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10 Meanings When You Dream of Flying a Plane

When we are young, the idea of flying an airplane is an exciting one. However, as we grow up, we learn how much responsibility comes with being in charge of an aircraft. Naturally, then, the idea of flying an airplane is unsettling and stressful.

Considering how stressful it could be, dreaming that you are suddenly flying an airplane can be an uncomfortable experience. It can leave you wondering what it means to dream about flying an aircraft. It is beneficial to understand your dreams because they can provide positive and negative messages straight from your subconscious.

10 Meanings When You Dream of Flying a Plane

10 Meanings When You Dream of Flying a Plane

Even if you dreamt about becoming a pilot as a child, being one in your dreams can be very surprising. These dreams can be positive or negative, depending on the circumstances of the dream. Here are a few possible meanings when you dream about flying an airplane:

1.   You are succeeding

If you dream about training to become a pilot, it implies that you are doing splendidly on a professional level. Even if your job has nothing to do with aviation, dreaming about being a pilot in training signifies being ready to take on new challenges. This dream is a very positive indication that you are doing splendidly at the office.

Dreaming about training to be a pilot can be considered to be complimentary. In fact, your subconscious mind is telling you that you are incredible. However, consider this dream an encouragement to stay on the path to success and keep working hard. Becoming complacent in the workplace is often the downfall of success.

2.   You are dedicated

Dreams, where you see yourself calmly in control of an airplane, suggest that you are comfortable and confident in your life. You feel in control of your personal, romantic, and professional life. This dream would indicate that you currently don’t feel any pressure or negative emotions.

It is lovely to feel completely satisfied with life. Therefore, take the time to share how you feel with those around you. Appreciating those who complete your life boosts your overall happiness even more.

3.   You dream about being successful

If you dream about seeing yourself in a pilot’s uniform outside of an aircraft, the dream suggests that you crave success on a professional level. You yearn for more responsibilities and to be taken more seriously. If these dreams continue, you can think about how you can put yourself out there more in your professional life.

4.   You want to be wealthy and powerful

If you dream about being a helicopter pilot, the dream suggests a deep longing to be wealthy and powerful. However, helicopters are swift and versatile. This is how you’d like to be considered by others.

Of course, becoming wealthy and successful doesn’t happen overnight, so be patient while working on your goals. It is always a good idea to focus on your goals and take the steps to success one by one. Stay dedicated to your vision, and don’t be influenced by the negativity of others.

5.   Someone in your life is making you nervous

If you dream about being a fighter pilot, the dream suggests you have someone you don’t trust in your life. Although you might not be preparing yourself for actual war, your subconscious feels defensive when it comes to that person.

If you keep dreaming about being a fighter pilot, but you don’t know who the dream might be referring to, it is best to be careful of those around you. Your deepest emotions are warning you that someone doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

If these dreams start shortly after meeting someone new, the dreams might be warnings that this person hasn’t won your complete trust yet. This doesn’t mean that you need to cut the person out of your life entirely, but instead, you should take care and take things slowly.

After arguing with someone close to you, it isn’t unusual to have these dreams. In this case, the dreams imply that things haven’t been completely fixed between the two of you and that you should, therefore, spend more time to fix things fully.

6.   Your lifestyle is a bit too fast-paced

Dreams where you see yourself in charge of a private jet imply that your lifestyle is too fast-paced for your comfort. However, these dreams are gentle reminders that you should slow down to avoid emotional exhaustion.

If you dream this frequently, you should think about ways to have a slower-paced life. Of course, it can be challenging to tone life down at times, but ignoring your emotions is never a good idea. Therefore, take the time to assess your life and consider ways to lessen your load and stress levels.

Here are a few things you can do to make you feel less stressed and rushed:

  • Set time aside for yourself

Although we often forget this when life gets busy, having time to yourself is a significant part of self-care. We are not talking about hours a day. You’d be surprised by the incredible difference that a few minutes a day can make. However, during this time, focus only on yourself and avoid distractions.

  • Exercise daily

Often when we get busy, we neglect our health. For example, if you have a hectic schedule at work, you might not prioritize your health. However, healthy people are better equipped to deal with stress. Make it your goal to exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

  • Sleep enough

Another thing that takes the backseat when we get busy is our sleep schedule. However, when you are tired, you get stressed easily. It is much easier to feel overwhelmed when you are exhausted. Therefore, make sure that you are sleeping enough.

7.   You need guidance

If you dream about being in charge of an aircraft that is spiraling out of control, it isn’t a great sign. Instead, it is a cry for help from your subconscious mind asking you to get help from others. In addition, this dream usually implies some unresolved issues regarding episodes of the past.

When it comes to dreaming about gaining control over an aircraft, ignoring this dream is never a good idea. The dream is telling you that you are suffering emotionally. Although dealing with past things can be exhausting and unsettling, it is necessary at times.

If these dreams continue, try these steps to give yourself some relief:

  • Reflect back to the episode that has upset you

Think back about what happened and allow yourself to feel every needed emotion truly.

  • Talk to someone you trust about what happened

Bottling it all up isn’t an effective way to deal with trauma.

  • Keep a journal

People often underestimate the power of journaling. By writing down your thoughts and feelings daily, you acknowledge how you feel. That is very powerful.

  • Speak to a professional

Therapists can offer valuable insight and help us deal with the past.

8.   You need a creative outlet

If you dream about being a co-pilot on a commercial aircraft, your subconscious mind is attempting to tell you to find a creative outlet. When we get busy with life, we don’t have the time or energy to focus on our creative needs. However, most of us need creative stimulation to boost our overall happiness.

Therefore, if you keep dreaming about being a co-pilot on a huge commercial flight, you should start thinking about creative ways to express yourself. For example, take up a new hobby, or restart an old project. You might find that you are so much happier after doing so.

9.   You need to reconnect to those you love

Dreams where you see yourself in charge of an airplane while asleep clearly indicate that you have lost touch with those you love most. Of course, this happens as life gets busy. However, being around our loved ones boosts our overall happiness.

If you see yourself as a sleeping pilot on a flight, you need to reach out to those you love. Your subconscious mind is asking you politely to prioritize your life correctly. By making time for those you love, the dreams should stop. Be sure to focus on them while spending time with them and avoid work-related distractions.

10.  You are not progressing as quickly as you’d like

Dreams where you are in control of an extremely low airplane to the ground signify a sense of professional frustration. In this case, the dream suggests that you are not as successful as you’d like to be. The slow progression in your professional life is making you feel defeated.

Consider these dreams to be encouraging. Stay focused on your goals and never give up.


Although flying is an exciting concept for most of us, we don’t necessarily want to be the ones in control. Nevertheless, dreaming of being a pilot can be valuable because they offer excellent insight into our subconscious minds. By considering the messages that the dreams are giving us, we can make changes in our lives that can change our future for the better.

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