on my boat but it was not a shark it look like if a shark and a blob fish was put together I did the same thing I did to the shark but it was stronger my grandma didn’t until a little bit then a lot came broke all the boats but the big one still good so we when to the big boat it broke too me and this lady swim super fast so I graded on but she stop the i started to drown i said help then she pick me up I saw land so i when over the to the land climb up thereto a road of people. THE END.

  6. i had a dream about a huge wave coming towards me at nighttime, and then a big great white shark was seen in the wave & landed on the sand without harming me, as other people stood around me and were trying to get away from the shark.

  7. my dream was about a huge wave coming towards me at nighttime, and then a big great white shark was seen in the wave & landed on the sand without harming me, as other people stood around me and were trying to get away from the shark.

  8. My dream consisted of me being viciously crunched and bitten to death.I could hear the bones breaking-underwater…and the water turning blood red.I struggled to breathe from the scuba gear.The shark was so large,it literally bit me in half…head first…Horrific..

  9. My dream was me in a boat and someone
    s baby fell out and I jumped in to save them, and I put the baby on the edge of the boat and started compressions for CPR, someone else had the another baby and was far away from me near a rock and when the baby started breathing again, I swam really fast to them holding the baby overhead and they yelled watch out a shark is under you and I stopped swimming completely and the water was murky and I could not see it and then I gently swam to them, but woke up before I got out of the water.

  10. My dream consisted of me swimming with a bunch of baby sharks. Being free in the water and not afraid of them I became like a mother to the babies and we were in like a cove that had plenty to eat.

    None of the descriptions depicted tell what this means and I’m very curious about it.

  11. I had a dream where I was in the living room and there was multiple sharks then they got my mum and there was also snakes and they were trying to wrap around my cats and kill them theres 2 and then when we tried to leave someone stopped us- my mums ex and then we were thrown into a shark tank and Eaten alive

  12. My dream had 3 girls going for a shark spotting. These humanoid sharks swam close to them and started checking them out in an NSFW fashion. One girl liked to play rough with the shark, so moments later the shark grabbed her underwater and started squeezing her until she started to break free to get air. As she punched the shark to get away it bite her and then used its hands to grab her throat hard enough to make her bleed then proceed to kill her. The other two sharks went into a frenzy and killed the other two girls as well. Once they were dead the sharks swam away and later on sea alligators swallowed them whole.

    • Omg thats sounds cool but crazy and scary i just had a shark dream last night 🙂 I really enjoyed reading your dreaming while i was reading it i was thinking of it and how it happen i’m not good at explaining things sorry 🙁

  13. I had a dream you had to go inside a sharks mouth to get the cure for a disease I had or sickness there were people in hospital beds and it was very scary I kept telling my friend I don’t wanna go in the sharks mouth but the sharks mouth was the cure!!

  14. I had a dream about a long line-up of tiny sharks, dead, in the water. They posed no threat so I was poking them to see if they turned, white belly up. After a while I felt slightly guilty and sad.

  15. I had a dream😴💭 that we went to a trip ✈️and there we stay in the boat⛵ and suddenly ful storm🌪🌀 came just near by us and then we run🏃 into the board we 🔐locked our 🚪door then the shark of white 🦈 like this came and searching for us from the whole of the door we are hiding from it 😥😥and then after it’s leaving we went back to our own places 🙍‍♀️🙇‍♀️that’s scared😰😱 me and then I woke up

  16. i had a dream me and my younger brother and younger sister and some friends stumbled upon a shark on land , when we went closer to see if it was dead , it started jumping towards us (towards whoever was closer), first it chased me and I would jump on walls and fences to escape but then it went after my little sister, I felt scared and worried so I spent ages trying to save her, taking her up on walls with me until we just jumped straight over one wall into someone’s yard and knocked on the door , we found a family friend doing work, she was hesitant to help at first because she was very busy with important ( very important) stff but ended up coming to help. we then chased the shark to the closest water source we could find (river), a we were saved by a man throwing machetes at the shark claiming that it could slice straight through it.


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