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Why Do I Keep Seeing 3 Angel Number? (Spiritual Meanings & Symbolism)

Do you ever see the number 3 after coming from prayers or dreams? Why does angel number 3 keep showing up in most places around you?

Well, you are at the right place to get the answers to your concerns. We’ll talk of the ten spiritual meanings of angel number 3.

Most people tend to believe that angel number is holy. If you have this belief, then you’ll know that it’s barely a coincidence to see this number. Your angels are around and are talking to you.

So, are you ready? Then let’s get the ball rolling. Here are the ten spiritual meanings of this angel number 3.

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3 Angel Number Meanings

Take Action and Move Forward!

The number 3 is a wake-up call from the spirits. It tells you that you have the power and skills to attain your dreams. But what you lack is the push in the right direction.

So, when you keep seeing this number, you should know that your time has come. Start doing things that will help you reach your lifelong goals. You can do these things as you remember that the angels and world have your back.

Also, you’ll see the number 3 because you’ve been asking yourself what your life would look like if you attained your dreams. Are you ever asking yourself how you’d feel if you lived in a mansion or drove a new car? Then, know that the angles are knocking on your door.

You can see this angel number 3 when dreaming about these good things. Also, they’ll appear in your prayers. The best step to take is to work on them.

The heavens want you to succeed and give thanks to the provider. Sometimes you might fail to get chances to help you move forward. But it shouldn’t keep you down because the heavens see and love your work.

What you should do to keep moving forward and reaching your goals is to pray. The heavens, angels, and spirits will keep helping you.

Be Creative

If you see this number, you should become creative in the things you do in life. Ensure you do this using the skills and talents that God gave you.

Angel number 3 should remind you that God is the great maker. Since you come from the creator of the universe, then know that you are creative, and it should be part of your spiritual growth.

The skill for you to make something is a gift from the heavens. Once you make things make life more beautiful, know that it’s a message from the angels. Your spirit will now be expressing itself and showing the divine blessing in you.

Once you express the creative ideas in you, you’ll become more divine. It will push you to design more things in life. Also, you’ll have more chances of getting closer to the heavens.

Look at the idea of making a bulb. It came from the spirit of one who imagined things.

You can also do the same. Use your imagination and picture the creations you’ll want to see. Remember, your spirit will get a force that you can’t see. This power comes from God.

Also, the force is there to inspire you to attain more of your dreams. So, when you keep seeing the 3 number, keep trusting in your gifts, even if they are small. This way will help you know how to think in a way that can please your God

Speak the Truth from Your Soul

It would be best if you let out the truth that’s deep in your mind and soul. Yes, that is what the angels want your spirit to do once you see this angel number 3.

But how should you do it? Speak the truth by expressing the feelings in your heart. Use your voice to show these feelings by saying powerful words that align with your soul’s desire. Remember, the angels and heavens are behind your spirit.

Once you know how to do it, you’ll see that it’s nice to feel safe and comfortable speaking the truth. You’ll learn how to express your opinions in front of many people with much confidence. So, the ones you’ll be talking to will understand your ideas well.

Sometimes, showing your truth might offer you a moment that will heal you from many problems. Such good things are what the angels want for you.

Also, every time you speak the truth from your soul, you earn more respect from those around you. Ever since you were born, your right is to be able to show what to feel.

So, if your keep seeing 3 in dreams or your waking life, the world is pushing you to start telling people what your soul says.

Bring Your Life into a Play

As you keep seeing angel number 3, know that the world reminds you that you should take time and polish your soul by playing. So, go out and have fun. Your life should never be boring.

Play is good for your body, mind, and soul. As a child, it should make you more creative.

If you are an adult, playing and having fun should improve your skills. Also, it will help you grow your emotions.

Yes, the world indeed teaches adults to stop childish plays and focus on life goals. These visions are like career, family, money, and home.

It’s good to dwell on these matters of adult life. But if you miss playing in your adult life, the angels will come to you with the 3 number.

When you play, it’s a form of relaxing your mind and soul. Also, your mind will now be open to many ideas.

Being playful helps your spirit grow. You’ll now know the type of inspiration that comes from heaven.

This number is there to remind you that play will make your soul find more reasons to live. You will have the chance to have a happier life that’s full of laughter with those around you.

Sometimes, being too serious comes from having an ego. It’s what makes you keep your life away from others. Also, angel number 3 will let you learn how to let things happen instead of forcing issues.

Be More Social

The moment you keep seeing the number 3 many times in your dreams or life, you should check on your social life. Well, it means that you are avoiding those people in your social circle.

So, you should go ahead and start talking to people. Remember, you might become less social because of your work or career. It won’t give you time to reach out and connect with other people.

Ensure you preplan yourself to see that you have time for other people. The angels and heavens will be there to help you meet this goal in life.

Also, as you become more social, meet new people that have the same goals as yours. They’ll help you do more with your ideas.

Sometimes, you’ll realize that you’ve been social, but you lost that path. So, angel number 3 will come to you as a reminder that your spirit should be free.

It’s Time to Make Serious Choices

There are times that we miss life chances because of failing to make correct life choices. Remember, these decisions later come to affect our future.

So, if you keep seeing the number 3 every time, it means you are missing a lot because of your decisions. You should be careful and pray for more wisdom.

Also, the number will mean that your path is clear for you to make the important choices. Even with those wrong choices you made earlier in life, you are still on the right way.

The angels and heavens will keep helping you in every way possible. So, go ahead and make the right choices as you keep going.

Remember, as you keep growing in life, you’ll need a new version of yourself. As the angels guide you, be wise in making new decisions in life.

Be Confident

In life, you can work hard and achieve so many things. You may attain all your dreams or finish many projects. So, angel number 3 is there to remind you that you have confidence.

Also, the angles will send you the number 3 before you attain the goals. It’s to show you that being confident in yourself plays a big role in your success. The number also comes to remind you to trust in your skills and abilities.

Sometimes, it’s never easy to go through tough times before becoming successful. Along the way, people may lie to you, discourage you, or make you fear to reach your goals.

But you can go through these problems. You only need your confidence. As you see this number, know that the heavens and angles support you, so you should have faith in yourself.

Joy and Happiness

You should know that there’s joy when you keep seeing angel number 3. The heavens and angels care about you and would love to see you are happy.

Also, everything we do, we should be happy about it. But sometimes, things may never go according to our wishes.

Well, it’s because we live in days full of dire misfortunes and grief. Well, they come from the things we like. People tend to focus more on the wrong things rather than the gifts that God gives us.

Remember, angel number 3 will be a sign of joy and happiness if you allow the heavens and God in your life. You will have fun even during one of your most challenging events in life. All you need to do is pray, and the angels will always be by your side.

A Spiritual Experience is Coming

This number will show you that you are about to get a spiritual awakening. Most times, it will come when you are going through an emotional breakdown. You might even be almost giving up, but then you’ll start seeing the angel number 3 many times.

It will show you that something is coming in for your spirit. This thing will come because your spirit is in line with the angels. Remember, you should be ready to take it in.

That matter that hasn’t been giving your spirit peace for a long time is about to get a solution. Also, the prayers that you’ve been praying for long are about to get answers. So, get ready to celebrate.

Also, it would help if you also had some hope in the Holy Spirit. It will guide you to your blessing that’s on the way.

It’s the right time to follow the interests of your heart. As the number keeps appearing, know that the heavens keep guiding and protecting you.

But be careful. That blessing may not come in the way that you expect. All you have to do is to listen to what the angels say and stick to God’s plan and his timing.

Keep the Hope Alive

Angel number 3 can come to you when you are in trouble. It will be when you keep going through many problems that keep testing you. Also, at that time, you’d wonder if or when you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So, the angels will come to your rescue. They’ll remind your spirit that despite everything you are going through, things will be fine. You shouldn’t worry too much but have more hope.

Also, the number 3 comes to remind you that the heavens are listening to your spirit’s cries. Know that it won’t matter how many times you keep falling. But the hope that keeps you alive is the most important thing.

Remember, 3 tells you that you’ll have more energy to keep doing better things in life with hope. In the end, you’ll always be smiling.

You should also trust and have faith in the creator of all. With this hope and faith, your ways will always open, and you’ll attain most of your goals.


Whether you keep seeing this angel number 3 in your dreams or waking life, know that it comes with a positive message in life. It would work well if you had faith that the heavens have good plans for you.

Remember, the world will be talking to your spirit through the angel 3 number. The spirits and angels will also come to guide your life.

You should respond to the message well. It will improve the areas of your life that may seem to have problems.

So, do you keep seeing angel number 3? What do you think the heavens and spirits keep telling you? Please share with us; we’d like to hear from you.

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