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Why Do I Keep Seeing 1144 Angel Number? (Spiritual Meanings & Symbolism)

Angels are all around us. And while they fully understand our thoughts and feelings, they don’t always choose to communicate in plain language. Often, they use numbers to send us important signals and messages. And they’re largely happy to offer translation services too.

So if you see an angel number and you don’t know what it means, say a simple prayer asking for clarity and your spirit guides will find a way to explain further. But as a basis, double numbers are often stronger than single ones because the repetition heightens the power.

Angel Number 1144 is one of these double-duty angel missives. So as you consider what this angel number means, you’ll account for the individual numbers, the doubled effect, and the combined result of merging these numerals. Now let’s look at the significance of this figure.

Spiritual Symbolism & Meanings of Angel Number 1144 (1)

1144 Angel Number Meanings

Elevens and Forty-Fours

11 is sometimes known as the Master Number. It’s directly tied to karma and enlightenment, and it nudges you to do something that will generate good karma. Meanwhile, 44 is the number of wisdom. So if you’re seeing Angel Number 1144, your spirit guides are letting you know you have some crucial information related to your karma – or maybe someone else’s.

This number combination is a form of validation. It confirms the knowledge you have is valid, and that you shouldn’t keep it to yourself. But 1144 is a powerful figure with double-doubling, so your angels wouldn’t use it on something flimsy. So no, it doesn’t mean you should spread that rumor you just heard. But you may need to help the maligned person.

Ones and Fours

Let’s look at the individual numbers. 1 is the number of self-reliance and starting out. 4 is about work ethic and individual effort. And both figures are doubled in Angel Number 1144. So your spiritual helpers may be psyching you up as you start a new project. They’re saying the success of this endeavor will depend on your personal effort, so you need to be all in.

It’s not necessarily about a career project. It could be a backyard DIY project that’s frustrating you and you want to quit, but your angels can see the effects it will have in the future, so they want you to apply yourself. It could even be a relationship you have doubts about. The angels are reminding you that you play the main role in its success (or failure).

Believe in Yourself

Among the many meanings of Number 1, the most prominent is individuality. It represents your willpower and the spiritual gifts that are unique to you. So a double-one followed by a double-four is your angels saying, “You’ve got this!” They’re saying you have everything you need to get the task done, and that your hard work and effort will pay off if you just keep at it.

You might see Angel Number 1144 when you’re about to give a speech or presentation. Maybe you’re having an attack of stage fright or impostor syndrome. Your angels are telling you that your material is solid and that you know what you’re doing. Take a deep breath and know they’re right there with you on that stage, in that boardroom, or at that interview.

Hard Work Pays

Do you ever feel stuck or lost? Or maybe an opportunity has come and you don’t know whether you should take it or not. Angel Number 1144 can be useful in both these scenarios, so you’ll need a bit of background work to be sure of the right interpretation. Your heavenly assistants are letting you know something new is coming up, but that it won’t be easy.

You could see the number on the contract for that new job. Maybe you’re reading through the terms as you decide whether to accept it or not. Or maybe you’re at a crossroads between a seemingly simple task and a tougher one that looks more promising. This sign means you should choose the hard thing, because tricky as it may be, it’s the right spiritual path for you.

Individual Effort

There’s a saying that God helps those who help themselves. Angel Number 1144 is a shorthand version of that proverb. Master Number 11 at the start is about opening up spiritual channels to let good karma flow through, so the number points you towards interactions and activities that will cleanse your karma. 1 also represents self-sufficiency.

Meanwhile, the 44 is linked to discernment, information, mastery, and competence. So your spiritual helpers will send positive energy and divine wisdom to help you, but they want you to take initiative and play an active role. Don’t just sit back and wait for miracles. 1144 reminds you to be personally committed as you seek, receive, and accept divine intervention.

Three by Three

We’ve looked at both the individual numbers and the number pairings in 1144. Now let’s review these esoteric figures in triples. We’re going to dig into the spiritual significance of 114 and 144 to see how they merge and mingle their meanings to make Angel Number 1144. We’ll start with 114, a number that signifies courage, patience, and an industrious work ethic.

Then there’s 144, which is the square of 12. It epitomizes individual focus and drive. The 1 turns the message on yourself while the 44 pushes you to work hard and practice patience as you pursue personal goals. It’s cool to help others and serve the community, but not at your own expense. It’s okay to put yourself first sometimes, that’s what angels are reminding you.

Practical Promise

Both 1 and 4 are spiritual numbers connected to the self and physical activities. The concepts of personal responsibility and diligent labor come into it. So if you see Angel Number 1144, it may be a sign you’ve been spending too much time praying, planning, and meditating. In themselves, these are not bad things. But they’re a clever way to procrastinate.

You may not be consciously dodging your tasks, but we’ve all met that granny whose answer to everything is, ‘Leave it to God.’ To quote one televangelist, “It’s fine to pray for the hungry neighbors, but it’s kinder to divide your dinner and take some next door.” 1144 reminds you to stop with the wishful thinking, open your eyes, and take practical steps toward your goal.

Take the Reins

In general, Angel Number 1144 is a positive promise. But if you see it repeatedly in a brief period, it may be sending an urgent message that’s more specific to your situation. Part of its meaning is courage and confidence in your own abilities. The other half is patience and perseverance as you diligently work towards your target. And these both require leadership.

Interviewers sometimes ask bands how they chose their headliner. And the shy lead singer will sometimes snicker or give a self-effacing shrug and say, “Nobody else wanted to do it.” And you may find yourself in this position when you’re working on a group project. Seeing 1144 in that scenario means you should give yourself some credit and take on that leadership role.

Look for Love

Among other things, 11 is the number of twin flames. So the fact that Angel Number 1144 starts with 11 could mean your soul mate is close by. But the 11 is followed by 44, which encourages personal effort. This means while your beloved is now within your reach, this princ(ess) charming won’t present themselves like a package from Amazon or FedEx.

Instead, seeing 1144 when you’re contemplating your love life means you have to put yourself out there. Your other half is actively looking for you, but they need you to show yourself. Call on your angels to point you in the right direction then seek to meet them halfway. Ask them out if you know who they are. If you don’t know them, try joining a dating site or singles club.

Next Base

Sports metaphors are commonly used in the relationship sphere. This might be because we socialize men to be action-oriented rather than verbal. So in many communication scenarios, we default to sports as the only thing guys can understand. (Which gets rough on guys that don’t like sports!) Thin of baseball bases (or scoring) as shorthand for physical intimacy.

We’re using the same idea here, thinking of bases, goalposts, and levels as we explore the stages of a relationship. If you see Angel Number 1144 and you’re already in a relationship, it may be time to level up. This will depend on your situation. It may mean it’s time to move in together, get married, have a baby, adopt a puppy, or bring your lover to official work events.

Let Go

Psychologists (and Buddhists) tell us thoughts aren’t necessarily real or true. They’re just ideas, and we can embrace them or release them. Observing and detaching from your thoughts is a key principle in psychological mood regulation and also in Buddhist meditation practice. But in the spiritual world, thoughts have creation energy that can be manifested.

In this sense, Buddhist detachment is part of stopping those thoughts from coming into the physical world. So when you see Angel Number 1144, the angels are advising you to let go of past hurts and present struggles. They’re saying your personal effort (1 + 4) can get you out of any fix, so stop blaming your history and develop a fresh outlook – the angels will help.

Choose your Reality

Lots of psychological experts remind us that we rule our reality. And it’s not just shrinks and spiritual gurus. The wisest souls in various industries live by this mantra. Think of the advice you’ve probably heard about action and reaction. It goes something like this: “It’s not about what happens to you, it’s about how you react and respond.” Kids are a common example.

If a child throws food at you mid-tantrum, you’ll be upset, but you know they didn’t mean it. But if an adult does the same thing to you, you’ll likely have a different reaction. But you don’t have to. You can brush off the adult’s reaction, just like the child’s. You control your reality, and you can manipulate it too. That’s what Angel Number 1144 is saying – you’re in charge!

Positive Projection

When we’re in a tough spot, we sometimes forget our bodies and brains are only a fraction of our being. Remember, we have a soul or spirit that’s made of the same stuff as gods and angels. Meaning we can manifest just like they can, except that the density of our mortal bodies acts as a kind of filter that slows the process and dims our spiritual perspective.

So when you see Angel Number 1144, it could be a message from your own spirit forcing its way out. And it could be telling you you’re burnt out (double-one for internal focus and double-four for a prolonged period of intensive work). Find a way to take a break, and think positive thoughts while you rest. This will open you up to blessings and reduce your stress.


Angel Number 1144 revolves around self-motivation and deliberate personal effort. It’s about going forward, not back, and finding new projects and ways to serve fellow travelers. But as humans, we’re often restrained by childhood trauma, past failures, and repeated heartbreak. And we don’t always know these things are holding us back because we repress a lot of them.

Suppose you’ve seen your ex across the street. Or fought with your dad. Or finished a rough therapy session. Or got a Facebook friend request from your childhood bully. Any of these occurrences could ruin your day and block your spiritual energy. Seeing 1144 at such a time says you should release that past pain and move forward with a positive spin on things.

Emotional Emergency

We all know how to laugh and cry, even though we regularly hide our tears – we don’t want to show weakness. But you’d be surprised how often we quash other emotions like fear, sadness, uncertainty, or hurt feelings. And since emotion = energy in motion, the more we force them down below our conscious minds, the more turbulent our inner psyche becomes.

But as humans, we often self-medicate with alcohol, cigarettes, or the adrenaline of high-intensity hobbies. It’s easier to book a bungee jump that to resolve inner angst. So Angel Number 1144 alerts us to overwhelming feelings we may be ignoring or running away from. We need to address, not suppress, and our angels are telling us they’re here to help with that.

Mark your Territory

Do people say you’re too nice or too soft? You probably care about others and put them first. But maybe you end up being a doormat at work and in your relationships. There’s nothing wrong with you – your empathy makes the world warmer and brighter. But it may be holding you back in your career and leading you to people who take advantage of your kindness.

Number 1 represents assertiveness and identity. So if you’re seeing Angel Number 1144, it could be a sign you need to express yourself more firmly and stand up for yourself. It’s a scary prospect because it goes against your naturally passive nature. But your angels say they’re close by and they’re willing to help you set boundaries and expose your ambition.

Rest in Power

Some people love being in authority and exerting their influence over others. But if you see yourself as a spiritual person, you may be averse to taking control because you’ve only ever seen it in a negative light. You’re probably afraid power can corrupt you and make you evil. But if you wield it wisely, this force and capability can be used for positive goals and projects.

Spotting Angel Number 1144 could therefore be a sign that you need to take charge and allow your ambition to be channeled n the right direction (by your spiritual guides). Get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to more leadership roles in your community. Your angels will help you find the right positions, and they’ll assist you in making the most of it.

Divine Purpose

Because this angel number begins with Master Number 11, it’s a call to spiritual elevation and awakening. The double-four then reminds you that personal effort is a big part of your journey – the spirits won’t do everything for you. So in this context, Angel Number 1144 is an invitation to discover your spiritual purpose in this lifetime and to actively work towards it.

Angel Number 1111 tells you to start over, and Angel Number 911 confirms your soul mission, but you need Angel Number 1144 to seek and find that vocation in the first place. Call on your spirit helpers and ask them to clarify the career path you should take. Then immerse yourself in improving your skills in that area. You’ll soon see the 911 of mastery.

Drill Down

To the average person, practicality and spirituality don’t go together. The public will often accuse you of being woo-woo and having your head in the clouds. But esoteric beings need humans to manifest tangible things since spirits don’t have bodies. Your own spirit chose your body as a tool to learn ethereal lessons as you complete this portion of your soul’s journey.

That’s why Angel Number 1144 sometimes acts as a mnemonic to remind you that you’re human. And as long as you’re in this physical body, the mass of matter slows down your ability to manifest concepts from the spirit world to the living one. Seeing 1144 reminds you to be disciplined and deliberate as you use your body to achieve the goals of your higher soul.

Sharpe your Intuition

Intuition is hard to explain and can easily be misunderstood. But it’s almost always a warning from your heavenly guides. They can see the bigger picture from up there, so they might stop you from doing a seemingly harmless action that they know could cascade into drama. But with so much distraction in the mortal world, you may not hear your gut.

Angel Number 1144 is a signal that you’re drowning out your instincts with all that human noise. It’s a message that you need to pause, find a quiet spot, meditate, and connect with your angels. They want to help you sift through the noise and recover clear paths to your deep reflexes. It’s an invitation to strengthen your intuition, keeping it active and accessible.

Promoting Efficiency

We’ve talked about the practical aspects of Angel Number 1144. In the workspace – and even with spiritual tasks – this pragmatic approach can lead to fast, efficient results. So if you see 1144 over and over as you’re working on a project, it may mean you’re being wasteful with your resources. There might be an easier, cheaper, more energy-efficient way to get it done.

This sounds like something middle management may complain about. But even on the plane of angels, competence is a treasure. Just because you’re an esoteric entity doesn’t mean you can’t be sensible. Your angels are saying hey, we have powers and wings but we still try to be realistic and feasible in our daily tasks, so you should too – get your head out of the clouds!

Personal Responsibility

Have you ever dealt with a master delegator? They seem generous because they don’t want to hog all the glory. But you may soon notice they dump all the work on you, and you may feel overburdened. Or maybe you’re applying this principle in your life, sitting back and leaving everything to God. But our creators gave us free will – we need to step up and own our stuff.

Seeing Angel Number 1144 is a sign that you need to take some kind of action. You don’t just get to sit back and let your ancestors do everything. And this means you have to shift your attitude towards self-reliance. At least a little. Take responsibility for your circumstances and do something about it. If you don’t know what that ‘something’ is, ask your angels to tell you.

Celebrate Individuality

In certain spaces and careers, standing out is discouraged. You might wear a bland uniform and do your hair in plain, non-glamorous ways. This is because part of your job description is to blend into the background. Other times, your work uniform gives you authority but blanks out your personality. All anyone sees is your title and rank. They don’t see you as a person.

This may make your work easier (for example, cops and nurses) but it can make you feel invisible and inconsequential on a personal level. Angel Number 1144 in this context is a nudge to celebrate yourself in subtle ways. Don’t lose your identity. Carve out times and activities that express and embrace your true self, whether it’s a new hobby or happy socks.

Reconnect your Spirit

This interpretation of Angel Number 1144 is linked to the previous one, but this is more about the personal sphere. If we work in the service of others, we may lose ourselves. This could be anything from daycare staff to looking after your elderly parents. It may even apply to missionaries ad volunteers in rough neighborhoods. They can easily get too other-centered.

Putting others before yourself isn’t always a bad thing. But you can’t pour out of an empty cup. And when you’re fully dedicated to your ministry – whether that’s adult literacy or financial freedom for underprivileged communities – you may not notice when you’re drained. The angel number reminds you to take time out for R & R so you can stay effective.

Heart’s Desire

Introspection is the final interpretation of Angel Number 1144. Both 1 and 4 are related to the self. And both appear twice, so that’s double the message. 11 means you’re seeking opportunities and 44 means you’re willing to work hard on these opportunities. But all the determination and motivation in the world are pointless if you don’t have a clear target.

You may have been feeling lost and unsure of what you want. Maybe you’re deciding which career to pursue. Or choosing between several suitors. You might even be selecting the make and color of your car or the location of your first home. The angels are announcing their presence, and they want to help you make the right choice and find your true heart’s desire.

Spot the Signs

You can see Angel Number 1144 anywhere. You might glance at your Walmart receipt and see it amid the dates, prices, and barcodes. You may meet someone new and when they give you’re their phone number, email, or social media username, it has 1144 somewhere in it.

Or it could be more blatant, like seeing 1144 on a billboard, street sign, GPS, or your Google Maps coordinates. In all these instances, pause to check for context, and ask your ethereal elders for help. They’ll be happy to help you decipher what the spiritual message is implying.

Have you seen a lot of Angel Number 1144 lately? Tell us about it in the comments section!

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