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Psychic Readings: Animal Symbolism and Messages from the Divine

Animals co-exist side-by-side with humans. So it’s no wonder they’ve penetrated our beliefs and acquired profound spiritual interpretations. Animal sightings are often omens—good or bad—and discussing those during psychic readings is a good idea, especially if your intuition tells you something’s off. So, what do some of the common animals symbolize, and how should we interpret our encounters with them?



Psychics often help people understand what things happening to them might mean, and this includes even something as seemingly trivial as animal sightings. If you’ve seen a dove in an unusual context or had a dream about one, a psychic reading online can help you interpret what message you might be getting from the Divine. Dream analysis is a common psychic service.

The dove is a universal symbol of peace and hope. But it’s not exactly what it stands for in the spiritual context. Although this depends on the context of the sighting or the dream, most psychics agree that the spirits of our loved ones who are no longer with us can send us messages in the form of a dove.


Some cultures are wary of crows and believe a crow sighting to be a bad omen. Others, on the contrary, worship these birds and treat them with the utmost respect. One thing psychics know for sure is that a crow sighting is always significant because the crow personifies the interconnectedness of times—past, present, and future.


An encounter with a unique butterfly or a butterfly that behaves in an unusual way (for example, demands your attention persistently) is a valid reason to have a spiritual reading or a dream reading. Similarly to doves, butterflies are believed to be the messengers or even the personification of the spirits. They can offer you guidance or warn you about something major.



Spiders might be one of the most universally hated animals, but this doesn’t mean that a spider sighting will necessarily lead to bad luck. In fact, it can be quite the opposite. The only case when you should be concerned and immediately schedule a psychic reading is if you killed a spider in your dream. This might be a sign of fast-approaching trouble.


Contrary to what some people believe, seeing a friendly rat in a weird context or in your dream isn’t a bad thing. However, if you see a bunch of rats and they act aggressively, definitely consider using free psychic readings to decipher the meaning of this sighting. It might mean that you’ll soon have to deal with a disease of some kind, and only professional psychics can help you understand if that’s indeed the case.


Despite their bad reputation, bats are among the most interesting and meaningful creatures in terms of symbolism. In some cultures, they are believed to travel freely between the worlds. So if you encounter one outside of bats’ typical habitat or during the day, it’s possible that something or someone from the beyond is trying to get your attention.



The snake is another animal that doesn’t deserve the hate it gets. Snakes are actually wise and insightful creatures; a snake sighting might mean that you’ll soon find a solution for the problem troubling you. And if you dream of a snake that is shedding, it might mean that you’ll soon undergo a massive transformation—typically, a positive one. Still, if you feel like something’s off about the snake you’ve seen in a dream, a spiritual psychic reading won’t hurt.


On the contrary, the elephant is among the most universally adored animals. The grace and serenity that elephants exude captivate humans and put us at peace. If you’ve seen an elephant show interest in you in real life or interacted with one in a dream, get ready for positive change. According to psychics, elephants symbolize fresh start and new opportunities.


Numerous cultures see the bear as the protector. So unless the one you saw acted aggressively toward you, a bear sighting is a good sign. It means that you and your loved ones are safe and have nothing to worry about, at least in the foreseeable future.


Finally, if you are lucky enough to see a hummingbird, especially one that shows interest in you and initiates contact, it means that you have every reason to believe in yourself. Hummingbirds symbolize resilience and possess a true fighting spirit. So whatever it is you need strength and courage for, you can do it!


As you can see, almost no animals are bad omen in themselves. Everything depends on the context of the sighting and the animal’s behavior during one. So to protect your peace of mind, don’t try to interpret animal encounters (in real life or dreams) on your own. Request a psychic reading session instead and let a spiritual advisor help you.

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