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19 Meanings When You See a Praying Mantis

When we were kids, we were terrified of praying mantises because there was a rumor they could crawl up our noses. Towards teenage, we feared them in a whole new way because of their murderous mating habits. But outside the spiritual plane, what does it mean to see a praying mantis? In this article, we’re going to look at the spiritual significance of this bug.

19 Meanings When You See a Praying Mantis 2

what does it mean when you see a praying mantis?

1. Good Luck is Coming

One of the most universal explanations for seeing the praying mantis is good fortune. It’s like spotting a four-leaf clover. Lots of people carry praying mantis paraphernalia as a good luck charm. It might be because that posture suggests the bug is sending praying on your behalf.

Other people might see the insect as a sign of bad luck because they feel like this creature is watching you and stalking you. They can seem quite eerie and predatory. But as a spirit-led person, your outlook is positive and optimistic, so this little prayerful pal is on your side.

2. Practice a Bit More Patience

When we receive messages from the spirit world, they can come in the form of dreams, numbers, or repeated images. So you might see an actual praying mantis perched by your window. Or a photo in a book. Or a scene on a documentary. You might even see a vision.

What does it mean when Shaena (or you) imagines a praying mantis on her plant? Well, praying mantises are stealth hunters. They can lie and wait for ages until they’re sure of a catch. Then they pounce. So your angels are asking you to be patient as you pursue your goal.

3. Be Precise and Stop Hesitating

Following on the example above, praying mantises might sit completely still or bounce for minutes at a time. But once their crosshairs are set and they’re guaranteed success, they strike so fast you barely see them! One moment they’re alone and the next they have a bug.

In this sense, the praying mantis is the fastest food delivery service on the planet! In this context, if you see a praying mantis, your spirit guides could be giving you a message about timing. They’re saying they’ve put everything in alignment for you, so you need to act now!

4. Open Your Eyes and Concentrate!

Open Your Eyes and Concentrate!

Despite our fear, we’re drawn to praying mantises because we anthropomorphize them. We look at their little bendy claws and decide they must be praying. Which – in our minds – makes them intrinsically spiritual avatars that we can tap into. What message do they bring?

Well, a praying mantis has five eyes and can turn its head 180° while hunting. So your angels might be calling you to be more observant. There are crucial things in your world you’re not paying attention to. These could be hidden blessings or camouflaged saboteurs. Look sharp!

5. Keep Your Plans to Yourself

It’s easy to take a praying mantis for granted. Especially when you see how easily chameleons catch them – they move so slow! But the secret weapon of the praying mantis is camouflage. Their 6-inch bodies are green, brown, or even pink. They’re almost invisible among plants.

So if your angels are showing you praying mantises, they might be warning you to zip it. You have these big plans and you’re excitedly sharing them with everyone. But some people are taking the wind out of your dreams and sabotaging your vibrations. Try moving in silence!

6. Balance Your Desires With Your Goals

We like to put people into neat little boxes. This one is a quiet type. That one is impulsive. The other one is a people-person. Sometimes, we’ll even get into closer categorization, with terms like outgoing introvert or shy/loud. And our guardian angels know every bit of us.

Meaning they might send you the praying mantis as a call to balance seemingly contradictory aspects of your personality. They want you to take your time and be 100% sure of what you want. Get all your ducks in a row, and once you’re certain, make your move immediately.

7. Be Ready For Your Message

If you’ve watched a praying mantis or a chameleon hunt (and we’ve linked to both above), you’ll notice that special primer moment. It’s when they seem to wobble, bounce, or rock on the spot before their claw/tongue darts and captures their target. It’s tense and expectant.

Your spirit guides might use that particular praying mantis pose in your message. And what they’re saying is ‘Get set! We’re about to press the starting trigger and we don’t want you to miss that magic instant! Stay extremely alert! This opportunity can be a split-second thing!!’

8. It’s a Struggle But It’s Worth It!

The praying mantis doesn’t like dead food. It needs the prey to be kicking and screaming its way down the mantis’ stomach. So what does it mean when you see a praying mantis? If it’s a dream, you might see yourself as the predator or the prey. In both, the message is the same.

Your heavenly guides are letting you know a good thing is headed your way, but it won’t come easy. You’re going to have to fight for it. For a lot of us, when we face that much resistance, we assume we made a mistake and should let go. Don’t! These goodies are yours!

9. Try an Unexpected Approach to Things

Try an Unexpected Approach to Things

Here’s another set of interesting facts about praying mantises. We already mentioned they have five eyes, but did you know they only have one ear? And it’s on their tummy! Some of them have no ears at all, but they can still spot and fight a bat through echolocation tools. And while praying mantises want their food to fight, these bugs fight their attackers too.

A mantis will fight a bat to the death, even while they’re busy being eaten! For these reasons, your spirit guides might send you a praying mantis when they want you to be unorthodox. This means you should consider shifting your perspective. Tackle this task from unexpected angles and think outside the box. You have resources you’re unaware of – find and use them!

10. Be Wary of Your Partner

Praying mantises are interesting in the love sphere. Most of us know they eat their mates, just like black widows do. You might even know that most male mantises can fly and most females can’t. But did you have any idea how carefully male mantises work to get their girl?

They have a special mating dance to attract her attention, even though success means death. (But they probably don’t know that or they’d run to seminary school!) So your angels may be warning you. Yes, this is the love of your life. And yes, they’re perfect for you, but watch out!

11. The Kids Will Be Alright

The issue of having kids on your own is contentious. Regardless of your politics, your gender, or your sexual orientation, it can be tough thinking of raising your children without a partner. So you might be pregnant or thinking about adoption or making plans on your own.

Maybe you’ve lost your partner to death, divorce, or disownment. Your angels might show you a mommy praying mantis to say you’ll be okay and have all the resources you need. After all, she kills her baby-daddy and cocoons each of her hundreds of eggs in organic Styrofoam!

12. Your Growth Will Take a While

Apart from their seemingly praying hands, mantises are considered spiritual for one other reason. Since they have a single ear or none at all, they ‘hear’ by sensing vibrations and high-frequency sounds (e.g. bats). It makes them a good metaphor for sensing spiritual vibes, no?

Plus, they’re the only insects we know that can use both eyes to watch the same spot (aka stereo vision). This helps with depth perception and accurate striking. Unlike other insects that molt once, a mantis can do it up to ten times. Meaning your progress will take time.

13. Your Partner Needs TLC

Do you know why female mantises sometimes eat their mates? It’s because she’s hungry. So if she gets a solid meal before the dance and the bedroom eyes, the boy just might live to tell the tale. On the other hand, eating her mate means she can re-use him to make more babies.

Meaning if your guardian angels are particularly cheeky, they might be warning you that your partner needs some special attention and pampering. Maybe she had a bad day or got nasty news. Don’t bother her by asking what she wants to eat – just get food and flowers!

14. Don’t Underestimate Yourself

Don’t Underestimate Yourself

Even if you’re not a Christian, you probably know the story of David and Goliath. It’s the ultimate underdog tale, and your heavenly helpers might send some mantises your way to show you who you are (hint: you’re a David <3). But how exactly is this a relevant symbol?

Well, praying mantises often turn the tables on potential predators. We’ve mentioned they can successfully fight off bats, but mantises will sometimes attack and eat small birds and lizards. So if you’re feeling bullied and start seeing this insect, you’re tougher than you think!

15. You Might Have Hidden Ally

So far, we’ve talked a lot about weird praying mantis senses. They have extra eyes, their ear is in the wrong place (if it’s there at all), and they can ‘catch vibes’. But here’s another curious fact. But while praying mantises will not crawl up your nose, they still seem scary and odd.

Earlier, we noted your angels might show you some as a nudge to look at the world through a different lens and try another approach to the task at hand. But some mantises (Carolina) can be helpful by eating garden pests. So you might have an unseen buddy helping you out.

16. You Need to Protect Yourself

Fans of Kung-Fu Panda are familiar with the insect member of the Furious Five, a bug helpfully named … Mantis. But did you know praying mantises have inspired a distinct style of Chinese martial arts? Praying Mantis Kung Fu has northern and southern variants. Some techniques include trapping your opponent with ‘sticky hands’ and temporary joint paralysis.

So if your guardian angels start sending you pictures of praying mantises (or even real bugs), it doesn’t mean you need to join a dojo. But it could mean your spirit guides have spotted a vulnerability, or they see someone who’s out to get you. Keep your guard up and get ready! Your spirit guides know the exact nature of the threat, so trust them to offer defensive tips.

17. You Need to Be Wary but Brave

You might find yourself in the middle of a fresh but unexpected experience. Maybe you just met someone new and they seem really cool. Or an opportunity has been offered to you. If your heavenly helpers send you praying mantises in this scenario, it might be a warning.

They want you to be cautious because not all that glitters is gold. Think of it this way – praying mantises are inactive at night because they can’t see, but they’re easily tricked by bulbs and electricity. So if that fake light pulls you in, be brave. You can still escape the trap!

18. Take Time to Connect With Yourself

For the most part, praying mantises are solitary creatures. And because mating often means death, they could choose to be more commitment-phobic than we are! (Though oddly, they don’t.) That said, their expert senses always keep them away from their physical surroundings.

Because they can sense frequencies, they can identify vibrations too. So when you feel called to the spirit of the praying mantis, you need to zoom into your inner self. Notice what and who is around you. Explore the energies inside you. Get your angels involved in the process.

19. Be More Mindful of the Physical World

Our final interpretation of praying mantises might be the one you like the least. Let’s consider what we know about this insect. They have multiple physical senses, but because we see them in relation to ourselves (as humans), we focus on the vibrations and praying claws. A mistake spiritual folk make is getting so immersed in our practice that we neglect all else.

You might be so busy meditating and offering service that you neglect work, loved ones, and even your bodily functions and responsibilities. Your spirit guides might be saying hey, this is cool and all, but remember, you are a being of body, mind, and spirit. Step away from your prayers for a bit because there’s something important in the physical world that needs you.

When was the last time you saw a praying mantis? Tell us about it in the comments section!

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19 Meanings When You See a Praying Mantis 1

27 thoughts on “19 Meanings When You See a Praying Mantis”

  1. I see praying mantis’s often in my back yard. Currently a baby one is sitting on my arm and gazing into my eyes. Very adorable.

  2. I drove my puppy and I to the trail by our house so that we could go for our daily walk and when i got home and eventually we settled in for about 15 mins I noticed a baby praying mantis on my arm! I’m 35 weeks pregnant and I got super excited to see it ! I put it in our front yard near these bushes we have growing in front of the window.I wish it could upload the video it didn’t even look real so small and cute

  3. Today my youngest and myself spotted one on the brick wall by the door on the deck . Same day around 7:3o pm ish I was in the yard by our rosemary bush. Grabbed some oak leaves there was another sighting it was on the leaf I had in my hand ✨💕🤩

  4. I’m currently going through a rough patch in my life and when I got home this morning I found a large praying mantis next to my front door on the light. It gave me hope that things will work themselves out, with time and patience. I’m taking baby steps to work through this rough patch and knowing that my loved ones/guardian angels are helping me gives me peace and the energy needed to push on.

    • im sitting here lookin at a praying mantis as im reading up about them. I’m like wow this my first time seeing one ever in person . its just chilling over here me.. I’m amazedd

  5. I’m currently going through a rough patch in my life and when I got home this morning I found a large praying mantis next to my front door on the light. It gave me hope that things will work themselves out, with time and patience. I’m taking baby steps to work through this rough patch and knowing that my loved ones/guardian angels are helping me gives me peace and the strength needed to push on.

  6. Going to my car I saw a man tis on top of my car.afraid it might hop into the car I landed it off the was safe.I was afraid of it.wish I knew the meaning.I only had to drive 200 ft. To my parking lot so didn’t think it pertained to my driving safely..what could this mean?

    • I saw two baby praying mantis today in my house. They are so cute. Anyway I’ve been having some anxiety over my current job and my finances. I’m hoping it gets better and I will be able to do what I need to do.

  7. Going through a transition period, quitting smoking, separating from husband, wanting to get closer to the Lord, wanting to start a workout routine, reading self help books, so decided to get a place by the water for 30 days to regroup and make life changes and I’ll be darn if I didn’t see a praying mantis outside my patio 2 days in a row. I haven’t seen a praying mantis in at least 10-12 years, definitely was confirmation in on the right path

  8. i know no body will believe this but i lost my wife 20 months ago.Today i was having a really bad day. I asked her to give me a sign that she could hear me. I went to the store and when i cam home a praynig mantis was on the molding next to my front door. I know she heard me.

    • I surely do believe you. I lost my soulmate about 21 months ago… 12/22/20 …. I’ve been going through significant changes on my own. And have felt really discouraged lately… but when I woke up this morning, I noticed I had a big mantis on my door.. facing downwards….. 🤍 that made me pretty happy… as I use nature to communicate w my lover. He was almost telling me goodbye!
      Long and behold, once I arrived to work I noticed another big mantis on the door! Only this time it was facing upwards, greeting me 🤍🤍 what are the odds!

  9. Twice today I’ve had the same Praying Mantis land in the same place on my left arm. Once was in the morning & once this afternoon. On the same place. I found this quite curious. It also happened at the same place when I was feeding my ducks. What does this mean?

  10. I am going through a rough time in my life and went for a walk in the woods to clear my head. I asked for a sign that everything will be ok and see nothing during my 2 hour walk. Then as I’m about to leave I see this praying mantis in the middle of walking path. It instantly put me at ease 🙂

  11. I saw a praying mantis at my front door on the wall yesterday. I researched it yesterday but went about my day. I went to my front door the next day to see if it was in the same spot. It wasn’t but when I looked down it was at the front step facing me. It made me really take a step back to really listen to what was going on within as I was crying an hour earlier. 🙏🏾

    • I just saw a light green miniature praying mentis on my brown door! I didn’t know what it was, took a pic did a Google pic scan. Thanks for writing this article it really spoke to me and very timely.

  12. I walked outside for a smoke & I don’t I think there was a praying mantis at the door step when I first walked out. I get the car, talk to a friend smoke & then I get out of the car & I walk back up the the door & the praying mantis is right there. It scared the hell out of me. I just stared for a moment, took a deep breath & watched it as I stepped over it to go in the house & I closed the door a quickly as possible. Then I look this up. & I relate to these descriptions of the praying mantis meaning & I am shocked. & I believe in connections with the universe. I believe in numbers, law of attraction, being different ; so I wanted to read an interpretation of what seeing a praying mantis meant.

  13. Just came home and had one on side of house where I walk in. Said hello and extended my hand and it crawled on, sat for about a minute sensing me and then jumped away. Wonder what it means

  14. One was at my front door today. Pretty amazing! I took it as a sign. And reading these meanings, I need to hear the still small voice telling me to be patient. Timing is everything.

  15. I saw a mantis today it was extremely large and was moving upwards on my door I was leaving the house and it frightened me. My first instinct was to swat at it. I haven’t seen one in years and was wondering all day what it wanted/represents.

  16. I just saw a brown prayingmantis moving up the wall to the rooftop moving fast carrying something. I wonder what is the meaning?

  17. I went to a friend house this morning, as I was helping him tidy up his house, I saw a big greenish mantis looking at me
    I had to call him and tell him that look what visited him and I told him he will soon get a good luck and he claimed it cuz he is into oil business.

  18. I went to work & saw a green praying mantis on the front door. I haven’t seen one for years. The next day there were 2. I didn’t realise their significant meaning & at the end of the day tried to move one. It landed on my arm.
    This week there were 4 on my door & one came inside & sat next to the large clock on the wall. After reading their meaning I feel happy & hopeful as its been a tough time lately having to move my business away. I was worried but not now. Thanks

  19. Life has been a little rough lately a break up, no placec to go, he was a awful gossip, pretty much destroyed my reputation in the very small town we lived in, had to move back home with my mom no job no license 2 kids it has really felt more than hopeless at times. I was folding laundry in my bedroom looked over at the window and there she was just watching me fold my clothes kinda amazing cause I’m ready for some life changes. I want to be able to take care of my kids on my own. Iwast to feel productive again.

  20. I saw a giant gold mantis. it seemed like it was an ancient era. I’m not really sure of what else but it seemed to have fallen from the guy and somehow got chained. It didn’t seem hostile at all so if any one has more info regarding this please do not hesitate to reach out.

  21. Yesterday I went to my bedroom to open the window since it is cool enough outdoors not to need the a/c. I was also opening the blinds to let in sunlight. I am from NYC so I am not used to different types of insects. It scared me. Although there was a way for him/her to get out, it was in between the window and the screen. I became alarmed that it might somehow get in my house and bite me. I tapped on the window to try to get it to inch its way to the opening and leave. To my surprise it turned its head around and looked at me. It freaked me out because I have NEVER seen any insect look as if it knew I was there. I said I would give him/her time to figure how to get out and if not I would get some bug spray to get it out. However, I was still afraid it might get in and bite me, so I went to the internet to find out about this glorious creature. Let’s just say he/she was still there this morning and is still there as I type. I tapped on the window this morning and after awhile he/she awoke and looked at me. I went back to learning more about the praying mantis and will NOT be using any bug spray on my good fortune and guardian angel. I just moved back into my home after renting it out for over 10 years, just released myself from a toxic relationship and just spending a lot of time home alone and finding me again. I believe this is my sign that great and awesome things are coming my way, just be patience and not rush into anything. Also, my ancestors/guardian angels are keeping a safe watch over me. God is not finished with me yet and I have so much more to give, receive and offer.


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